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If you have a chance to travel Thailand, the paradise that you can’t help visiting is Trang Province – the magnificent province located on the west coast of Thailand. You will enjoy the fantastic beauty of the hills and the immense sea. Trang Province has an impressive limestone-covered Andaman coast with several sublime islands. For the adventurous, there’s plenty of big nature to explore in the lush interior, including dozens of scenic waterfalls and limestone caves.

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Where to go in Trang Province?

It may cost you at least 3 days to discover the whole picturesque land as there are full of exotic and awesome destinations.

The first point to mention is pristine Marokok cave with fantastic colors. After 70m experiencing in the dark cave, the magic is waiting for you on the other side of the entrance. Interestingly, beyond your eyes is a private beach surrounded by cliffs. The water is so emerald green that you can see the sand at the bottom. Unarguably, this is a perfect place for you to play with water satisfactorily, or lie on smooth sand relaxing without being disturbed.

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Next, don’t forget to go to Koh Libong island and Koh Mook island! – two among the largest islands in the Trang province. Renting boats to discover the life of dugongs costs Koh Libong visitors just a small sum of money since this land is inhabited by populations of the wildest dugongs in the world. Turning to Koh Mook island, many beautiful resorts are available, especially Sivalai with the crystal white sand coast, green coconut trees, and beach in beautiful sunshine which create a ravishing natural scenery.

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Koh Libong Island. Source: www.cnn.com
Glorious Koh Mooh Island. Source girlslove2travel.com
Glorious Koh Mook Island. Source girlslove2travel.com

Turatao National Marine Park is a must- visit place when coming to Trang province. Make sure that you grab the chance to contemplate all the beautiful, small islands with a wealth of interesting things to try out like Koh Lipe island or Ko Adang island.

Turatao National Marine Park. Source impressivemagazine.com
Turatao National Marine Park. Source impressivemagazine.com

Koh Lipe island has 4 main beaches with diverse beauty such as pretty, quiet Dawn Beach stretching on the shores of the South China, Pattaya main beach appeals tourists with white sandy bays, Karma beach is a perfect place for scuba diving and pristine, peaceful Sunset beaches. In Koh Lipe Island, it’s easy to find a lot of cheap accommodation, extremely lively, boisterous entertainment in the bars, and restaurants.

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Ko Lipe Island

Moreover, visiting the Tarutao National Park means that you can also discover a diverse animal world, including dolphins, lobsters and so on. The terrestrial waterfall has deer, wild boar. In addition, the beautiful coral reefs on the northwest of the island are well-worth exploring.

If you go on a weekend, don’t hesitate to visit Trang Railway Station Trade Zone – the largest night market here. Night Market, which is opened from 7 pm to 11 pm, has a wealth of delicious, cheap snacks, especially Thailand fruit yogurt for you to unleash the “dining-passion”. Besides, plentiful splendid items such as earrings, keychains, bags containing passport are suitable for your purchase as a gift.

If you are a nature lover, I believe nowhere is as ideal for you to enjoy yourself in the green garden as Bontanical garden in Thung Nhai. Particularly, there is a wonderful suspension bridge, which is very appropriate for the shooting, sightseeing.

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Experience to visit Trang Province

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How to get to Trang Province

  • There are 2 ways for you to choose to get to there. Either you can fly from Bangkok with 73$ or you can book train tickets, but unfortunately it may take you about 12 hours to get to Trang Province.
  • When traveling in Trang province, you have various means of transports such as bus, tuk tuk or renting a motorbike to go around as the road is not too difficult to drive.
tuk tuk of trang province thailand
Tuk tuk


  • The best hotels in Trang province that you should choose are My Friend (You can check rates & availability for this hotel on Agoda.com or Booking.comand Ban Ao Thong(You can check rates & availability for this hotel on Booking.com).
ban ao thong hotel of trang province thailand
Ban Ao Thong hotel
my friend hotel of trang province thailand
My Friend Hotel

Traveling tips

  • Book tour visiting Marakok cave and dive in marvelous islands in the hotel. You just have to pay more than 23$ for all, furthermore, delicious buffets are offered. Amazingly, after each dive, you are carefully supplied with food and drinks.
  • To get to Turatao, you must travel to Pakbara pier, therefore, remember to leave early from 8 – 9 am as it’s such a long time to move to there, additionally, tickets to be admitted to the park is only about 7$.
  • Enjoy all of Thailand specialties such as pad Thai, mango sticky rice, char sie bun, … to have an unforgettable trip.

Luggage needed when reaching Trang Province

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  • Thailand is quite hot this season so bring a hat, umbrella, and sunscreen so that you are able to entertain yourself.
  • Bring comfortable clothes, sports shoes to visit all interesting places in a convenient way.
  • Bring a flashlight while sailing through the Marokok cave, or else you will not be able to see the road without lights since this cave is very dark.

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