Vibrant Taichung at dusk

Taichung is a beautiful, laid-back city located in central Taiwan and also the main gateway to one of the country’s most revered natural wonders. So, what to do in 24 hours in Taichung (1 day in Taichung)? Let’s check out our suggested Taichung 1 day itinerary (Taichung one day itinerary) on how to spend one day in Taichung (a day in Taichung) perfectly for those who depart from the capital city of Taipei!

Taichung skyline | 1 day in taichung
Taichung Opera House | 1 day in taichung
Taichung is often referred to as Taiwan’s cultural capital | 1 day in taichung
Taichung Creative and Cultural Industries Park | 1 day in taichung
Taichung Liuchuan Canal Waterfront | 1 day in taichung
Fengjia night market | 1 day in taichung

Taichung is regarded as Taiwan’s arts and cultural hub with its many fascinating museums, art installations, and design boutiques. As an architecture lover, I admire and admire the beauty and modernity of this city. Here are the best guides to travel to Taichung with ease and eagerness.

Getting from Taipei to Taichung by HSR or train (# 1 day in taichung)

Taichung HSR station | 1 day in taichung

The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Taichung from Taipei is by HSR with a speed of up to 300 km/h. A distance of more than 160 km from Taipei, there are dozens of HSR trains daily and the travel time is only about 45-65 minutes, depending on which train you take to get to Taichung. The HSR train departs at several locations in Taipei City, with Taipei Main Station being the easiest to access. If you’re not close to the city center, hop on an HSR train at Nangang Station or Banqiao Station.

| 1 day in taichung
| 1 day in taichung
The inside of the train is comfortable with every seat class | 1 day in taichung

The HSR train ticket is about twice as expensive as the train, about NT$700 for a standard seat, and NT$1,250 for a business class seat. If you don’t mind not having a guaranteed seat, non-reserved tickets cost NT$675.

If the HSR is not for you, another straightforward way to get to Taichung from Taipei is by train. The fare is about NT$375 and takes about 2 hours by train. Whether you choose to travel by HSR high-speed train or regular train, you should also book tickets online one day in advance to choose a reasonable departure time.

| 1 day in taichung

Taichung HSR Station is considered one of the most beautiful train stations in Taiwan, located right next to the MRT station, so it is very convenient to move. Thankfully the station is well connected, with buses, trains, taxis, and the MRT Green Line from Beitun Main Station to Tai Chung HSR Station allowing easy access to central Taichung.

Taichung Bike Tour (# taichung 1 day itinerary)

| taichung 1 day itinerary

All major cities in Taiwan have a U-Bike (or YouBike) system, a bike rental service. YouBike provides rental services throughout the city. YouBike makes up for what is lacking in the greater public transport system. You can search for U-bike points with Google Maps to easily rent bikes. Your bike tour shall be not hindered by drizzle.

| taichung 1 day itinerary
Start your day with a biking tour in local markets | taichung 1 day itinerary
| taichung 1 day itinerary
A cycling tour around Taiwan, including Rainbow Village.@AhPekBiker | taichung 1 day itinerary
| taichung 1 day itinerary

From Daqing MRT station, we cycled along the Huamei route along the canal that flows through the city center. The ancient and modern streets of Taichung are on one side, the other side is the gently flowing canal, the cool green trees, and the harmonious landscape, all of which bring you an exhilarating and comfortable feeling.

Visitors who wish to explore the area’s verdant grounds will also come across a medley of manmade cascades, water-drenched sculptures, and shaded viewing platforms | taichung 1 day itinerary
Along the Green Waterway, leafy trees and hanging plants provide shade for daytime passers-by | taichung 1 day itinerary

Taichung is the most modern city in Taiwan but the streets of Taichung are quite peaceful, the traffic density is moderate, and the sidewalks are spacious for cyclists and pedestrians. Slow cycling shall help you gaze at the streets and people’s activities or you take a rest for a moment.

Visit the impressive buildings (# taichung one day itinerary)

| one day in taichung

Taichung’s development is reflected in high-rise buildings close together with luxurious and unique designs. Along the way, you will encounter many buildings with exciting and impressive methods, one of a kind here.

Norway Forest Travel, Hotel with its impressive design is next to the renowned Le Méridien Hotel | one day in taichung
National Taichung Theater is not only a building in which performing arts are presented, the architecture itself is frozen music, One can see the exterior full of fluidity and rhythm | one day in taichung
| one day in taichung
The fountain in the National Taichung Theater | one day in taichung

Taiwan is also known as a country that focuses on investing in green space design with many world-famous landscape architects. All the roads I passed were shady with trees, stratified with many large and small trees, and shrubs mixed with small flowers. It is not difficult to see the image of children playing mischievously on the green lawns, and young people meeting and doing weekend activities in large squares. According to my observations, adults and children here are very fond of public spaces and like being close to nature.

| one day in taichung

My cycling route goes through a complex of green spaces including Charlotte Park, Shakeng Park, and Civic Park. These three parks are consecutively located right in the center of Taichung City. Along both sides of the park are high-rise buildings, luxury hotels, and uniquely designed highlight works such as the People’s Council Building, the Government Building, and the famous National Taichung Theater located at the end of the park chain.

Streetlights in Charlotte Park look like an art installation | one day in taichung
| taichung one day itinerary

When it was already dark, and when the street lights were on, Taichung immediately changed into a “new shirt” with bright lights, worthy of the name of urban prosperity in Central Taiwan. I was overwhelmed by the shimmering lighting designs, highlighting each building but creating a harmonious urban picture. At this time, we also finished our cycling journey and dropped off the bike at the National Theater U-bike station and prepared to move to the night market with an empty stomach and tired after cycling all afternoon.

Fengjia Night Market (# a day in taichung)

Address: Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan.
Hours: 4:00 pm–2:00 am

Feng Jia Night Market taichung
| taichung one day itinerary

Fengjia (also spelled Feng Chia) Night Market is known for its sheer variety of Taiwanese street foods, as well as the largest and the most famous night market in Taichung. The market was built in 1963, from a small-scale market, it was gradually expanded and attracted more than one hundred million visitors each year.

| taichung one day itinerary
fengjia night market must eat,taichung fengjia night market,what to eat at fengjia night market taichung taiwan (1)
Skewers food stall at Fengjia night market | taichung one day itinerary

The market is located in the heart of Taichung City and next to Fengjia University. Food stalls catering to the students began setting up on Wenhua Road in front of the colleges. With its wide variety of vendors, delicious street food, and lively atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Fengjia Night Market has become a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike. Especially at night, the market is more crowded, many sections are packed with people, bustling.

fengjia night market, best night market in taichung (1)
| taichung one day itinerary
A deep-fried food stall | taichung one day itinerary
grilled chicken offal
| taichung one day itinerary
Grilled snails and abalone
Grilled squid
Grilled squid | taichung one day itinerary

One of the main draws of Fengjia Night Market is the incredible street food and local delicacies available. Aside from the mouth-watering food, Fengjia Night Market is also a shopping paradise, offering everything from fashion accessories to quirky gadgets, and traditional Taiwanese keepsakes, There is something for everyone at this marketplace.

You should remember to exchange cash in Taiwan in advance for convenient payment. You should carefully keep your money and personal belongings to avoid loss due to the crowded market. Now let’s experience some must-try street foods!

Pearl Milk Tea and Angel Fried Chicken–A specialty combo in Taiwan (# taichung one day itinerary)

| taichung one day itinerary

Boba milk tea, which is also called bubble tea, is an iconic part of Taiwanese cuisine. There are many milk tea shops along both sides of the road and most of them are take-away shops. You can now add boba to various tea drinks and have the option of adding milk or getting a drink with pure tea. Bubble milk tea is best enjoyed on one of those infamous hot, humid Taiwanese summer nights. Bubble tea has been originated in Taichung, therefore you should not miss this drink during your journey in Taichung.

The Just Tea Shop near Feng Chia University is a must-go wherever you visit Fengjia Night Market | taichung one day itinerary
The milk-tea-based signature drink features mashed Dajia taro, separate grains of small pearls (small chewy tapioca balls), and sweet red beans with a smooth texture | taichung one day itinerary
Crispy fried chicken which you must try | a day in taichung
| a day in taichung

Apart from pearl milk tea, try to eat crispy fried chicken and angel fried chicken with thick breasts. It is marinated with delicious spices and aromatic flavor. You should buy this food at the crowded stalls in the long queues because of the delicious fried chicken.

Stinky Tofu, Tanghulu, Fruit, Crispy Food (# taichung 1 day itinerary)

| a day in taichung

Stinky tofu is a traditional and beloved dish of many generations of Taiwanese people. Stinky tofu has an unusual smell and a very distinctive and memorable flavor. Crispy fried tofu is served with a special sauce and sour vegetables to create a smell fatty taste that stimulates taste.

| a day in taichung
Despite its name and strong smell, stinky tofu is considered a delicacy in Taiwan, its popularity has spread to other parts of Asia | a day in taichung
Stinky tofu street food stall | a day in taichung
Deep-fried meatballs | a day in taichung
Fried mini crabs
Grilled scallops stall
Sugarcoated fruits or Tanghulu, which are colorful and pretty, is good for the eyes, tastes good, and is good for health
Maybe you are not much of a sugar addict, but these unique snacks should be tried even one time

Tanghulu is also a signature food and is sold a lot with eye-catching colors and aromas. Tanghulu is skewered into sticks, marinated very sweetly, and covered with a layer of sugar candy, food is not for those who dislike sweets. In addition, this place is also a paradise of deep-fried dishes and fresh fruit.

Offal (# 1 day in taichung)

offal taichung
Delicious offal

The stalls at the night market are quite numerous and crowded with lining up. A variety of offal is as a buffet table for customers to choose from. The owner will weigh and process, reheat for guests to ensure the most delicacy.

An offal stall in Fengjia night [email protected]

On your next visit to be come to entertainment stores and shops for clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and affordable prices. Moreover, you can bargain with the sellers to get the cheaper ones. In particular, you will see many claw machines with a variety of stuffed animals, which are the favorite entertainment activity of young Taiwanese people.

The attractiveness of Taichung originates in its abundant ecosystems, the ancient glamour of history, and incredible arts and literature. Given the scope of things to see and do in Taichung (and eat) in the city, Read on to learn more about this iconic city, and let Taichung mesmerize you with its charm.

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