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Marina bay, Singapore

As a safe country, hospitality as well as possession of thousands of busy shopping centers, various entertainment services, convenient transportation system, that is Singapore — the famous tourist island nation in Southeast Asia. It is always a great destination for every visitor. With so many modern architecture buildings, crowed and bustling streets. In addition, there are numerous of historical, art and natural museums such as the National Museum, ArtScience Museum, … and botanical gardens, parks, wonderful zoos like the Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the Bay or Botanical Gardens, extremely beauty that no where never ever had. Living Nomads brings together all the Singapore travel experiences with all information you need to know to have an unforgettable vacation with full exciting experiences. Now, let’s check it out our Singapore blog (Singapore travel blog) — The fullest Singapore travel guide blog for a budget trip to Singapore for the first-timers below.

singapore travel blog singapore blog
Beautiful and magical night at Marina Bay
Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay and Esplanade theatre
Marina Sands Skypark2
Marina Sands Skypark
Little India Shopping Market
Little India Shopping Market
china-town singapore blog singapore travel blog
Singapore Chinatown
singapore chilli crab (1)
Singapore chilli crab. The national dish of Singapore

Singapore blog: When is the best time to visit Singapore?

ION Orchard-singapore2
ION Orchard. One of the best shopping malls in Singapore.

Singapore is a beautiful tourist island country, where it is an ideal destination for travelers around the world. You can visit Singapore at any time of the year, but for your Singapore trip is the most memorable and most complete experience, you should go to the following times:

  • Thaipusam, a fascinating Hindu festival that takes place around February every year.
  • The Singapore Food Festival takes place in April. This is one of the best time to visit Singapore for travelers who want to learn and explore the culinary culture of this country.
  • The biggest sales season of the year is in June. There are a lot of fashion brands in the busiest shopping centers will simultaneously discount their prices at this time. Shoppers love shopping do not miss this unique opportunity.
  • In July and August, there are two summer months with fewer tourists, if you want to travel to Singapore with a low cost, then you should choose this time is very appropriate.
Singapore hawker food court
Singapore hawker food court

Chinatown Food Street-best-place-to-enjoy-food-in-singapore6

Little India Singapore. One of the best places to visit in Singapore.
Little India Singapore. One of the best places to visit in Singapore.

Singapore blog: How to get to Singapore from Vietnam?

With direct flights from Saigon or Hanoi to Singapore less than 2 hours
With direct flights from Saigon or Hanoi to Singapore less than 2 hours

Only takes 2 hours fly from Vietnam. There are many flights of many airlines from Vietnam to Singapore that you can choose, such as Cathay Pacific Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Jetstar, Tiger Airways … You should buy tickets before flying about 3, 4 months and stay tuned for the discount airlines. The average ticket price for a flight to Singapore will be around $90 – $140 for a round trip.

With direct flights from Saigon or Hanoi to Singapore less than 2 hours
Changi Airport

To move between stations you can use the Skytrain (Changi Airport Skytrain), operating from 5 am to 2:30 am on the next morning. The service is free of charge with travel time between stations of about 90 seconds.

Changi Airport Skytrain
Changi Airport Skytrain

Singapore travel blog: How to get to city from Singapore Airport?

Changi is not only a modern airport but also the most beautiful airport in Southeast Asia
Changi is not only a modern airport but also the most beautiful airport in Southeast Asia

Singapore’s international airport is Changi, is quite far from the city center. To getting from Changi to the city, the first, you must determine which terminal you are in. Changi has 4 terminals, of which:

  • T1 is usually for Jetstar’s flights
  • T2 is Singapore’s domestic airlines such as Singapore Air, Scoot, …
  • T3 is Malindo Air, Lion Air and some Singapore Air’s flights
  • T4 is Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, AirAsia
Terminal 1

MRT from Singapore Airport to city

how to get around singapore-transport
Definitely not much easier than exploring Singapore by MRT!

To know which Terminal you will arrival at Changi airport, you need to see in your airfare or boarding pass. If you arrival at T1 and T4 you will have to travel by Skytrain, or walking to T2, T3, because the MRT station is located between T2 and T3. To go to MRT, from T2 or T3 you follow the “Train to the City” signboard to the basement.

MRT Network Map
singapore mrt Credit image: singapore blog.
Credit image: singapore blog.

From Changi Airport, the train will go to Tanah Merah Station. Stopping at this station you can transfer to almost all other MRT branches to the your hotel. The earliest train depart from 5:31 am (Monday to Saturday) and 5:59 pm on Sundays and holidays; The last one at 11:18 pm.

Tanah Merah Station
Tanah Merah Station

Bus from Changi Airport to city

Credit image: singapore blog. Buses are also a cheap but good transport in Singapore
Buses are also a cheap but good transport in Singapore. Credit image: singapore blog.
  • The bus station is located in the basement of each Terminal. The car does not stop for a long wait but will pick up passengers from the Terminal
    3 -> 1 -> 2 -> 3.
  • From Changi Airport to Changi Business Park, you can getting to the Terminal 3 for free shuttle bus, which operates Monday – Friday except
    public holidays.

With bus and MRT, you can buy tickets for each station or recharge your EZ Link card for convenient transportation without having to stop to buying tickets. The price of this card is about SGD12 (of which SGD5 is the deposit) and it is available in any station or terminal.

By Taxi

If you want getting to the city by taxi, you go to the reception hall of the terminal is available taxi, to getting to the center will take about 30 minutes and from SGD20 – SGD40 depending on location and time. If you go on late night, you will have to pay a surcharge of SGD5–SGD10.

Taxis are quite expensive in Singapore so you need to consider carefully before use.
Taxis are quite expensive in Singapore so you need to consider carefully before use. Picture: singapore travel blog.

By bus, if you need to go to Johor Bahru (Malaysia) you can use the bus service at terminals 1, 2, 3. The bus will stop at Larkin Bus Station (Malaysia).

Singapore blog: How to getting around Singapore?

getting around singapore

In Singapore there are three popular public transportation vehicles: taxi, bus and MRT. From the airport, you can getting to your hotel by all these 3 means of transport. Taxis are the fastest but most expensive transportation in Singapore. Buses are cheaper, but the way they operate is different from Vietnam. In Singapore’s self-sufficient travel experience (our Singapore travel guide blog), it’s best to travel with MRT, because this is the cheapest, safest, fastest and most convenient way to travel in Singapore.

MRT cabin. Credit image: singapore blog.

To use the MRT, you can buy a ticket each time at each station or buy an EZ Card for multiple uses as mentioned above. Singapore’s MRT is most modern MRT in the world and passes through most famous tourist attractions. There are 4 main routes set in the moving direction of the train: The red (the North South), The purple (the North East), The green (the East West) and The Circle Line. MRT normally operating from 5.30am and stop at 23pm and the bus is 24pm, so please pay your attention to avoid misses and have to travel by taxi.


Three extremely important notes when using MRT:

  • Name of station: Contains the abbreviation of the route name and station’s order number. For example, the name of the station you are going to depart is Little India (NE7) and the station name you must be down is Newton (NS21). You have to remember this if you do not want to mistakenly routes.
  • Name of direction: Recorded on the train body.
  • Interchange: There are some stations that are interchanges between the routes so you need to pay attention.

Read more: How to get around Singapore — 6 means of transportation in Singapore for tourists.

Singapore blog: Singapore travel cost (or trip cost)

Cost of accommodation

  • Guesthouses/hostels: ranges from SGD24 to SGD33 per night.
  • Cheap hotels: an average of SGD55 per double room with fan.
  • Hotels: ranges from SGD110 – SGD135 per night.
Geylang room
A room in Geylang area. Picture: singapore travel blog.

A good travel experience for backpacker travelers is you should be stay in Geylang (if you rent a hotel) or Little India (if sleeping in dorm room) will have the best price.

Cost of moving

singapore mrt guide

There are many buses and taxis in Singapore, but for long distance and go through all tourist attractions you should use the MRT (Express Train).

Photo: singapore travel guide blog.
  • MRT: Cost based on travel distance, normally you will spend SGD4 to move between stations.
  • Taxi: The opening price is SGD3.4, about SGD 0.55 per kilometer and SGD17.5 per hour.
  • Bus: costs from SGD0.65 depending on the route, be sure to bring penny cash because the bus driver will not pay excess cash for you.

Cost of eating out

Hainanese chicken rice singapore national dishes 1
Hainanese chicken rice Singappore. Credit image: singapore blog.
  • Street Food: Great solution to save money with less than SGD6 / dish. For Chinese & Indian food, it costs between SGD8 – SGD10 per dish.
  • Restaurant: A full meal costs an average of SGD20 – endlessly (depending on your capabilities).

Cost of transportation

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

mrt system map
MRT system map

The MRT system in Singapore has 4 main routes: North South Line (sign NS – red), East West Line (sign EW – green), North East Line (sign NE – purple), Circle Line (sign CC – orange). MRT usually operates from 5:30am to 12:00pm. There are two important routes that you need to pay attention when traveling in Singapore.

  • East West Line: This is the route you will travel from Chang Airport and through many other transit stations.
  • Circle Line: This route passes many city attractions, some popular stations such as the Esplanade (Durian Theater, Duck Tour), Bayfront (Gardens by the Bay), Marina Bay, Dhoby Ghaut (Transfer station of CC, NS, NE routes).
singapore tourist pass
Singapore Tourist Pass. Picture: singapore travel blog.

MRT cards are plastic cards, including used one-time cards (cost depend your routes from SGD1.1 – SGD2.6, buy at automatic machines, plastic cards), Singapore Tourist Pass card (Can be used in 1/2/3 days at a respective cost of SGD10/16/20) and EZ-Link card (can be
recharged money, can be used many times for many types of vehicles: MRT, Bus, Monorail). EZ-Link cards are available at ticket counters (TransitLink Ticket Office) at the stations of Changi Airport, Orchard, Chinatown, City Hall, Raffles Place, Ang Mo Kio, HarbourFront, Bugis, Lavender and Bayfront.

Buses in Singapore are very nice and clean.
Buses in Singapore are very nice and clean. Credit image: singapore blog.

The bus system is very scientific and convenient, most of the buses are equipped with air conditioning. You can pay by cash (remember to bring excess cash), Singapore Tourist Pass or EZ-Link card.

Queueing for cab in city
Queueing for cab (Taxi) in city

It is quite convenient vehicle for you to travel to locations located far from MRT / Bus stations. Taxis in Singapore charge per kilometer, some firms may charge extra fees depending on the time / place of pickup. You should clearly ask the driver about this before going and remember to ask for a bill when paying. You can pick up taxis on the street or stand in front of shopping malls / hotels / attractions. Another simple way is to
call 6-DIAL CAB (6342-5222) to connect to taxi call centers.

Singapore blog: Some tips on how to saving money for a budget trip to Singapore

Save money on hotels

Little India Hotels
Little India.

If you want to save the most money fof a budget trip to Singapore, you should choose stay Little India area (Check rates Little India hotels at here). With the price per bed in dorm room costs about SGD20 – SGD60, single room from SGD60, and double room (cheap type) from SGD100. In addition, many travelers sleep right at the airport on the first and last night in Singapore to save more money. This is also true, because the cheap flights often arrive or depart at night. Moreover, Changi Airport is well known for its clean, safe and quite comfortable to sleep through the night.

dorm room
A dorm room

Save money on drinking water

Hogs Bar

If you choose to go to bars in Clarke Quay, you can find bars hang discounted signboards or buy 1 get 1. In addition, some cheap bars but still style that you can try are Five Izakaya Bar (only SGD5 for a glass of beer, the price apply for all day) or Ice Cold B’s @ SMU (SGD10 for a big glass).

Pre-booking tickets for tours, activities

Long queues singapore travel
Long queues in Universal Singapore. Credit image: singapore blog.

One of Singapore’s most self-sufficient travel experiences is pre-booking tickets for sights, tours and activities. The reason is pre-booking usually better price than buying directly, especially when buying online. Also, with the crowded attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, buying tickets in advance will save you time, avoiding queues too long.

Use public transport

Walking in Downtown Singapore2
Walking in Downtown Singapore

MRT is a means of transport that anyone who has traveled to Singapore choose. This type of vehicle will help you to go to any famous places and also save money. Alternatively, you can also “imitate” local people and walk to discover the cleanest city in Southeast Asia.

Singapore travel blog: Where to stay?

Image by: marina bay area singapore blog.
The rooftop pool. Singapore has a diverse range of hotels, from cheap to luxury. Credit image: singapore blog.
  • Budget: Chinatown, Burgis, Little India, Geylang. Part of Geylang is the red light district, so if you are visit Singapore for the first time, do not stay here, it will be easy to ask by customs.
  • Average: Civic District, Bugis and Kampong Glam, Clarke Quay
  • Luxury: Sentosa Resort, Marina Bay Sands, …

Singapore blog: Singapore travel experiences — Points of interest, best places to visi, and top things to do in Singapore.

Top amusement parks in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore (USS): The largest and unique amusement park in Southeast Asia about movie theme. With dozens of adventure games, heartbreaking. Read more: Universal Studios Singapore tips — Top 5 best tips for a wonderful trip to Universal Studio Singapore.

2 universal studio singapore tourist attractions opening hours address map guide (1)
Universal Studios. One of the best amusement parks in Asia.
roller coaster at Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is the leading park where anyone who comes to Singapore must visit.

Adventure Cove Water Park: The most beautiful water park in Asia, where you can find abundant water games, enjoy a relaxing day and have fun.

If you are finding the heartbreaking water slides, check in at Wild Wild Wet.
Adventure Cove Water Park is also located on Sentosa Island. Credit image: singapore blog.

Wild Wild Wet: Singapore’s largest water park and one of Asia’s wonderful water parks, with its unique twist, winding, circle slides.

If you are looking for the heartbreaking water slides, check out Wild Wild Wet
If you are looking for the heartbreaking water slides, check out Wild Wild Wet. Credit image: singapore blog.

Legoland theme park and water park: theme park and water park with the theme is the colorful Lego world.

legoland malaysia tourist attractions things to do map guide reviews opening hours (1)
Located in Malaysia but Legoland is still the choice of many families when visiting to Singapore.

Singapore Flyer: The giant Ferris Wheel with the largest cabin in Asia, where you can enjoy spectacular view of Marina Bay and vibrant city of Singapore.

Singapore flyer and Marina bay at night
Picture: singapore travel blog.
Singapore Flyer is a great spot to see the whole Singapore city. Picture: singapore travel blog.

Merlion: There are several Merlion versions so you can see it at Merlion Park on the banks of Marina Bay or on Sentosa Island.

Merlion is the iconic of Singapore

Marina Sands SkyPark: Singapore’s highest open observation deck, offering panoramic views of Singapore at the bay, especially at sunset or nightfall.

Marina Sands Skypark2
Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is located at the top of three hotel towers

Zoo, bird garden, aquarium and nature

Gardens by the bay: Includes the Flower Dome, the Clould Forest, the unique super trees, the unique OCBC skywalk trail, and the distinctive sound and light show.

Traveling to Singapore, you definitely must go to Gardens by the bay. Credit image: singapore blog.

SEA Aquarium: The most magnificent aquarium in Southeast Asia with hundreds of thousands of marine organisms, bringing you to the bottom of the ocean in the most real way. Read more: Explore S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore — One of the best places you must visit in Singapore.

The SEA Aquarium7
SEA Aquarium is one of the most magnificent aquarium in Asia

Singapore Zoo: 99% of Singapore’s most favorite by tourist reviews, covers 26 hectares, including more than 2,300 individuals of 300 species.

Singapore Zoo entrance. The Zoo is large and clean, suitable for families to visit when visiting Singapore

Singapore River Safari: The unique park and zoo with a river setting, a place to visit all the world famous rivers and endemic flora and fauna.

The first open zoo with river theme in Singapore
The first open zoo with river theme in Singapore

Singapore Night Safari: In the midst of the darkness of the night, you will have the opportunity to see the hyenas, leopard hunting majestic. Read more: Singapore night safari tips — How to have a wonderful trip in Singapore Night Safari.

night safari singapore review singapore night safari tips night safari singapore itinerary 3
With a little lucky, you will see the “kings” of the night hunting

Jurong Bird Park – The world famous bird sanctuary with an area of over 200,000 m2, the home of 400 birds with nearly 5,000 individuals.

Explore the world of fun of birds

Botanic Gardens: One of the largest and oldest botanical gardens with thousands of herb species with the National Orchid Garden.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Butterfly and insect kingdom: Where you can observe the life of more than 1500 butterflies and thousands of insects of all kinds.

Butterfly Garden is also one of the must-see destinations in Singapore
Butterfly Garden is also one of the must-see destinations in Singapore. Picture: singapore travel blog.

Museums and cultural heritages

ArtScience Museum: With the Future World exhibition taking you beyond the ordinary physical limits to get into the digital space in the most reality way.

ArtScience Museum
ArtScience Museum with exquisite art and modern exhibits

National Gallery: This place is a unique architectural attraction site with unique collections of history.

Once the town hall of Singapore, the building itself is an interesting “artifact.”

National Museum: The place preserves the entire history of the island of Singapore with 1700 artifacts, antiques show the most important milestones.

National Museum singapore
It will not be complete if you miss the National Museum of Singapore during your journey. Credit image: singapore blog.

Reading continued…

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