Located to the northwest of the Bali Island, the small Pemuteran fishing village is a beautiful place but very few travelers know.

Pemuteran – The new land cannot miss when traveling to Bali

Is a suitable place for leisure and entertainment activities, Pemuteran is a small fishing village along the coast. Through a long process of development, the small island located in the northwest corner of Bali – Indonesia is gradually springing up many extremely beautiful resorts along the coast, attracts visitors from every to have rest and sightseeing.

On the shore


Waves flow into the Gulf of Pemuteran Bay quite suitable for surfing because the coast here is covered by the reef. The coast here is the appropriate place for everyone to discover and enjoy the views everyday life. At every sunset, you will see kids playing ball while the fishermen are preparing to go into the boat to sea.


The residents are friendly and they always welcome you by the local language is “selemat malam (Hello)”. On your route, you will come across many popular tourist projects on the island which is typical Bio Rocks – a project with coral breeding. The cables that you see running along the beach carrying a weak electric current used to stimulate the production of coral.


Having the period which the reefs here were destroyed by heavy fishing accidents by landmines and climate change, but thanks to this special project that corals are growing back at a faster rate 5 times normal.

Under the water


With its unique shape of the coast, this bay is the perfect place for you to discover. Coming to Taman Nasional Bali Barat on the Pulau Menjangan Island – the only national park in Bali to have a chance to come to one of the most famous diving spots in Indonesia.


Under clear blue water, you can see corals and sponges with all different and sizes shapes. This is also the goal of many people coming to Bali, but only Pulau Menjangan can make them feel satisfied


In addition to having a lot of clown fish and mandarin fish, sometimes you will have the opportunity to see these large marine mammals such as white sharks, rays or even whales anymore. The diving here is quite easy, you just step on board and they will take you to the underwater paradise with a reef wall till 30 meters long. When did enjoy the beautiful underwater scene here, you can ask the helmsman to go to more remote areas in the north of the island to continue the journey to explore under water.

Living conditions


When the government began the process of re-education to attract tourism Pemuteran, a committee of the chiefs, scientists, and several leaders agreed to keep the original version of a traditional fishing area. The beach is divided into the different large area and where to build the perfect resorts. No having the place to focus too crowded or dominant than the remaining part absolutely. The offshore islands are hostels, café, and the hotels were built and operated by the residents living there.


You can come to Taman Sari – a characterized native region. Matahari Resort is a great choice. If you do not like the sea, come to motel Jubawa – a cost-saving option and far from the sea. In addition, Bali Re is also a stopping point is not bad with the scrumptious food quality.

How to get there


There are many different ways to get to Pemuteran. One of the most comfortable options is to go through the Antosari road countryside. You can go along the coast, but everything on the road is quite dangerous. Because trucks move from Gilimanuk area frequently between the fishing port and the ferry terminal in Gilimanuk Java.


An alternate route is to go through the lake on the Danau Bratan mountain – where the famous temple Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. Follow this route, you’ll pass through the mountainous town of Munduk Midlands – a region well known for its mild climate, beautiful scenery and is a fascinating climbing. Either take any road, you will still have the opportunity to admire the beautiful rice fields passing and Danau Bratan Munduk. Surely you’ll be surprised to witness.


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