Gifts and souvenirs are always an indispensable part of each trip. Souvenirs are not simply items you bring back after a trip, but above of all, it also shows your affection and care for your loved ones. Are you are looking for meaningful souvenirs to give to friends and relatives, or are you finding for to buy unique items to keep as souvenirs after your trip to England? Make a very detailed plan, list the items you should buy, so you don’t have to be confused to search while traveling here. So, what to buy in England and in London, what should I buy in England, what souvenirs to buy in England and what to buy in England for souvenirs? Let’s check out our uk shopping guide with the list of suggested +25 best England souvenirs you should choose from including best things to buy in England, things to bring back from England, must buy in England, best gifts from England as well as best places to find them to help you find out meaningful gifts for your loved ones!

Traveling to the UK is always a meaningful journey and is expected by many tourists. Besides immersing in the atmosphere of a destination that is both modern and fairy-tale, visitors do not forget to choose British gifts to save memories in this country.
Three women passing through a clothing store in the city of Bath. | what to buy in england for souvenirs

If you have the opportunity to study abroad or travel to the UK in addition to studying, experiencing culture, visiting famous landmarks and attractions, discovering unique landscapes, you should not miss buying UK souvenirs for yourself and your family before saying goodbye to this country. But what to buy in UK in general and in England, London in particular as gifts and where to buy them. We are here to help you clear it.

An old-fashioned shop in London
The UK is a great country with well-developed tourism sector. Not only possesses impressive attractions and a unique cuisine, but it also has a lot of wonderful items that visitors can buy as souvenirs.

What to buy in England: Books

Daunt Books | what to buy in england

One of the features that attracts visitors to London is its rich historical and literary treasure. If you have the opportunity to experience London life and culture, buy a few books to better understand the customs, beliefs and people here and books are also ideal gifts for everyone. It can be said that books are the way to help us shorten the time and distance to integrate and feel the beauty of a destination. Some famous bookstores in London that you can visit are Daunt Books, Lutyens & Rubinstein, London Review Bookshop, Foyles, Koenig Books, etc.

Best books about London. | what to buy in england

You can buy books via online bookstores such as or go to directly bookstores.

What to buy in England: Postcards

London postcards

Another interesting suggestion for you is to buy postcards, with many symbols representing the beauty of London such as Thames river, Tower Bridge, London Eye, The Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace… These postcards are an opportunity for you to introduce the beautiful places, sights, tourist attractions that you have visited to the people at home. You can buy these postcards at most London tourist places or via websites such as on Surely, your family and friends will be delighted with this meaningful gift!

What to buy in UK: Baby Milk Powder

If you are wondering what should I buy in England and the UK, baby milk powder is the best quality product that many housewives trust. Because this powdered milk product is produced according to strict European standards, so you can rest assured about the quality of the product.

SMA milk powder brand

A famous brand in the UK must be mentioned is SMA. This milk powder has a slightly fishy taste similar to breast milk but has a lighter and more aromatic taste. SMA is recommended by doctors at prestigious hospitals in the UK for young children. You can buy SMA milk powder products in the UK when go to department stores, grocery stores, supermarkets or shopping destinations like Regent Street. In addition to SMA, you also should refer to another milk power brand called Aptamil with equally high quality.

Aptamil milk powder

What to buy in UK: Delicious sweets and chocolates

Some snacks such as sweets and chocolates are considered a great choice for those who do not know what souvenirs to buy in England or what to buy in England for souvenirs. Some of the most prominent chocolate brands are Cadbury Dairy Milk, Wispa, Aero Chocolate Bar. There are also many other famous chocolate brands in the UK, especially affordable chocolates like Cadbury, Thorntons and Green & Black’s.

Cadbury chocolate bars

Moreover, some royal handcrafted brands such as Charbonnel et Walker and Hotel Chocolat are equally popular. You can buy sweets and chocolates at well-known stores with long history in the UK, gift shops near stations or even at convenience stores. These are suggestions that can be easily find and made as gifts for family or friends whenever you have the opportunity to visit the UK.

British Chocolate and Candy

What to buy in England for souvenirs: Handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry is always a great gift that you should not miss. You can choose to buy yourself a lot of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keychains… with rustic and simple images. Most of the jewelry items here are appreciated for their aesthetics. These handcrafted pieces of jewelry are made by the skilful hands of renowned artisans. In addition, the prices of these handmade jewelry items is also inexpensive, so you can buy a lot to give to your loved ones and relatives.

You can choose for yourself impressive handmade jewelry shops in London.

What to buy in England for souvenirs: Fashion and accessories

British fashion

England is the birthplace of many world-famous fashion and accessory brands, so you can easily choose for yourself and your loved ones trendy “outfits”, branded clothes or stylish fashion accessories.

Some famous fashion brands in the UK such as: Burbury, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, JWanderson, Craig Green, etc. All these brands offer a full range of clothing items as well as accessories such as bags, wallets, scarves… for you freely to choice. These are best things to buy in England as well as in the UK.

Mulberry store
Burberry – Iconic British Luxury Brand.

In the UK, the most popular and favorite domestic fashion brand is Mulberry. This brand has a liberal, luxurious design and very high convenience, especially its handbags. Its bags have high durability, large size, which will suit all your daily use needs. You can go to the big shopping malls to find a wide variety of fashion items and accessories. Some large and famous centers in the UK such as London Oxford Street, The Walk center…

| best things to buy in uk
Burberry store | best things to buy in uk

If you want to shopping for souvenir clothes printed with the symbols of London, head to the clothing stores in the city’s central business district. There will be many different things for you to choose from such as: T-shirts, hats, scarves,… printed with the British flag, famous tourist landmarks and with the name of the city of London. This is a suitable souvenir for many types of people with light in weight, meaningful… so you should not miss the opportunity to buy a lot to take home before leaving London!

London is one of the capitals of fashion of the world, so you can easily find other luxur brands here such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci…

In addition, you can also find various old-fashion, retro clothing stores across UK cities, especially in London.

Retro fashion store | best things to buy in uk

What to buy in England for souvenirs: Toys for kids

| what should i buy in england

If you do not know what souvenirs to buy in England to give to your lovely children, then visit the toy stores in the center of London. There are many great toys for kids that you can choose from such as dolls, wind chimes, value smart assembly toys for kids, Educational Children’s Toys, etc. There will be many different types of toys for you to choose from to suit each age. This will definitely be a meaningful gift and will be loved by children in your family.

| what should i buy in england

What souvenirs to buy in England: Christmas decorations

If you are lucky enough to come to London near Christmas, don’t forget to visit the local markets to buy these small Christmas tree decorations. You can find iconic London decorations such as models of Big Ben Towers, red vintage telephone booths, or iconic red double decker buses, etc.

What souvenirs to buy in England: Perfume

British perfumes | what should i buy in england

In case you are still wondering what to buy in England for souvenirs, perfume can be a great choice. Because this product line has extremely good quality. The British perfume is also non-toxic, the scent is very fragrant, the ability to keep the smell is very long. The most famous perfume brand in the UK must be mentioned is Floris.

Floris perfume | best england souvenirs

This perfumery brand has applied advanced and modern technologies along with traditional methods to create products that are extremely good for the skin. Floris is now popular all over the world. If you want to buy genuine Floris products, you must visit supermarkets and large shopping places such as Regent Street, Oxford Street in London, etc.

You can also refer to other famous British perfume brands such as: Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Dunhill, etc.

Jimmy Choo perfume | best england souvenirs

What souvenirs to buy in England: Souvenirs for decoration

With a long history and through many memorable milestones, you can easily find exquisitely crafted items bearing the traditional culture of this country. For example, clocks, ceramic products, textiles or commemorative coins and stamps issued by the Royal Mint and Royal Mail… Or the Teddy bears wearing British royal costumes that symbolize eternal love and symbol of passionate friendship. This is a meaningful and unique gift from England.

Commemorative coin on the occasion of the UK leaving the EU. | best england souvenirs

If you’re looking for a gift to decorate your little corner of your desk or a corner of your bookshelf, shop for iconic British souvenirs. It can be lovely clocks printed with the British flag, miniature models of Big Ben, London Eye, refrigirator magnets or keychains with the symbols of the city of London… You can find these lovely items at shopping malls, gift shops… Or shops near the tourist spots you pass by. It can be said that these are the souvenirs that many tourists choose to buy as gifts for friends and relatives before leaving the UK.

London Eye model | what to buy in england
The model of a double-decker bus – a very famous symbol of London.

Must buy in England: Cosmetics

British cosmetics | what to buy in england

British cosmetics is a relatively new product compared to the Southeast Asian countries, especially Vietnam. Because imports are limited, prices are raised too high. Besides, British cosmetic brands compared to other well-known brands of the world are not really famous.

However, you can be rest assured of the extremely guaranteed quality of these product lines. They even outperform many major Japanese or Korean brands. All British cosmetics are manufactured according to strict European standards. So they do not contain harmful substances and are very safe for users.

British cosmetics have better quality and color retention than many drugstore brands and even some famous high-end brands of other countries, the prices are also very reasonable and the items are plentiful.

Boots Shop | what to buy in england

The leading cosmetic brands in the UK can be mentioned as: Boots, Simple, The Body Shop, Makeup Revolution, Lush, Sleek Makeup, etc. In which, Boots is a famous leading British cosmetic firm. The firm’s product lines are prone to skin care and rejuvenation including skin care products, hair care products, shower gels, facial cleansers… If you don’t know things to bring back from England, you should choose Boots cosmetics. Please go to Regent Street or official Boots distribution stores to buy genuine products.

Lush costmetics
Famous The Bodyshop brand | what to buy in england

Must buy in England: Scarves

Scarves are one of the souvenirs that many tourists buy when coming to London. You can find the famous Liberty scarves; Or you can order online, or find them in other busy fashion stores and bustling shopping malls. These scarves are made from fabrics and printed with impressive patterns, motifs and textures. In particular, you can find scarves that printed with iconic logos of famous football clubs in England.

Liberty scarf | what to buy in england

Not an ordinary scarf, you can find many scarves of famous British football teams in London. Only in London, there are more than 20 different football clubs, the most famous ones can be mentioned here are Arseanal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Fulham, Crystal Palace… You can find these souvenir items at stores of football clubs often located right at their stadiums.

Tottenham Hotspur Scarf

Must buy in England: Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is also a symbol of the city of London, and this can be considered a suitable souvenir for children. When you visit the Paddington Store (Address: Paddington Store at Paddington Station. The Lawn, Unit 4, Paddington Station, London W2 1HB, United Kingdom/Hours: 9AM–8PM), you can find a variety of items about this bear from stuffed bears, t-shirts, water glasses, key chains… to the original books about this bear.

Paddington Store

Best gifts from England: Umbrellas

James Smith & Sons Umbrella shop, London, UK

Another souvenir you can buy is an umbrella. There will be many options for you, if you want to buy an umbrella as a gift. Colorful umbrellas with diverse and rich in types and designs, will definitely be an interesting gift! ​England is known for its humid climate and year-round fog, so it’s no surprise that you can find umbrella shops here. James Smith & Son (Address: Hazelwood House, 53 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1BL, United Kingdom/Hours: 10:30AM–5:15PM; Sunday, Monday: Closed) is a Victorian style shop specializing in umbrellas since 1830.

| what to buy in england for souvenirs

Best gifts from England: Teapots and cups

| what to buy in england for souvenirs

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