Portugal is famous for its stunning, quaint architecture, simple but unique delicious dishes, especially Port wine. There are countless interesting experiences and unique things to do that visitors can exploring in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries. Are you planning a trip to Portugal but wondering what gifts and souvenirs to bring home? Or maybe you have Portuguese origin and are curious about the products, specialties here? After all, what better way to learn about a country than by learning about its products? For that reason, I have decided to gather as much information as possible about the beloved products of my second hometown, and you will love them as much as I do if you know them well.

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The cost of living in Portugal is among the lowest in European countries but there is so much to see, eat and shop for.
Portobello Road Market
Lisbon street scene | what to buy in portugal

So, what to buy in Portugal, what are the best things to buy in Portugal, what is the best souvenir from Portugal, what should I buy in Portugal and what’s cheap to buy in Portugal? Let’s check out our suggested top 19 Portugal souvenirs, Portugal gifts, and meaningful Portugal things to buy (shopping in Portugal what to buy), must buy in Portugal as well as where to buy them to help you choose the most suitable gift for relatives and friends after return home!

Ceramics sovenirs in Porto.
Porto tram and street scene.

What to buy in Portugal as Portugal gifts? Portuguese canned food

Portugal is especially famous for its canned foods, which are the number one choice to buy as Portugal gifts. You can find a lot of canned food shops around street corners with eye-catching, unique and affordable products.

The most famous Portugese canned food is canned sardines with unique flavors, so tasty. There are also special products such as canned foods with celebrity names or even your birth year. However, you should carefully ask the store owner about the item you buy to avoid being held at the airport and do not forget to pay attention to the expiry date of the item you intend to buy.

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You can visit the Comur store (Comur-Conserveira de Portugal) (Address: Rua da Prata 72, 1100-415 Lisboa, Portugal/Hours: 10AM–8PM/Phone: +351 21 134 9044) to buy yourself high-end canned foods at very affordable prices from only $5-$21.99/item.

| what to buy in portugal

The Comur Gourmet store is where to sell a wide variety of quality canned foods. | what to buy in portugal

Top Portugal souvenirs: Couto Medicinal Toothpaste

Couto toothpaste is one of the best items on the Portuguese shopping list, the product has a simple and luxurious design. On sale since 1932, Couto toothpaste has become famous around the world. A tube of toothpaste only costs from $3.5.

| what to buy in portugal
| what’s cheap to buy in portugal

Couto toothpaste is famous for its paraben-free, refreshing feeling when used. It has the effect of helping you fight inflammation, antiseptic, not bleeding gums, protect from tooth decay, against gum recession. You can easily buy this product at convenience stores and supermarkets in any Portugal’s city.

Best things to buy in Portugal: Claus Porto Soap

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Claus Porto soap has always been associated with luxury and high quality. Visitors will be strongly impressed by its soft foam, wonderful and natural scent. Claus Porto soap has always been produced according to the traditional technology in Porto since 1887, also known as the royal soap of Portugal. The wrapping paper is also a work of art that making Claus Porto is one of the great Portugal souvenirs, Portugal gifts, what’s cheap to buy in portugal as well as best things to buy in Portugal.

Claus Porto is a brand of naturally scented soaps that originated in Porto and became famous after being used by many celebrities including the royal family.

Claus Porto Soap is made for sensitive skin with a natural perfume scent that lasts a long time on the body. When used, it will make your skin softer and smoother. Its packaging is very eye-catching with a design very typical of Portuguese culture. This will also be a meaningful souvenir you should buy when traveling to Portugal. You can visit the Claus Porto in Porto (Address: R. das Flores 22, 4050-262 Porto, Portugal/Hours: 10AM–7PM/Phone: +351 914 290 359) or Claus Porto in Lisbon (Address: R. da Misericórdia 135, 1200-272 Lisboa, Portugal/Hours: 10AM–7PM; Monday: Closed/Phone: +351 917 215 855) to buy soap, where you can also buy it cheaper than other stores.

Claus Porto shop in Lisbon | portugal souvenirs

Portugal gifts: Cutipol (Cutlery Sets)

Luxurious cutlery sets | must buy in portugal

What to buy in Portugal? Cutipol!! This is probably one of the most luxurious items on a Portuguese shopping list. The famous Cutipol tableware (Cutlery Sets) is a must-have item for newlyweds. The store is located right in the heart of Lisbon. The price is a bit high but is a reasonable investment with this unique and luxurious design.

| must buy in portugal

Cutipol is a Portuguese brand but also sells chopsticks and tableware that can be used for both European and Asian dishes.

Address: R. do Alecrim 105, 1200-016 Lisboa, Portugal
Hours: 10AM–2PM, 3–7PM/Sunday; Monday: Closed
Phone: +351 21 322 5075

Must buy in Portugal: Porto wine

Port wine, one of the best things to buy in Portugal. | what should i buy in portugal

Portuguese wine has a very distinct taste, savory not inferior to any famous wine brand in the world. There are 11 wine regions in Portugal that produce wines with different flavors. The variety and deliciousness of Portuguese wines will make you not to be missed. This is a meaningful luxury gift you can buy as a gift.

Portuguese wine production dates back to the time of the ancient Roman Empire, and there are now more than 500 varieties of local grapes. Even wine experts are unfamiliar with the variety of grapes here!

Tasting Port Wine.

Because the climates are different from region to region, the wines produced are also different from each other, so you will always be able to taste a wide variety of wines. Portugal has more than 400,000 hectares of vineyards and is the 7th largest wine exporter in the world.

Among them, Porto wine aka Port wine (Vinho do Porto, Wine of Porto) is a classic wine, produced since 1787 in Portugal. This wine is produced very sophisticatedly and brewed for a long time in oak barrels in the cellars. Unlike other red wines, people drink Port wine after a meal as a dessert, which has a sweet taste. When traveling to Porto, there are many wine tours in vineyards and you can buy wine directly there at an affordable price.

Tasting Porto’s wine is a must-try experience. | what should i buy in portugal
Red Port wine
Best gift from Portugal.

Best Portugal gifts: Ginjinha (Ginja Cherry Liqueur)

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Ginjinha, or Ginja for short is one of the most famous Portuguese liqueurs that are often served with Porto wine. This wine is made from distilling sour cherries (ginja) in alcohol (Aguardente), also from Portugal, adding sugar and some other ingredients. Ginja is usually served with a cherry at the bottom of the glass. Ginja is famous for its unique flavor because it is strong but has a sweet taste of fruit. In the city of Obidos, wine glasses are traditionally made from chocolate, so you can not only taste the wine, but you can “taste” the glass as well!

Chocolate cup

Locals usually drink Ginja in a cup made of chocolate and eat the cup after drinking. They also sell mini bottles of Ginja along with chocolate glasses so you can take home to experience. Besides, in the center of Lisbon, there is a small bar that only serves Ginja. The Ginjinha Espinheira bar (Address: Largo São Domingos 8, 1100-201 Lisboa, Portugal/Hours: 9AM–10PM) is very popular with locals and tourists alike, and they often line up with friends to enjoy Ginja on the street.

A Ginjinha bar | what should i buy in portugal

What to buy in Portugal: Cork Accessories

Portugal is the largest wine corks producer in the world. Naturally, the country also produces products made from this wood. Products made from cork include postcards (my family loves this so much!), purses, and of course wine corks. You are sure to find accessories of all kinds made from this material at every souvenir shop in Portugal.

You can find pot holders, coasters, playing cards, bags, magnets and notebooks… in most souvenir shops. These are great options and are also suitable for interior decoration.

Cork bag | portugal souvenirs

Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork. There are many products made from cork and they are light and unique making them as interesting Portugal souvenirs.

Cork is a natural product, and any product made from this wood is considered environmentally friendly. If you want to assert your own fashion style with eco-friendly products, choose this wood!

Exquisite accessories made from cork | portugal souvenirs

What should I buy in Portugal? Portuguese Cheese

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There is a saying in Portugal, “in the land of cattle, cheese is king”. Cheese, which is queijo in Portuguese, truly dominates here. You will surely be drawn into an endless world of cheese! There’s cow cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, and even a combination of all of these cheeses, and the quality is impeccable.

Cheese is an important part of Portuguese culture and is served in every meal as an appetizer. The most famous cheese is probably Serra da Estrela, which has a slightly soft taste and you have to gradually cut the top layer to eat. Other famous cheeses include Azeitão, Serpa, and and Terrincho.

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Serra da Estrela Cheese

Shopping in Portugal what to buy: Presunto

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You may have heard of prosciutto, an Italian cured ham, but did you know that Portugal also has their own version? In Portugal this is called Presunto (dry-cured ham) and I personally love it! Sometimes it is called Presunto Iberico, this dish is also available in Spain as Iberico jamon, and is referred to as Kobe beef’s version of pork. The pigs that are used to make this dish are those that are left free in the forest and eat natural things such as herbs and chestnuts. The meat has a distinctive fleshy flavor that is unmatched. The most famous Presunto dish in Portugal is Chaves presunto and Alentejo presunto.

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Best things to buy in Portugal: Desserts

I wasn’t very familiar with Portuguese desserts until I moved to Portugal, and OMG! I’ve been missing out on a lot! Did you know that there are more than 200 different types of sweets in Portugal, some made from eggs with bizarre names like Toucinho do céu (“fat from heaven”), Papos de anjo (“angel’s double chin”) and Barriga de freiras (“a Nun’s belly”), named after the nun who invented it and served it in monasteries centuries ago. There are also macaroons, custards, and many other delicious treats waiting for you!

Toucinho do céu | portugal gifts
Barriga de freiras

Portuguese cuisine is famous for its most famous dessert, Pasteis de nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts). It’s an custard egg tart made from filo dough, served hot when fresh out of the oven, and sprinkled with basil and powdered sugar. This dish is delicious and can be found in any Portuguese community around the world.

Pasteis de nata | best things to buy in portugal

Must buy in Portugal: Olive Oil

Portuguese olive oil is among the highest quality ones in olive oil production in the world. The production of olive oil in the country has a long tradition, dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. In the mid-16th century, olive oil was also used as an oil lamp fuel, and the country used to export olive oil to Northern Europe and India for that purpose. With 6 olive growing regions and 7 famous olive varieties produce rich and varied olive oil flavors, from bitter to sweet and from mild to intense. So olive oil will also be a Portugal gift you should buy before return home.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Portugal | best things to buy in portugal

Today, olive oil is an indispensable ingredient in traditional dishes and the Portuguese are very serious about their cooking oil. There are six strictly protected areas of olive oil production in Portugal, called DOP (Denominação de Origem Protegida). Those 6 regions are:

  • DOP Trás os Montes
  • DOP Beira Interior
  • DOP Ribatejo
  • DOP Alentejo interior
  • DOP Norte Alentejano
  • DOP Moura

Next time if you’re looking to buy olive oil, try to choose Portuguese oil, you will be extremely impressed. It has exceptionally high quality but the price is affordable.

Gold Edition Olive Oil (Liquid Gold Olive Oil)

Liquid Gold 250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In Portugal, you also can find extra-virgin olive oil with edible 22K gold flakes. This unique food can be purchased at gourmet stores and at El Corte Ingles Department store.

What should I buy in Portugal: Chouriço Sausage

| best things to buy in portugal

Portuguese pork sausage, called Chouriço in Portuguese, is made with fat, wine, paprika pepper and salt. Chouriço comes in different varieties with colors, shapes and flavors. Many traditional Portuguese dishes use this food as an ingredient. This dish is also delicious when grilled, and is served in almost restaurants in Portugal.

Best things to buy in Portugal: Chocolate

| best things to buy in portugal

Referring to Portuguese gifts, it can not help but mention to delicious chocolate bars. The city of Obidos is the birthplace of the sweetest, most passionate chocolates in this country. This is also the place that is always chosen to hold international chocolate festivals with performances, decoration, and processing of this world-favorite food. At the festival, you can witness first-hand the talent of the world’s top chefs as they create their own chocolate creations.

The city of Obidos, Portugal has always been chosen as the venue for international chocolate festivals for the past 16 years. A festival honoring the food that the people here call the messenger of love. If you have the opportunity to come to Obidos without buying some chocolate as a gift, it will be a big omission.

Unique Portugal things to buy: Fashion capes

| best things to buy in portugal

When it comes to Portuguese fashion, we often think of capes with unique designs, personality, and unparalleled. If you don’t know where to buy, head to Capas Sesana – the only brand that only produces capes in Portugal. This will be a very special and valuable gift to bring back.

What to buy in Portugal as Portugal souvenirs: Azulejos (Glazed blue ceramic tiles)

Signature windows with Azulejos ceramic tiles. | must buy in portugal

Indeed, the Portuguese really know how to turn colorful ceramic tiles Azulejos into works of art! Portuguese tiles – azulejos (Glazed blue ceramic tiles) – is a part of Portuguese culture and have been produced for five centuries.

This type of tiles plays an important role in Portuguese culture as it appears everywhere, from the walls of churches, palaces, houses to buildings, benches, or fountains, bars or restaurants, metro stations… You can buy this ceramic tile as a delightful gift at souvenir shops in Portugal.

Azulejo means decorative tiles with glazed blue color, very popular throughout Portugal, especially in Porto. You can see them on the outer walls of the Catholic church of Porto. Azulejo tiles, one of those that represent Portugal, have a unique design that you can’t easily see in other countries.

Azulejos on walls of the church in Porto

There are Ajulejo decorations and if you want practical usable Portugal souvenirs, there are also pot holders, plates, cups… Whenever you cook, you will remember about your trip in Portugal. At many souvenir shops across Portugal, you can buy a beautiful tile or one of the items mentioned above. This is my favorite Portuguese souvenir. This type of tile also inspired artisans to create miniature replicas of this tile in the form of earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Ceramics souvenirs in Porto. | must buy in portugal
Azulejos souvenirs

Must buy in Portugal: Meia.Duzia Jam

| must buy in portugal

If you visit a shop called Meia.Duzia in Portugal or other typical souvenir shops, there are many jams sold in tubes like colored tubes. Meia Duzia jam has many flavors for you to choose from such as strawberry, grape, banana, kiwi, easy to eat and suitable to buy as a gift. You can buy these jam tubes at Meia Duzia store (Address: R. das Flores 171, 4050-266 Porto, Portugal/Hours: 10AM–8PM) for about $19.9/tube. This jam is so convenient that you can squeeze it out and eat it whenever you want.

If normal jams are stored in jars or glass jars, this jam is stored in tubes like toothpaste tubes. It is this special compact design that makes it easy for you to travel or eat jam anytime you want.

Special Portugal gifts: Barcelos Rooster

| must buy in portugal

The rooster is a symbol of luck and justice in Portugal. When traveling here, if you visit souvenir shops, you will encounter countless items related to the image of the rooster. You can buy rooster-shaped cards, postcards, rooster figurines, toys or unique and beautiful carved rooster wooden products.

What to buy in Portugal: Flamenco Disc

| must buy in portugal

You probably know that Portuguese football and music are excited and vibrant. If you love these two things, you must definitely buy Flamenco discs of famous songs by famous artists in this country. You can also hear these songs everywhere from the street to the eateries in Portugal.

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