This museum exhibits artifacts that are a mixture of history and art. Admission fee for €20 includes tickets to visit other places such as Doge’s Palace, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, and Monumental Rooms.

Correr Civic Museum (Museo Civico Correr) (1)| venice travel blog
| venice travel blog
Correr Civic Museum (Museo Civico Correr) (1)

Correr Civic Museum (Museo Civico Correr) (1)

Doge’s Palace

Doges Palace in Venice

This can be considered a palace and was once the residence of Doge, the ruler of Venice after building an empire in this land.

Doge's Palace2

Doge's Palace2

Campanile Di San Marco


If you have a budget or a lot of time, you can line up to climb the Campanile steeple to see the whole of Venice, this is really worth it. This bell tower is very famous and replicated throughout the world.


Piazza San Marco and the Basilica San Marco in Venice, Italy
Piazza San Marco look down from Campanile

Bridge Of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs

This is one of the most emotional corners in Venice and you have probably seen it somewhere on postcards about this romantic city. This white limestone Sighs Bridge is where the former prisoners in Venice were seen last before they were sent to the prison to execute their sentence, passing through the Rio di Palazzo and leading to the New Prison (Prigioni Nuove) to the interrogation room in Doge’s Palace. You can visit this bridge by buying a ticket to visit the Doge Palace, take a Gondola boat to admire it from the under of the canal between the two buildings, or simply walking along the canal adjacent to the St. Marks’s square, the left side of the first bridge connecting the two heads of the Riva degli Schiavoni streets.

The Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs, famous spot of Venice

The Bridge of Sighs11

Inside the Bridge of Sights Venice.
Inside the Bridge of Sights Venice.
The Bridge of Sighs was so named because prisoners, condemned in the Doge's Palace,
The Bridge of Sighs was so named because prisoners, condemned in the Doge’s Palace,
Bridge of Sighs at Night, Venice, Italy
Bridge of Sighs at Night, Venice, Italy

Read more: Ponte dei Sospiri Venezia — The Bridge of Sighs and the escape of the ‘king of the girls’ in Venice.

Grand Canal

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Grand Canal

As soon as you step out of Santa Lucia Station you will immediately see the Grand Canal, which is known as the main waterway in central Venice with a charming S-shaped curve. The best way to sightseeing on the Grand Canal is to take the #1 Vaporetto waterbus in the direction of San Marco in the evening when the tourists are sparse. Alternatively, you can stand on bridges spanning the canal like Ponte di Scalzi, Ponte Rialto, watching the boats, water buses running endlessly under the bridges.

| venice travel blog
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Grand Canal at dusk
,venice blog, venice city guide,venice travel blog, venice travel guide blog, venice visitor guide,
In winter
Venice Grand Canal
Venice Grand Canal
Italy, Veneto, Venice, Santa Maria della Salute church on Grand Canal at sunset
| venice blog

Rialto Bridge (Ponte Bridge)

rialto-bridge-venice best free things to do in venice italy 2
Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the only bridge acrossing the Grand Canal before the Accademia bridge is built. Around the bridge are many restaurants, shops, cafes, there is also a local market meeting in the morning to sell all kinds of things such as vegetables, souvenirs, … The bridge has been got into a lot of literature and poetic works and is built with a roof and when standing at the middle of the bridge, you can see all the most typical activities of the city, which is romance, trading activities and street entertainment activities.

Hotel Rialto
Hotel Rialto
rialto bridge Gondola-near-the-Rialto-Bridge-Venice-Italy
Rialto bridge.
rialto bridge venice
The most beautiful bridge in Venice
Rialto Bridge, Venice at night | Venice travel blog.

Teatro la Fenice Theatre

Teatro La Fenice Theater and Opera (1)

This is the famous Venetian opera house that recently renovated, stepping inside you will feel the old culture, art of Italy, the magnificence inside the theater like a giant box of gold plating. Tour to visit the theater is EUR10 and you can buy it at:

Teatro La Fenice Theater and Opera (1)
The majestic of Teatro La Fenice Theater

Teatro La Fenice Theater and Opera (1)

Jewish Ghetto (Ghetto Ebraico Di Venezia)

500 Years of Jewish Life in Venice
500 Years of Jewish Life in Venice

Jewish Ghetto, also known as the Jewish community, is a small area just located right to the left when you enter the city center from Santa Lucia station. Jews have migrated here since the 16th century, creating a small civilized and special community, let’s try a different feeling from what belongs to Venice by buying a tour to explore the different history, traditional dishes of this community.

500 Years of Jewish Life in Venice

Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

A place in Venice for you to admire the works recorded about Tintoretto’s work, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, built by a group of wealthy Venetian citizens to fight past plague in Venice , located next to the church of San Rocco.

Scuola Grande Di San Rocco
The Ballroom in Scuola Grande di San Rocco

The area opposite San Macro across the Grand Canal

This is a small branch with many churches, museums or palaces in Venice, from San Macro square you go to across the large Ponte Dell’Accademia bridge to get there, note that this area is very strong wind blowing, especially pay attension If you come here in winter, it will be very cold and freezing. The attractions here include:

Ca’ Rezzonico

BIG_Ca' Rezzonico Venice 8

This is a pristine palace (palazzo) with ancient features from the 18th century, located right on the Grand Canal. It is built with many materials that symbolize the luxury, noble with the murals in high values of art, marble and even gold. Admission is €10 and you can buy it online at:

Ball Room at Ca' Rezzonico in Venice
Ball Room

Academy Gallery (Gallerie Dell’Accademia)

Gallerie Dell’Accademia

Gallerie Dell’Accademia Art Museum exhibits the most dramatic works of Venezia for centuries. The ticket price is €12 and an additional fee of €1.5 if purchase online at website:

Gallerie Dell’Accademia

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Built as a complex displaying art works of 20th-century American and European modern artists. Admission fees are €15 and buy online at:

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

Free admission from 9 am to noon and from 3 pm to 5:30 pm, but there is a small fee to visit the sacred room. This church is considered as a basilica before the entrance of the Grand Canal, as a tribute to the Virgin Mary who saved Venice people from the plague.

Santa Maria della Salute

Punta Della Dogana

Punta Della Dogana

A mansion designed with a mix of classic and modern, located at the tip of the triangle of the Grand Canal.

Punta Della Dogana

Punta Della Dogana

The Rialto Market

The Rialto Market

Rialto Market is a market visited regularly by indigenous people to choose food for the family, divided into 2 main areas:

The Erberia area sells fruits and vegetables in the stalls in the middle of the morning. You need to come here early to participate and take photos because the marketplace activities here will end at noon.

Erberia rialto market
Erberia Zone

Erberia rialto market3

Pescheria Seafood Market is located right in the domed building overlooking the Grand Canal, which sells fresh seafood such as squid, fish, octopus, etc.

Pescheria (Fish) Market
Pescheria (Fish) Market

Walk around the streets and alleys in Venice

Street of Rialto bridge

Walking through alleys and streets without any purpose, staying away from the large squares to experience a true Venice, you will find this place special. These small streets and alleys can be referred to as Canali, Campi, and Calli in Italian (means Canals, Squares, and Streets).

Family feeding the birds
Peaceful of Venice

Lido island house

Murano pavement| venice travel blog
| venice travel blog
venezia venice italy daily life photos photography trave 30
Tiny alley | venice travel blog


Visiting churches in the city

San Pietro Martire.2
San Pietro Martire on Murano island | venice travel blog

If you like to visit churches, chapels or simply want to experience, sit back and relax after a tiring walk, the churches in Venice are a remarkable place. In addition to the Basilica di San Marco church you can visit some of the smaller churches, such as the Carmini church – also known as Santa Maria del Carmelo – also free admission. On Murano island, you can also free entry to the church of San Pietro Martire.

Santa Maria dei Carmini

In addition, the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari church, with the entry ticket price for only EUR3 is also a good place to visit. This church is like a jewel hidden in the heart of Venice, the exhibition space is full of history and art.

Inside Basilica Di Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari
Inside Basilica Di Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari | venice travel blog

Venice travel blog: Shopping in Venice


Shopping in Venice is definitely not free, but no one prevents you from looking at it, or funny call “window-shopping”.

High-end goods and fashion areas you can find right near San Macro square, mostly in the streets at the end of the square, you’ll find luxury brands like Missoni, Prada, Bottega Veneta and Bulgaria and Gucci or more affordable stores like Libreria Mondadori and Libreria Studium.

shopping in venice

Heading to Mercerie shopping streets in the direction of the Rialto bridge, or Campo San Stefano you’ll meet hundreds of other shops selling everything from clothes to handmade office items. On the way to the west train station in Cannaregio is a mixture of souvenir and convenience stores belongs to Billa supermarkets.

Handbag shop in Venice | venice travel blog
Small street shop

venice shop

Alternatively, you can visit the Murano Island specializing in fine art glassware, Burano – the center of shops selling lace and linen.

Murano Glass Shop | venice travel blog
murano glass factory (1)
One of the stores with cool window display of Murano chandeliers and other glass masterpieces.
murano glass factory (1)
Murano Glass Wine Glasses

Nearby islands

Venice is a city with more than 100 large and small islands, located quite close together and you can travel by bridges between islands or waterbus. Waterbus travel takes 5-40 minutes depending on the distance. If you stay in Venice for a long time (about 1 week or more), you might consider visiting some tourist islands such as:

Aerial view of Burano island | venice travel blog

Burano, Murano Island: Burano is famous for its colorful painted houses, you can visit Mazzorbo Island connected to Burano with a pedestrian bridge, suitable for those who love architecture and design. On Murano Island you can visit fine glassware factories, visit some of the glass churches and museums such as Barvovier & Toso.

Colourful houses on Burano Island.
Burano cleaning day | venice travel blog
Young woman walking along the street, Burano, Venice, Veneto, Italy

Read more: 11+ stunning photos show the beauti of Burano Island — The cheeriest little island in Italy.

Murano, near Venice, Italy
Murano island, near Venice, Italy

murano island

murano glass factory (1)
Murano making a Glass Horse | venice travel blog

San Giorgio Maggiore Island: This island is home to the San Giorgio Maggiore church with a soaring bell tower that you can easily see from the San Macro.

San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore

Some other islands like San Michele Island – the graveyard of Venice, Torcello, where a large number of indigenous people live and only a few minutes from Burano Island by boat. In addition, Lido Island is also a good place because the island has a bustling shopping area, cars and vehicles on land are pretty much here. You can also take a walk on the beach opposite the pier area, not many islands in Venice have a pier!

Torcello | venice travel blog
San Michele

Day trip from Venice


If you intend to stay in Venice for a long time, in addition to visiting tourist spots in Venice, you may consider making day trips to the surrounding areas from the city. Some suggestions below:

  • Padua: About 30 minutes by train from Venice, Padua is the oldest city in northern Italy. It is famous for the Scrovegni Chapel and paintings painted from the 14th century by Giotto.
  • Verona: Not only famous for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play, Verona is also famous for its Roman amphitheater from first-century, San Zeno Maggiore church and San Zeno Maggiore bridge. It takes about an hour to Verona by train from Venice.
  • Vicenza: A beautiful city about 30 miles from Venice, surrounded by hills and peaceful rural areas. The city is also known for the architectural works of Andrea Palladio, the highlight of the cultural heritage recognized by Unesco.
Vicenza | venice travel blog

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in and from Venice you can refer to

gondola venice italy

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