Trolltunga Devil’s Tongue is a very famous place that you may have glimpsed somewhere in pictures or travel postcards of Norway, or pictures that are considered to be the inspiration for backpackers, about the the trip to the end of the earth. Troll’s tongue is located near the towns of Tyssedal and Odda, two points to start your Troll’s tongue hike. So, what’s hot in Trolltunga Norway (Troll’s Tongue Norway)? Let’s check out our Trolltunga blog and Trolltunga review with the fullest Trolltunga guided hike (Troll’s Tongue Hike Norway) to the one of most famous places in Norway to find out the answer!

Trolltunga (Odda, Norway)
Trolltunga (Odda, Norway)

Trolltunga Day Hiking Experience with an Expert Guide

Troll’s tongue norway in winter

Trolltunga guided hike: How to get from Bergen and Oslo to Odda?

Map to Trolltunga Norway

Getting from Bergen and Oslo to Odda:

  • There are 3 daily buses from Bergen to Odda which depart at 8:20AM, 11:50AM, 8:55PM, travel time is 3 hours, tickets are bought directly on the bus No. 930 at the Bergen bus station.
  • There are also 3 daily buses depart from Oslo at 9:45AM, 1:40PM, 11PM (this night bus takes about 6 hours of traveling time) to Odda, 2 daytime bus will take 7 hours to arrive Odda, tickets can be bought online and paid by credit card. Note that the credit card must have a 3D security registration. Buy tickets here:

Tip: If you are in good health you should take the night bus to Odda, arrive at 5:25AM, wait until 6:30AM and 7:30AM to catch another bus to reach the foot of the mountain for hiking or trekking.

Odda is 18km away from the foot of the mountain where the Troll’s tongue located, and you need to book shuttle bus to reach the foot of the mountain. The fixed one–way price is 100NOK if you depart from Odda and 50NOK if you depart from Tysseldal (1 EUR ~ 9.5 NOK), with frequency of 2 buses/day and the travel time is 35 minutes, there are main points that will pick you up. If you do not want to book online you can buy tickets directly when you get on the bus. Buy tickets at:

Odda taxi

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Troll’s Tongue Norway: Prepare and make your trip to Troll’s tongue

The distance and time of hiking to Trolltunga Norway

Total distance is 22km for 2-way up and down, total time for the average hiker is 12 hours including 6 hours of hiking, 1-2 hours on Troll’s tongue for lunch and resting and 4 hours for returning.

Troll’s tongue map
Trolltunga hike map

Trolltunga Day Hiking Experience with an Expert Guide

When to hike Troll’s Tongue Norway?

  • Mid-June to the end of August every year is the best time to hike because it gets dark at 11pm, so you can depart at any time of the day. Hiking early and down early or going late to camp in the mountains is also a good experience. The temperature ranges from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius depending on the day, but early morning it is often rainy and foggy.
  • From April to mid-June and from the end of August to the end of September, you have to hire a tour guide to lead the way, otherwise you will get lost and must be completed the first 4km before 1PM, if after this time but still not reach to km4, you must find the flat terrain to camp overnight to continue hiking on the next day.
  • From the end of September to the end of March, it is absolutely impossible to climb because it is very dark and thick snow.

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What to bring for Troll’s tongue hike?

  • A good hiking shoes have high grip is needed because there are trails you must go into the mud.
  • 1 good hiking suit with high absorbent feature, 1 light jacket and scarf + 1 pair of socks to change when completing a journey. Bring a bandage to line your shoes because going down the mountain can be very painful. You also should bring climbing sticks to help hiking better.
  • Food and workout supplements to eat and drink along the way to recharge energy.
  • For drinking water, you should only bring 1 bottle should not bring too much water because along the way you can get very clean drinking water in streams, so you can rest assured about that. I think bringing a 500ml bottle is ok to use and just enough to get water.
  • 1 set of tents if planning to spend the night in the mountain.

| trolltunga guided hike
Camping on the mountain | trolltunga guided hike

Trolltunga Day Hiking Experience with an Expert Guide

Mountaineering terrain

All hiking trail sections have guided red arrows so you can follow them to get there. The total number of columns is 11 columns corresponding to 11km, each column will show how much distance you have been traveled and how much distance is left. The reviewable milestones are as follows:

  • The first 1.2km will takes much effort to pass from the height of 400m to the height of 1400m.This section is through the forest, climbing the rocky slope, although there are stone steps, but in the wet morning it is extremely difficult to hiking if you do not have good shoes to climb. There will be 300 meters that you have to use available ropes to climb the mountain slope.
  • 1.2 – 2.3km: A flat road with moderate rugged altitudes and wooden bridges spanning streams.
  • 2.3 – 3.5km: It is a rocky slope, quite tired and exhausted, so you must use durability to climb this distance.
  • 3.5km – 4km: A 45-degree rocky slope, you must be firm to pass this section to avoid the broken rock layers.
  • 4km: A milestone that you must complete before 1pm in the time you need a tour guide while in summer it’s comfortable, not require.
  • 4km – 5.3km: The trail starts to go downhill.
  • 5.3km – 7km: Both downhill and re-climb steeper slopes.
  • 7km – 10km: The terrain is stable, up and down is negligible.
  • Km11: Finally, you will follow the flat rocks and sometimes you can get lost if you cannot see the arrows clearly.

Upon arrival, you can rest before posing for a picture in front of the Trolltunga demon’s tongue and also happy to have finished half of the way and see the Troll demon’s tongue in front of you. Line up and wait for your turn to step out onto the cliff to take pictures.

Hiking at Km3 | trolltunga norway
Seen from the top of the rocky slope
Deep slot is the starting point | trolltunga norway
Km5 downhill
At km8 you see clearest the lake | trolltunga blog
Km9 must pass the other mountain
Km10.5 is a lake near the Troll’s tongue
Devil’s tongue of Trolltunga | trolltunga blog

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Then there are such sequences and hiking down the mountain.

If you arrive in Odda at 4:45PM in time, you can take the bus back to Bergen or wait until 00:10AM to get the bus back to Oslo. Avoid overnight in Odda because the cost of 1 night here is quite expensive. If you bring a tent, let go to Odda camping to rent a camping spot, otherwise there is also a slightly expensive hostel called Trolltunga Hotel ( or The dorm type at 300NOK/night without blankets at all very bad but only 1 mattress on the bed.

Here, they do not even allow to use the kitchen for cooking, which is very inconvenient and expensive if you going out for eating. In addition, this hotel is far from the center, it takes about 15 minutes to walk and the town of Odda at 8pm is deserted. In Odda, there are 2 supermarkets, Coop and Rema 1000, you can go here to buy food for climbing as well as essential items. Note that these 2 supermarkets close at 10pm.

See more photo of Troll’s Tongue Norway:

| trolltunga guided hike

| trolltunga guided hike
| trolltunga guided hike
| trolltunga guided hike

| trolltunga blog


Trolltunga Day Hiking Experience with an Expert Guide

Above is my basic Trolltunga review for you refer, but the reality will be different because everyone has a different way of hiking and enjoying. I wish you a good journey to the Troll’s Tongue Norway.

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