Sex shows in Pattaya

Pattaya sex show pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Since tourism has become a major industry in Thailand, they have organized more professional sex shows in Pattaya dubbed the “sin city” (a funny way to mention to this town.)

The Thai people seem to be obsessed with sex and though they are a Buddhism country. When Rama II ascended to the throne in the nineteenth century, he opened the door to European merchants and from there western culture was introduced. As a result, most Thai people regardless of gender are quite open-minded about sex.

Pattaya sex show
They are required to practice very much to ensure a “leg” in these luxury shows. Photo by: places to visit in pattaya in 3 days blog.

A tour guide said: “This is a cultural art in Pattaya. After watching, you should not wonder about anything. It is not plain-sailing to do so, these girls have to train from age 12 to at least 20 to 22 years old. They must get a license for this post also.” These shows are not included in the tour. If you have a need, you have to buy a ticket. The bars in Pattaya are divided into two categories: go bar (sex show and brothel) and go beer (beer only).

Pattaya sex show
The most popular is the Tiffany show and sex performance. There are people saying that going to Thailand without visiting Pattaya to “wash” their eyes is a huge mistake.
Pattaya sex show
According to a tour guide, there are 8 such stages in this “sin city”. Each stage has its own look. Like what happens in any competition, there are clear phases: ready, set and go! Picture: pattaya itinerary 3 days blog.

She said the first show was a nude performance by Russian girls aged 18-25. The girls would invite a random guy to take a bath together on stage and massage that lucky guy with their bodies! But this is just the beginning. Next, there is a show showcasing Thai transgender surgery technology. The two actors will not don clothes to reveal their flawless bodies after having at least 50 surgeries.

Pattaya sex show pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
The third show is with Russian models. They will teach you how to tell apart between real girls and transgender ones. These “boys” will invite guests to eat sushi on their body by their . . . mouths.
Pattaya sex show
The fourth show is about qigong with the not-so-pretty female performers. Believe it or not, these women use their entrance to suck 10 cigarettes at the same time, exhale smoke like from… a mouth!
Pattaya sex show
It is said that beer opener company will go bankrupt in no time watching these versatile down below do it effortlessly.
Pattaya sex show pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
These “gals are donning the absolutely sensitive garments. Foto: what to do in pattaya in 3 days blog.
Pattaya sex show
It is not plain-sailing to become a pro in this industry

What to do in Pattaya in 3 days — Day 3: Take the trip to the thousand years rock garden – Siracha – Shopping tour – Bangkok – Vietnam

Siracha Circus Pattaya
Opened in 1997, Sriracha Tiger Zoo Chonburi is now the largest Bengal tiger park in the world. Photo by: places to visit in pattaya in 3 days blog.

On the third and final day of our Pattaya tour, we will come to Siracha – tiger and pig circus. At this place you will be able to witness the interesting scene of inter-species motherhood love – lactating tiger mom feed piglets and vice versa, little lords of forest suck pig’s nipple! You have never seen anything alike for sure.

Along the way, you will enter the habitat of more gentle genres such as deer, camel, elephant and guinea pig. Simultaneously, more than 10,000 crocodiles from “baby” to” grandpa “are residing in their own marshes. Depending on the types animals, you can feed them or interact with them through fun games.

Siracha Circus Pattaya
Not only do you have the opportunity to admire the animals in their natural habitat, you also have the chances to watch the unique performances of the residents here.
Siracha Circus Pattaya
Simultaneously, you will have moments of “brain-wracking” predicting the champion among piggy racers.
Siracha Circus Pattaya pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Spread over an area of 40ha, the living area of the “Lord of Forest” with tens of thousands of wild critters.
Siracha Circus Pattaya
Visiting this park, you also have the opportunity to see the impressive performances from the residents themselves. Image by: pattaya itinerary blog.


Siracha Circus Pattaya
And the most special part is witnessing the incredible interspecies motherhood between animals. Image by: pattaya itinerary blog.

Tigers, elephants, crocodiles, ostriches, etc. will all offer you different levels of emotions. Let’s start your Sriracha Tiger Zoo with a visit to the Bengal tigers. You will have some shots to participate in the exciting activity called “Shoot ‘N’ Feed”, in which you have to take on “hunting” for the lords of the forest.

The Million Years Stone Park

Pattaya Million Years Stone Park
The Million Years Stone Park is a quite far-out attraction displaying weird rock blocks paired with scintillating animal renders. Photo by: places to visit in pattaya in 3 days blog.

The next stop on the itinerary is a thousand-year-old rock park, where you will be able to visit many majestic natural wonders and admire the everyday life of many wild critters. Especially, you can take pictures with lions and tigers.

It was opened by an indigenous man with a great love of surrounding environment and a large assemblage of odd non-artificial objects. This collection accounts for approximately bisected park’s area, which adds more idiosyncratic color to the zone’s landscape. It is an easeful place, good for enjoying at a hassle-free pace and for cropping pictures in front of amazing backdrops. Sad but true, there are no instruction boards in the area, so those who have a soft spot for geology and topography will not be able to learn much from the fantastic settings.

Pattaya Million Years Stone Park
Focusing on the old era, as the name reveals, the top-notch exhibits include fossilized trunks and the nearest genetic cousins of the colossal reptile: crocodile. Photo by: places to visit in pattaya in 3 days blog.
Pattaya Million Years Stone Park
The 30-hectare green land is located in a tranquil village far-flung from the major motorway of Bangkok, where it has been since February 1992. Picture: pattaya itinerary 3 days blog.

The rest plot is the crocodile territory. It is of paramount importance to bear in mind that this is a zoo following the eastern standards. Different from the other hemisphere-styled zoo, where the key lies in conservation and re-breeding wildlife critters, wild things in the Million Years Stone Park can be quite approachable.

You can feed the huge beasts with a chicken carcass on a fishing rod, give fruits to giraffes among other activities which western visitants might feel gross. There are also some daily crocodile performances there.

Specialties of Bangkok

Discover the 3-day tour of Pattaya19
Down in the rabbit hole of Thai delicacies. Image credit: 3 days in pattaya blog.

Then we depart for Bangkok and on the way, we will learn about 3 types of specialties from three regions of Thailand (tiger bone glue, unique honey, and birds’ nest). Go to Bangkok – the busiest shopping paradise in the world, you will shop till you drop. Here you will easily find a variety of items from clothing, shoes to modern electronic devices at very affordable prices selling as gifts.

Tiger bone glue

Pattaya tiger bone glue
According to traditional pharmacology, tiger bone glue is salty, warm, and help relieve pain.

In Central Thailand, tiger bone glue help strengthen the tendons and treat arthritis.The component of this solution is 40% of tiger bones, the rest are some other substances such as deer’s velvet antler and Chinese medicine. In Thailand, tiger breeding is very popular so the government is particularly interested in this industry. Therefore, this product is highly valued and the government also launches some policies to stabilize the price.

Pattaya tiger bone glue
It can be said, this beast-based elixir has highly praised properties: body nourishment and prevention of diseases associated with osteoarthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and knee osteoarthritis.

Cannabis honey

Pattaya cannabis honey pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
A product that is considered the sui generis specialty of northern Thailand is cannabis honey.

Weird as it may sound, thousands of diligent honeybees visit weed’s flowers on a daily basis and bring to life the top-notch honey. It is highly valued pharmacists world-wide.

Pattaya honey
The identity of real canna-honey is its inert state when dripped down a cup of water. In lieu of infusion, the sweet liquid would form a beehive’s ring shape. Image by: pattaya itinerary blog.

Salangane nest

Pattaya birds' nest
Bird’s nest contains a large amount of nutrients, including 31 crucial trace elements. This “edible breeding ground” is considered the essence of heaven and earth. Image credit: 3 days in pattaya blog.

Similar to the above potent mucus, another specialty of Southern Phuket is Thailand’s Salanganes nest. 2 kinds of Thai birds are White and Red nest. The Salangane nest picking is allowed and regulated by the Thai.

Pattaya bird's nest
In particular, the red one is the last droppings of the birds before they die which is used to nourish the elderly, regulate blood pressure thanks to the great properties. Picture: pattaya itinerary 3 days blog.

After shopping, we will hail a car to the airport and return to Vietnam to finish our journey of excitement. Within of 3 days and 2 nights, this itinerary will help you get a trip to discover the most mysterious Pattaya. With these real-life experiences, hopefully, some of them will help you complete the missing pieces of your Pattaya travel plans.

Let’s have a look at the below incredible moments in Pattaya

Pattaya motorcycle on water surface
Driver a moto on water surface, ahem, is there anything better?
Pattaya elephant riding pattaya itinerary 3 days 3 days in pattaya what to do in pattaya in 3 days
Elephant riding. I am on the back of the largest animal on earth’s surface! Foto: what to do in pattaya in 3 days blog.
Pattaya "big cat"
Lord of forest? No! It is the adorable big cat
Pattaya giraffe
Giraffe be like: “What are you doing in this tiny box, you human idiots?” lol. Image by: 3 nights pattaya itinerary blog.

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