The tiny flowers own a romantic and fragile beauty, and have long been a symbol that are indispensable in March in Hanoi. Photo:

Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam is endowed by Nature with numerous featured flowers which you can only see in certain months.

Photo: Giang Trinh.

Flowers of dalbergia tonkinensis (Hoa sưa) covers Hanoi with pure white color in March. The plant forms flowers in clusters with a great profusion of blooms.


When walking along streets, travelers realize that trees are carpeted with white flowers. It is the season of sua flowers. In March, streets are embellished with white sua flowers and this is also the season for birds to build their nests.


Sua is like soft and white cotton clouds covering the sky. They only flower once a year for a short time, usually two weeks and fade, so each year when they bloom, the youth of Hanoi often gathered these places, especially, Hoang Dieu street to pose with the beauty of these flowers. If you take a tour in Hanoi in the late February or early March of the lunar calendar, you will see a Hanoi shining with the pure white color of Hoa sưa.

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Sưa flower is very beautiful but its time is rather short. Suddenly, when you wake up in the early morning, you will see a white color covering the sky like an unexpected gift. But the blossoms will soon be gone with the wind, leaving space for green leaves.


The pure white color goes so well with the vivid green color of many kinds of tender leaves. They paint a wonderful picture for us to enjoy. Looking at the masterpiece of Mother Nature, wouldn’t you think that you are living in a paradise?


In Hanoi, the “sưa” flowers usually bloom in early March, when the weather began to warm. Subtle white petals become a signal of the season change between spring and summer.

“Sưa” flowers bloom very quickly and also very ephemeral. Sometimes just a few days, the lush foliage has been replaced by a white color background of the flower. Because of the characteristic “easy come, easy go” of “sưa” flowers, “sưa” flower lovers enlist these days to enjoy the beauty of flowers and take their memorable photos.


“Sưa” flower trees grow up along the street in Hanoi but you can enjoy the most charming white flower clusters in Youth Road, West Lake, Giang Vo Lake and Dinh Tien Hoang Street … The white pendulous flowers beside roads make Hanoi suddenly become stunning and romantic than ever before.

A white “sưa” flower tree blooms by the West lake ( Hồ Tây)
A white “sưa” flower tree blooms by the West lake ( Hồ Tây). Photo:
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White “sưa” flowers bloom around Lenin monument. Photo:
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The fine white color of “sưa” flower clusters highlight the green background of young cloves and brighten a corner of the sky. Photo:
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Tiny “sưa flower stems are decumbent in Giang Vo Lake. Many young people have enlisted to save these spectacular moments.

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Many people take pictures with “sưa” flowers tree to save their happy moments.

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Fine white flower clusters look like watching footsteps of people walking on the street.

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Not brilliant as flamboyant, not aromatic like milk flowers but fragile and fine, “sưa” flowers are still loved by so many people.

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The beauty of “sưa” flowers has been likened as the cherry blossom of the tropical region .
White petals on the streets have created a distinctive look for Hanoi in March.

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