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Kuching is developing into the best travel destination in Malaysia. Anyone who came here felt that this place is different from others in Malaysia. Kuching has been known as the homeland of the indigenous people of Iban and Dayaks. This place is a harmonious combination of the traditional cultures of various ethnicities and romantic natural landscapes. So, what to do in Kuching Malaysia (Kuching what to do)? Let’s check out our 15+ top things to do in Kuching (Kuching things to do, Kuching Malaysia things to do) and best things to do in Kuching to help you have a wonderful trip to the greenest city of Malaysia!

Kuching, the largest city on Borneo island and the capital of Sarawak | top things to do in kuching
When you enter Kuching, you will explore a variety of attractions from here which is also known as the city of cats.
kuching chinatown
Kuching street
Vibrant at night
kuching mosque
Kuching mosque. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

What to do in Kuching to have an amazing trip, let’s explore the best things below!

Top things to do in Kuching: Hike through Bako National Park

Nowhere is better than Bako National Park to explore the natural scenery and climate in Kuching. An approximately 45-minute drive from the center of Kuching, you can reach Bako National Park. This is the smallest and oldest national park in Sarawak.

If you love adventure and nature journeys, you should visit Bako National Park, Kuching | top things to do in kuching
A boardwalk trail leading into the Bako jungle, Kuching | top things to do in kuching

There are many ways to explore Bako National Park such as treks and boating. However, with the abundance of flora and fauna of this place, the trek activity is always the preferred choice. This can take you all day, otherwise, you walk along the trails and immerse in nature, which you feel very interested in.

Proboscis monkey with a long bulbous that makes a unique feature from other species | top things to do in kuching
You sometimes see different species of monkeys on the trails | what to do in kuching

In addition, from the trek, you will be at ease to look at the proboscis monkeys with their typical large noses, a primate is going to extinct, and a huge of endemic animals are only found in Sarawak.

Orangutan care and feeding at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Address: KM 20, Jalan Puncak Borneo, 93250 Siburan, Sarawak, Malaysia

Semenggoh Nature Reserve is a popular attraction in Kuching for visitors to learn about wildlife. They were all rescued from illegal hunters or orphaned in the jungle.

Up to now, the reserve has cared for more than 1,000 species of mammals, birds and reptiles are in danger of extinction. Especially the conservation of rare orangutans has made this place more famous. Many visitors want to see orangutans from birth to adulthood.

| what to do in kuching

Spend a 45-minute car ride from the center of Kuching in an area of around 580 hectares, the Semenggoh Nature Reserve is the home of the Bornean orangutan. Due to the destruction of habitat, poaching for their fur, and low natural fertility, the Bornean orangutan is in high danger of becoming extinct. The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre’s Bornean orangutan conservation and restoration project are partly helping to prevent the number of species from declining and is on the rise. At Semenggoh, you can feed the orangutans or directly participate in the orangutan caring procedure if you intend to stay in Kuching for several days.

Feeding an orangutan | what to do in kuching
| what to do in kuching
| kuching what to do
The Orangutan is friendly to human | kuching what to do

At the fixed time slot of the day, visitors to Semenggoh will have a chance to feed orangutans and take pictures with them. This is a natural environment, it is not sure that orangutans will appear. Therefore, you should not be too sad about any happening. Orangutan feeding time is at 9 am or 3 pm. Feeding time is about 1 hour. Then, as mentioned above, if you have one month in Kuching and would like to take care of these lovely orangutans, don’t hesitate to register to become a volunteer who supports Semenggoh.

Top things to do in Kuching: Visit and count cat statues in Kuching

| kuching what to do
Cat statues with various expressive faces describe the locals’ love, even having different stories of cats in Kuching city | kuching what to do

That is a strange activity! Kuching means “cat” in Malaysian, consequently, it is easy to think that this place is considered a paradise for cats. You can see cats anywhere, from the streets, the parks to the restaurants and churches. Evenly, a local radio station has been called Cats FM. Many international tourists are interested in counting cat statues in Kuching.

| kuching things to do

Located all over the city, the street-art-styled cat statues with different colors and species always greet you to explore. Furthermore, on special occasions, the most famous cat statue, which is put at the entrance to the city will be changed following a theme or seasonal outfit.

What to do in Kuching: Visit the unique museums in Kuching

Natural history museum | kuching things to do
Sarawak art museum | kuching things to do
Sarawak textile museum

Kuching owns a variety of appealing museums of art, natural history/science, textiles, and more. You can travel to these museums during the day because of their convenient locations in the city center. Some museums are recommended below

Chinese History Museum: This museum displays many artifacts, pictures, and records detailing the history of the Chineses in Kuching in the 1830s when the first Chineses visited Sarawak.

Chinese history museum | kuching things to do

Sarawak State Museum: was built in 1891 under Charles Brooke, this is the most ancient museum in Sarawak and a great place to learn about the ethics and locals’ cultures. Many artifacts and images of the history of Sarawak’s formation and development are also displayed. At present, the museum is planning to upgrade and expand, as a result, you should carefully research before scheduling your tours.

| kuching things to do
| best things to do in kuching

Cat Museum: As a cat city, surely you should not ignore the cat museum. This is also the first place in the world to display pictures, and artifacts and organize art exhibitions related to cats.

Entrance gate of Cat museum | best things to do in kuching

Cat statues have been designed lively | best things to do in kuching

Sarawak Islamic Museum: The museum has a total of seven galleries including Muslim history, architecture, science, costumes, weapons, and art. This is a good place where you learn about the culture and research the role of Islam in Sarawak.

| best things to do in kuching

What to do in Kuching: Stroll along the Kuching waterfront

kuching sarawak
| best things to do in kuching
| best things to do in kuching

The Kuching waterfront is considered an iconic image in Kuching in particular and Sarawak in general. A stroll along the Kuching waterfront is always a great experience, the air is fresh and cool; it is easy to find many restaurants, eateries, and trolleys with snacks and typical local drinks for sale. Walking along the river, you can admire the scenery of the river, take pictures of Astana and Fort Margherita and soak up the Kuching culture.

Kuching waterfront | best things to do in kuching

Best things to do in Kuching: Enjoy delicious food

| kuching malaysia things to do

Kuching cuisine harmoniously mixes the best local food and European-styled one. You can find local dishes at the famous outdoor food court –Topspot, or along the Kuching waterfront or some famous restaurants. The dishes are considered specialties in Kuching as follows

Sarawak Laksa: Spiciness and rich flavor are the most superficial descriptions of this dish. Laska looks quite similar to Vietnamese vermicelli. Although the recipe is completely different, the taste is also different.

This Sarawak laksa is one of the delicious versions that almost influence the Malaysian street food culture | kuching malaysia things to do

Midin: A food is made from a local fern and found in abundance in tropical forests. After cooking, Midin is viscid as spinach, however, Midin is more brittle and tougher than spinach, and very healthy.

Midin is a healthy food that is served for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians | kuching malaysia things to do

Kolo Mee: a traditional noodle of Sarawak people. Kolo Mee is a dry noodle served with char siu, minced pork, etc. They are cooked under a special recipe to ensure the moisture and softness of the noodles.

Kolo Mee | kuching malaysia things to do

Kueh Lapis: a colorful and sweet cake of Sarawak people.

Colorful kueh lapis | kuching malaysia things to do

Empurau: a fish species belonging to the carp family. It’s seemly one of the most expensive fish in Southeast Asia, perhaps Asia. Almost Empurau fish in Sarawak are fed with fruit and made into some dishes at a few luxury restaurants in Kuching.

top things to do in kuching
The Sarawakians call Empurau fish the King of Fish | kuching malaysia things to do

Kuching Malaysia things to do: Kuching panorama from the Resident and District Office

Kuching Resident and District Office | kuching what to see

The administrative center is one of the most impressive buildings in Kuching. When you reach the top of the building, you can see the whole of Kuching from any angle. This is also one of the places that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year in Kuching.

Sarawak Cultural Village

Address: Pantai Damai Santubong, Kampung Budaya Sarawak, 93752 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Hours: Sunday: 9AM–5PM/Monday: Closed

| kuching what to see

Sarawak Cultural Village is located at the foot of Mount Santubong, about 35 km north of Kuching. It is considered by many visitors as a living museum containing the culture and history of the locals in different parts of the country such as Orang Ulu, Iban, Melanau and Bidayauh.

Iban people | kuching what to see

top things to do in kuching

In addition, if you go to Malaysia in July, you will have the opportunity to participate in the famous Rainforest Music Festival held annually at Sarawak Cultural Village.

Kuching what to do: Rainforest Music Festival

Every summer, Sarawak Cultural Village holds the Rainforest music festival. The festival is usually held within a week, including many events and concerts from artists from all over the world. Moreover, this is also a place to honor domestic and foreign artists.

| kuching what to see
Enjoy music in the deep forest-rainforest music festival2
The performance highlights the traditional culture of Malaysia
Enjoy music in the deep forest-rainforest music festival1
| kuching what to see

Kuching things to do: Explore limestone caves

Kuching has two extremely famous limestone cave systems: Wind cave and Fairy cave. Both caves are about a 30-minute drive from Kuching and they both retain their wild features, with little human intervention. The interior of the cave has many stalactites of different sizes and rich and diverse vegetation.

Fairy Cave (top things to do in Kuching)

Address: 94000 Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia
Hours: 8:30AM–4PM/Monday: Closed

Fairy Cave, also known by locals as Gua Pari, is a gold mining place located about 40km from the center of Kuching city. Tourists have to climb a concrete staircase 4 stories high to reach the cave entrance. It’s quite dark inside, so a torch is needed to light the way.

top things to do in kuching
Fairy cave | kuching what to see

For those who like adventure, they want to try climbing activities at the cave wall of Fairy Cave. It is also quite an interesting experience during your Kuching trip in Malaysia that you should try.

Wind Cave

Address: 94000 Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia

The Wind Cave Nature Reserve in Kuching offers visitors an enjoyable and very safe cave visit experience. The inside of the cave is made of limestone and the deeper you go inside, the more you will hear the wind howling through the cave opening. True to the name Wind Cave.

After that, tourists are also taken by a guide to explore the dense forest and fast-flowing rivers located in this nature reserve.

Wind cave | kuching what to see

What to do in Kuching Malaysia: Go kayaking on the Sarawak River

Kayaking on the Sarawak River | top things to do in kuching

One of the most popular activities in Kuching is kayaking on the Sarawak River. At some locations on the Sarawak River, you will be able to rent a kayak to paddle along the river or can go to the mouth of the sea. If you want something different, kayaking will be a great challenge for your exploration.

Kayaking attracts many visitors who prefer challenges | top things to do in kuching

Kubah National Park

Address: 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Hours: 8AM–5PM

Kubah National Park has been open to the public since 1995 and quickly became one of the top 5 attractions in Kuching in Malaysia. This area includes 3 majestic mountains: Mount Merapi, Mount Hose, Mount Spoon.

Besides, there are many wild animals living in diverse vegetation such as hornbills, deer, wild boars, reptiles, amphibians, etc. In addition, visitors should join a hiking trip to have the opportunity to see firsthand the mysteries that nature is keeping deep in the jungle.

top things to do in kuching
| top things to do in kuching

Kuching is a multi-ethnic city, inhabited by Malays, Chinese, Indians, as well as local tribes Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and Melanau, etc. Hence, the cultural beauty of the indigenous people is also an amazing discovery in Kuching.

top things to do in kuching
Sarawak river | top things to do in kuching

Finally, above are the 15+ best things you should do when you check out Kuching. What to do and where to go in this beautiful Kuching simultaneously help you learn about the history and culture for your more interesting journey.

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