Rising from the ashes of war, Poland has now become a prosperous nation and tourist attraction in Europe. It can be said that the blend of different architectural styles and a heroic and tragic past create an irresistible attraction for a multi-faceted Poland. And once visitors come here, they will not be able to “ignore” the unique souvenirs in this country, especially at Christmas. What should I buy in Poland as a gift? If this is a matter of concern that makes you wonder, then immediately refer to the list of gifts and souvenirs to buy when traveling to Poland. So, what to buy in Poland, what souvenirs to buy in Poland and what to buy in Poland cheap? Let’s check out our Poland shopping guide with 13+ best souvenirs from Poland and best gifts from Poland as well as best places to find them to find out the answer! Surely with these suggestions, you will have a lot of choices when you want to buy gifts for your relatives and friends after a long trip abroad.

The beautiful country of Poland has a lot of souvenirs for visitors to buy and bring back. Therefore, you will have a lot of choices when you want to buy souvenirs for your trip.

Best gifts from Poland: Polish Amber Jewelry

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Poland is world wide famous for its amber as well as jewelry made of amber, which makes a beautiful, wearable gift. Although most amber jewelry is geared towards women and many styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are available, cufflinks and tie studs for men can also be found.

Poland is famous for its amber jewelry that can be given as a gift or to wear. | what to buy in poland

Various designs of amber jewelry | what to buy in poland

Black, red, orange, yellow, brown amber is made into necklaces, rings, rings, etc. These amber items are a simple piece of jewelry, the surface is not shiny but transparent like the eyes of young women. It seems that no one comes to Poland without buying a piece of amber as a souvenir for their loved ones. If you do not know where to buy, you can go to the Old Town Market Place in Warsaw, esspecially along the Mariacka Street (ulica Mariacka) in Gdansk where almost Gdansk’s famous amber shops concentrated or the Cloth Hall in Krakow. These are the three largest amber jewelry paradise in Poland.

A store in Mariacka Street, Gdansk where you can buy amber and jewelry made of it. | what to buy in poland

What to buy in Poland: Movie, Film Posters

You will definitely can not miss the unique movie posters. This is a great and meaningful souvenir that many tourists often choose. Because when you go to Polish tourist destinations, you will see a lot of shops selling these unique movie posters. These posters are extremely well designed because they are designed in a nostalgic style, very eye-catching. Not only the old movie posters, but also the new movies posters today are also made in the same style.

With a classic, old-fashioned decoration, what to buy in Poland cheap will always have the option of special posters to decorate your room or home, make it more artistic. | what souvenirs to buy in poland

For young people, the old style of Polish movie posters will be very meaningful gifts that they will surely love. Although it is a bit classic, that is what makes these posters more special and impressive.

Best souvenirs from Poland: Chopin Vodka

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Poland is also a high-quality vodka paradise. Notable among them is Chopin Vodka brand. This drink can be said to be a very famous Polish specialty today. It’s a single-ingredient vodka, naturally gluten-free with 4 times distilled from either potatoes, rye or wheat. Therefore, buying gifts when traveling to Poland will not be complete without this national drink. It can be said that this gift is so unique and meaningful that when receiving the gift, the recipient will also feel very warm. Anyone who comes to explore Poland will want to try this drink. Because if you don’t try it, it’s a pity. This is the most popular alcohol beverage brand in this country of Poland. However, you need to learn about the regulations when bringing alcohol on board. Because if you choose this liquor as a gift, you need to find out in advance to avoid trouble.

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It is a full bodied, rich, smooth and has an alluring nose with subtle notes of vanilla bring wonderful tasting potato vodka. You can buy it all over Poland from liquor stores, market stalls, supermarkets, pubs and bars…

What souvenirs to buy in Poland: E. Wedel Chocolate

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Sweets are an indispensable souvenir that any tourist should think of. One of the most featured products is E. Wedel branded chocolate. This is the largest and oldest confectionery brand in Poland for over 160 years experience with products from chocolate, candy, sweets… appearing in countless supermarkets and convenience stores from large to small throughout Poland. Even in Warsaw, you can experience the most exquisite flavors at 1 of 6 E. Wedel cafes.

E. Wedel is a famous Polish brand with its chocolate products that all European countries know, with the sweet taste of milk chocolate flavor, along with a layer of crispy sponge cake in the middle blended with melted chocolate layer has captivated millions of sweet lovers around the world. That is also the reason why tourists often buy E. Wedel Chocolate as a gift. Here, you can find this type of chocolate easily at supermarkets or department stores.

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What should I buy in Poland: Retro style mugs

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Another unique souvenir that is always in the top of the list of souvenirs and gifts in Poland is the mugs decorated in a nostalgic or retro style, with socialist-style designs that used to be present in this country. With a nostalgic design style, you will find the decorative mugs or cups in Poland very unique and quite strange. These items carry the breath as well as the cultural beauty of the old Polish people.

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This will be a decorative gift that many people often choose to bring home.

What to buy in Poland cheap: Gwizdek Musical Instrument

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The next gift that you can choose before leaving Poland is the Gwizdek musical instrument. Because if you are still wondering what to buy in Poland cheap, this will be the answer for you, it will be a great choice for you. Because this whistle has a very interesting sound. You can buy it as a gift for your children. They will surely love this gift from you.

Gwizdek musical instrument is a familiar instrument of beautiful Poland. | what should i buy in poland

What souvenirs to buy in Poland: Wooden Folk Carvings & Figures

The colorful wooden folk carvings and figures are delicately and meticulously carved are proof of the unique folk art of Poland. These statues are small and pretty, so they are convenient to bring back as gifts. Each statue often depicts a farmer in traditional costume, Nativity scene, Santa Claus, saints, angels or animal… to contribute and adorn the Christmas holiday in Poland.

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The woodcarving skills of Polish artists have been famous since the Middle Ages. To this day, these carved items still retain the soul of the nation, there are elaborately carved worship items with typical religious symbols that you can only find when coming to Poland.

This is a gift that will help you keep good memories during your trip to explore this land. Although they are just small Polish souvenirs, the meaning and heart that you want to give in them is very great.

Wooden plates | best gifts from poland
Wooden boxes

Must buy & best gifts from Poland: Pierniczki (Polish Gingerbread Cookies)

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Since the 8th century, gingerbread cookies have appeared. They are made from bread crumbs boiled in honey along with ginger and other spices. Later, modern bakeries replaced honey with molasses. In the 13th century, gingerbread cookies were introduced to Sweden by German immigrants.

But today, this type of cake has become popular around the world during Christmas. Especially in Poland, gingerbread cookies are used to decorate the Christmas tree and visitors often bring back as gifts.

The taste of Polish Christmas

What to buy in Poland cheap: Traditional drinks

Goldwasser | best gifts from poland

Those who like to drink will have many options. The most popular is Goldwasser, a root and herbal liquor that has been produced in the city of Gdansk since 1598. With a distilling tradition dating back to the 18th century, both Kurfursten spiced wine and vodka made from Manhandel junipers are also great choices.

Grass Günter’s Novels

Nobel Prize-winning author Günter Grass is one of Gdańsk’s most famous residents. Whether you’re in need of a summer read or are looking for something to ease your daily routine, pick up one of Grass’s novels and start enjoying literature.

What to buy in Poland: Polish Pottery

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Hand-painted pottery according to traditional designs of locals is one of the great souvenirs for relatives and friends during your trip to Poland. In addition to bowls and plates, you can also find other small ceramic items here such as coffee mugs, cups, teasets and teapots, vases, jars… all rich in textures, patterns, designs, shapes and sizes… These items are both meaningful and beautiful and the recipient will surely appreciate and be extremely happy.

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Zubrówka Vodka

A popular drink in Poland, the famous Zubrówka vodka brand with over 400 years of history and is made from rye. It is a flavored Polish vodka, which contains a bison grass blade in each bottle, a true taste of real nature. This brand was born in the 14th century and developed until today. Zubrówka Vodka in Polish means bison vodka. Each bottle will be carefully wrapped in an eye-catching hand-made fur cover. Zubrówka will be a great gift to give to your family, or as a gift to your valued guests.

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Best gifts from Poland: Oscypek Cheese

One of the best cheeses and a specialty of Poland. It’s smoked sheep milk cheese produced in the Tatra mountains. This Polish cheese is not only as pretty as a bread, but the taste is also irresistible. This type of cheese makes an impression with its lovely appearance like a small cake and delicate taste that captivates all visitors.

Oscypek Cheese | what souvenirs to buy in poland

Oscypek cheese production has been around since the 15th century, they are made according to manual processes handed down from generation to generation. Sheep’s milk is considered the main ingredient of the cheese, on average each cheese portion must be made from at least 60% whole milk.

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This Polish cheese has a very different appearance than the ones we are used to seeing. They are diverse in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the mold, they can be cylindrical, round or oval. There are even many places that make small pieces of cheese like bread.

Grilled Oscypek smoked cheese from sheep milk with cranberry sauce | what souvenirs to buy in poland
| what souvenirs to buy in poland

Through so many sophisticated and complicated stages and processes of making, Oscypek cheese has brought a very unique flavor, unmistakable. The dish has a shiny golden brown outer layer and gives off a mild aroma. When you explore the inside, you will feel the softness and suppleness. Especially due to the high content of sheep’s milk, they have a distinctive fatty and salty taste. The main highlight is the faint aroma of grasses and herbs of the mountains spreading delicately on the tip of the tongue. It’s a true gift that bring the taste of Poland you have to buy.

Also you can buy Polish herbal or dried fruit tea, very famous, good for health such as Ekland Instant Forest Fruit Tea, Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea and other souvenirs such as Handicrafts, Necklaces, Refrigerator magnets, cosmetics, perfumes…

Polish lemon tea

Where to shop

Poland is a beautiful and thrive nation. It is located in the center of Europe. Therefore, in addition to attracting tourists by many beautiful tourist destinations with budget cost, Poland is also attractive by many famous shopping places. Therefore, if you want to shop quickly and economically, please refer to some of the shopping locations below.

Where to shop for food as well as essential items, gifts or even souvenirs

Poland has a system of large supermarkets specializing in providing foods for the needs of consumers. Therefore, if you want to buy food, households, specialties as well as souvenirs or gifts, you can visit famous supermarkets here such as Auchan, Lidl, Tesco, Biedronka, Carrefour, Kaufland… These are all large supermarkets that sell a wide variety of foods for consumers to choose from.

  • Auchan: Although the Auchan’s supermarkets are located a bit far from the city center, the goods at Auchan are very cheap and diverse. In particular, there are often many special discount programs here. Therefore, according to the shopping experience in Poland shared, you can choose to buy food to your home by using delivery service if you feel that it is not convenient to travel far.
  • Tesco: Also owns big supermarkets, if it’s a supermarket, it is smaller than Auchan, but if it’s a hypermarket, it’s the same size as Auchan, the products are diverse, and the prices are reasonable. Tesco’s business is not so good so they also closed a few supermarkets in Poland. There is a home delivery service.
  • Carrefour: Many supermarkets, small and medium-sized with high prices.
  • Lidl: Many supermarkets, small scale, only basic items, cheap prices. Vegetables are rumored to be shipped directly from farms, so they are always fresh. There are many products from Germany that the other supermarkets don’t have.
  • Biedronka: Many supermarkets, small scale, only basic items, cheap prices. There’s good tiramisu, but vegetables aren’t fresh at all.
  • Kaufland: Medium size, reasonable prices but not many supermarkets.
  • Aldl: A bit higher than those above.

These supermarkets have a full range of foods to serve everyone’s needs. In terms of price, the cheapest food is at Auchan or Tesco supermarkets. Particularly, Carrefour and Kaufland supermarket systems will have a slightly higher price.

The order of priority for supermarkets will be: Auchan -> Tesco -> Lidl -> Biedronka -> Kaufland -> Carrefour -> Aldl.

Famous cosmetic shopping places in Poland


When coming to Poland, surely many tourists will not be able to ignore buying for themselves quality cosmetics from major cosmetic brands in the world. Like other countries in Europe, in Poland you can easily buy your favorite cosmetics. Just visit the big pharmacies here such as Rossmann, Superfarm, Sephora, Hebe, Douglas… These are all reputable cosmetics shopping spots in Poland for you to visit for reference and purchase.

In tourist cities such as Gdansk, Krakow you can going to their old towns, flea markets… to shopping, the goods are diverse and the price is also inexpensive.

Some tips:

Mariacka Street, Gdansk | what to buy in poland
  • If you want to exchange money in Poland, you should directly go to banks. It is not recommended to exchange money at private Kantor exchangers as the exchange rate will not be beneficial. These private exchange shops are often concentrated mainly at tram stations, so you need to pay attention.
  • However, PLN cash should only be used when paying for small items where payment cards are not accepted. Most major shopping places in Poland accept cards for payment, which is very convenient. Some famous payment cards used commonly in Poland include Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.AmEx, Diners’ Club cards.
  • In Poland, shopping for food, vegetables or personal items, clothes, and cosmetics is very convenient. Because here, you can visit convenience stores, markets or supermarkets to buy the above items. It can be said Poland is one of the best budget living cost in Europe.
  • For those who come to Poland for the first time to travel or work, they can buy things right at their place of residence. Because there are many convenience stores opened so that people and tourists can buy essential items used in their daily life. However, the selling price at the store will often be higher than buying at the market. Therefore, you can go to the markets to buy goods or foods. In Poland, there are many markets, run by Vietnamese and Chinese, selling at affordable prices.

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