Plain Vanilla Bakery, Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is considered one of the oldest historical neighborhoods in Singapore, and this is also a very interesting residential area that visitors can visit if they have the opportunity to come to the lion nation island. Tiong Bahru has become one of the famous tourist destinations for tourists thanks to its architectural works that are built in a unique but harmonious way, along with shops specializing in selling unique items as well as traditional dishes that have existed since very long time. So, what to do in Tiong bahru (Tiong Bahru what to do)? Let’s check out our top rated 10+ best and top Tiong Bahru things to do as follows!

Tiong Bahru
Tiong Bahru, Singapore | what to do in tiong bahru
Tiong Bahru Meng Kee Roast Duck,chinatown singapore must eat,must eat in chinatown singapore (13)
Food stalls
Tiong Bahru Meng Kee Roast Duck,chinatown singapore must eat,must eat in chinatown singapore (13)
| what to do in tiong bahru

If you are planning to come here to explore, let us immediately reveal 10 must-see places, top, best things to do and experiences you should not miss in Tiong Bahru, Singapore, we believe you will definitely be liked.

The market | what to do in tiong bahru

Tiong Bahru

| what to do in tiong bahru

Admire architectural works and art decorations (# what to do in tiong bahru)

| what to do in tiong bahru

In Singapore there are a series of high-rise apartment complexes, known as Housing and Development Board (HDB) or government housing. However, if you come to the Tiong Bahru, you will realize that the low-rise buildings here are unique and almost completely separate, unlike anywhere else in Singapore.

The horseshoe-shaped block. | what to do in tiong bahru
Tiong Bahru
| what to do in tiong bahru

The first houses in the Tiong Bahru area were built in the 1930s, inspired by the street art decoration style at that time, so great attention was paid, focusing on lines and small details which is completely unlike the design styles adopted in the following years.

| what to do in tiong bahru
| what to do in tiong bahru

The corners of the house are built in a circle with a spiral staircase located outside and built with many windows. That’s why the housing area in Tiong Bahru is considered one of the most favorite shooting locations for photographers because of its artistry when taking photos. If you come to the lion island, we recommend that you don’t forget to visit Tiong Bahru area to be able to take extremely “genuine” photos.

Tiong Bahru is a neighborhood with fresh colors and European style @shutterstock | what to do in tiong bahru

Treat yourself with a heritage tour of the monuments, historical sites in Tiong Bahru (# tiong bahru things to do)

| what to do in tiong bahru

Did you know that this area of Tiong Bahru was previously called the “new cemetery”? The reason this area is called that is because Tiong Bahru was previously a swamp landfill. You can take the time to walk around this small neighborhood and will definitely make some very surprising discoveries, because the Tiong Bahru area is one of the air raid shelters during the World War II was harsh and fierce.

| what to do in tiong bahru
| what to do in tiong bahru

In addition, Tiong Bahru also organizes free guided walking tours with explanations, conducted by volunteers who are residents here. These tours usually take place on the first weekend of each month. Or if you like to wander around on your own to see everything, then save for yourself the free walking tour map of Tiong Bahru provided by the The National Heritage Board (NHB).

| what to do in tiong bahru
The Monkey God Temple.
Tan Tock Seng’s grave | what to do in tiong bahru

“Hunting” for mural on the walls

If you come to Tiong Bahru, pay close attention around the corners of the walls in the neighborhood to find the artistic treasures hidden here.

The famous “Bird Singing Corner” mural. @@seeeeeeru | what to do in tiong bahru

Local heritage lover Yip Yew Chong was born and raised in Tiong Bahru. He painted three paintings on the walls scattered around the neighborhood and depicting his memories of the past years have passed in this small neighborhood.

Side view of Tiong Bahru Bakery – coffee shop. @kathiekin | tiong bahru things to do

In addition, another famous figure, animal photographer Ernest Goh, once had photos of chickens and fish appearing all over the walls of this neighborhood, but there is one thing that is quite interesting. Unfortunately, today, if you go to this area, you can only see a picture of a family of three goats at the Tiong Bahru market area.

| tiong bahru things to do
Young people really love posing at this wall. @ria.puspita90 | tiong bahru things to do
Tiong Bahru
| tiong bahru things to do

Besides, at the market you can also see images of colorful peacocks with tail feathers carrying extremely attractive and eye-catching beauty thanks to the ingenious painting talent of Australian artist Makatron.

Immerse yourself in fascinating Singaporean literature

BooksActually | tiong bahru things to do

You can find and choose books by famous authors and poets in Singapore at local bookstores with a variety of book genres in Tiong Bahru. BooksActually is considered one of the bookstores that extremely supports and promotes the Singapore poetry and literature with a wide range of local literary and poetic works that can be found at this bookstore.

| tiong bahru things to do
| tiong bahru things to do
| tiong bahru things to do
| tiong bahru things to do

Besides, if you are a person who tends to be more visual and has a more direct view, then Woods in the Books is a paradise for you with a series of books and pictures suitable for even children and adults alike with a wide variety of children’s books as well as illustrated novels.

Woods in the Books | tiong bahru things to do
| best things to do in tiong bahru

| best things to do in tiong bahru

We believes that if you come to Tiong Bahru, you will get more. Because you will be able to explore and expand your understanding of the literature of the Lion Island nation.

Back to nostalgia

Elderly people living in the Tiong Bahru area often have the hobby of hanging bird cages on their porches, chatting with friends, reviewing past events, and enjoying the chirping of birds.

Tiong Bahru bird corner | best things to do in tiong bahru
| best things to do in tiong bahru

However, the sad thing is that today this is no longer common and appears along the streets of Tiong Bahru, as the area near Link Hotel has gradually disappeared from cages and chirping sounds all day long.

| best things to do in tiong bahru

Stop at super cool cafes (# best things to do in tiong bahru)

Tiong Bahru is considered by everyone to be a paradise of hipster-style cafes, where you can easily find a cafe that suits your preference, choose the best cup of coffee for yourself and enjoy a light meal in a comfortable, cool atmosphere.

Prepare yourself with a really good camera or simply be an extremely dedicated photographer to be able to produce extremely “quality” photos, turning your Instagram into a place ready to receive a storm of “likes” from everyone.

Plain Vanilla Bakery | best things to do in tiong bahru

In addition, the cafes in Tiong Bahru, Singapore always have very typical dishes with strong local flavors, for example, Plain Vanilla Bakery has fragrant cupcakes, always ready to stimulate the taste buds of guests. Or a delicious cup of coffee at Forty Hands will make coffee lovers feel like they have found their own paradise on earth. Or if not, you can stop by the beautiful little bakery Tiong Bahru Bakery to enjoy delicious authentic croissants.

Forty Hands | best things to do in tiong bahru

| best things to do in tiong bahru

Besides the extremely “cool” cafes, at Tiong Bahru there are also restaurants with luxurious, airy and comfortable spaces for you to visit for a meal. Believe us, you will definitely never feel hungry if you come to Tiong Bahru, Singapore.

Enjoy local specialties

Upstairs at the market in Tiong Bahru is home to extremely large hawker stalls with many food stalls that have received both the Michelin Bib Gourmand and The Plate Award. If you want to find those exact stores, you just need to look for places with a long line of people waiting.

| best things to do in tiong bahru

A typical dish with a strong local flavor that is loved by both locals and tourists is Jian Bo Shui Kueh – a steamed rice flour cake topped with a layer of pickled radish and a little chili, extremely delicious. This is a suitable time for you to have as a snack when you come to this neighborhood.

Jian Bo Shui Kueh

In addition, there are other famous restaurants here such as Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice located along Seng Poh road and Sin Hoi Sai, the oldest restaurant in Tiong Bahru, specializing in serving seafood dishes which cooked in zi-char style.

Explore indie style boutiques

You can visit the alleys in Tiong Bahru to find fashion stores of famous brands or unique indie style stores here.

If you are a person with a pretty “cool” fashion sense, then stop by Nana & Bird, which has clothes from domestic and foreign designers. Or you can also visit the Curated Records store to immerse yourself in nostalgic music, helping listeners recall past memories. And you can also end your exploration of the indie shops in Tiong Bahru by stopping by One Olive flower shop and choosing your own beautiful and fragrant bouquets of flowers.

Nana & Bird | best things to do in tiong bahru

Curated Records

“Chill out” at night

You can get surprises that the streets of Tiong Bahru at night bring to you. We believe that you will get extremely “genuine” experiences when you come here at sunset.

You can visit Bincho @ Hua Bee, which in the morning is a shop specializing in selling traditional mee pok noodles but at night turns into a place that takes you into the secret bar right behind.

Bincho @ Hua Bee

Extremely famous in Tiong Bahru is Coq & Balls, a place that specializes in serving delicious craft beers, cocktails & liquors. You can also visit the rooftop bar Lin Ro, which will serve you cocktails with the most unique and delicious flavors with sophisticated and delicate preparation located on the rooftop terrace of Link Hotel.

Coq & Balls

Support traditional businesses

While hipster style shops have almost become “dominant” in the Tiong Bahru, there are still traditional stores somewhere imbued with the culture of the indigenous people that we think you should visit if you have the opportunity.

If you love furniture, then visit Yong Huat Upholstery at Seng Poh Lane. Or you can find a shoe repair woman with a very unique way of delivering and receiving shoes – passing them out from the window at Moh Guan Terrace.

Yong Huat Upholstery

Additionally, if you’re looking for flavored vinegars like quinoa and balsamic, then head over to Pin Pin Piau Kay & Co. Or not, take a tour around Tiong Bahru market, maybe you will encounter images of yourself in the past, when you still went to the market with your mother every day.

Pin Pin Piau Kay & Co

Tiong Bahru is considered one of Singapore’s “historical witnesses” as this neighborhood still carries a bit of a nostalgic, old atmosphere with traditional shops as well as a unique character with art paintings on walls everywhere.

If you are a person who loves to explore and want to know more about the history of the Lion Island nation as well as learn more about the development of this island nation, then we recommend that if you have the opportunity to come here, please remember to stop by this historic area of Tiong Bahru.

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