GoEuro App. Photo iphoned.nl
GoEuro App. Photo iphoned.nl

Be it bus, train, plane, or car, the newly funded website and app sorts them all.

Flying to Europe is the easy part. Figuring out how to get around once you’re there can be a frustrating exercise, requiring hours to research the myriad of air, rail, and bus options. But GoEuro, a two-year-old website and mobile app, says it can get you from point A to point B, even in the smallest villages across 11 Western European countries, with just one click. Continuing its expansion, the Berlin-based startup just reached an agreement with France’s SNCF rail system to offer information and booking services on all of France’s trains. Until now, GoEuro’s platform could only offer some trains to France—mainly international services like Eurostar—but not the kind of full coverage that can take you to hundreds of stations throughout the country.

“France is such a big market for American tourists,” Naren Shaam, CEO and co-founder, tells Condé Nast Traveler. But while air travel options are easy to find on the web, he says many U.S. visitors don’t look into ground transportation alternatives due to the inability to book on a mobile phone. Less than a third of all Americans who travel to Europe take the train or bus, Shaam says, but with GoEuro, which covers 340 rail and bus companies in Europe, he hopes that will change.

One example is with motorcoach services, which are often overlooked by travelers from overseas despite dramatic changes in the sector. France recently deregulated coach services, and companies with names like Flixbus, Megabus, and Starshipper have burst onto the scene. “These are high-class coaches with Wi-Fi and comfortable seats,” says Shaam, “and they can be a lot more affordable than train travel.”

So how does it work? Once you type in the departure and destination points, the site simultaneously searches and compares all rail, bus, and flight offerings—as well as a fourth alternative, by car. The algorithm lets you sort the possible options by the cheapest, quickest, and “smartest” routes—the latter calculating the convenience versus expense of the itinerary.

Shaam, who knows the U.S. audience well—the India native has an MBA from Harvard and has worked in the States—says he plans a bigger push to reach U.S. consumers, having just completed a $45 million Series B funding round led by Goldman Sachs. His next goal is to add to existing markets like the U.K., Germany, Spain, and Italy, and to cover destinations such as Ireland, Portugal, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe.

A train passes through the French Mediterranean.
A train passes through the French Mediterranean. Photo Getty

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