Sentosa Island is a popular destination for beach parties and clubs. Nightlife in Sentosa makes the most of its beautiful beaches with imported soft white sand and tropical palm trees creating a perfect getaway from Singapore’s city center. Plenty of bars and nightclubs dot the shoreline for the best views and atmosphere in the picturesque setting of the island. These bars are open from around noon and get really lively when the sun starts to set and the music is on. So, let’s check out our guide to nightlife in Sentosa with 10 must-go & best bars in Sentosa as follows!

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Party at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
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Sipping a beer and listen to the whispering waves at Bikini Bar, Siloso Beach.

The top 10 best bars in Sentosa below are the top spots for you to enjoy the nightlife on this beautiful island!

Wavehouse (#best bars in sentosa)

Address: 36 Siloso Bch Walk, Singapore 099007

Wavehouse entrance | best bars in sentosa

Many visitors come to the beautiful Sentosa island not only to enjoy the scenery but also to participate in surfing sports, experience the thrill of riding on the tides. At the Wavehouse, you can enjoy your drink and get the chance to surf if you want, or simply sit back and watch others take part in the sport. The Pacific Island-inspired bar, serving classics like the famous Singapore Sling cocktail inside a pineapple, also features a selection of premium beers and wines. This beautiful windy bar is a picturesque spot to relax after your day with a beautiful view as the sun goes down.

| best bars in sentosa
Vibrant at sunset
Lively music | best bars in sentosa

Woobar (#best bars in sentosa)

Address: 21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374
Hours: 10 AM–12 AM/Friday, Saturday: 10 AM–1 AM

Skilled bartenders create unique cocktails and the crazy mixes of a DJ on stage create a daring, vibrant atmosphere when you visit Woobar. Located in Sentosa Cove, southeast of Sentosa Island, this wonderful location offers a stunning view of the white sandy beach and the immense blue sea. The bar has a bold and fun design, with bright colors and some particularly creative seating arrangements at the bar. You can also sit outside and enjoy the ocean breezes, or walk along the illuminated walkway over the large pool as the sun goes down.

| best bars in sentosa
| best bars in sentosa
| best bars in sentosa

In addition to beer, wines and cocktails, you should sample the bacon, bak kwa (pork jerky) and a few local drinks available at the bar.

Tanjong Beach Club (#nightlife in sentosa)

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore 098942
Hours: 10 AM–8 PM

| best bars in sentosa

Tanjong Beach Club is located right on Tanjong beach in Sentosa, many visitors choose to come here to rest and on weekends, you can sit indoors in the dining room or living room around the Cabana area, enjoy the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

During the day, Tanjong Beach Club is an ordinary outdoor restaurant, but at night it “makes up” into a very lively and modern entertainment destination with live music with vibrant DJs. Cocktails, wine, food here is also better than other bars in Sentosa. At dusk, especially on weekends, Tanjong beach nightclub really becomes lively. They organize quite regular parties such as the very famous “Smack My Beach Up” party and the three-times-a-year full moon festival called “Full Steam Ahead”.

| best bars in sentosa

| best bars in sentosa

The club’s restaurant has a wide range of fresh seafood – for example, their Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche is a must-try dish. Other upscale dishes include seafood noodles, fish rolls, chips and all-day grilled seafood (from 11am to 10pm), including mussels soup, tiger prawns and fish fillets. Tanjong Beach Club is a great spot for those who want to be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere with jubilant music and sip great cocktails.

Image credit- @corymeilany | best bars in sentosa

| best bars in sentosa

Ola Beach Club (#nightlife in sentosa)

Address: 46 Siloso Bch Walk, Singapore 099005
Hours: 10 AM–9 PM

A Hawaiian atmosphere with views of Siloso Beach right on Sentosa Island, Ola Beach Club is a very comfortable space and perfect for relaxing. If you really want to enjoy the vibe from the sea, feel the taste of the sea or watch the sunset in the most natural and beautiful way, this is one of the best places to see the beautiful natural scenery. Great on Sentosa Island. And it’s even better when you enjoy the view and taste of their Ola Tikis, a Hawaiian-flavored drink served in striking colors and packaged in a unique cup-style Pacific. You can also rent jet skis here if you’re up for some fun on the beach.

| best bars in sentosa
| best bars in sentosa

| best bars in sentosa

| best bars in sentosa

Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa

Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-209 to 214 The Forum, Singapore

Most of the Hard Rock cafes worldwide dot the inland streets, and the Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa is an exception, as it is located in a shopping mall, in a world class resort, on a beautiful island. However, the Hard Rock Cafe at Sentosa still offers a very familiar American classic rock charm, with nightly live performances and lots of vintage memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Messi burger | nightlife in sentosa
| nightlife in sentosa
| nightlife in sentosa

The cafe’s menu is like any other, with a long list of wines, extensive cocktails, fast food options plus a few traditional Singaporean Asian dishes. This cafe is definitely a good choice if you like to sit back, sip some drinks after the tour, shop directly at the World Resort.

Bikini Bar

Address: 01, 50 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore
Hours: 2–9:30 PM/Friday, Saturday: 2–10:30 PM

Bikini bar is proud to be the first and only Bintang bar (a famous Indonesian beer brand) in Singapore. This old-fashioned casual pub is one of those rare Southeast Asian-looking bars on Sentosa that you can find. The name of the bar can fully describe what you can expect here, Bikini Bar is a day and evening hangout on Siloso Beach that attracts countless beautiful women in suits fragile swimming.

| nightlife in sentosa

Located along the coast, this place is a great place for you to spend your free time and daydream while clutching Bintang or any other popular beer, dining comfortably in cheerful music atmosphere. In addition, the bar also organizes many beach games to connect between visitors and weekly live music performances. Cheap beers and drinks also add to the bar’s appeal. The simplicity, rustic and impressive of this place is a rare strangeness, attracting many tourists and locals on this modern man-made island of Sentosa.

| nightlife in sentosa

Bikini Bar also has a claim to fame as ‘Singapore’s first and only Bintang bar’, with 2 bottles of Bintang beer priced at S$16. They also make cheap margaritas (S$8) for the ladies who appear in bikinis at their monthly parties.


Address: 110 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore
Hours: 11:30 AM–10:30 PM/Monday, Tuesday: Closed

The FOC bar has its roots in Barcelona, so expect strong Spanish flair and Catalan-inspired drinks and menus. At FOC’s bar-restaurant you will enjoy sangrias accompanied by Spanish tapas and Mediterranean dishes. The quiet, cozy atmosphere stands in stark contrast to its surroundings, making it the perfect place to relax.

| nightlife in sentosa

FOC Sentosa operates like a beach club, but it has a lot to offer. Besides the drinks available on the menu, they have their own mix of cocktails and a unique selection of wines and beers. This is a wonderful island difference and one of the well-kept secrets, waiting for you to have a chance to discover and enjoy. If you go to FOC at sunset time, you will be able to see the red sky directly over the sea.

| nightlife in sentosa


Address: Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore
Hours: 9 AM–9:30 PM

If you want to relax by the sea but don’t want to be in the crowded, noisy space of Siloso beach, visit the Coastes bar. With white floors and stunning ocean views behind white sand and green palm trees, Coastes feels like you’re right on any beach in stunning Thailand or Bali. The spacious bar, with enthusiastic staff, will serve lunch on weekends, including complimentary champagne.

| nightlife in sentosa

The bar attracts quite a few diners due to the varied, extensive menu and the many events and promotions that often make the place packed with guests. Coastes specializes in burgers, pizza, pasta and fresh seafood. The bar opens every day at 9am, Coastes is one of the best and only places to go if you’re up early and are craving breakfast on the beach.

| nightlife in sentosa

If you are looking for an active experience where you relax, party or maybe listen to local live bands, this is one of the best places to go to Sentosa. You can sit right by the beach and lie down on the beach chairs there while enjoying vibrant music and cool sea breezes.

Mambo Beach Club

Address: 40 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore

If you’re looking for the intersection of a quiet, dreamy slumber and the euphoria of a wild summer while in Sentosa, the first place that should come to mind should be the Mambo Beach Club. A family-friendly space more than a bar or club, it has everything a nostalgic Floridan or Caribbean beach bar is, with poolside BBQ fun, plus assorted food and drinks. Drink variety, bring you a wonderful party.

| nightlife in sentosa

Sentosa Crane Dance

Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore

Sentosa Crane Dance is a family-friendly venue, similar in style to the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights. Head to the Resort World Sentosa any night of the week at 8pm, and you’ll be treated to a performance of two graceful lovebirds dancing and flirting to the sound of music, in a light curtain shimmering. The show promises to be groundbreaking in terms of audiovisual, water effects and LED lighting that really impress the crowds who come to watch for free, every night. You can also watch the show from the water at Vivo City on Singapore’s main island if you don’t fancy making the short journey across Sentosa Island to get to this bar.

If you’re planning to visit the beautiful little island of Sentosa for some sun and sea, consider checking out these bars in Sentosa to relax and have fun for a night out. Bars dotted around the island with quality cocktails, live music, vibrant EDM music all night will give you an unforgettable impression on the island.

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