Speaking to Sweden, usually people only think of Stockholm or Gothenburg. But Malmo is also an interesting destination and one of the three largest cities in Sweden. With the charm of a blending land between old and new, coming to Malmo is to come to a vintage scene of cafes, old street corners, and a diverse land of landscapes and cultures. So, where to go if you have only one day in Malm, what to do in Malmo in one day and things to do in Malmo, Sweden in one day? Let’s check out our Malmo blog on how to make a day trip to Malmo from copenhagen and how to spend 1 day in Malmo (one day in Malmo, visit Malmo in one day) perfectly to find out the answer!

Malmo and its new symbol modern skycraper
Malmo bustling street | 1 day in malmo
Lovely corner
Malmo Stortorget square
Vibrant Malmo at night

Malmö is the capital of Skåne County with about 280.000 inhabitants. A special feature of this city is that it is located right next to Copenhagen, separated by just a bridge across the strait. So you can have a lot of flexible itineraries with Malmo on your bucket list. You can take a tour around Sweden, or simply visit Copenhagen, then take a day trip to Malmo. That’s enough!

The pier near Ribersborgs Kallbadhus
Aerial view of Malmo
A street corner in Gamla Väster – Malmo.
Peaceful and gentle street

Malmo blog: How many days should you spend in Malmo and how to get to Malmo?

Malmo is a large city in Sweden and Northern Europe, you can stay here for 2-3 days to visit the attractions, have fun and enjoy food. But if you don’t have too much time on your itinerary, simply a short day trip is fine.

Travelers often combine their vacation in Copenhagen and a day trip to Malmo. From Copenhagen, the most convenient way is to book Flixbus to Malmo, only 1 bridge across the sea and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes of riding. The schedule is quite convenient, the bus picks you up at Copenhagen central station, there is a trip from early morning at 7-8am. Then you take Flixbus again to back Copenhagen from Malmo in the afternoon of the same day.

Malmo Radhuset Town Hall
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Day trip to Malmo from Copenhage (1 day in Malmo): Must-visit places when traveling to Malmo, Sweden

Malmo map.

Malmo tourist attractions for a day trip to malmo from Copenhagen.

Gamla Väster

Gamla Väster is located in the western part of Malmo, which is very close to the Flixbus stop. So you can choose Gamla Väster as the first place of the journey. This is ancient street with colorful houses.

Gamla Väster

In addition, there are two worth visit places nearby are the squares of “Lilla Torg” and “Stortorget”, only a few hundred meters walk through small alleys within minutes of walking.

Lilla Torg Square
Malmo Stortorget

Windmill and Slottsparken Park

Slotssparken Park is not too far from the city center. With a large area, green lawns and a long lake, or can be called small canals. The park is a place for people to come here to relax on weekends.

Slottsparken Park

Located right inside the park is a rather large windmill, perched on a tall, isolated mound. Built in 1851 as a small sewing factory, now this windmill is a place to visit and take pictures, very unique and interesting. Many people when looking at this picture taken with the windmill will think that this is in Amsterdam – Netherlands.

| 1 day in malmo
The windmill

Stadsbibliotek City Library

The Malmo City Library of Stadsibliotek is a library that opened in 1905. The library consists of three closely linked sections of Castle, Calendar of Light, and Cylinder.

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Castle is a historic building with museum and library. Cylinder Light is the connection between Castle and Calendar including entrance, reception area and bar area. The Calendar of Light is a square building with a full glass window facing the park. Reading book here is extremely chill and quiet.

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The iconic lighthouse of Malmo

| 1 day in malmo

The red and white lighthouse is located on the junction between the old and new land of Malmo. Built in 1878 but decommissioned since 1983, this ancient lighthouse is considered a symbol of the coastal city of Malmo. You should come here in the early morning when the sun rises behind the lighthouse, for great photos.

The West Port Västra Hamnen

| 1 day in malmo

Västra Hamnen (or the western harbor) is a modern new district of Malmö. The area is still under development and new buildings rising up every day. This district is located on the old shipyard area right by the sea, less than a kilometer from the medieval old town of Malmö to the northwest, so it is easy to visit and experience. Remember to visit and take pictures with the harbor and blue houses in a super vintage setting!

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The skyscraper Turning Torso (Twisting Torso or Rotating Torso)

Malmo and its new symbol modern skycraper

This is a place that you cannot miss when coming to Malmo. Just like the Matterhorn peak in Zermatt, this Turning Torso skyscraper can be seen anywhere in Malmo city. A modern symbol of this city.

Øresund bridge

Oresund Bridge is a 7 km long bridge connecting Sweden with Denmark and the European part below. This bridge is located in Malmo, was started construction in 1995 and constructed over a period of up to 5 years. Malmo is easily reached by car or bike under the bridge, where you can take stunning and super impressive photos. Even walking along the beach and watching the bridge at sunset is a worthwhile experience.

An oversea bridge and an undersea tunnel

Zeniths Kolonier Garden

This garden with many old wooden houses is really a place not to be missed for those who love peace and gentle. Zenith is one of the oldest landmarks in Malmo, in the heart of the Vername district.

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I learned that the site is open during the summer months and is only open on weekends in winter and autumn. But before you go, you should check the opening hours.

Fishing village Fiskehoddorna

Although called a fishing village, but Fiskehoddorna is quite simple and not too large. There are a few houses painted red by the canal because up to 30 such houses have been demolished. But when the sun is up, the photo will look stunning with the mirror reflected in the water. There is also a concentrated market where fishermen sell their fresh fish and seafood.

Salongsgatan street

This is a street with houses in Nordic architecture lying close together. Each house is painted one color to create a colorful street. The area is located in Naya Malmo, close to the Turning Torso building. Do not forget to take beautiful pictures with this super cool street.

| 1 day in malmo

Malmo is truly an extremely easy place to go and combine with other European journeys. Especially for those who want to visit the beautiful city of Copenhagen and take advantage of a day trip. The peaceful, ancient and gentle of Malmo will definitely attracts you coming here many more times to see ^^. Happy traveling!!

Petri Bridge, Malmo

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