When talking about Australia, people immediately imagine a country in the southern Hemisphere with a vast and wealthy land where you can see Kangaroos jumping everywhere. Home to countless unique and captivating natural landscapes, Australia attracts a large number of tourists annually from all around the world. If you are planning to travel to Australia on your own and do not know how to begin your journey, check out the detailed Australian travel itinerary we have prepared for first-time travelers to this promised land.

yarra river picnic barbecue spot (2)
Yarra Riverside, one of the best picnic spot in Melbourne
eureka tower melbourne (1)
Melbourne view from Eureka Tower
canberra ballooning australia 2
Canberra, Australia

This post is a travel guide that show you through three of Australia’s most vibrant and famous cities: Melbourne – Canberra – Sydney. So, what to do in Australia for 7 days? Let’s check out our suggestion for 7 days in Australia (7 day Australia itinerary) to visit some most famous destinations in Australia from how to travel, best places to visit… to find out the answer!

street art melbourne
Street Art in Melbourne
sydney harbour bridge australia (1)
Sydney Harbour Bridge | 7 day australia itinerary
sydney opera house australia at night
Sydney Opera House at night | 7 day australia itinerary

The best time to travel to Australia


Bondi Beach, Australian iconic beach in Sydney

In Australia, the summer starts from December to February, the fall from March to May, the winter from June to August and the spring from September to November with relatively cool weather. The seasonal climate is quite distinguished, so it’s up to your preference that you select the most suitable travel time for yourself.

How long should I spend?

The Langham Melbourne Hotel 2
Picture: Melbourne travel blog.

To go to all the beautiful destinations in three cities of Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, the most reasonable length is 7 days 6 nights (it will take you nearly 2 days to fly back and forth). You can stay longer if you want depending on your time and expenditure budgets.

Cairns city

Australia itinerary details for first-timers

7 day Australia itinerary — Day 1: Hanoi / Saigon – Melbourne

Melbourne Airport Southern Precinct Program 2000x1125 (2)
Melbourne Airport Southern Precinct Program

If departing from Hanoi, you will have a connecting flight, in particular, Vietnam Airlines flight will connect in Ho Chi Minh City with the shortest flight time for a total journey duration of 12 hours and 35 minutes (connecting time included). So, the flight duration from Vietnam to Australia will depend on factors such as origin, destination, airline, transit location and transit time. Above is only the minimum duration, the actual flight time may be longer, especially in case of long connecting time due to the flight ticket to Australia that you purchase being a nonstop or indirect flight.

7 day Australia itinerary — Day 2 + 3: Melbourne

Cruise on the Yarra River

Six times in a row honored as the most livable city in the world, Melbourne always brings satisfaction to most tourists. This is a city with a rich and diverse culture and a variety of artistic architectural structures. We call this place the city of inspiration. Do not miss any of the following famous tourist destinations in Melbourne:

+ Queen Victoria Market: This is the oldest market of Victoria. You can shop for souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. (The market is closed on Monday and Wednesday every week).

Queen Victoria Night Market
Live music at Queen Victoria Night Market
Queen Victoria Night Market

+ Victoria Parliament House: About 3 km from the center of the capital Canberra, first opened in 1988, Australia’s Parliament House is one of the most famous modern architectures in the world that was built on a hill.

Parliament House
Queens hall

+ Federation Square: An ideal place to see many works of art, explore the museums and especially watch the best space architecture in Australia. The square is located in the heart of Melbourne city next to St Paul’s Cathedral, the Yarra River and Flinders Street Station – the city’s main station, a famous historical site with ancient architecture preserved until the present day. Or you can visit the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, a botanic garden first opened in 1816 on an area of 30 hectares, home to more than 60,000 plants and a number of bird species from all over the world.

Federation Square in Melbourne
Federation Square, Melbourne
St Paul's Cathedral melbourne
St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in the heart of Melbourne.
Flinders Street Station melbourne
Flinders Street Station, one of the must place to visit in Melbourne.
Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

+ Shrine of Remembrance: The national memorial is the place for people to pay their respects to members of Australian armed forces who died in conflicts around the world. The work was completed in 1941, only reserved for male and female soldiers from the colonial period to the present. Inside this memorial complex is a museum with many artifacts representing Australia’s military history.

Australia first time

+ Grants on Sherbrooke Bird Park: The area is filled with lush landscapes where visitors can comfortably walk and take pictures or choose to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and experience the feeling of excitement when you feed the birds (self-sufficient expenses).

Australia first time
Grants on Sherbrooke Bird Park

+ Mount Dandenong: You will have the opportunity to experience the Puffing Billy steam locomotive through the primeval forest of Dandenong area, enjoy the majestic beauty of the forest and the wonderful feeling on a steam locomotive of the 19th century.

Australia first time
| 7 day australia itinerary
Australia first time
Riding the Puffing Billy through the Dandenong

+ Yarra Valley: Yarra Valley is a breathtaking beautiful natural destination just a short ride from Melbourne. Here, the Yarra River banks with scattered vineyards lead to forest mountains of the Dandenong Range. This world-renowned winemaking region offers a relaxing getaway, winemaking facilities and exquisite culinary experience in a stunning natural setting.

Australia first time
Yarra Valley | 7 day australia itinerary

+ Chocolate Factory: You can witness the production process and enjoy greasy chocolate bars as well as buy some gifts for your loved ones.

Australia first time

7 days in Australia — Day 4: Melbourne – Canberra – Sydney

Australia first time

After 2 days of getting lost in Melbourne and visiting all the famous places, you should move to Canberra – the capital of Australia. The city’s design is influenced by the garden city movement and incorporating important greenbelts surrounding the community, making Canberra a “bush capital”. Find more about transportation in the post “Australia Travel Tips” and avoid wasting useful information.

Some famous places to visit in Canberra:

+ Australian Parliament House: Unlike political buildings in other countries around the world, which show the power of politicians, the Australian Parliament building is designed in the spirit of openness, connecting the community together to resolve the country’s social issues. So, the architecture of the building is quite liberal, showing the essence of ideological orientation to democracy and eventually becoming a symbol of Australia. This work of art is quite large, located just below the top of the hill and made from marble and lots of precious woods. Visiting the Australian Parliament House, visitors have the opportunity to admire many other artworks and see the rooms where the heads of state work.

Australia first time
Australian Parliament House | 7 day australia itinerary
Australia first time
Australian Parliament House in Canberra

+ Captain Cook Fountain: 147 meters high and the symbol of Canberra. This is a natural fountain from the bottom of the lake with strong and frequent water jet intensity, which is one of the destinations attracting tourists to the beautiful country of Australia.

Australia first time

+ Australian War Museum: The Australian War Memorial is a place where people pay their respects to the soldiers who died in conflicts around the world. The work was completed in 1941, only reserved for male and female soldiers from the colonial period to the present. Inside this memorial complex is a museum with many artifacts representing Australia’s military history.

Australia first time
War Museum | 7 day australia itinerary

+ Royal Australian Mint: You will learn about the production process and discover the huge collection of coins on display here.

Australia first time

7 days in Australia — Day 5 + 6: Sydney

sydney harbour bridge australia (1)
| 7 day australia itinerary

In about two centuries, Sydney has transformed itself into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Located around the harbor with beautiful natural scenery, the famous attractions in Sydney are the cliffs full of sunshine, countless islands, bays and more than 100 large and small beaches. Don’t miss the following famous Sydney attractions:

+ Sydney Opera House: The magnificent Sydney Opera House with its unique scalloped architecture or windy sails is not only one of the most iconic images of the modern world but also the pride of the people of Sydney.

sydney opera house, best places to visit in sydney, best places to visit in sydney australia (1)

sydney opera house australia (1)
The Opera House and Sydney Harbour in the background.
Sunset over Sydney Opera House
sydney opera house, best places to visit in sydney, best places to visit in sydney australia (1)
The voyeuristic light show was hard to describe when the night falls at the oyster theater.

sydney opera house, best places to visit in sydney, best places to visit in sydney australia (1)

+ Sydney Harbor Bridge and Bay: Visit bustling Sydney Harbor Bridge and romantic Rose Bay.

Sydney Foreshore at Circular Quay on Australia Day 2016
| 7 day australia itinerary

Sydney-Harbour-Hero_sydney travel blog, sydney blog, sydney travel guide blog, sydney travel guide, sydney australia travel blog

+ The Rocks: Referred to as the “open-air Sydney Museum” because this place converges both the past and the present of Sydney where the first white people settled in Australia, and it was considered the origin of Sydney and Australia.

the rocks sydney australia (1)
The Rocks Old Quarter | 7 day australia itinerary

Australia first time

+ National Maritime Museum of Australia: Founded in the 19th century and known as one of the 12 largest museums in the world, it displays rare artifacts and many valuable objects, reflecting the great history of maritime development and maritime migration in Australia.

Australian National Marine Museum
Australian National Marine Museum | 7 day australia itinerary

+ Featherdale Wildlife Park: A place for preservation of endangered Australian animals. Visitors will have the opportunity to see and take photos with extremely adorable typical animals of Australia such as Kangaroo – the symbol of Australia, easy-going Koala bear that loves to sleep, Platypus – duck-billed platypus, Ostrich, Dingo and many other adorable animals.

Australia first time

Australia first time
| 7 days in australia

+ Blue Mountains National Park: Only 100 km from Sydney, Blue Mountains has majestic and beautiful scenery honored by UNESCO as a natural heritage of the world. As the most unique natural wonder in the country of kangaroos, this region has high mountains, primeval forests, waterfalls, valleys, deep pools and steep cliffs etc. Visitors will have the opportunity to photograph the famous Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains.

Australia first time
Blue Mountains National Park
Australia first time
| 7 days in australia

7 days in Australia — Day 7: Sydney – Hanoi / Saigon


Arrive at the airport in Sydney and depart for Vietnam. This is the end of our trip.

The above is a detailed tour guide for Australia through three cities of Melbourne – Canberra – Sydney with famous attractions you should not miss. Wish you have a wonderful journey full of memories!


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