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Tax-free zone – a paradise of Malaysia tourism, is an archipelago of 99 small islands located in the Andaman Sea. The largest of these is Pulau Langkawi. Famous sights of Langkawi are Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, also known as Seven Wells Falls because there are seven waterfalls below the falls, Gunung Raya Mountain, Crocodile Adventureland Farm, Laman Padi Langkawi (Rice Garden & Museum) with beautiful rice fields scenery, Legend Garden, Underwater World Aquarium, the beautiful Eagle Square and Oriental Village bear Asian architecture style. Popular beaches in Langkawi are Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah, Pantai Kok, Tanjung Rhu, Datai Bay, Burau Bay, Black Sand Beach, Pantai Pasir Hitam black beach and Pasir Tengkorak Beach.

Sky Bridge. The place has a number of trees and fresh air. Surely, you will enjoy your vacation at Langkawi, Malaysia.
Pulau Payar Marine Park
Pulau Payar Marine Park
Pantai Tengah Beach
Sunset on the beach in Langkawi

night market langkawi

Nasi Kandar

seaside bar langkawi

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Ipoh Old Town. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Mainly attract tourists to Malaysia with the old colonial architecture such as Birch Memorial Clock Tower, Ipoh Railway Station, Ipoh Town Hall, Muzium Darul Ridzuan Museum, Tamil Mariamman Kovil Temple, Perak Tong Caves, Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong, Kellie’s Castle and Ulu Geroh Rainforest. Read more: Lou Wong Ipoh — The best chicken rice in Ipoh town, Malaysia.

The Birch Memorial Clock Tower in Ipoh, Perak
The Birch Memorial Clock Tower in Ipoh, Perak

East coast of the Malay Peninsula

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands

Located near Ipoh, Cameron Highlands is the famous travel destination of Malaysia. Attractions in Cameron Highlands include Malaysia’s highest Gunung Brinchang mountain peak, Mossy Forest, Parit Waterfall, Blue Valley with the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia, rose gardens like Robinson Rose Garden, Rose Center and Rose Valley, Robinson falls, Time Tunnel Museum, and Butterfly Garden. Read more: Exploring Cameron Highlands – A peaceful place in the heart of Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands - kuala lumpur1

Picture: malaysia blog.
Picture: malaysia blog.


Kuantan_beach. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Kuantan is the largest city on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, famous for its most fascinating beaches: Teluk Cempedak Monkey Beach, Balok Wind Beach, Pantai Batu Hitam Black Stone Beach, and other interesting sights such as Beserah fishing village, Pulau Ular Snake Island, Sungai Lembing village with the world’s largest underground tiniest mine, the Panching caves complex with the Buddha statue sleeping inside, the Berkelah waterfall and the Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque.

Kuantan Mosque
Kuantan Mosque. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Fraser’s Hill

Fraser's Hill

The hill is located in the state of Pahang, which is considered the best place to see birds, with more than 250 species of birds have been seen. Attractions include: English-style clock tower, Jeriau Waterfalls and hiking trails such as Hemmant Trail, Bishop’s Trail and Pine Tree Trail.

Fraser's Hill seeking birds

Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Island, Malaysia
Perhentian Island, Malaysia

The islands group is located in the northeastern part of the Malay Peninsula, including two main islands: the big island of Pulau Perhentian Besar and small island of Pulau Perhentian Kecil. These islands are the ideal places for diving and snorkeling of Malaysia with its crystal clear waters and rich coral reefs. Main Beaches: On Kecil Island there are Pasir Panjang beach and Teluk Aur coral bay, on Besar Island has Teluk Dalam deep bay, Teluk Keke Bay and Teluk Pauh Bay. Some of the famous diving locations are Pinnacle (Tokong Laut) and Sugar Wreck. As for snorkeling lovers, Teluk Pauh, Shark Point and Tanjung Basi are the best places. From Perhentian you can go to Redang Island, another popular destination for scuba diving. Read more: Perhentian Islands — A journey to the tropical paradise of Malaysia.

Perhentian Island, Kecil. Long beach, Malaysia
Perhentian Island, Kecil. Long beach, Malaysia
Snorkeling in Perhentian islands
Snorkeling in Perhentian islands
Kayaking in Perhentian islands
Kayaking in Perhentian islands
Party at the beach. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.
Sunset in Perhentian islands
Sunset in Perhentian islands

Tioman Island

Pulau Tioman Island

The island located in the offshore of eastern peninsula of Malaysia. Some of the famous attractions are: Air Batang Village, Coral Bay, Monkey Bay, Monkey Yellow Sand Beach, Juara Beach and Juara Village. Follow the river flows to Juara Beach, you can find beautiful waterfalls in the forest, a very different landscape of Malaysia. Read more: Tioman Island travel blog — The fullest guide to explore Tioman Island of Malaysia.

Perfect seaside Tioman Island
Perfect seaside Tioman Island. Picture: malaysia blog.
beach tioman island
Credit image: malaysia travel blog.
Romantic Resort Tioman Hotel Tioman
Romantic Resort Tioman
kayaking things to do in tioman island
Kayaking in Tioman Island

The southern of Malay Peninsula

Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is a city in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. Not a very attractive destination for tourists, but Johor Bahru is an important transport hub for Malaysian tourism. Inside the city there are also monuments bearing Islamic, Hindu and Chinese colors.

legoland malaysia tourist attractions things to do map guide reviews opening hours (1)
Legoland, Joho Bharu Malaysia. One of the best amusement parks in Asia is located in Joho.

East Malaysia / Malaysian Borneo


kuching sarawak

Malaysia’s cleanest city, located in the state of Sarawak, Kuching is the paradise for tourists. Some places to visit: Tua Pek Kong Temple, Sultan Iskandar Planetarium, Kuching Civic Center Building, Kuching City Mosque, Masjid Jamek Mosque, Medan Raya Complex, Kuching Waterfront Area, Pasar Minggu Sunday Market, Cat Museum and many other interesting attractions.

kuching chinatown

Kota Kinabalu

kota kinabalu
Kota Kinabalu at night

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah state on the island of Borneo, Kota Kinabalu is Malaysia’s fast growing destination due to its nearby to tropical islands, rainforests and Mount Kinabalu. Places to visit here: Atkinson Clock Tower, Tanjung Aru Beach, City Park, Gaya Street – Kota Kinabalu’s Chinatown, Sabah State Mosque, and Kota Kinabalu Mosque.

Kinabalu-7 unforgettable experiences on the Borneo Island8

Kinabalu National Park malaysia

Kinabalu-7 unforgettable experiences on the Borneo Island6


Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak
Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

A small town in northern Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Miri is a popular stopover for tourists before exploring two well-known destinations of Malaysia, Gunung Mulu National Park and the Kelabit Highlands.

Mabul Island

Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Mabul is a small island located in the offshore of the south-east coast of Sabah state, on the northern coast of Borneo Island and is Malaysia’s second largest state. If you are looking for a charming island with sparkling blue water that can see the bottom, with the brilliant pink sunset cover on the floating houses, with the night sky with sparkling stars … then it It is Mabul. Mabul is still a new tourist destination in Malaysia, so many people have not heard of this beautiful island yet.

Bungalows On Mabul Island, Sabah
Bungalows On Mabul Island, Sabah
Snorkeling Mabul Island
Snorkeling Mabul Island
Arung Hayat Mabul Island Lodge
Watching sunset

Malaysia travel blog: What to eat in Malaysia?

Penang street food

Malaysian cuisine combines the Chinese and Indian cuisine style, giving you plenty of delicious options. What to eat when traveling to Malaysia? Here are some of the country’s most famous specialties that you can not miss when visiting to this country.

Penang Assam Laksa Noodle: sour spicy, with ingredients including mackerel, sour tamarind and vegetables, along with thick noodles.

Assam Laksa

Hokkien Mee Noodles: Comes from Fujian Province, China, Hokkien Mee includes mixed ingredients: pork, fish balls, rice noodles, shrimp, fried onions and fried spicy chilli.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

Wonton Mee Noodles: Wonton noodles. Egg noodles mixed with soy sauce, lard and fried chilli peppers, served with vegetables and wonton.

Nasi Kandar (Indian Curry Rice): Indian dish. Steamed white rice pours spicy curry sauce, served with meat and vegetables of your choice, usually is beef, chicken, shrimp, melon, bitter melon…This is also one of the dishes that travelers love to travel Malaysia.

Nasi Kandar

Rojak (Salads mixed vegetables): Green mango, green apple, cucumber, papaya, guava … are chopped, mixed in spicy sauce and shrimp paste mixed with fried tofu. Diners can eat with jellyfish or shrimp, sprinkle small peanuts pounding up is great.

Lor bak: Deep-fried pork chopped, served with spicy red pepper sauce and egg sauce.

Curry mee / curry laksa: A spicy curry coconut soup served with egg noodles, vermicelli, chicken, tofu stuffed with shrimp, boiled pork blood, clams and squid, fresh mint leaves and fried chilli peppers.

curry laksa

Char kway teow: Made from fried rice noodles, soy sauce, fresh shrimp, clams, eggs, soybeans and onions, served on green banana leaves.


Koay Chiap soup: Ingredients include pork, duck meat, some organs of duck, pig, such as ear, tongue, liver, blood. Rice noodles or cassava noodles, called koay chiap, are handmade and the soup is served with boiled eggs, fresh onion and chili sauce.

Koay Chiap soup

Kacang Sweets: The kacang sweets mix of red beans, jelly, corn and fruit syrup. Siro sugar and milk or coconut milk are added last to create a sweet taste.

Ais Kacang traditional dessert from Malaysia
Ais Kacang traditional dessert from Malaysia. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Lok lok: simple barbecue skewers for sale on the roadside, a common snack.

Treat yourself to some authentic Malay Street Food. (Photo: Blue Moon in Her Eyes/Flickr)
Treat yourself to some authentic Malay Street Food. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Frog porridge: The most famous is Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge.

Roti canai: Breakfast cake dish originated from India, served with curry and beans.

Roti Canai
Roti Canai

Satay: Satay is a dish of chicken, goat, sheep, beef, thin sliced, marinated in some spices, most typical is peanuts, skewered into bamboo sticks and then grill.

Chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce

Nasi lemak: Talking about Malaysian cuisine can not help but talk about Nasi lemak – the most popular dish in Malaysia. Nasi lemak is often eaten in lunch or when people do not have much time to cook. In addition, people eat it with chicken curry, vegetables or beef.

Nasi Lemak Malaysia street food around the world (1)
Nasi Lemak. Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Popiah spring rolls: rolls from small sliced radish with vegetables, peanuts, eggs, tofu. All are wrapped in a thin package made from rice.

Mee goreng: This is a fried noodles with many different versions, very famous in Malaysia. You will often see noodles fried with garlic, soybeans, shallots, peppers, spinach, prawns or beef or chicken depending on the requirements of the customer.

Credit image: malaysia travel blog.
Credit image: malaysia travel blog.

Nasi goreng: roasted rice with chilli, garlic and kecap manis (a kind of sweet soy in Malaysia).

Pasembur: Pasembur is a mixed dish of fried shrimp, octopus, squid, bean sprouts, chopped cucumbers, tofu, boiled potatoes, and boiled eggs. All ingredients are mixed with sweet and sour sauce.



Sambal udang: Sambal is a blend of chili, shrimp paste and calamansi. This is a Malaysian daily dish. They mixed boiled shrimp, peeled with sambal.

Malaysia travel blog: What to buy in Malaysia?

According to the experience of many visitors to Malaysia, you can refer to some of the items below to buy as gifts to relatives, friends:

Teh Tarik (Malaysian Pulled Tea)

Making Teh Tarik 2
Making Teh Tarik

This is a drink that many visitors love when traveling to Malaysia. The main ingredient to make this drink is Boh tea with a delicious, fatty taste. Besides the traditional black tea, Boh tea also has other flavors such as durian, mango, mandarin, passion fruit, ginger … Each box of Boh tea has 25 pack, price about RM5.

Teh Tarik penang

Durian chocolate

Durian chocolate

Durian and Durian products are Malaysian specialties. The chocolate is blended with the characteristic aroma of durian to create sweet candy, extremely attractive. Durian chocolate cost about RM20 to RM25 per box.

Milk coffee

Milk coffee

Well-known for its coffee culture for a long time, visiting Malaysia you can enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with friends. In addition, you can buy coffee milk packaged as a gift. You can choose to buy some famous brands such as Oldtown, Aik Cheong, Ah Huat … The price of each coffee box can ranging from RM12 MYR to RM15.

Spices, sauces

Spices malay

This is also a local specialty that many visitors love. You can buy curry powder, satay sauce … priced at RM4 to RM7 per package.

Malaysia travel blog: Some things to know before traveling to Malaysia


  • Do not bring too much cash to Malaysia. You should only carry a sufficient amount of money to spend and shopping, and you should pay by credit card if you buy large items.
  • In Malaysia you should wear neat, polite outfits. Avoid wearing too sexy will not get the sympathy of the people.
  • Make sure you have the necessary personal items such as toothbrushes, towels, toothpastes, etc. because the hotels in here may not be available these items.
  • Do not touch the pictures, paintings.

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Photo: one day in kuala lumpur blog.
Bukit Bintang

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