Laotian food - Mok Pa

Laos‘ cuisine is famous for its typical taste in comparison with other Southeast Asia food. A trip to Laos is not worthwhile without trying these celebrated dishes: Larb Moo, Laotian style sausage, bread, grilled chicken…

Sien Savanh (dried beef)

This is great food to eat while go travelling on the go or drinking beer. Beef is mixed with sauce, onion, chili, sugar, sesame and then dried under the sunlight. The best way to try this is drop into a street food stall where they often lightly grill beef so that it becomes smoky, tough and spicy.

Laotian food - Sien Savanh
Sien Savanh. Photo: Kqed

Sai Oua (sausage)

This type of sausage is quite similar to the famous brother of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Pork is softly ground, added citronella, chili, galingale before put tight into a layer of skin. It is interesting to see a lot of chains of sausage dried on the pavement or sold all around the markets. This dish is eaten together with Nam Cheo chili sauce and sticky rice.

Laotian food - Sai Oua
Sai Oua. Photo: Tourismlaos.

Khao Lee (bread)

It is clearly seen that French bread has deep effect on Laotian bread. This is a popular street food around Laos. We can see it everywhere from cities to the countrysides. The bread cover is quite crispy; the filling is made of pig liver pate, pork powder pie, carrot, cucumber, turnip, mayonnaise and chili sauce.

Laotian food - Khao Jee
Khao Jee. Photo: Curryfiend.

Khao Piak Sen (Laotian noodles)

This traditional Laotian food resembles the famed noodles of Vietnam in some ways. Local people eat Khao Piak Sen for breakfast as a habit. Likewise, it is possible to enjoy this dish at any time of the day. The noodles water consists of chicken or beef, herb, spicy flavoring, lemon, bean, and many other flavoring additions.

Laotian food - Khao Piak Sen
Khao Piak Sen. Photo: Amicatravel/Wordpress.

Larb Moo (minced meat salad)

This local food is made from minced meat, shallot, herb, chili, mint, sauce and lemon fined water. Another type of Larb Moo even uses raw meat. This food and sticky rice make up a mouth-watering harmony for your hungry stomach.

Laotian food - Larb Moo
Larb Moo. Photo: Live-less-ordinary.

Tam Mak Houng (green papaya salad)

Green papaya is sharpened into thin, long strips; then mixed with chili, lemon fined water, salt, sauce and sugar. This is one of the must-eat food in Laos, especially when visiting Luang Prabang.

Laotian food - Tam Mak Houng
Tam Mak Houng. Photo: Siamtur.

Or Lam (steamed mixed vegetables)

This unique food originated from the Northern area of Luang Prabang. It is made with vegetables, tofu, black mushroom, steamed squash, chili and herb.

Laotian food - Or Lam
Or Lam. Photo: Seriouseats.

Ping Kai (grilled chicken)

The chicken is mixed with black pepper, onion, herbal root, sauce and salt before grilled on the fire of coal. This food is soft, spicy and have a pleasing smell. Eat it with sicky rice to feel the best taste of chicken ever.

Laotian food - Ping Kai
Ping Kai. Photo: Laomate/Activeboard.

Pun Pa (rolled fish)

Fish is grilled until having hard cover, and then rolled with herb, noodles strips, peanut, cucumber and fresh onion. A perfect meal for visitors should not overlook this.

Laotian food - Pun Pa
Pun Pa. Photo: Darly J/Youtube.

Mok Pa (steamed fish)

Fish fillets is removed from their bones; rolled with garlic, onion, herb, chili and covered with banana leaves before put into steamer. This food is popular, it appears in street food stalls and luxury resturants also.

Laotian food - Mok Pa
Mok Pa. Photo: Elephant-restau.

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