Among the many winding, claustrophobic alleys and thoroughfares in the Mexican city of Guanajuato, one alley stands out among all the rest both for its incredible tightness and for the tragic romance that is said to have taken place there.

A Mexican Romeo-and-Juliet-esque legend has given this super-narrow alleyway a reputation for romance Photo:
A Mexican Romeo-and-Juliet-esque legend has given this super-narrow alleyway a reputation for romance Photo:

Every day, a flock of couples comes here to kiss and wish for their love.

El Callejon del Beso alley in Guanajuato city, Mexico is not famous for spectacular sceneries and tasty dishes but is the destination for the couples sharing sweet kisses.

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El Callejon del Beso is narrow and steep with old stair steps and colorful walls, Spanish architectural style in the Americas. Every couple coming here try to take kissing photos amorously to prove their love and hope that their love will permanent.

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However, this is not a movie scene as romantic as people think, but it is well-known for the legend of a tragic love story of Ana and her lover-Carlos. This story is likened to “Romeo and Juliet” of America, a touching story that everyone felt regret when hearing.

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According to local legend, Ana is a daughter of a wealthy family while Carlos is just a poor worker. But love has blossomed between two youth young persons. She is pretty and he is handsome and chivalrous. Every day after work, Carlos always passes by El Callejon del Beso alley – Ana’s house – just to behold Ana.

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Every time Carlos come here, she wears a white dress, standing in the moonlight gives him love tenderly and considerately. Long after that, they make the acquaintance of each other, but actually, they fell in love at the first sight.

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Sadly, the social conflicts at that time very strong, a poor guy like Carlos could not dream of happiness with Ana in her higher status. Her father wants her to marry a noble family.

Two young persons determine on loving each other sneakily.

The young man rented out the room in the building across from hers with a window that was direct across from her own as well.

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Then they would secretly meet and kiss across the tiny alley. Unfortunately, the girl’s father found out, and in a fit of rage, stabbed his daughter to death. Most accounts of the story end it there, but some go a bit further, saying the young man then threw himself to his death in the alley below. Either way, their tragic love forever changed the identity of the alley.

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Since then, El Callejon del Beso alley has become a painful location as well as an incarnation of faithful love.

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Every day, the number of tourists to this alley is very crowded. Everyone wants to take kissing photos here to bless their love. There is the “curse” that if kissing in this alley, they will have 15 years of happiness, and then they have to go back for the next 15 years.

This small alley is always crowded by tourists. The couples have to line up to be able to kiss in this alley.

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Today there is a gift shop in what is said to be the girl’s old room and people can come and hang love locks from the balcony bars. But most simply stroll through the narrow alley, many of them stopping for a kiss.

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Address: El Callejon del Beso is located behind the Plaza Los Angeles, in the Historic Center of the City of Guanajuato, Mexico.