Being a boot-shaped country, Tuscany mesmerizes many loving- nature hearts and tourism.

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Tuscany is located in central Italy, this area is known for its landscapes, tradition, history and artistic heritage.

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Wine is the famous and popular product in Tuscany. So many tourists come here to enjoy a glass of famous sherry.

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Surrounded by mountains and several large fertile plains, Tuscany is a land area for agricultural in use.

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To the north, Tuscany is covered with vineyards and forests, but in the southern, this field is covered by the whole valley and hills.

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In the spring, Tuscany is filled with colorful flowers and green grass. This colorful plaques harmonize changes when spring comes.

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The climate in Tuscany is comfortable in the coastal areas. At the time of demi- season, the weather is becoming more extreme and rains in some areas with temperature changes significantly.

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It is not difficult for tourists to have a glimpse of roaming sheep herds running over the hills. They are worn on the neck ring to be able to easily find if any stray sheep.

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In addition to the endless field scenery, Tuscany also has many cities and towns in the natural beauty and great architecture.

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Photographer Marcin Sobas also not an exception, as he seems immersed in the tranquility of the lush highlands through every frame of simplicity.

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