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Pearl milk tea, fish soup or seafood are the street foods that “knock you down” at first taste when coming to Taiwan. Let’s explore Taiwanese street foods through this Taiwan street food blog with top 10 Taiwan street foods you need to try (Taiwan must eat street food, mus try street food in Taiwan, Taiwan best treet food to eat), top food in Taiwan, best food to eat in Taiwan, famous food in Taiwan, most popular food in Taiwan including best food to try in Taiwan, must eat food in Taiwan (must eat in Taiwan) with Living Nomads below.

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Skewers food stall at Fengjia night market
Fish balls soup.
QQ Balls (Taiwanese Sweet Potato Balls) (3)
Kaohsiung street food


taiwan street food
Taiwan street food

1. Pearl milk tea in Taipei (#best street food in Taiwan)

Nowadays, milk tea is like an unofficial religion in Asia | best street food in Taiwan

Coming to Taipei, you cannot ignore the night markets, because night market foods are also a quintessential part of the local cuisine. Walking around the famous night markets such as Si Lam Night Market or Gongguan Night Market, you can find delicious and cheap snacks such as dumplings, tofu, seafood, steamed buns, etc. Especially, you definitely should not overlook pearl milk tea, the delicious drink with chewy bobas. You can buy milk tea at many stores such as Chen San Ding.

Bubble-milk-tea-taiwan2 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
This milk-based drink so ubiquitous that it is a must-have in cronies’ meetings
Crispy pieces of snacks are the loved side dish for milk tea. | best street food in Taiwan
In Taiwan, if bubble tea overshadows giants such as KFC or Mc Donald’s, it is super common | best street food in Taiwan
Bubble-milk-tea-taiwan5 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
You can exchange with your close friends for more flavours

2. Damsui District Iron Eggs

Taiwanese-iron-egg2 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Huang launched a new business based on her scrumptious egg recipe, vending them under the brand Apotiedan. | best street food in Taiwan

Cai Thuy is famous throughout Taiwan for delicious snacks such as fishball soup, crispy fried fish and “iron eggs”. Iron eggs are chicken or pigeons’ eggs stewed in soy sauce and spice for a long time, about a week until they harden and turn black. This dish is very popular, egg white is crunchy and the yolk is super tasty.

These black eggs are made from chicken, pigeon, or quail eggs. The tasty snack is also a good choice for locals’ meals
They are ubiquitous in Taiwan and became this country’s pride
Taiwanese-iron-egg5 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
There are many ways to season these eggs – with garlic, garlic with chili, or stewed in strong tea. Photo by: taiwan street food bog.

3. Seafood in Keelung

Not only fresh but also cheap seafood is sold in Kelung

Coming to Keelung Night Market, you may want to try some of the best selling rice noodles, and seafood stalls. Here you definitely must not miss the rice noodles cooked with seafood soup in Ding Bian Cuo, one of the oldest stalls in the market.

Seafood-at-night-market2 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Big recommend for the deep-fried squid – They are amazingly tasty. Photo by: taiwan street food bog.
There are many choices for diners fro crabs, squids to fish
They are so eye-catching and alluring for the freshness
Kelung is in adjacent to a huge port, hence it is an endless seafood supplier

4. Stuffed meatballs in Hsinchu

Stuffed-meatball1 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Meatballs were initially known as meat buns

In the north of Hsinchu, especially in the Chenghuang night market, there are always plenty of try-worthy things like meatball soup, noodles, and stuffed meatballs. You should visit Oyster Omelet Wang to try out oysters and Ah-Cheng Rice Noodles to eat rice noodles and meatballs.

The dish is in shape of steamed minced pork balls wrapped inside a sticky rice soft cover
Ba wan in Taiwan
Ba wan is the real name of this dish. Photo by: taiwan street food bog.
Depends on regional preferences, the inside is made of baby bamboo or mushrooms

5. Fish ball soup in Chiufen

Chiufeng is a bit far from Taipei, but it is worth going there. You will be drowned in the world of delicacies including fish ball soup

Chuifen is a beautiful touristy city located in northeastern Taiwan, about one hour drive from Taipei Capital. Coming here, you have to make sure that you must cover up the “combo” of fish ball soup, taro balls, and scrumptious roasted mushrooms.

Fish-ball-soup2 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Tons of customers cram into the tiny street of Chuifen “hunting” down this gorgeous food. Photo by: taiwan street food bog.
Fish pastes are pounded on a daily basis to bring to life chewy texture
You will feel the robust flours munching on these round balls
The well-infused bite-size pieces are doing good in conquering even the most discerning eaters. Image credit: taiwan street snack blog.

6. Fried shrimp in Lugang

pissing-shrimp-5 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
These “chubby” mantis shrimps are cleverly cooked into hard-to-resist dishes

Lugang is one of Taiwan’s oldest port towns, specializing in snacks such as oyster omelette or fried shrimp with basil. There are also sweet desserts that are worth a try.

Not-too-oily crustaceans are extremely crispy
pissing-shrimp-3 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
These foodstuffs are topped with fragrant fried garlic. Image credit: taiwan street snack blog.
The sweetness of its meat will leave a huge impression on you

7. Tai Yang Bin / Sun cake in Taichung

Sun-cake-taiwan-1 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Taiyang bing are originally sold as gifts in novelty shops

To Taichung, you will enjoy a kind of cake with a very interesting name: sun cake. This is a very toothsome snack. The flat cake has a crispy crust and titillating fillers made with honey, mashed taro or candied barley.

It is served with hot tea. Photo by: taiwan street food bog.
This sweet dessert is also dissolved in hot water to make congee-like liquid
Condensed malt sugar was originally used as pie filler of very first ones. Photo by: taiwan street food bog.

8. Danzai Noodle in Tainan

Danzai-noodles-1 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Why this dish has one and only shrimp on top? Everything has its own story . . .

Tainan, the capital of Taiwan, is famous for its Daizai noodles. This is a type of noodles with minced pork and shrimp. Previously, these noodles were sold from street vendors, but now they are available at luxury restaurants. In addition to danzai, there are other palatable dishes such as milkfish, eel noodles, scallop omelette, and prawn rolls.

The is an interesting story behind the name of this delicious noodle. Danzai means wood stick noodle. Do not get it wrong, it is not related to the stiffness and or the hard-to-swallow quality of the noodles a bit. Also known as the “low” or “slack” season noodle, this is a clever solution made by Taiwanese folks in the southern fishing village. These men carried a hard stick across their shoulders with two attached pots and tried to sell the noodle in lieu of fresh seafood. By that clever way, the villagers successfully made it through the hardship. Hence you know why there is only one shrimp on top of the bowl. Today, this eat redeems its position in Taiwan because mega restaurants show the huge interest in adding this dish to enrich their menus.

Danzai-noodles-3 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
The “wooden stick” noodles have revitalized of late due to restaurants’ preference. | best street food in Taiwan

Meat and seafood are the two staples of this dish like other Taiwanese noodle soups. The broth contains marine flavors from stewed shrimp heads and fish.

This dish is from zero to hero – A restaurant-class eat | best street food in Taiwan
To preserve its pure beauty of the hardship period, topping is a mere juicy prawn. | best street food in Taiwan

9. Bianshi in Hualien

They are in for of decent size dumplings | best street food in Taiwan

Coming to Hualien, there are two foodstuffs you must try – muaji and bianshi. Muaji cake is made of glutinous rice with sweet filler. Bianshi is a kind of won ton with pork and shrimp-based broth. Both of these eats are delicious and loved by many.

It looks definitely like a won ton with shrimp filling. Photo by: taiwan street food bog.
Bianshi-Taiwan-3 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Wonton noodle is a familiar dish in Taiwan | best street food in Taiwan

10. Pig blood jelly soup in Taitung

Pig or pork puddings are the chunks of jelly pig blood

Pig blood jelly soup is a dish of jelly blood cut into small pieces and cooked in broth. This is considered a specialty dish in Taitung. In addition, Taitung is also famous for its delicious custard apple.

It is thought that this dish is a great choice for those who are short of blood. | best street food in Taiwan
pork-blood-soup-3 taiwan street food taiwan street food 2017 taiwan street food blog
Dipped in small bowls of fish sauce, these pieces stoke up all of our senses | best street food in Taiwan
A closer look at this fantastic eat. Image credit: taiwan street snack blog.

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