May be each of us have known some of the Europe’s most famous tourists destinations such as France – especially Paris, the city of love with the Louvre Museum and The Chapel of Our Lady; Berlin – a capital, a historical witnesses and a famous wall of Germany as well called Berlin Wall; Netherlands – iconic windmills landscape and the Amsterdam’s largest and most well known Red-light District;… So, 3 days in Venice is enough and what to do in Venice in 3 days perfectly? Let’s check out our suggested Venice 3 day itinerary (Venice Italy itinerary 3 days) on how to spend three days in Venice (72 hours in Venice) and some useful Venice travel tips you should know to find out the answer!

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Venice, one of the most romantic destinations in the world
gondola venice italy
Gondola boats
| 72 hours in venice
gondola venice (1)
Must-try this ride in Venice

And how about Italy? Definitely the answer is spaghetti, pizza, Milan – the fashion city, Rome – a major culture & history capital with Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa and most of all, Venice – the city of canals.

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Grand canal | 72 hours in venice
Piazza San Marcom, Italy
One of the must-see destinations in Venice
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The famous carnival festival in Venice | 72 hours in venice
The oldest bookstore in Venice
Don’t forget to take a look at this one of a kind bookstore
Vibrant Venice at night | 72 hours in venice

Venice 3 day itinerary: Where is Venice?

Aerial view of Venice, Italy1
Aerial view of Venice, Italy

Venice (Italian: Venezia) is a capital of Veneto region and situated on the Adriatic Sea of northeastern Italy. Also, it is composed of 118 small islands that are separated by 150 beautiful canals and linked by over 400 bridges. Other information about Venice, you can see more on Wikipedia.

rialto bridge venice
Rialto bridge, the most beautiful bridge in Venice | venice 3 day itinerary
venice travel blog venice trip blog
Venice canal.

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Grand Canal of Venice by night, Italy
View of Grand Canal in the night, seen from Rialto Bridge, touristic place of Venice laguna. | venice 3 day itinerary

Venice Italy itinerary 3 days (3 days in Venice): How to get to Venice?

People mover to Venice | venice 3 day itinerary

My all Italy trip were in seven-day from Venice at first to Rome afterward. It was just marvelous. Besides, I was going with my partner so we spent three days exploring this stunning city. Firstly, we caught the train last night from Germany center to Stuttgart airport and took about an hour to fly to Venice. Secondly, it is really useful to make a hostel and tickets reservation on and Ryanair. The ticket costs almost € 10 and plus € 6 for carry-on luggage under 22 pounds (10kg) including my handbag. Landed at Treviso airport at 8 o’clock and with only € 7 per ticket (one-way), we went on catching the bus to Venice Mestre (mainland).

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Mestre and main island of Venice
public bus in venice
Public bus in Venice | venice 3 day itinerary

Where to stay in Venice

Normally, the check-in time is about 2:00 p.m, so I took a walk for a few minute and then check-in room as well as my luggage. And Combo Venezia was my option. Why? Because the location of this hostel is very good, not only is a comfortable room but also close to the water bus that you can easily travel to Murano, Burano or even the center of this Island and take in the sights of all the beautiful Venice’s canals. To economize on trip as well as our exploration, we visited the Murano and Burano first by public transportation with one-day ticket. On other days, we just walked at a leisurely pace in every nook and cranny of Venice.

| Where to stay in Venice, Italy
| Where to stay in Venice
Crossing one of the many bridges, COMBO hostel is the building on the right side

Here are a few pictures of where I stayed that we made a hostel reservation consists of 12 people. At first, I thought 12 persons would share one room, but in fact, we could stay in a separate room. It can be said that this is perfect condition for those who like the privacy. Moreover, stay at this hostel, you are able to order food or drink for your meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of all, they have DJ at night and library for reading. Therefore, I really liked this hostel. Especially, you can take a lot of pictures or even selfie with its exquisite views. To sum up, if Venice is one of those cities that are on your bucket list, why don’t you consider staying here?

You can check rates, reviews and book this hostel on or

Hostel in Venice
Stepping in COMBO Hostel in Venice | venice 3 day itinerary
Hostel in Venice
A social vibes in Venice
Hostel in Venice
All rooms come with en-suite facilities and a good view to the canal. | venice 3 day itinerary
Courtyard | three days in venice
Elegant room | three days in venice
Directly view to the canal
| three days in venice

You can find more, check rates, availability & book for Venice hotels on or

72 hours in Venice: A few tips while traveling in Venice

I’d like to present to you some of the most Mainlands’ illustrious destinations in Venice and experiences to travel here as well. Venice is a remarkable city, built on a lot of small islands and linked by bridges that why there isn’t any roads in Venice, so you have to get around by water bus, gondolas or on foot. In a nutshell, let’s prepare in advance because you may walk more than you imagine. And by the way, this is the cheapest and fastest way to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Venice.

The stunning Venice city
You’ll rely on boats to get around – generally! | 3 days in venice
gondola venice
Does it get any more “Venice” than this?
Gondolas Ride, Venice
Pick a boat – any boat! | 3 days in venice

Google Maps is an excellent partner for any trips. So download it as possible in case of not connecting. Or else, you can use the map which hotels often give to tourists. Because there are a lot of must-visit destinations, stations and other information are clearly marked on the map. However, Venice city is considered as a maze of tight alleys and small bridges leading you back and forth over canals, so you should back to your stay early a bit at night in case of getting lost or else you can take a walk in which you absolutely find it familiar to you.

gondola venice (1)
Venice main island neighborhood map
A view of Venice city at night
venice at night
In order not to get lost, you should wander near your stay a bit in case
Vaporetto stop Piazzale Roma Venezia
Vaporetto (water bus) also stop at Piazzale Roma Venezia
Venice canal

Tips: Tourists can effortlessly travel from Venice to surrounding islands with the help of Venice ACTV vaporetto and bus transport tickets.

Three days in Venice (Venice 3 day itinerary, Venice italy itinerary 3 days): What to do in Venice in 3 days?

canal-venezia best free things to do in venice italy
| 3 days in venice

Day 1: Visit Piazza San Marco – Grand Canal – Rialto Bridge

Doge's Palace
Doge’s Palace | venice 3 day itinerary

Our first arrival in Venice was the stunning Piazza San Marco. You will see clearly the Piazza San Marco, St.Mark’s Campanile, St.Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Clock Tower. Besides, you can take a whole Venice’s sunset views with only € 8 per person. I’m sure you will be surprised at the glinting city in the sunset from high angle. That is really one of the most amazing experiences you should try when traveling in Venice.

Piazza San Marco and the Basilica San Marco in Venice, Italy
Piazza San Marco
St.Mark’s Campanile | venice 3 day itinerary
St.Marks Square, Venice
San Marco Basilica. The morning sun at the Square. Perfect! | 72 hours in venice
san-marco-cathedral best free things to do in venice italy
Basilica di San Marco | what to do in venice in 3 days

Next, we floated under the magnificent Rialto Bridge whilst taking in the sights of the Grand Canal before it is getting dark. And the nightlife in Venice was quite lively, fun and full of emotions. Why? Because you’ll hear all the sounds mixing at the same time such as the sound of the restaurants’ offers, the sound of the water, the music from the excellent performances of real “street artists” and especially, the sound of different tourists’ languages in the world. Moreover, you’ll be amazed at colorful candles and lights shimmering in the night.

Rialto Bridge, Venice
The famous Rialto Bridge! | 3 days in venice
rialto bridge venice
Rialto bridge, the most beautiful bridge in Venice | what to do in venice in 3 days
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Grand Canal | 3 days in venice
Grand Canal of Venice by night, Italy
View of Grand Canal in the night, seen from Rialto Bridge, touristic place of Venice laguna. | what to do in venice in 3 days
gondola venice (1)
Gondolas ride

I’d visited the famous Bridge of Sighs. At there, I met a cute boy taking photos and he also help me how to have perfect pictures.

Tips: Let’s have a view at Venice Walking Tour to explore Venetian Gothic streets styles as well as fill your eyes with the miraculous San Marco Basilica, Piazza San Marco and so on.

The Bridge of Sighs13
The Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy | what to do in venice in 3 days

Day 2: Take a boat ride to Murano – Burano

Waterbus vaporetti8-1024x697
Waterbus to Murano & Burano

Murano and Burano were our next destinations and we got there by water bus. If you are a big fan of Venice, you may have no strange to the word “Murano”. Located in the northern Italy with a population little more than 5000 people. But this is the place converging most of Venice’s destinations such as The Church of Santa Maria e San Donato, San Pietro Martire or Murano Glass Museum belonging to Giustinian Palace. Also, this island is famous for skillful and complicated glass-blowing.

Murano, near Venice, Italy
Murano island, near Venice, Italy
Murano island at sunset
| what to do in venice in 3 days
murano glass factory (1)
One of the stores with cool window display of Murano chandeliers and other glass masterpieces.
Murano Island exploration
An example of Murano product and one of the island’s canals in the background
murano glass factory (1)
Murano making a Glass Horse | venice italy itinerary 3 days

Meanwhile, Burano with tiny colorful houses will be a perfect arrival for every Instagram followers. The people here really like to hang up the laundry in front of their house creating a particularly characteristic colors of each street. So, don’t forget your camera at home or else you’ll miss these unique scenery.

Burano Island
Burano laundry | venice italy itinerary 3 days
Colourful houses on Burano Island.
Burano island
Take a coolest picture in Burano Island
The streets here are so beautiful that every angle of the photo is “magical”. | venice italy itinerary 3 days

Tips: With the help of Murano, Burano & Torcello Explore Tour and a quite cheap price, you can explore all whole Murano, Burano and other outstanding destinations.

Day 3: Get lost in Mestre (Mainland)


Mestre, Venice
Piazza Ferretto – the heartbeat of Mestre

The third day in Venice exploration trip, we processed the check-out and then took a walk near the Mestre Station. Firstly, I visited a nearby church which I couldn’t remember its name. Next, I went to an exhibition called “Spirit of Murano”. Well, it can be said that wandering without any plans isn’t a bad idea. Secondly, let’s have a look at the oldest bookstore in Venice. You can buy English books, old magazines or even postcards as gifts for your friends and relatives here. Don’t forget to stop at these lovely fruit stalls and pottery shop of those hard-working artisans with their great spirit in this tiny city.

An vintage bookstore in Venice
The famed book-steps of Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice
Bookstore in Venice
Could you ever imagine a better reading book?
Rialto Market, Venice
Also, have a look at these lovely fruit stalls
An old bookstore

If you don’t like to walk anymore, why don’t you sit down and have a look at all the views and canoes surfing on the water in once? After those peaceful moments, it will be the time to say goodbye to Venice.

gondola venice italy
venice in autumn
Venice features not only famous sights and refined cuisine but also serenity and peace that make your love even better here.

Those were all my three-day in Venice. Personally, I was falling in loved with Venice from colorful houses and boats anchored on the banks of this small canal to captivating restaurants and antique stores,… It was so wonderful! If I have a change, I’d like to visit this lovely city again. In a word, hope you enjoy the Venice explore trip by your own way.

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the Venice trip
Enjoy the Venice trip by your own way

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in and from, and to Venice you can refer to

San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore

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