Cyprus — a place known as “The Ancient Pearl of Mediterranean“ because of the wonderful ecstatic beauty that nature has bestowed. It attracts tourists by its harmonious nature, warm climate, lavish resort towns located next to beautiful beaches with clear blue water, white sand like paradise, hospitable and laid-back people along with thousands of years of rich history and rich cuisine. With a typical Mediterranean climate – warm in winter, cool in summer, and both poetic and majestic landscapes that were once the muse in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci of the Renaissance, the great poet Homerus, the famous playwright Euripides, the American animated king Walt Disney or once became the love offering of the ancient Roman Marshal Antonius to the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra. So, what is Cyprus best known for, what to buy in Cyprus, where to buy in Cyprus and where to shop in Cyprus? Let’s check out our best shopping in Cyprus guide (Cyprus shopping) with the list of the suggested top 15+ meaningful things to buy in Cyprus including must have Cyprus gifts and Cyprus souvenirs as well as best place to buy in Cyprus to find out the answer. If you are planning a trip to Cyprus and need to buy unique gifts and souvenirs of this island nation, then choose one of the suggested items below!

Ledra Street

What to buy in Cyprus: Olive oil

Olive oil has been produced in Cyprus since ancient times and is not only a culinary feature, but is also tied to the island’s history, culture and economy. Olive branch – a symbol of peace and prosperity printed on the flag of Cyprus.

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Since the 12th century, olive cultivation has been a major agricultural occupation on the island. Cyprus was once in the top 20 olive growing countries in the world with 2.5 million olive trees and more than 10,000 tons of olives harvested each year. The oldest olive tree on the island of Cyprus, which is more than 800 years old, is located in “Potima” between Agia Marina town and the village of Xyliatos.

Olive grove | best things to buy in cyprus

The olive oil here is not only produced in large factories, tourists can buy bottles of pure fresh olive oil everywhere from directly at small local workshops, grocery stores, to even at kiosks along the way. Some workshops also serve bread, coffee, wine, and a variety of olive oils for visitors to sample. The best time to buy olive oil is from October to March every year, this is the time of the main harvest season. Some well-known Cyprus olive oil brands and manufacturers you can refer to such as: King of Olives, 7 Elies, Cicindela Co Limited, CYPRUS OLIVE OIL, PETROS TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS LTD, Hellestia Trading Ltd, OFTHEGREEKEARTH, REGENA FARM LTD, ELEOURGIA PETTEMERIDE LTD, FRESHLINE GOURMETOLIVE GROVES AND OLIVE PRODUCTS TRIFILLARIS LTD…

In addition, you can also buy olive-related products such as organic olive oil soaps…

7 Elies – High phenolic organic olive oil from Cyprus. | best things to buy in cyprus
Olive oil soap

If you are curious person, you can visit Oleastro Olive Park and Museum (Address: QQ45+RWX, Anogyra, Cyprus/Hours: 10AM–6:30PM) to find out the way of making olive oil as well as its history here and of course take some bottles to bring back.

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What to buy in Cyprus: Cypriot wine

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Associated with the ancient story of the god of wine and ecstasy Dionysus, Cyprus wines are something that visitors should not miss when coming here. Most foreigners will buy at least 1 bottle of wine as a gift. Some of the famous wineries are located in the cities of Limassol and Paphos. All the slopes from Limassol to Paphos in Cyprus are covered with vines in the harvest season. Their beauty has attracted many tourists to visit and admire. This wine industry has contributed greatly to the annually economic growth of the Republic of Cyprus.

Wine cellar | what to buy in cyprus

The fine grape varieties that make up this island nation’s quality wines are among the oldest ones in the world. And Commandaria — the amber-coloured sweet dessert wine, with aromas of dried fruit in Cyprus, has been recognized as the world’s oldest wine. The very well-known Commandaria sweet wine has won many gold medals at major wine awards. With the delicious taste of this wine, King Richard I of England once praised it and said on his wedding day that this is “the wine of kings and kings of wines”.

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The oldest and most famous wine in Cyprus is called Commandaria – a sweet-tasting dessert wine that the ancient Greek poet Hesiod called Cypriot Manna – the wine of the Mass (Sacramental wine, Communion wine). Commandaria wine is recognized as the oldest wine in the world dating back over 5000 years and are still produced today. | what to buy in cyprus

Currently, there are 51 famous wineries across this island nation. Cypriot people has always put a lot of effort and care into the entire production process to create even more delicious and diverse wines. They pay great attention to the growing environment, climate as well as soil, ingredients and methods to create their unique wine flavor identity. Such efforts have contributed to the continuous increase in the quality of Cypriot wines. So it is not too surprising that this country has achieved many high awards in wine competitions.

Since 1961, Cyprus always held a wine festival annually, a form of honoring the country’s wine-making traditions. This is the ideal time for wine lovers, tourists who like the lively and bustling atmosphere of the festival flocking to. When participating in the Cypriot wine month in November, you can walk on touristy wine routes, visit famous cellars to see how people make traditional wines, tasting wines that are produced in the country… The aroma of wine, the jubilant atmosphere at the festival is enough to make us swoon in passion.

Visiting this island that endowed with nature, visitors can sample up to 10 wines: rose, white, red and sweet wine. Wine is not a drink for the glutton. Enjoying wine must be slow, must pour wine into glasses, cups suitable for each type and use at the right temperature. Coming to Cyprus, you will be guided by staff in pubs, wine cellars, etc., about how to drink, sipping and feeling every little bit.

Various Cypriot wines | what to buy in cyprus

Traveling to Cyprus is to enjoy a peaceful and refreshing life every day. So, instead of just admiring its beautiful scenery, we can hold a glass of wine and take small sips to make the enjoyment more complete. And wine is also a compact and luxurious gift that you can buy for close friends and your loved ones before leaving Cyprus.

These are some best Cypriot wine brands Ayia Mavri Moshato, Erimoudes Constantino, Kolios ‘Persefoni’ Xinisteri, Tsangarides Mataro, Kolios Shiraz, Constantinou Ayio Klima Xinisteri, Christoudias Spourtiko… You can also visit Cypriot Wine Museum (Address: 42 Odos Pafou (42 Paphou Street, B6, Erimi 4630, Cyprus/Hours: 9AM–5PM) to learn more about the making process, history or participate in wine tours to visiting and tasting Cyprus premium wines.

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Cypriot wine is always the choice of many tourists. The famous wine-producing regions in Cyprus are the regions adjacent to Limassol and Paphos. Popular grapes grown here include Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, Muscat, Mavro and many more.

Omodos, Vouni, Koilani, Mandria, Panagia and Arsos are the famous wine-making villages of Cyprus.

You can also visit Cypriot Wine Museum (Address: 42 Odos Pafou (42 Paphou Street, B6, Erimi 4630, Cyprus/Hours: 9AM–5PM) to learn more about the making process, history or participate in wine tours to visiting and tasting Cyprus premium wines.

Although many other countries also have wine, Cypriot wine has its own charm and attraction. Festivals to honor the god of wine, visiting vineyards, seeing directly the production process, etc. are also interesting activities in Cyprus.

Cypriot vineyard. | what to buy in cyprus

Top things to buy in Cyprus: Fruit jams, sweets and honey

Traditional fruit jams can be seen on the dinner table of Cypriot families in all seasons. Walnut jam will be a special gift for your loved ones. Other sweets made with grape syrup, traditional scones with cheese and cinnamon, semolina, custard made with corn, rose water, sugar and cream.

In addition to fruit jam, a number of other sweets also make the perfect gift to buy when visiting Cyprus such as grape syrup, nuts in frozen grape juice, traditional pies with cheese and cinnamon, semolina cakes, desserts made from corn, rose water or honey,… | what to buy in cyprus

When you come to Cyprus, do not forget to buy some honey because honey here is appreciated for its high nutritional value and good treatment. Pastries, sweets and jams in Cyprus are widely sold in shops, markets and shopping centers.

Lelas Gourmet Forest Fruit Jam 240g 100% Fruit. | top cyprus souvenirs

Top things to buy in Cyprus: Halloumi cheese

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Specialty of Cyprus | top cyprus souvenirs

Halloumi cheese originates from Cyprus island itself, a Cypriot specialty and a culinary symbol, it has won the hearts of many Cypriots and foreign tourists. This cheese is made from a mixture of goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. It has a high melting point and can therefore be easily fried or baked. Mint gives Halloumi a special flavor that you should buy as a gift. In many cases, it will be added a little cow’s milk for processing as well as enhance flavor. Fried Halloumi cheese is also very suitable when it pairs with vegetables, meat, seafood, fruits…

Halloumi is available in all stores across Cyprus cities and villages as well, it is wrapped in vacuum bags which is convenient to carry. This type of cheese is usually salty, but you can also find salt-free varieties. | top cyprus souvenirs

Halloumi is not simply a food but it is also the national soul of the Cypriots. Part of the heritage of Cyprus since the 16th century, and only Cyprus has the right to produce Halloumi because this dish has been patented.

Silverware and silver jewelry

Intricate Cyprus silver jewelry.

Silverware or silver jewelry in Cyprus is also a very delicate choice for souvenirs. Lefkara villagers here have been making silver jewelry and embroidery for the over past 500 years. All jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings to jewelry boxes, plates, cups… are encrusted with silver or covered with white gold with delicate and durable designs.

Pano Lefkara is a village famous for its silver making tradition with a history of up to hundreds of years that you should stop by to visit and choose to buy bracelets, necklaces, rings… as gifts.

Silver jewelry shop | best cyprus gifts
| best cyprus gifts

Silver jewelry from rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings to jewelry boxes, plates, teapots, etc., all of them are encrusted with silver, covered with white gold, very intricate, exquisite and extremely durable.

Earrings | best cyprus gifts

Top Cyprus souvenirs: Traditional embroidery

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As mentioned above, in addition to silver jewelry and silverware, there is another attraction in the village of Lefkara. That is a very meticulous traditional embroidery village, embroidery is a traditional craft that has existed for a long time here. Groups of women sit next to roads and show off the intricate embroidery of centuries past. In addition to lace, embroidered paintings are one of the most valuable gifts to buy here because of their high sophistication as well as these paintings that can be kept for a long time and rarely damaged.

Lefkaritika is a hand-embroidered lace made only in Lefkara. | best cyprus gifts

The image of women in groups and embroidering on the side of the road is also one of the highlight images of this craft village over the centuries. What is special, Lefkara lace or Lefkaritika is a type of hand-crafted lace that is recognized by UNESCO in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Therefore, you should not miss this cultural souvenir gift.

Lefkara village is famous for its lace. In 1481, Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous and genius Italian painter who once visited this place to buy lace, and since then this place has been included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Lefkara lace shop | best place to buy in cyprus

Another village on the island of Cyprus that is also famous for its embroidery, located not far from Limassol, called Omodos. All embroidery products here are handmade and embroidery techniques are kept secret in the village. Even in Omodos there is a museum dedicated to the art of embroidery that you should visit.

Top Cyprus souvenirs: Pottery

The Cyprus Bichrome pottery is a type of pottery of the Late Bronze Age, and the Iron Age, pottery found widely on the island of Cyprus and in the Eastern Mediterranean region. This type of pottery is found at many locations on Cyprus island, the Levant and also in Egypt. It is usually produced on pottery wheels. A wide range of ornaments and motifs have been endorsed. This pottery is very similar to several types of Mycenaean pottery from various locations.

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Cypriot Bichrome pottery is characterized by the most common decoration: Two black lines with a red line in the middle. Between those lines often appear geometric, floral or enlarged decorations. And that design is continue to apply Cypriot pottery today. So, you can buy some plates, cups, jars, vases… to bring back as gifts.

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Cyprus pottery souvenir shop.

Best Cyprus gifts: Natural cosmetics and perfumes

If you want to give a girl a gift after returning home from Cyprus, you can consider these local organic cosmetics. Cyprus has a number of cosmetics made from natural ingredients such as orange peels, lemon peels, honey, rose water and of course olive oil.

Natural cosmetics in Cyprus can become a favorite gift for girls. It can be made from orange peels, lemons, honey, rose water and of course olive oil. In the picture is cosmetic product line Miss Lilac. | best place to buy in cyprus

Olive oil cosmetics are widely available in stores, however, the shelf life of these cosmetics is usually only within 6 months, so it’s better to check the expiration date carefully on each product.

Tourists can visit the rose factory in Argos to learn about how Cypriots make organic cosmetics from rose leaves, rose flowers. And you can buy soaps, lotions, shower gels, perfumes and body lotions right here at this factory. Some of the famous Cypriot cosmetic brands are Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics, Miss Lilac, Ellia Natural Cosmetics

Ellia Natural Cosmetics | best shopping in Cyprus

The oldest perfume in the world was discovered in Cyprus. A team of Italian archaeologists excavated in 2007, in Pyrgos. Dating back more than 4000 years, this perfume is fragranced with notes of lavender, bay leaves, rosemary, pine and coriander and comes in small translucent bottles from Motley Cyprus Cologne brand. Therefore, Cypriot perfume is also a not bad choice.

Cypriot roses use to make perfume. | best shopping in Cyprus
Cypriot perfume | best shopping in Cyprus

Best Cyprus gifts: Traditional Cypriot coffee

Unlike many other peoples in the world, Cypriots process coffee in a very special way. To make a true cup of coffee in Cypriot style, they use 2-3 tablespoons of finely ground Robusta coffee beans mixed with 50 ml of hot water. It is filtered in a special filter with a narrow mouth and wide bottom. Cypriots believe that coffee must be filtered in this filter to keep and retain its delicious taste. Visit any coffee shop in Cyprus and you will find that they serve hot coffee with a glass of cold water. And of course you can also buy these delicious coffee packages as gifts with their special style of making a hot cup of coffee.

Cyprus coffee shop | best shopping in Cyprus


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Ouzo, traditional drink of Cyprus.

Ouzo is considered the national spirit of Cyprus, is a dry anise-flavored liquor from from grape must (the remnants of wine-making) and it is also widely use in Greece. The liquor is white like distilled pure water, with a fragrant licorice smell and an alcohol content of about 50%. In Cyprus, Ouzo is usually drunk as a whole, sometimes mixed with parsley, cinnamon or clover. In particular, if blended with water, the liquor will change color to milky white and often drink with ice.

Best Cyprus gifts: Zivania

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Zivania is a Cypriot brandy produced from grape pomace (the remains of grapes that have been pressed for juice) and local dry wines. Its name is derived from zivana (in Greek) which means pomace in the Greek dialect of Cyprus. The distillation is then blended with traditional local dry wines from the native red Mavro and white Xynisteri grapes. Although it’s quite strong, with an alcohol content of 45%, zivania is still favored for its low notes of raisins and lemon. Zivania is often served as an aperitif, but is sometimes served with nuts or mezze.

Zivania is another popular wine in Cyprus, its alcohol content is variable, with 45% by volume being the typical value. Zivania contains no sugar and is not acidic. | best shopping in Cyprus

What to buy in Cyprus: Beer

Keo beer

Cyprus has locally brewed beers such as the famous Carlsberg and Keo, along with a wide range of imported beers sold in bars and pubs. If you want, grab some bottles to bring back.


Various Cypriot juice | best shopping in Cyprus

Fruit juice in Cypriot cuisine is also highly appreciated. In cafes, juice is served in small cups, and diners must request sweetness level when ordering (glyco – sweet, metrio – medium, sketo – unsweetened) as sugar or other sweeteners will not can be added after the drink is made. You can bring a few bottles of these soft drinks home as gifts.

Other souvenirs

Cypriot silverware | best shopping in Cyprus

In addition, some souvenirs to buy when visiting Cyprus such as traditional embroidery in Lefkara village, glass souvenirs, some symbols and religious items such as lampshades, candle holders, crosses, T-shirts, refrigerator magnets, etc. are also chosen by many tourists because they can remind of the history stretching back thousands of years of Cyprus.

Handmade leather bags
Leather goods store.

Cyprus shopping guide: Where to buy

Shopping in Cyprus are considered to be the one of the most interesting activities, in its large shopping malls or centers you can find a wide variety of items, goods, foods, local products, souvenirs, gifts to international brands. In Cyprus, it is easy to find high-end fashion brands or unique local products. These products can be found at shopping malls, traditional stores or flea markets that are ubiquitous on the island.

You can rest assured when shopping in Cyprus. The products here are always highly recommended, appreciated and guaranteed good quality, especially jewelry. Fashionable leather shoes and leather goods here are affordable and inexpressive.

The opening hours of the shops here vary depending on the season. In the summer, opening times are from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. In the fall, opening hours will be from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.. In winter, it will be from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 p.m – 6 p.m..

Best place to buy in Cyprus: Nicosia

Ledra Street

Nicosia is the capital of the island of Cyprus. The city has many shopping centers and bustling areas, upscale fashion boutiques. Nicosia is a shopaholic’s dream destination. If you are looking for a place to buy souvenirs for relatives or friends, you can go to the pedestrian street Laiki Geitonia. In addition, visitors can also go to Makariou Avenue for shopping. There are large chain stores here such as Zara, Marks, Spencer… for visitors to freely choose. Shops of big, luxury and expensive brands at Armenias Street or Stasi Kratos Street are also a favorite choice of tourists.

Mall Of Cyprus

  • Address: 2025, Verginas 3, Strovolos, Cyprus
  • Hours: 10AM–8PM/Sunday: 11AM–7PM

This place is loved by many tourists and local people and chosen as an ideal shopping place. It houses a variety of shops, cinemas and restaurants. In addition, The Mall of Cyprus offers free parking for guests. Here, you can find the best of everything, quickly and conveniently.

The Mall of Cyprus is a shopping center with the most spacious and modern space. There are not only many floors dedicated to famous products and brands in the world, this shopping mall also has a rather large food court with famous food stalls. The Mall of Cyprus is rated as the most popular shopping place in Cyprus.

Best place to buy in Cyprus: 1001 Airport Mall

  • Address: Ercan Havaalanı Yonca Kavşağı Gökhan, Lefkoşa
  • Hours: 10AM–10PM

1001 Airport Mall is known as a leading shopping destination in Cyprus. 1001 Airport Mall owns the first modern style in the North of Cyprus. This is an impressive shopping mall, built to a high standard. It has a large food court with excellent food and drink quality, reasonable prices. Not only that, it also has a large play area for children and a diverse food shopping area. A special feature at this shopping center is the extremely modern and comfortable toilets. They have impressed many visitors with their cleanliness and uniqueness.

Where to buy in Cyprus: Limassol

Panorama of the city of Limassol. | where to buy in cyprus

Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus after its capital of Nicosia. There are many high-end shops and galleries here. If you are looking for places to shop in Cyprus, especially for crafts, jewelry or art, St. Andrews street is a must-go place and good choice for you. If you want to shop while wandering around the streets, you can spend time to take a stroll in other neighborhoods around.

MY MALL Limassol

  • Address: 285, Franklin Roosevelt, Limassol 3150, Cyprus
  • Hours: 10AM–8PM/Sunday: 11AM–7:30PM

My Mall in the city of Limassol is famous as one of the largest shopping places in Cyprus. This place has a series of separate booths for big brands. In addition, at My Mall, there are still typical local Cypriot’s products.

Coming to My Mall, you will easily find your favorite items such as clothes, jewelry, appliances, phones, furniture, food, books,… and many other items. Most of the people here shop at My Mall, so this place offers a variety of goods, products, specialties. Besides, My Mall is also housed in a massive building with a beautiful glass roof. This deserves to be one of the high-end shopping malls in Cyprus that you must visit.

Where to buy in Cyprus: Larnaca

The stunning view of Pano Lefkara Village, Larnaca District. | where to buy in cyprus

Larnaca is known as the Cyprus’s oldest city and is also the birthplace of the famous lace embroidery craft called Lefkaritiko (Lefkara lace) as mentioned above. This is the best place to shop for traditional island crafts, pottery and jewelry. Zenon Kitieos Street is the main shopping area here with many shops selling different items. The city of Larnaca also a gathering place for many large shopping centers and modern boutiques featuring leading national and international brands.

Best shopping in Cyprus: Paphos

Paphos City | where to buy in cyprus

Paphos is one of the most beautiful cities of Cyprus, the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite – The goddess of love and beauty. Paphos also has a lot of handicrafts such as textiles, wool, precious stones. From the furniture stores on the road towards Polis to the tourist shops around the harbor, there is a wide variety of goods and models to choose from. At Paphos market, there are shops selling leather goods, bags and jewelry. Don’t forget to drop by Kato Paphos to buy some unique souvenirs as gifts for family and friends.

The Place

  • Address: Constantinou Kanari 56, Paphos, Cyprus
  • Hours: 9AM–5PM/Wednesday, Saturday: 9AM–2PM/Sunday: Closed
| where to shop in cyprus

Do you want to find the best shopping destinations in Cyprus. Then Place in Paphos is a famous place that you cannot ignore. Here you can easily find high fashion brands or unique local products.

The Place has a variety of unique souvenirs handcrafted by local artisans. In addition, it also has a variety of beautiful glassware, jewelry, pottery and handmade leather shoes. In addition, it also sells local sweets, wines and herbs. This is a great shopping spot for you to get a real experience of the traditions and culture of Cyprus.

| where to shop in cyprus

Another shopping mall you should also visit in Paphos is The Kings Avenue (Address: Corner St. Paul &, Tombs of the Kings Ave 2, Paphos 8046, Cyprus/Hours: 10AM–8PM)

Aphrodite Jewelry

  • Address: Arch. Makarios Avenue Paphos, Paphos 8010, Cyprus
  • Hours: 10AM–5PM/Wednesday, Saturday: 10AM–1:30PM/Monday, Sunday: Closed

As its name suggests, Aphrodite Jewelry is known as a high-end jewelry store. This is one of the largest jewelry stores in Cyprus and is the forerunner of the jewelry industry in this country. The Aphrodite Jewelry has been crafting, restoring and cleaning jewelry for both tourists and locals for decades. Therefore, this place is also known as one of the master jewelry shops in Cyprus. In addition, Aphrodite Jewelry also has other shopping and food outlets for customers.

Intricate jewelry | where to shop in cyprus

Cyprus shopping guide: Tips for shopping

  • The prices of products at different shopping locations in Cyprus will have different costs. Stores in big streets like Makariou, Agiou, Stasikratous will be more expensive than shops in the neighborhood or small streets. In addition, souvenirs in tourist villages will be more expensive than buying in towns.
  • For food gifts such as famous Cypriot cheese, confectionery or wine, you should consider your returning time of the trip to ensure that the products do not change their quality after returning, regardless of the time of use of these products for more than 6 months.
  • Regarding wine, liquor you need to consider the concentration of alcohol. Because this is an alcoholic drink that has been brewed for a long time, the “passion” is high, if the drinker can not handle a good amount of alcohol, he may fall from the first drink.
  • For jewelry or fragile items, you need to pack them carefully to avoid the case that when moving, the gift will be deformed. That way, it’s just a waste of time to buy a gift but can’t give it to someone. And make sure, when buying souvenirs, that the gift is suitable for the person being given, has spiritual or practical value.

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