In the light sunshine of early summer, madonna lily flowers are embellishing over streets. The season of madonna lily comes and goes surprisingly in the pity of local people. These white blossoms remind us of a time concept in Hanoian space.

The season passes by so quickly that every one would like to cling its flowers, April and time. Many people buy madonna lilies as their daily habit in a flower season or a date with April.

Madonna lily flowers in Hanoi streets

During this period, lilies are seen every where, in offices, restaurants, kiosks or houses. The flower owns a miraculous attraction with only its white color, which expresses the elegance, luxury but simplicity.

Madonna lily flowers in Hanoi streets (4)

Suddenly, the season reminds me of the painting “the girl by the lily” of painter To Ngoc Van. The painting is simple, refined and devotional. The girl in the painting is a typical image of Hanoian girls with timid and mysterious characteristics. Why did the painter name the painting with lily flower? More importantly, the beauty of that painting, the girl as well as the flower can last through the time.

Madonna lily flowers in Hanoi streets

Arranging madonna lilies is an exquisite pleasure of Hanoians. Maybe, it was started from the period of painter To Ngoc Van with his masterpiece for later generations.

Madonna lily flowers in Hanoi streets

Lilies are not only found in Hanoi, but this flower season is a very particular character of Hanoi with flower peddlers around streets during April.

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