Parents and children play soccer on the beach, play adventure sports and experience life are common activities in the Club Med Bintan resort (Indonesia).


Club Med Bintan resort is located on Bintan Island, only one-hour ferry ride from Singapore.

This place used to be voted the top 25 most popular hotels for families (2013) by millions of TripAdvisor’s readers.

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The resort serves with full-service facilities, that you only pay once and use all services including dining, entertainment, recreation, …

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Instead of just lounging on the beach, parents and children can experience water activities under the direction and organization of the resort staff (called G.O).

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The activities are designed each day to avoid duplication, boredom and held in a certain period of time. The children from 4 years old can perform acrobatics on the trapeze bar.

Although this is the first time, children are guided skills thoroughly to participate in this challenge professionally.

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Playing golf on the water is one of the activities held next to the pool. Children will try to hit the hole – an inverted umbrella in the middle of the pool. They will be given commemorative medals if they hit the hole one out of three times.

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Besides the active games, children vacation with their parents also join the real experience activities such as picnic, baking, dyeing clothes …

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Dyeing the shirt by children in their own. Here, the resort staff will prepare the dye and a guide children to design the favorite array of colors on a white shirt, then drying them under the sunshine for use or for souvenirs.

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The children are divided into 2 major groups: Petit Club for children 2-3 years old and Mini Club for children 4-18 years old. Depending on age, G.O will organize appropriate activities and games.

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Most visitors to Club Med Bintan resort come with their family and have a long vacation.

The visitors are mainly from Europe such as England, France … and some Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea …

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At night, the resort also organizes interesting concerts with the participation of the G.O, from sports facility director, director of the customer service … to the hotel director.

In the photo, the Director of Mini Club is acting as the Queen at Bollywood-themed night.

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Visitors can book a room through EXO Travel, the authorized dealer of Club Med in Vietnam for a discount.

If making a reservation before May and staying from May to July, the price of a night here from 123 USD / pax (2.7 million VND) and meals, games on the beach or Fitness, yoga,… are included.

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All-inclusive package includes flights to Ho Chi Minh City – Singapore – Ho Chi Minh City, departing from Changi airport to Bintan, 2-night stay at Club Med from 427 USD / pax.

You can also book a tour and airfare tickets, departing from Hanoi.

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This is a travel agency offering the luxury vacation for foreigners living and working in Vietnam and Vietnamese visitors as well.

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