If you wonder what to take or what to wear on your trip then you should check out the following text! Eventually, you might find it pretty useful.


Passport and personal id

Always take twice the amount of money you planned and twice less clothes.


baggage carousel

When going on a trip, always pack only what you can put in a carry on. In this way you won’t have to worry if your baggage fails to appear on the baggage carousel.


Fragile sticker

If you have to carry a suitcase, always ask them to put a “Fragile” sticker on it. This is how you can be sure that it will be put on the top of the pile of bags and will be the first off the plane.


cloths luggage

Pack three shirts or tops and three pairs of trousers or skirts and combine them differently. This is how you’ll always have something different to wear and your luggage won’t be too heavy.


space for device

Save space in your bag by taking your IPod or tablet instead of a bunch of guide books.


forget being a diva

Forget about being a diva! Your travel should be much more exciting than taking care of your hairstyle.


instead of jumper and jacket

Instead of jumpers and jackets try to take layers and you’ll save on weight and space. Of course, forget about this if you are traveling to Alaska or Russia.


try to avoid wearing jeans

Try to avoid wearing jeans! Cotton and khaki pants are more comfortable for traveling and easy to wash and dry.


dont take too expensive thing

Don’t take with you too expensive things like jewelry or something else important that can be lost or stolen.


use the hotel soap

Use the hotel’s soap, shampoo or if you are not staying in a hotel, you can always afford them wherever you go.