Maha Shivratri Holy Festival which held every 12 years

Tourists visiting India should not ignore suggestions from the natives about festivals and exciting events include the Carnival in Goa, Ramadan, Diwali and Ganesh god’s birthday. So, when to visit India? Below are the best times to visit India by Indian festival celebrations

Varanasi, spiritual captial of India
Canival festivals India
Photo: Goa Holiday Trip.

Carnival Ceremony in Goa (6 – 9/2 on the lunar calendar)

Carnival Ceremony is a big party lasted four days with parades of floats are elaborately decorated and dancers with varied costumes, street parties and music on the day before the start of the season to eat vegetarian on 5th 3.

Holi festivals India
Photo: Water and megacities.

Holi Ceremony Around the North of India (24/3 on the lunar calendar)

The Hindus celebrate Spring by organizing the banquet on the street and throwing water color, gouache on passersby. You should wear old clothes if you intend to go out on the occasion.

Shivaratri festivals India
Photo: India Express.

Shivaratri Ceremony (7/3 on the lunar calendar)

Shivaratri ceremony in honor of the god Shiva is held in Varanasi – the land is located in northern India. This is one of the first festival was held in the Indian temple with colorful celebrations in Hindu temples across the country. Indian people celebrate the holy lands in Varanasi, where hundreds of people under this religious gathered by waterfront on the festival week.

Ramadan festivals India
Photo: Asian News.

Ramadan (6/6 – 5/7 on the lunar calendar)

This is a traditional ceremony of Muslim groups. For 30 days, Muslims will be vegetarian from the sunrise to the sunset, focuses prayers and purification of the soul. So this is not the best time for tourists to visit the Islamic mosque.

Ganesh festivals India
Photo: Photo Shelter.

Ganesha’s Birthday (17 – 27/9 on the lunar calendar)

A 10-day festival will take place in Mumbai to celebrate the birth of Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god. This event is celebrated all over the country but Mumbai is the venue for the most spectacular, especially on the last day with immersion procession with clay statues into rivers and the sea ritual.

Navaratri festivals India
Photo: Sacbee

Navratri Ceremony (1 – 9/10 on the lunar calendar)

The festival takes place in 9 nights for the purpose of honoring many of the Indian goddess. The festivals in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Mysore are especially vibrant.

Diwali festivals India
Photo: India Times

Diwali (30/10 on the lunar calendar)

Diwali is the traditional festival of lights lasts 5 days of the Hindus. On this occasion, the Hindus will give gifts and burn oil lamps to guide the holy Rama returned home from captivity. The festival began on 21/10. This is the time that the Indians of all faiths enjoy the holiday. So visitors should reserve rooms and anticipate situation at crowded places.

India is a land of festivals, there must be millions of events related to the worship of Hindu gods for lovers of travel and learn to explore your culture.

Som incredible images of India

It seems that the poor lower class of India rarely see a happy face, they are always thoughtful, anxious and a little sad. Trading was very rudimentary with hand balances.

Kolkata is one of India’s top gems and a city worth spending time in! Photo courtesy ©
Sayantan Ray

Kolkata street food

Pulled rickshaws

Mumbai street food

Jaipur owns many beautiful palaces with sophisticated and exquisite architecture.
Jaipur impresses visitors by its earthy pink color (dusty color, terra-cotta pink).
The shades of the Pink City, Jaipur.
The doorways are elaborately decorated.
Inside the City Palace, you can rent a horse-drawn carriage to go around like the Royal family in the old days.
Amber Fort seen from afar.
A shop selling offerings along the way up Amber Fort.

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