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Passed 2 weeks ago when my trip greeted the Seoul autumn, today I suddenly sweep the photo folder in my cell phone to reveal an image: The giant King Crab at Noryangjin Fish Market. So, how to visit Noryangjin Market Seoul (Noryangjin Fish Market), what to eat at Noryangjin Fish Market? Let’s check out our Noryangjin Fish Market blog and guide to discover the largest fish market in Seoul and try one of the most special foods here is KING CRAB (Noryangjin Fish Market king crab) to find out the answer!

A king crab
Delicious meal
king crab noryangjin-fish-market-guided-tour_01
Giant King Crab | noryangjin fish market blog

Hey, honey, my King Crab, the one 1.4kg was very delicious in my life, what I was talking about, a lot of memories in the Seoul drunken nights came.

The largest fish market in Seoul
Noryangjin fish market in Seoul
Noryangjin fish market in Seoul
| noryangjin market seoul

A while ago in Noryangjin and so far, Korean super- eaters’ culinary blog videos enjoyably eating King Crabs in their TV show have created a strong emotion for gourmands and a strong impact to people’s stomachs at night.

Eating King Crab
Korean super-eater enjoying her King Crabs | noryangjin fish market blog

Therefore, as soon as I decided a travel schedule to Korea, I promptly searched on Google and also asked my Korean friends the best place to eat the most delicious and cheapest King Crab, but I had the same reply for all, that is Noryangjin – the biggest wholesale and retail fish market in Seoul.

Inside Noryangjin fish market
Inside Noryangjin fish market

| noryangjin fish market seoul

As a crab glutton, who is an epicure, Noryangjin fish market in Seoul is a real paradise to me. It is opened 24/24, enough 7 days/week, 365 days/year without any day-off, an access from the center of Seoul to Noryangjin market is actually easy to go if you have smartphone and sim 4G or wifi 4G in hands.

Noryangjin Fish Market
Noryangjin Fish Market | noryangjin fish market blog

Noryangjin fish market (Noryangjin market Seoul, noryangjin fish market Seoul)

Address: 674 Nodeul-ro, Noryangjin-dong, Dongjak-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +82 2-2254-8000

How to get to Noryangjin fish market?

by T-Money card booked in advance in Viet Nam to Noryangjin Station by MRT, exit the gate 2, go straight over the bridge. A 100m interval from the bridge, you shall arrive at a car park and see a New Fish Market guideboard.

New guide to Noryangjin fish market
New guide to Noryangjin fish market
Pass over the bridge to reach the fish market
Pass over the bridge to reach the fish market | noryangjin fish market blog

Noryangjin fish market includes 2 areas: old and new areas. I choose the new market area which is more tidy and modern in appearance due to re-construction and upgrade.

New building
New building
Noryangjin new market
A corner of Noryangjin new market seeing from the upper floor | noryangjin fish market blog

Noryangjin fish market is the first biggest seafood trading market. All species of seafood all over Korea have delivered to here. Therefore, if you cannot find any seafood, which you would like to buy in Noryangjin, shall not be bought in any place as well.

Various species at Noryangjin market
Noryangjin market with various species can swim

When you came here, there were clam, cockle, snail, mussel, Alaskan crab, King crab, octopus, Urechis unicinctus (penis fish) (the one which an arrogant lady eagerly ate in scream all day in a film “You who came from the stars”), oyster, various fishes and etc.

Amazing seafood in Noryangjin fish market
Amazing seafood in Noryangjin fish market
Giant Octopus
Giant Octopus
Live seafood for sale
Live seafood for sale

Sum up, Noryangjin market has all species which can swim. The massive market is sold various species of seafood for restaurants, wholesalers, retailers, travelers.

King Crabs
King Crabs

It is unnecessary to speak Korean when purchasing in Noryangjin market, it only uses body language and Casio calculator. Then you should remember to bargain, the sellers are very friendly and open-minded and just smile for the inappropriate bargain, you shall deal a good price if you reply politely and always smile with them.

Many species of live shellfish
Many species of live shellfish

Noryangjin fish market blog: What to eat at Noryangjin fish market?

While dropping-in a few seafood stalls, I met a good-natured and good-hearted female stallholder who closely showed me an aquarium which live crabs splashing in, the one was caught out by her. A king crab that I chose was up 1,4kg, I preferred it than a smaller one chosen by two fat companions. It was gluttonous! A bargain to be begged the female stallholder, who put a few cockles, shrimps and also small wagging octopuses on the scale with a cost of 54,000 won for the total. I and my friend only preferred king crab than such these, so a final price was 50,000 won at a moment.

A pretty seafood stallholderr
A pretty seafood stallholder

I asked the stallholder’s permission to quickly take some photos, and then she introduced a man in a seafood restaurant which was far away some stalls from there was located on the upper floor. The lower floor of the market was only the live seafood stalls.

Restaurant at Noryangjin
Restaurant at Noryangjin

The seafood restaurant location should be separated and neat, the extremely crowded oppa and ajushi who have drunk so much were found when I entered, meanwhile, the fish market was uncrowded at 9-10pm at the lower floor. The reason was that we ate late, but people had chosen and caroused their seafood for a long time.

A restaurant at Noryangjin Fish Market
A restaurant located in the upper floor of Noryangjin Fish Market

The most delicious food from king crab was steamed to keep sweet and yummy meat. Eating steamed king crab with wasabi or a special soy sauce, I preferred this soy sauce than wasabi, therefore I only spent time to enjoy such sauce.

Steamed king crab with soy sauce
Steamed king crab with soy sauce | noryangjin fish market king crab
A King Crab 1,4kg on the plate
A King Crab 1,4kg on the plate | noryangjin fish market king crab

If you would like to eat king crab, you must use in strong hand force, the restaurant provided 2 big scissors to cut it, you shall lose money to make all your teeth if you bite such king crab by your set of teeth.

You only concentrated some small and big claws and wrists to cut and get meat. Steamed fresh seafood were sweet and yummy, the crab meat was so stocky.

Mixed rice with crab carapace
Yummy mixed rice with crab carapace is more delicious to enjoy with Kimchi | noryangjin fish market king crab

It was so full after eating a steamed king crab 1,4kg, but I had to ask a staff to take crab carapace for the mixed rice recipe. The mixed rice had to be ordered at least 2 portions i.e. 2 bowls for your meal. You don’t worry that despite overeating, you only need 1 spoon of rice mixed crab carapace, you can’t control to eat a total rice bowl. A special dish, which the most delicious mixed rice in the world was very and indescribably delicious.

A close-up of rice mixed crab carapace
A close-up of rice mixed crab carapace | what to eat at noryangjin fish market

I didn’t know what was the mixed rice recipe, I only knew that a few seaweeds were strewed on it, the cooked rice was a little fat and perfumed with a sesame oil and sweet from crab meat, rice seeds were soft. #LivingNomadsTeamtoKorea is to must try rice mixed such a greatly delicious crab carapace.

| what to eat at noryangjin fish market
King crab leg with wasabi
King crab leg with wasabi

The costs were 7,000 won for the steamed crab and 21,000 won for 2 parts of rice mixed crab carapace with sweet soup, lemon and lemongrass filtered water and miscellaneous. Just wanted to come back hotel on my unsteady feet after I was full.

Penis fish dish
Penis fish dish | what to eat at noryangjin fish market
Grilled scallops

Typing this article at late night, it made me feel very hungry.

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