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Fishermen at Inle lake

Self-sufficient or solo travel to Myanmar, why not? If you still do not know much about Myanmar, let us reveal some things: Myanmar is often referred to in the most loving way as Burma – a country with many interesting mysteries is gradually transforming itself in the trend of the development direction of the modern world. With hot air balloons that appear every early morning in Bagan (note that hot balloons only appear in the dry season from October until March next year), with thousands of sacred temples quietly witnessing thousand years of history, thanaka power – “national” power that from children to the elderly are used to beautify… Sounds good, right? Quickly take your backpack and travel to Myanmar, my friends! An exciting journey through Myanmar’s 3 cities in 6 days is waiting for you below. Now, check it out 6 day itinerary Myanmar with suggest Myanmar solo travel itinerary for 6 days.

Walking tour, Yangon
Yangon, Myanmar
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Novice monks with umbrellas running at temple, Bagan, Myanmar
Novice monks with umbrellas running at temple, Bagan, Myanmar
Bagan, Burma
Burmese people
Burmese family
Hot air balloons over Bagan skies
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Sunset on Inle Lake
Koh Pieh street food in Yangon

6 day itinerary Myanmar — Day 1: Yangon – Bagan

The first thing when you arrive at the airport is to exchange money. Normally, the USD will be exchanged in Vietnam and then exchanged to Kyat (the currency of Myanmar) at the currency exchange counters at the airport.

yangon airport.1
Yangon Airport

You should prepare USD money is very beautiful, excellent, no wrinkled, otherwise they will not exchange money. USD/Kyat rate changes from day to day, when I go, it is $1 = 1.528 kyat.

myanmar kyats
Myanmar kyats

Next, buy a 3G sim card or pocket Wifi to contact and find the route, in this case, it is extremely useful for those who have lost their way as my group.

You can buy the Sim before you go and get it at Yangon airport. Link to book 3G or pocket wifi here.

After finishing the procedures, heading to the city center follow one of two ways:


Taxis here do not charge according to the meter but charges follow the distance. There will likely be a higher charge than usual if you do not choose the right taxi driver.

The center of Yangon. (Flickr/Francisco Anzola)
Traffic in te center of Yangon.

Remember to pay a clear price, make clear your destination, fare, and stop point before get on a taxi in Myanmar.

Rent a private car charter

This way is more convenient for those who are not fluent in the language and the way from the airport to the hotel you booked. In particular, Yangon airport shuttle service is available 24 hours a day, the driver speaks English and does not add any extra fees.

Private transfer service from Yangon Airport to city center.

Reserve 3-seater, 7-seater car or bus for group of 11 people is always available, the price is only from $5/person and you should book a car before departure date from 3-5 days.

Link to book Yangon airport private car charter service to the hotel in the center here: Private Yangon International Airport Transfers (RGN) for Yangon.

yagon burma
Downtown of Yagon.

I traveled Burma while the water festival take place so I did not have much time to visit the places as planned. If you also choose to move from Yangon to Bagan in the evening, you can book a tour around Yangon for half a day to saving time, and have the opportunity to hear the guide on history and culture in Yangon. Or you also can refer to full day tour here: Yangon and Beyond Private Day Tour.

Refer to the preliminary itinerary below

Shwedagon Golden Pagoda is the holiest temple in Burma with an extravagant grandeur.

| 6 day itinerary myanmar
Shwedagon pagoda at night
Shwedagon pagoda at night

Address: Ar Zar Ni, Road Pha Yar Gyi Ward, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Hours: 4am – 10pm, daily
Admission: 8.000 kyat

photo credit: Stupa-21 via photopin (license)

Myanmar is a country that attaches great importance to Buddhism, which is shown by the fact that all pagodas, whether sold tickets or not, have a note: Do not wear short clothes or bare hands when going to the temple. Even shoes must be removed right at the entrance gate.

Sule Pagoda: Located in a central position, is the intersection of the largest and most beautiful roads in the city of Yangon.

sule pagoda.1
Sule Pagoda

sule pagoda

The pagoda near the venue for the water festival, but even though we have to go through but busy playing, so I were not visit.

Address: Maha Bandoola Rd, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar
Hours: 6am – 8pm

Bogyoke Aung San Market (formerly Scott Market): Usually at 9am the stalls will open all. It sells everything from souvenirs to everyday items, especially gems. Bargain around 1/2- 2/3 price.


Bogyoke Aung San Market3
Street food vendor | myanmar solo travel itinerary
Bogyoke Aung San Market3
Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon1

Address: Bo Gyoke Rd, Pabedan, Myanmar (Burma)
Hours: 8AM–5:30PM/Monday: Closed

Although the government has banned motorcycles from running in the inner city, but traffic jams in Myanmar are still extremely terrible. Please pay attention to the time to moving to the bus stop 1 hour in advance so you do not miss the evening bus to Bagan.

Yangon traffic

Depending on which bus company you will traveling with, the driver (which you have rented above) will stop closest to the bus company.

There are many options for traveling by bus from Yangon to Bagan but the bus company that people travel the most is JJ Express Bus (+959977181230/jjonl[email protected]) with the ticket price of about $19/way.

JJ Express Bus inside
JJ Express Bus inside

Book bus tickets directly through the Facebook, or email above and pay at the bus stop when receiving tickets.

Alternatively, you can book VIP bus tickets to Bagan via Klook. Reference and book here: VIP Bus Ticket (One Way) between Yangon and Bagan.

6 day itinerary Myanmar — Day 2: Watch the beautiful sunset in Bagan

Thousand of temples in Bagan.

Do not be surprised before you can enjoy the beauty of Bagan that has been charged when coming to the city. This fee is mandatory for every visitor if you want to enter Bagan, about $15/person and the government uses to repair the temples here. You can pay in USD or Kyat but I still recommend that you use USD for the best rate.

Shwezigon Zedi, Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is divided into 3 main areas including Old Bagan (the main tourist attraction), New Bagan (concentrating many new clean, peaceful, cheaper hotels than Old Bagan) and Nyaung–U.

Monk pray inside a temple with light rays

If you are confident enough about the ability to determine the direction in the condition that there are more than a thousand similar temples as well as the language of communication with locals, you can rent an electric bike at the hotel and then cycling on the roads to discover Bagan.

Cycling around Bagan
Cycling around Bagan
Tourists take bullock carts visiting around Bagan.
Tourists take bullock carts visiting around Bagan.

Refer to and book: Guided E-Bike Bagan Temples Half Day Tour.

Or choose a simpler and more convenient way is buy a day tour of exploring Bagan with private car with air-conditioner all the time, to leisurely “live virtual” in the place of 1 square meter can capture 1000 art photos.

Link to book your here: Bagan Cultural Full Day Tour.

sunset bagan

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| 6 day itinerary myanmar
Monks at the Shwezigon Paya.
Monks at the Shwezigon Paya.

And my first place is Shwezigon Pagoda – a miniature version of Shwedagon Pagoda in the ancient capital of Yangon.

Credit image: shwezigon bagan blog.

Golden Buddha Buddhist-altar in the Shwezigon pagoda complex.
Picture: shwezigon temple blog.
Picture: shwezigon temple blog.

Next is the Hitlo Minlo pagoda, which is quite intricately carved, with a lot of trees surrounding it.

Htilominlo Pahto
Htilominlo Pahto
Souvenir stalls, Htilominlo Pahto temple.
Souvenir stalls, Htilominlo Pahto temple.

Visit these 2 spot is also until midday. Find a restaurant for lunch and then return to the hotel to avoid heat of the sun until the afternoon to watch the sunset – a specialty not to be missed when coming to Bagan.

You can choose to watch the sunset at any temple that allows climb up. But the most popular place to watch sunset is Shwesandaw – the temple has five floors of stairs and steep stairs when climb. Take advantage of time to get early to choose your best sitting position!

Spectacular sunset at Bagan | 6 day itinerary myanmar


Monks watch the Sunset over Bagan
Monks watch the Sunset over Bagan
bagan sunset
An unforgettable moment

Myanmar solo travel itinerary — Day 3: Hunting the Bagan sunrise by e-bike

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