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Stockholm City, Sweden.

When mentioning to romantic travel, people often think of Paris, Venice, Florence that forget about Scandinavia, especially Sweden’s capital Stockholm. Perhaps the couples should go to Stockholm once to redefine “European love”. Let’s discover the beautiful capital city of Sweden through Stockholm travel blog: My trip to Stockholm blog — Another capital of love below.

My trip to Stockholm blog
Stockholm aerial view

You can arrive in Stockholm at any time of the year, but the best time is from summer to autumn. This is the time when the universe, the sky, the trees change colors and lights as the “spring has just risen again” (in the play word on the Swede). You will experience the best time in the fresh water, the park is filled with green and red color and the evening is sweet.

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My boyfriend and I had a happy time and beautiful memories in Stockholm. Image credit: my trip to stockholm blog.

Stockholm – a love dream

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Image credit: my trip to stockholm blog.

Stockholm is truly a great destination for couples who are falling in love. You can hold hands together to go through the stone streets, stroll in the green park, and enjoy a simple dinner or light outdoor concert, in the bar…

The first day in Stockholm, we rented a bicycle and made a plan for a self-sufficient tour of the capital. In this way, we can easily move between the islands and Djurgården, an island area is covered by beautiful, dreamlike nature.

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Stockholm has a large area of lakes and seas so there are many bridges crossing the islands, making it a very impressive city. Visiting Stockholm is most enjoyable by bike or boat. Image by: Stockholm travel blog 2017 blog.

Stockholm is made up of 14 large and small islands in the Baltic Sea that meets Lake Mälaren with one-third of the city, one-third of the forests and parks, and the rest are lakes and seas with 57 vertical bridges so that create a Stockholm cannot be mixed up with any place. So you and your love will not want to miss out on boat trips to see the glittering waters of sparkling blue water, whether it’s dawn, dark or evenings. During these days, we have explored many of the hiking trails through the forests beyond the city. There are a Victoria Crown and Prince Daniel’s karleksstig trail, in the west of Isbladskärret, between the Djurgårdsbrunn canal and the pumping plant in the south of Isbladskärret. Space is silent as the sheets, only the birds chirping somewhere, the light through the dome leaves fell to the lake, we thought as we are lost in a fairy garden.

Coffee and light

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In Stockholm, we often wake up early, get into the city’s clear rhythm, and then go to the little cafes for having breakfast before starting a new day. “Pom & Flora” is considered “The best in town” for both busy and lazy people. The small coffee shop located at 64 Bondegatan Street is a good place where we enjoyed it and returned two times. A great thing, there are also places that are both coffee shops, art galleries, and shopping places. Enjoy breakfast together while visiting the showroom of objects representing love, fashion, music, books, souvenirs unique interesting.

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Image credit: my trip to stockholm blog.

By the end of October, the outdoor and the roofs bars of the buildings were filled by people who yearned for light. Everyone spends some time to enjoy the little sunshine left before the start of the long and cold winter days. For “Stockholmers”, the Fåfängan bar is synonymous with the light season. The outdoor area is surrounded by dandelions and boasts one of Stockholm’s most beautiful scenes.

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From Monteliusvägen, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Stockholm in the sunset. Image by: Stockholm travel blog 2017 blog.

Located right in the center of the city, you can find a lot of beautiful spots to watch the sunset. On the northern shore of Södermalm, you will find the Monteliusvägen, a narrow road on sloping cliffs. We walk along the 500meters path with beautiful views of Lake Mälaren, Town Hall, and Riddarholmen Church.

I heard that this place will be very poetic as the sun rises. The road along the charming wooden houses looks to the other side of the lake. Close to the end of the road becomes steeper then stops again. From here, the panoramic view of Stockholm from Mariaberget appears as a sparkling picture. Monteliusvägen is considered one of the most romantic spots in Stockholm and is named according to the famous Swedish archaeologist Oscar Montelius.

Art, museum, and Fika

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The Vasa Museum is home to the warship Vasa wrecked in the 17th century. Photo by: Stockholm travel itinerary blog.

We spent the third day in Stockholm to visit art and museum buildings.The first place was the Museum of Contemporary Art on Skeppsholmen Island. Next, we took a ferry to Stockholm’s Royal Garden and visit the Vasa Museum, which was preserving the warship Vasa was wrecked in the first itinerary in the 17th century. Then we stopped at the Abba museum, sing karaoke with the familiar Dancing Queen sing and record that moment to commemorate.

Credit: Stockholm travel blog.
Image credit: my trip to stockholm blog.

Have you heard the word “Fika“? Maybe, many people will think that Fika is sell cake and coffee only, but in fact, for locals or foreigners who have lived in Stockholm for many years, Fika is an important part of their lives. It also means to live slowly to enjoy and cherish the good things in life, to share the happiness with the people you love. A cup of tea or a cup of coffee, a fragrant cake piece, at a time when everything stops, it can only be Fika. Read more Swedish Fika — A Swedish cultural experience.

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Image credit: my trip to stockholm blog.

Stray into the city

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Coming to Stockholm, you can stroll and stray into the heart of the city and accidentally love. Photo by: Stockholm travel itinerary blog.

It is Gamla Stan, a small old town in the center of the city. When you step through the gate to the south of Gamla Stan, you will feel like you have just come back to the medieval times. Having some days, we walked slowly on paved roads and wondered if this place would be thousand years old, what’s happened? I felt like every noise, every stress of life outside the city gate really did not exist. At Gamla Stan, wall-mounted lanterns are thought to be impromptu, full of calculations, to expose mysterious warmth of light. In there, you will find the narrowest street in Stockholm, just enough for two people to stand side by side.

Because Stockholm is so sweet, so poetic, so at any time, you and your love can write for yourself love story.