Sheep in Cingjing Farm.

Named a miniature Europe in the clouds of Taiwan, the beauty of Cingjing Farm makes many tourists’ hearts flutter. A natural paradise of greenery stretching space and cool weather all year round make a highlight view of Cingjing Farm, the most attractive tourist destination in Taiwan. So, is Cingjing Farm worth visiting, how to visit Cingjing Farm, what to do in Cingjing Farm and how to plan a budget trip to Cingjing Farm for the first-time perfectly? Let’s check out our Cingjing Farm blog with the fullest Cingjing Farm travel guide from how to get to Cingjing Farm, best time to come as well as top things to do in Cingjing Farm to help you maximize your trip as follows!

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How to know about Cingjing Farm, let’s learn about some brief information as a detailed guide to help you discover all of Cingjing’s best bits.

Overview of Cingjing Farm (#cingjing farm blog)

Map of Cingjing farm (also known as Qingjing farm) | cingjing farm blog

Founded in 1961, Cingjing Farm is located in a large highland area in Ren’ai Town, Nantou County, Central Taiwan. At an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level and with an average temperature of 15–23 degrees Celsius from May to September every year, Cingjing Farm has lush forests and a variety of unique plants.

Separated from the rapid urbanization of the cities in Taiwan, the Cingjing farm retains its rustic and wild features of nature. From an original green, clean, and safe agricultural model, Cingjing Farm has developed into an extremely large farm with many beautiful architectures and landscapes as it is today.

Overall view of Cingjing Farm, [email protected] | cingjing farm blog
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There are some cute miniature horses on the estate, you can get close and feed them carrots | cingjing farm blog

Visit Cingjing Farm, visitors will be overwhelmed with green steppes, majestic mountains surrounding the farm, and flocks of sheep, cows, and even horses grazing in the green grassland. Moreover, the cool European-inspired architecture of the farm makes visitors feel lost in the fairyland in the middle of real life.

How to get to Cingjing Farm? (#cingjing farm blog)

Nantou Bus Travel Route to Cingjing Farm | how to get to cingjing farm

While it is possible to access Cingjing from several places in Taiwan, Taichung City is the main gateway to the area. The most straightforward way to travel to Cingjing Farm is to take the direct Nantou Bus from Taichung HRS Station. There are only four direct buses daily, so timing is crucial if you come from elsewhere in Taiwan.

Taichung HRS Station | how to get to cingjing farm
Nantou Bus to Cingjing Farm | how to get to cingjing farm

Once you arrive at the Taichung HSR Station, go to Exit 5, where you will find the Nantou Tour Bus ticket booth. Do not forget to grab a map and the bus timetable while you are there.

Be note that if you want to go to the top of the mountain, take bus 6658 to Cuifeng. The one-way price for Cingjing Farm is NT$265.

When to visit Cingjing Farm? (#cingjing farm travel blog)

Cingjing Farm
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Cingjing is a great destination with a seasonally typical beauty of the year. However, since Cingjing is a mountainous area, the weather can be much colder and more unpredictable than elsewhere in Taiwan. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pack something warm and an umbrella no matter which season you visit.

You can see the cherry blossom trees in the spring at Cingjing | how to get to cingjing farm

Spring (from March to May): This is a great time to visit Cingjing, then with a bit of planning (and luckily), you’ll find some of the best cherry blossom viewing in Taiwan here. On most days, you can expect pleasant temperatures with highs ranging between 19–21 degrees Celsius. However, the evenings can still be quite chilly, therefore it’s important to pack something warm.

Summer (from June to August): Cingjing is considerably cooler than other places in Taiwan. It’s also the best time to see the Green Green Grasslands at its perfect time to do stargazing at Hehuanshan. Generally, expect average low temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius and highs of 24 degrees Celsius.

Autumn (from September to November): The season to peep some autumn leaves in the forests, and to experience the most authentic feeling of “being lost in Europe” when you come here.

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Winter (from December to February): Winter can be ridiculously cold in Cingjing, especially in the early mornings and evenings. However, it’s a great time to soak in one of the nearby hot springs. Hehuanshan is also one of the few places where you can see snow in Taiwan in winter! Expect average temperatures to range between 6-15 degrees Celsius during the day, while dipping below zero at night. January is the coldest month.

Where to stay in Cingjing Farm?

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Cingjing offers accommodation to suit your financial condition from the super-luxe to cheap, cheerful, and beautiful Cingjing farm stays. However, since the hotels and guesthouses are quite spread out, most of them aren’t close to the best attractions in Cingjing. Here are some recommendations for the best Cingjing hotels:

Chingjing Abin Minshuku | how to get to cingjing farm
Cotswold Villa | how to get to cingjing farm
| how to get to cingjing farm

Budget: Chingjing Abin Minshuku is a cool Minsu located 1km from Cingjing Farm, with clean and modern rooms, and a private balcony where you take in the dreamy scenery around the farm.

Mid-range: The Cotswolds Villa is a beautiful 3-star hotel less than 500m from the Cingjing Upper Gate. It features clean, spacious rooms with large windows overlooking the mountains and forests. The best part? The bus stop is right in front of the guesthouse.

Old England Hotel | how to get to cingjing farm
| how to get to cingjing farm

Luxe: The Old England Hotel is just the place for you if you want to splurge on your visit to Cingjing, Taiwan, and look for an authentic fairytale setting. It’s one of the most famous mountain resorts in all of Taiwan and features beautiful European architecture, exquisite rooms, and gorgeous views.

Cingjing Farm Entrance Fee

The entrance to Cingjing Farm is like a big white castle | cingjing farm blog

The ticket is only valid for one day and costs NT$160 during weekdays and NT$200 on weekends, special holidays, and winter or summer vacations. You should carefully keep the ticket to be able to enter and exit different areas of the farm. Make sure to stamp your hand as soon as you enter the farm because, without it, you must pay the entrance fee again. You’ll find several stamp booths near all entrances.

Entrance gate | cingjing farm blog
The round trip and entrance ticket is NT$250 per person, which is really a deal, especially on a holiday when the entrance fee alone is NT$200 | cingjing farm blog
Ticket price differs depending on the days you visit and whether you are a student, child, resident, senior citizen, etc. The price is NT$160 for an adult on weekdays | cingjing farm blog

Where to go and what to do in Cingjing Farm?

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There are a lot of things to do and places to go in Cingjing Farm. Besides strolling around the farm and enjoying the spectacular scenery, there are several cool hiking trails to follow, a peaceful garden filled with cute sculptures to peruse, and of course, Hehuanshan to explore. Here are the best places to visit in Cingjing.

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Climb up the hill to view the sunrise at [email protected]

Wander around Cingjing Farm (#cingjing farm blog)

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Cingjing Farm is such a cool place to visit, not just to get a close-up look at herds of adorable sheep, but can also to take care of them with their own hands, forming a human-animal connection. The entire farm is incredibly beautiful, and the views are simply mind-blowing.

You can feed or play with the lovely sheep as your close friends | cingjing farm blog
You can start feeding and petting sheep at the lowest rock castle. They are totally used to humans

Stroll along the Cingjing Sky walk

Cingjing Sky walk.@klook

One of the best attractions in Cingjing is the stunning 1.68 km sky bridge which also happens to be the highest elevated sky walk in Taiwan.

You can check in the mountain view from Cingjing Skywalk.@klook
Looking at the sheep grazing grass

The pathway runs along Highway 14A and offers exquisite scenery of the Nantou mountains, Lushan hot spring Village, and Cingjing’s pastures with grazing sheep, cattle, and horses. It’s an easy stroll offering so many different vantage points that you’ll never be bored!

Relax in the Little Swiss Garden

Little Swiss [email protected]

Dubbed the Switzerland of Taiwan, the Small Swiss Garden is a fantastic place for a gentle walkabout. The garden features a beautiful pond and neatly kept gardens filled with everything from maple trees and cypresses to colorful flowers, cool LED installations, and quirky art.

Because of its Swiss atmosphere, the Little Swiss Garden has been given the name “Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”

Inside Carton King [email protected]

There’s also a cute little coffee shop within the garden where you can sit back and enjoy the scenery. Afterward, be sure to pop by Cona’s Chocolates for some decadent sweet treats. Nearby, you’ll also find a Starbucks, Mos Burger, Carton King, and a couple of souvenir shops selling an array of local snacks and knick-knacks.

With European-style architecture, embellished with temperate flowers, this is great to take beautiful and unique photos.

Join a Hehuanshan Sunrise Tour

A trail through the mountains surrounding Cingjing [email protected]

As the highest mountain in Taiwan, it is a wonderful experience to catch an epic sunrise, watch the sea, and clouds, or simply immerse yourself in nature to have the most complete travel. During the climb to the top of Mount Hehuanshan, you can walk along the trails on the slopes and enjoy the natural scenery along the way.

Hehuanshan offers the possibility to be immersed in the alpine, even along easy short [email protected]

Gaze at the gorgeous Jade Lake

Turquoise waters enclosed by the mountains, and the majestic mountains intermingled to form a beautiful panorama, as if a beautiful fade inlaid among the mountains, thus the lake became famous as the “Jade Lake”. The gorgeous lake view makes you immerse in it so that you do not want to leave.

Jade Lake.@Musings

Cingjing farm Itinerary Pre–Travel Tips

Enjoy this private transfer and travel to your preferred destination with your friends and family

Before you head out to Cingjing, here are a few tips to help you plan a stress-free trip.

Admire the high alpine grasslands of Cingjing Farm
  • While it’s possible to access Cingjing from several places in Taiwan, Taichung City is the main gateway to the area.
  • If you’re only visiting the Cingjing Farm for the day, book a day tour from Taichung for a stress-free experience, to avoid missing attractions in Cingjing Farm.
  • Cingjing is a popular tourist spot in Taiwan, so it’s best to book accommodation well in advance to avoid being out of room for the peaking periods.
  • Try to visit during the week because it gets quite crowded over weekends and the holidays for your perfect trip.
  • It is advisable to prepare a pair of shoes that are comfortable for your feet because you will need to do a lot of walking at the Cingjing Farm.
Wear a good pair of shoes because the area has quite a fair bit of steps and slopes
English-style handmade long-plate afternoon tea

Cingjing Farm is suitable for holiday vacations throughout the four seasons. The scenery varies as the season changes. Exotic or local cultural experience, coffee or tea by the hills, Cingjing is one of the most popular visits among both foreign and local travelers. Anyway, let’s add Cingjing Farm to your travel checklist in Taiwan!

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