As one of the 10 most attractive destinations on the planet, Mexico is liberal, colorful and wild and extremely romantic with turquoise and white sand beaches, vibrant dances, wonderful cuisine and fascinating festivals. Mexico is famous for its beautiful beaches, historic sites, ancient ruins such as the Mesoamerican pyramids from Maya Civilization or quaint cities … Therefore, this is a popular tourist destination. Visitors come to Mexico to relax, to be waving in the cool water, to discover many wonderful and interesting things. So, what to do and how to plan a budget perfect trip to Mexico for the first-time? Let’s check out our Mexico travel blog (Mexico blog) with the fullest Mexico travel guide (Mexico guide, Mexico tourist guide) from how to get, best time to come, where to stay, best places to visit and top things to do to find out the answer!

Cancun beach during summer
Chichén Itzá
Tacos, must-eat food in Mexico.

Mexico owns a diverse nature and an extremely unique culture, influenced by both traditional indigenous cultures and Spanish culture. The country has the highest number of Hispanic people in the world, and its religion is primarily Catholic.

The vibrant city of Oaxaca
The country of fascinating festivals.

Mexico travel blog: Before you go


The following cases do not need to apply for a tourist visa when entering Mexico: Those with Visa or PR Card of the US, Canada, Japan, UK and Schengen Visa.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

You may have heard a lot of news from the media about the murders, robberies, Zika virus, storms … in Mexico. Those things may scare you, and there are actually areas where you shouldn’t go. Those areas you can refer to on the government websites of Canada, US, and Europe … that warning about safety issues when traveling to Mexico. The remaining areas are quite safe to travel and the safest is to stay in the resort – if you want.

Most of the robberies and violence usually happen outside the hotel, and the nightclubs, if you want to playing, you should play in the hotel.

A Mexican Army soldier stands guard at a beach in Acapulco, Guerrero state, Mexico.


Mexicans speak Spanish. If you know some basic words, it’s fine, otherwise it’s okay, because English is widely used in places with many tourists.

Some common words and sentences that you can use are:

  • Hola: Hello
  • Adiós: Goodbye
  • Gracias: Thanks
  • Lo siento: Sorry
  • Disculpe: Like “Excuse Me”
  • Cuánto cuesta: How much is this?
  • Uno, dos, tres, cuatro… : 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Dónde está el baño: Where is the toilet?
  • No hablo español. Habla usted inglés: I don’t know Spanish, do you know English?
Mayan Village Show in Cancun


The Peso is the official currency of Mexico and is also siged as “$” or “Mex $”. 1 USD ~ 20.59 Peso (Jan 2021). Friends who have been to Mexico all say It should go to the bank to exchange to Peso first. USD can also be used. You can tip the waiter at the hotel 1 USD each time. As for eating out, the tip is 10% – 15%.

Mexican Pesos

Many tourist places in Mexico can accept credit cards, but it is best to bring cash. Using Credit Card will be costed fees of payment or bank transfer. Remember to tell the bank that you are going to Mexico to avoid the card being blocked.

In addition, if you want, you can directly withdraw money from an ATM with a better rate at the airport or hotel.

Mexico blog: When to visit Mexico?

The climate of Mexico is very mild and makes it ideal for festivals every month of the year. Located in the tropics, winters in Mexico are not too cold, rarely snow and summers are windy and cool because of the coastline along the country. So if you love this country, you can planning a trip to come here at any time of the year.

Aerial view of North Beach, Isla Mujeres Island

The hurricane season starts from late August to November and the best time to travel to Mexico is late April and early May. The weather is usually sunny and there is little moisture in the air. But this season is the peak tourist season. In summer, the weather is very hot, the temperature can reach up to 39 degrees Celsius. If you go in this season, you should consider. There are marine areas in May to September when the turtles spawn. So, those who like turtles can come in this time.

Cancun Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA)

In the Gulf of Mexico, or the Caribbean, storms often come in the summer, from June to November. Other areas rarely experience natural disasters, April and May are the hottest months, while December is the coldest month. No matter how excited you are, or Mexico is beautiful all year round, you should be the most careful about the weather at the time of your will go.

Cenote Ik kil

Mexico travel guide: How to get to Mexico?

To get to Mexico the most useful and popular means is an airplane. Vietnam has 3 international airports that operating this route to fly to Mexico are: Noi Bai Airport, Da Nang Airport and Tan Son Nhat Airport. The airlines operating this route are Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airways, United Airlines, Thai Airways, … You can choose for yourself a familiar or favorite airline. Buy tickets online or buy directly at a ticket agent. With online purchase, the earlier you book your tickets, the better chances you will have of hunting for cheap tickets. The lowest airfare for this flight before the COVID-19 pandemic to Mexico City is around $665/one-way and the highest is around $1.535/one-way vary on airlines.

Mexican costume

Mexico travel blog: Transportation in Mexico

Mexico has several low-cost airlines, like Volaris and Viva Aerobus. In addition, the bus system is also in the top, especially if you take a quality bus which is quite safe and comfortable. In general, taxis are expensive, buses are cheap. To be safer, use Uber. If you like adventure, you can rent a private car for self-driving or a motorbike.

Cars moving on road in the capital of Mexico City.

Mexico travel blog: Where to go and what to do?

Safe destinations when traveling to Mexico: These destinations can be changed, so please check the Mexico travel warning websites before you go.

Mexico is quite large, depending on the purpose of your trip that you want to experience, there will be suitable different destinations.

  • If you love the sea, near the airport, you can choose to travel to Cancun/Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta.
  • If you love to explore the city, culture, history, cuisine … you can go to Mexico City, Oaxaca City, San Miguel de Allende, Mérida, and San Cristobal de las Casas.
  • If you love to explore wild nature with few tourists you can consider San Cristobal de Las Casas, a mountain on the Chiapas Highlands. Like Sumidero Canyon National Park – heard to be even more spectacular than the Grand Canyon in the US.
San Cristobal de Las Casas

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, belongs to Jalisco state which is famous for Mexico’s most beautiful and largest beach. Not only possessing gentle and charm but also modern and classy features of luxury resorts that promising to be an unforgettable tourist destination for you and your family. Besides, you will have the opportunity to have fun and playing on stretches of white sand beaches and admire the beauty of small town with peaceful and romantic space.


Tulum was once known as a festival center of the ancient Maya Civilization but now it is a bustling trading port with archaeological remains in the mountains. You not only can explore the ruins of Maya civilization but also have the opportunity to relax in comfortable accommodation with low price services for your long trip.


Cancun is known as the paradise of the Caribbean with long stretches of white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise blue waters. With its poetic scenery, every year this place also attracts thousands of couples as well as million of visitors come to enjoy their honeymoon. In particular, here visitors not only can admire the beautiful natural scenery but also can participate in a variety of fun activities such as swimming, windsurfing, fishing, sunbathing, golfing, … Moreover, in Cancun, visitors also find many high-end and modern of all-inclusive resorts to relax, luxury restaurants with a rich menu or special traditional musical performances on the streets.

People also call the Caribbean coastline is a “paradise” not only because of its captivating beauty but also by the archaeological ruins of the Maya empire and modern, luxury hotels.

Chichén Itzá

Mexico not only attracts tourists by its attractive natural scenery, vibrant, exciting festivals, but also owns impressive historical works or wonders. And one of them is the step pyramid of El Castillo in the Chichen Itza ruins complex from Maya Civilization that has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Visiting this place, visitors will be admired the great of Maya Civilization and its unique culture.

Mayan Temple pyramid of Kukulkan – Chichen Itza

Playa del Carmen (near Cancun)

Come here to enjoy the peaceful and cool sea views with diverse and unique restaurants, shops and bars. You can also go to the nearby Oaxaca or Puerto Vallarta beaches.


As a peninsula located in the southeastern tip of Mexico, Yucatan is also one of the most popular tourist attractions. This place not only possesses unique natural sceneries, stunning beaches but also hides many other attractive attractions such as ancient Mayan ruins, national parks, underground lakes, …

most beautiful natural swimming pools
Ik Kil Cenote, Yucatan, Mexico

Copper Canyon

You go to the north of Chihuahua state to admire this majestic canyon. Over time and under the hands of the Creator has formed a canyon that is spectacular, magnificent and somewhat dangerous. The layers of rock are stacked together like a staircase opening the way to heaven. This will be a place that makes you exclaim because it’s so beautiful which even compares with Grand Canyon in the US.

Isla Mujeres Island

Isla Mujeres Island in the Gulf of Mexico is a famous tourist destination about 13km off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula. This island is called by many people with a very strange name “Island of Women”. The reason why this name was born is because it possesses the natural landscape that is so gentle and splendid like a woman. If you are looking for a quiet space, without the hustle and bustle, where only nature is soothing, the Isla Mujeres Island is a great suggestion. Here, you can not only immerse yourself in nature with the fresh air to relax but also experience a lot of exciting activities such as swimming, diving …

Aerial view of North Beach, Isla Mujeres Island

La Bufadora Blowhole

With the cave entrance across the sea level, this will be a very interesting sea cave for you to explore. Each wave hit the cliffs, echoed in the cave and creating very strange sounds. The scenery in the cave also changes with the time of day. This is a perfect choice for those who are passionate about beauty and mystery.

Horsetail Falls

This waterfall is also known as Horsetail Falls because the water flowing down from above spreads out like a horse waving his tail. Horsetail falls is always crowded with tourists every year because of its majesty, magnificence but no less poetic. Here, you can also take part in mountain climbing, swinging or horse riding.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The natural stone archway is an unique wonder on the sea, is the pride of the Mexicans when speaking it. Overlooking, the rocky mountain protrudes from the sea surface like a heavenly gate leading to heaven. You must come here to have a firsthand view, otherwise it will be hard to believe such a beautiful place. Late afternoon, the last rays of the sun lingered on the stone archway make you see its sparkling beauty and strange warm feeling. It also gives you a sense of peace. Remember to take beautiful pictures here to capture these memorable moments.

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Recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, it was an important site during the war for independence of Mexico. In the past, it was a silver mining town with a neo-medieval architecture in Baroque architecture style. Currently the city is colorful, vibrant with many relics, places to visit for visitors to experience.

View of the colorful buildings of Guanajuato and the mountains in the background | mexico travel blog


Ixtapa lying 160 miles along the Pacific coastline in the Northwest Acapulco. This is is a resort city in Mexico with high-rise hotel buildings, golf courses and jubilant dancing parties throughout the night. Near Ixtapa there is a fishing village (4 miles from Zihuatanejo city) with cobblestone paths and many restaurants serving tourists at very cheap prices.

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This ancient palace of Maya civilization will take you into a mysterious but also magnificent ancient realm. The pyramids here were built with its unique style and totally different from the pyramids in Egypt. They used to be the place where the rituals took place, and now saving the art of stone carving, amazing constructions in ancient times.

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Coming to the city of Guadalajara visitors will visit the historic sites, special museums and commemorative structures that are nearly 500 years old. At the same time, you will be able to see the unique and typical architecture of this city as well as experience the deep culture and understanding of the lives of the local people here.

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Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach in Huatulco Bay is a coastline that stretching more than 20 miles along the Pacific Coastline. This place is recognized by tourists as a very beautiful beach that suitable for family trips with children to be able to explore wildlife bearing bold natural colors.

Remote beach with Sierra Madre mountains in the Bays of Huatulco. | mexico blog


Mazatlan is a city known as the pearl of the Pacific Ocean in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. This city located in Northern Puerto Vallarta is about 270 miles long with its vibrant nightlife and sports fields in a wilderness atmosphere. Besides you can take part in Carnival, the largest traditional festival in Mexico that helds annually in Mazatlan.

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Merida is a city located in the Yucatan peninsula that attracting tourists with its unique traditional cuisine and beautiful buildings and archeological sites of Maya empire and many other ancient cultures. These things have turned Merida into a charming tourist destination for tourists that you should not miss.

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Mexico City

Mexico City was once known as the ancient capital of the Aztecs. Over time this place became the capital from the Spanish colonial period and was the cultural and political center of Mexico with many famous landmarks and places to visit.

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Morelia is known to be one of the first cities in Mexico. Historically this place used to be a Spanish colony for many years, so until now this place still retains many Spanish cultural features such as colonial architecture and is the venue for annual cultural events.

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Oaxaca is a state located in southern Mexico with the same name capital that nestled among the majestic Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. The first Spaniards found this land in 1500, so it still has long-standing historical works and a long history.

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Los Cabos

This place is extremely ideal to experience beautiful beaches with turquoise blue sea water and fine white sand and magical caves. Rent a hotel room here to both admire the natural beauty while enjoying unparalleled care service in this place.

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Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

If you are a butterfly collector or simply enjoy watching butterflies, visit the Mariposa Monarca Biosphere Reserve in central Mexico at the end of winter. Millions of monarchs fly thousands of kilometers these winter days to gather herds on the fir trees and waiting for spring to come.

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Mexico blog: What to eat?

You should remember never to drink water from the tap. You should bring a bottle to get clean water from restaurants or hotels. If you pay attention, when you drink ice water at the hotel, the water to making ice is sterilized so it will be very clear and have a vortex hole in the middle.

The food in hotel is quite delicious, if you stay in all-inclusive hotel, its menu always changes, every day is a cuisine of a different country or region such as Italy, Mexican, Mediterranean …

Oaxaca Tortillas Eggs

Below are some famous and traditional dishes in Mexico you should try.


You will be surprised, but Chilaquiles is born thanks to the corn tortillas of the Mexican. These cornflakes are cut into triangles and then fried until they are evenly crispy on both sides. Then, they are dipped in red or green Chilaquiles sauce until the crust softens.

Chilaquiles is a popular Mexican breakfast food, it is often coated with shredded cheese, chopped onions, sour cream, sometimes with shredded chicken, fried eggs.

Photograher: Greg Dupree Prop Stylist: Thom Driver Food Stylist: Chelsea Zimmer


This is a type of tacos made from corn tortilla and filled with meat, sausage, cheese, spices… then cooked on a griddle. This is a very popular street food in Mexico.

Quesadillas | mexico travel blog


The crust is made of corn tortilla, filled with meat, fish and spices, and green vegetables. It is wrapped with corn husks and then boiled. This is a traditional food not only in Mexico but also Caribbean.

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A “weird” insect dish of Mexico. The main ingredient of this dish is the red Maguey worm – the worm that feeds on the leaves and roots of the aloe vera plant. These worms are processed into dishes or … eaten raw. Seeing the worms wriggling on the plate, not everyone dares to try. If you are not afraid of these red worms, then try this high-protein dish.

Chiles en nogada

People like this dish because it comes in three colors on the Mexican flag, white – green – red. The Mexicans prepare this dish by stuffing the meat inside the bell pepper for its green color; white walnut-base cream sauce is poured on; some red pomegranate seeds are sprinkled on. So, Mexicans love this signature dish and eat it in almost meals.

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Referring to the colorful quintessence cuisine of Mexico, it is impossible not to mention Tacos – a kind of burger. Like the name Tacos, it has an outer shell made of tortilla, and the inside is filled with different types of meat such as beef, pork, chicken, even seafood, … Especially, this dish can not become attractive without sasla sauce, served with onion, coriander…

Tacos, must-eat food in Mexico.


Previously, this soup was used as part of a human sacrifice ritual. This soup is made from chicken, pork and popular vegetables. And the indispensable ingredient of this dish is corn. Corn is cooked with a variety of herbs and spices, stewed for hours and can be left overnight. Once ready to serve, lettuce, radish, onions, lemons and peppers are sprinkled on top of the dish.

Stewed Posole pork and hominy stew | mexico blog

Michelada Cocktail

Its ingredients are so unique, weird that we can hardly think of. These are lime juice, spices, tomato juice, and chile peppers and black beer. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. This special drink is worth a try, right?


The crust is made from corn about 3 or 5 cm in diameter. It consisting of a fried masa base with savory toppings, molded by hand and then baked. Then, it will added savory toppings such as bean, onion, cheese, vegtables and salsa sauce to make the dish more attractive. Sopes is often used as an appetizer in parties. The cake is made very eye-catching, colorful.


This dish made from corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a savory sauce. It also vary according to each region to suit local taste, filled with beef or chicken, patatoes, vegetables or combinations. Sometimes it will be served with onion, cheese, sour cream…

This is a very energetic food in Mexico, if you feeling tired and hungry when visiting many tourist attractions in Mexico? Stop to enjoy Enchiladas and continue your journey of discovery.

Chicken Tinga Enchiladas | mexico travel guide

Mexico travel blog: Shopping

The things that tourists buy a lot when coming here are fashion, jewelry, souvenirs. Heading to the Taxco city to buy jewelry, Oxaca to buy pottery, Léon to buy leather, wool products, etc.

Remember to choose items that can be easily carried on the plane and are not too expensive to not be taxed.

Some of the special crafts you’ll love are masks, hammocks, Sombrero wide-brimmed Mexican hats, cowboy boots, and more. They can be found at airports or souvenir shops. These items can cost from a few tens of dollars only but will be a bit bulky, so consider checked baggage to bring them back.

Large wide-brimmed Mexican hat

Some shopping places in Mexico you can refer to:

  • Come to Taxco to find unique jewelry items.
  • Come to Oaxaca to shop for products made from pottery, black pottery.
  • Come to León to buy products made from wool, cowboy boots.
  • Come to Yucatán to buy hammocks and wandering around the state of Guerrero to buy masks.
  • To buy furniture, you should go to shopping malls in big cities such as Mexico City and Mercado La Libertad in Guadalajara City.
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Oaxaca pottery

Mexico travel blog: Where to stay?

This depends on your choice, you can buy a plane ticket yourself, take a taxi to the hotel or stay in Airbnb, Booking or Agoda if you want. If you want to freely explore with most cost-effective, choose this type of travel.

Otherwise, you can choose all-inclusive package. This option means you will buy a full package that includes round-trip flight tickets, airport pick-up transfer service to your hotel, hotel room. This way costs more money, but less headache, for those who want to enjoy without having to worry about anything. These packages can be found on the website of Sunwing, Expedia, AirCanada … The 7-day price ranges from $700 or more depending on the hotel you choose.

mexico travel blog
Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun (,

Mexico blog: Some useful tips younotes

  • Mexico is famous for its robbery, so visitors need to be careful when visiting this country. Besides, there are also highway robbers.
  • Souvenir and handicraft vendors often congregate in subway stations to annoy visitors. Worst of all is the situation “congestion of communication channels”: Most Mexicans are not open, very quiet and extremely “close-mouthed”.
  • Mexicans tend to miss out on time, so be patient with them. Don’t get mad if they come 15 minutes late, it’s usually a rule. However, if they come 30 minutes late, then you should express your thoughts.
  • When entering the church, you should remove sunglasses, cap, soft hat. Wearing short tops is okay, but not too much open tops. However, off the beach or the northern region, short tops are very rare and so you will draw your attention and make your stand out.

Mexico travel guide: Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in Mexico you can refer to

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Are you looking for more top things to do in Mexico: Tours, activities, attractions and other things? Let’s check it out here. And what to buy in Mexico here and Mexico guide here.