Diamond beach, Nusa Dua, Bali

Bali is a pearl island paradise, where you can enjoy nature and relax comfortably. Check out the Bali itinerary 5 days 4 nights on what to do in Bali for 5 days and how to spend 5 days in Bali perfectly with us!

Broken beach, Nusa Penida, Bali | Bali itinerary 5 Days
Ubud temple | Bali itinerary 5 Days
Bali cuisine

Bali, a beautiful island in Indonesia, is not only a famous tourist destination but also a paradise of cultural and natural diversity. With wonderful beaches, green forests, and sacred Hindus temples, Bali attracts visitors with its richness and extremely captivating beauty.

To fully enjoy the beauty of this island paradise, you should take the time to take a 5-day, 4-night Bali travel itinerary. Join us to discover worth visit attractions for your upcoming travel itinerary in Bali!

Bali swing | Bali itinerary 5 Days
Bali souvenir shop | Bali itinerary 5 Days

Self-sufficient Bali Travel Itinerary 5 days from Saigon

Day 1: Travel to Bali From Saigon (#Bali itinerary 5 Days)

Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali
Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali | Bali itinerary 5 Days

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To get to Bali, you can choose a direct flight from Saigon to Denpasar airport (DPS, or a 1-stop transit flight via Kuala Lumpur. To save money and ensure your itinerary, you should book your flight ticket early.

The first months of the year and July to September are the peak times for Bali tourism, so airfare prices, as well as other services, also increase. If you want to save money, you should consider traveling to Bali in the summer months or the last months of the year.

Visit Uluwatu Temple

| Bali itinerary 5 Days

Exploring Uluwatu Temple is an attractive spiritual journey when traveling on your own in Bali. Built in the 10th century on a 76m high cliff, this temple is proud to be one of Bali’s oldest temples. With unique architecture made from black coral stone, Uluwatu is a religious practice place for Hindus, and is said to protect Bali island from evil spirits. Exploring Uluwatu is an exciting journey, immersing yourself in the majestic beauty and sunset over the Java Sea.

| Bali itinerary 5 Days
| Bali itinerary 5 Days

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Watching the Sunset at Jimbaran Beach

| Bali itinerary 5 Days

Located in the southwest of the island, Jimbaran is not only famous for its luxurious resorts such as FourSeasons and InterContinental but also conquers tourists with its beautiful pristine beaches. The road to Jimbaran is somewhat difficult, but will give you memorable experiences. You will have to overcome trails and cross forests to discover the tranquil picture of the vast ocean. Sunset diving at sea here is one of the romantic beauties bestowed by nature that you should not miss.

Jimbaran Bay-place to stay when coming to bali in the first time (7)
| Bali itinerary 5 Days

Jimbaran Bay-place to stay when coming to bali in the first time (8)

Jimbaran Seafood Dining and Sunset Experience

Day 2: Explore Ubud

Check-in at Aloha Swing

bali swing ubud (4)
| Bali itinerary 5 Days

A great experience in Bali cannot be missed with the Aloha Swing ride. This is the place for you to create “viral” photos on social networks. The swings are connected between coconut trees, with heights from 5 to 78 meters, giving you the option to enjoy the feeling of flying in the beautiful space. At your feet is a pristine green forest and a majestic waterfall that will give you the feeling of being immersed in beautiful nature. Besides, you can also rent maxi dresses here to create splendid, impressive photos.

bali swing ubud (4)
Bali swing in Ubud | Bali itinerary 5 Days
bali swing ubud (4)
Bird’s nest | Bali itinerary 5 Days
| 5 days in bali

Aloha Swing Ubud Ticket in Bali

Visit Tibumana Falls and Mengening Water Temple

Tibumana Waterfall (Bangli),top waterfalls in bali,best waterfalls in bali,most beautiful waterfalls in bali,best waterfalls to visit in bali (1)
Tibumana Waterfall | 5 days in bali

Explore the natural beauty of Bali with Tibumana waterfall, a pure gem hidden in the midst of pristine nature. Tibumana Waterfall is about 20 meters high, one of the most beautiful small waterfalls in Bali. The clear waterfall water allows you to freely swim and enjoy the cool air. The area around the falls is filled with poplar trees and green forests, creating a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for relaxation.

Tibumana Waterfall (Bangli),top waterfalls in bali,best waterfalls in bali,most beautiful waterfalls in bali,best waterfalls to visit in bali (1)
| 5 days in bali
Tibumana Waterfall (Bangli),top waterfalls in bali,best waterfalls in bali,most beautiful waterfalls in bali,best waterfalls to visit in bali (1)
| 5 days in bali

Next, you can go to Mengening Water Temple, an exquisite architectural masterpiece with profound cultural significance. Located in a lush green campus, the temple is a destination for you to experience tranquility and cleanse your soul.

Visit Pura Gunung Kawi (#Bali itinerary 5 Days)

Visiting Pura Gunung Kawi on your journey to Bali is a memorable experience. This ancient temple, built in the late 11th century, is located on the Pakerisan River amid terraced fields and lush rain forest.

| 5 days in bali

Spiritual Journey And Purification Experience in Bali

What’s special is that this place appeared in the famous movie Baraka, increasing its appeal to international tourists. Crossing the ancient stone bridge, visitors will enter a complex with impressive temples and traditional wooden houses. In addition, you can also enjoy the outdoor bath, and experience harmony with nature.

Go to Bangkiang Djaran Waterfall (#5 days in bali)

Exploring Bangkiang Djaran waterfall is a wonderful experience in your self-sufficient travel itinerary in Bali. Located farther from the center of Ubud than Tibumana waterfall, Bangkiang Djaran has pure wilderness.

Although smaller than other waterfalls, Bangkiang Djaran has its own appeal. Located amidst majestic nature, the waterfall is not only a wonderful work of art but also provides a tranquil experience.

Ubud All-Inclusive Private Day Tour

Day 3: Enjoy Bali’s Charming Scenery (#5 days in bali)

Visit Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

| 5 days in bali

Visiting Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is a wonderful experience in your self-sufficient Bali travel itinerary. Located on Bratan Lake, this is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the history and spiritual culture of the Balinese people.

The temple is located at an altitude of 1,200m, amidst beautiful green terraced fields. The journey to the temple takes you through winding roads, allowing you to fully experience the peaceful beauty of this place.

Sailing on Bratan lake around Pura Ulun Danu Temple. | 5 days in bali
| 5 days in bali

Ulun Danu Beratan, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, and Tanah Lot Day Trip

Live Virtually at Handara Heaven’s Gate

Handara Gate
Handara Gate, one of the most famous Hindu gates in Bali | 5 days in bali

Live virtually at Handara Heaven Gate, an indispensable experience in your self-sufficient Bali travel itinerary. Set among high mountains, crater lakes and dense tropical forests, Handara makes a great canvas for unique photos. What’s special is the lush green scenery and lush grass on both sides of the road, highlighting the sky gate as a gate that takes visitors into a dreamy world.

Bali Instagram Tour

To create hot photos on Instagram, you should prepare impressive outfits and a good camera!

Stop to Sightsee at Hidden Hills Wanagiri

| 5 days in bali

Instagram Tour with Photographer in Bali

Hidden Hills Wanagiri is an ideal stopover in the middle of your journey to explore Bali. Previously, this location was just an area with “warungs” – small eateries, for locals to rest. Today, this place has become a famous selfie spot, attracting tourists and locals. From the top, you will see a majestic natural picture, with mountains, lakes and green hills.

Feel Nature at Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

When you come to Jatiluwih terraced fields, you will encounter a vast green paradise, with more than 53,000 hectares of vast land. Located at an altitude of 700m, the air here is always pure and cool all year round. A great time to travel and take photos on terraced fields is when the sun is high in the morning or afternoon. Sunlight sparkles on the stairs, highlighting the majestic beauty of the landscape.

Day 4: Have Fun on Nusa Penida Island (#what to do in bali for 5 days)

Admire the Wild Beauty of Atuh Beach

| what to do in bali for 5 days

Nusa Penida Day Tour from Bali

Atuh Beach, a pristine paradise in Bali, attracts tourists with its charming beauty. Surrounded by craggy rocks, Atuh is like a secluded oasis, preserving its natural beauty. Therefore, this is an attractive spot for tourists who want to admire the wildness of nature.

Although there are quite a few tourists coming here, there are still restaurants serving food and drinks on the beach, so you don’t need to worry!

Taking Photos at Diamond Beach (#what to do in bali for 5 days)

Nusa Penida Private Day Tour from Bali With Photographer

Diamond Beach contains exquisite beauty and is a destination not to be missed when exploring Bali. You will see pearly white sand, clear blue sea water and strange limestone rocks. Not only is it an impressive destination in Bali, but it is also a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

In the distance is Diamond beach. | what to do in bali for 5 days
Diamond Beach | what to do in bali for 5 days

Blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine blend together to create a perfect background for you to freely pose and take photos. To get quality photos, you should come here at sunrise or sunset. This is when the scenery here is most poetic.

Explore Rumah Pohon Tree House

| what to do in bali for 5 days

Nusa Penida Instagram Tour & Snorkelling from Bali

Rumah Pohon Tree House on Nusa Penida Island, Bali, is a famous destination with an irresistible attraction. With its unique mountaintop location and amazing views of Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu), this place has become a unique attraction and is known for its virality on social networks. This place attracts not only because of its novelty, but also because of its wonderful views. If you continue hiking past this tree house, you’ll find a viewpoint with a small Hindu temple and great views of neighboring islands in the distance.

| what to do in bali for 5 days

Visit Giri Putri Temple

| what to do in bali for 5 days

Visitors to Bali cannot miss Giri Putri Temple in Nusa Penida, a sacred and unique destination. The temple is located in a cave, with the entrance being a small rock crevice. However, the temple space inside the cave is spacious with 6 shrines. This temple is dedicated to many local deities, and also Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, and is not a separate Hindu temple. You can learn about local cultural beliefs, or Buddha ceremonies for good luck here.

Day 5: Return to Saigon

Stroll Ubud Market

Before returning home, you can take the time to visit Ubud market, a famous local market in Bali, to buy specialties and souvenirs. This place is famous for traditional products from craft villages such as Tegallalang, Payangan, and Peliatan. You can buy sarongs, jewelry, clothes, and small souvenirs as gifts for friends and relatives.

ubud art market (1)
Ubud market

Ubud Highlights Private Day Tour

Some tips for your Bali itinerary 5 Days 4 Nights on Your Own

Which Season Should You Travel to Bali?

When should I choose to travel to Bali? That is an important question when planning to explore this island. Bali has a rainy season from November to April and a dry season from May to October.

Each season, Bali has its own beauty, suitable for many travel needs, such as: exploring, relaxing, or healing. However, you need to note that there can be storms in late September and October in Bali, so you need to monitor the weather to best prepare for your trip!

Means of Transportation in Bali

Bali is an internationally famous tourist destination, so there are many means of transportation to suit the needs of every traveler. For convenient transportation, motorbikes are the most suitable means of transport. If traveling in a group of people, you can use taxi, grab, or rent a self-driving car or rent a car with a driver.

Suggested Hotels in Bali

Floating breakfast, a specialty of Balinese. | what to do in bali for 5 days

SUPER OYO Townhouse Oak Maxi Hotel Legian: Located in the heart of Legian, this hotel offers a modern space with quality service.

  • Address: Surya Candra, Jalan Raya Legian, Kuta
  • Reference price: From $13/night

Kubu Manggala Villas Seminyak: With a lush flower garden, private pool and private space, this place is a great choice for relaxing vacations.

  • Address: Jln.Yasa Bali Sujati, Br.Pengubengan Kangin – Kerobokan Kelod – Seminyak – Badung
  • Reference price: From $129.84/night

Nomad Hub Canggu-Bali: With modern interiors and creative spaces, this is the ideal location for business and leisure trips.

  • Address: Jalan Bumbak No 22
  • Reference price: From $18.49/night

JAPA Suites & Villas: Large rooms, exquisite decoration and dedicated customer service give you a memorable experience.

  • Address: Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali
  • Reference price: From $62.95/night

The Amrita Salt Farm Villas: The villas have modern amenities, and have great sea views, promising to bring you a memorable vacation.

  • Address: Jl. Kayu Dui, Dusun Sukadarma, Tejakula, Tejakula, Buleleng, Kabupaten Buleleng
  • Reference price: From $38.28/night

Bali Travel Cost for 5 Days 4 Nights for Reference

| the bene hotel kuta

Below are some costs for a 5-day, 4-night Bali trip you can refer to:

  • Airfare (round-trip): From $138.11/person
  • Accommodation: From $19.67 – $129.84/person/night
  • Meals: From $1.97 – $7.87/person/meal
  • Transportation: Renting a car costs about $3.93 – $7.87/day depending on the vehicle.
  • Sightseeing ticket prices: Entrance fees to attractions range from $1.97 – $7.87/place to visit. Tours can range from $11.80 – $19.67/day/person.

In total, a 5-day, 4-night trip to Bali costs from about $275.43 per person. Costs may vary depending on the time of travel, you should check carefully before going to Bali! Traveling to Bali for 5 days and 4 nights is a journey for you to fully enjoy the beauty of the world-famous pearl island paradise.

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Tegalalang Rice Terrace

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