So, what is famous in Vancouver, what souvenirs to buy in Vancouver and what to buy in Vancouver? Let’s check out our Vancouver shopping guide with the suggested 11+ best things to buy in Vancouver, must buy in Vancouver, things to bring back from Vancouver including best Vancouver souvenirs, Vancouver gifts as follows!

Vancouver, one of the most livable cities in the world
The beautiful port city has many tourist places for you to visit and also many things for you to buy as gifts. | what to buy in vancouver
| what to buy in vancouver

In addition to wonderful attractions and a rich culinary culture, Vancouver is also an interesting shopping paradise for tourists. Because in this port city, you can easily find a series of your favorite products such as clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, specialties and most of all, unique gifts to bring home. In this port city, there are many things for you to choose from small jewelry items to larger souvenirs, local products with unique characteristics. If you are wondering what to buy as a gift when traveling to Vancouver, you can refer to the article below to choose the most suitable gifts for yourself!

| what to buy in vancouver
Stuffed Animal Beaver | what to buy in vancouver

Vancouver Microbrews (what to buy in vancouver)

In Vancouver, Vancouver Microbrews is known as the city’s traditional specialty draft beer with a delicious taste that can attract any visitor from the first sample.

| what to buy in vancouver

Vancouver Microbrews are essentially batches of crafted beer – one of the traditional specialties in the port city. Coming here, visitors will be fascinated by this unique drink from different brands for you to choose from. Besides the captivating taste, you will not find anywhere else with unique designs on the body and bottle cap that make Microbrews a unique luxurious gift.

Vancouver Microbrews draft beer is a quality treat that you’ll find in the port city | what to buy in vancouver
| what to buy in vancouver

Vancouver Microbrews beer bottles are often very small and pretty in shape, full of flavor and very easy to drink, so they can be suitable for many recipients. In particular, in addition to the typical delicious flavor, visitors will also not be able to find anywhere else with unique designs on the body and bottle cap that resemble works of art like Vancouver Microbrews!

| what to buy in vancouver

Where to buy

To be able to own the most delicious and excellent, good quality Microbrews, you can choose to buy bottled beers from British Columbia Vancouver, Granville Island Brewing, Storm Beer Ltd or Granville beer, R&B, Parallel 49 Brewing Company, Main Street Brewing Co…

Fashion and accessories (what souvenirs to buy in vancouver)

| what to buy in vancouver

Fashion and accessories items designed and made in the port city of Vancouver are one of the unique gifts you can choose. Fashion products here include accessories, jewelry, and expensive or affordable clothes. All are designed with unique styles for both men and women, so choosing some fashion products for loved ones is not a bad idea when traveling to Vancouver.

| what to buy in vancouver

As one of Canada’s leading shopping paradises, if you come to Vancouver if you don’t know what to buy as a gift, fashionable clothes and accessories will also be a perfect choice for you. Because the clothing and accessories products here are not only of good quality but also highly appreciated for their style and fashion trends.

In Vancouver you can find many fashion options of all styles and ages at a wide range of prices | what to buy in vancouver
| what to buy in vancouver

In this city, visitors will easily find many good places to shop for fashion products. These can be outdoor markets, fashion shops on the street to high-end stores in famous shopping centers with a system of products of all genres and all prices. Therefore, depending on your preferences as well as the gift recipient, you can easily choose to buy the most suitable outfits or accessories.

Vancouver jewelry | what to buy in vancouver

Some famous Vancouver fashion brands are: ChopValue, Adrian Klis, Reclaimed Print Co., Herschel, JMP Flow + Design, Ole Originals…

Icewine (best things to buy in vancouver)

Different kinds of ice wine. Surely your relatives and friends will feel extremely excited when given a special bottle of Canadian ice wine | what to buy in vancouver

Considered to be a unique symbol of the country of maple leaves, wine wine is also a unique and meaningful gift that you should not remove the fruit when you have the opportunity to travel to the port city of Vancouver. This is a wine produced with the main ingredient of natural frozen grapes on the tree in cold weather conditions. Therefore, the taste of stone wine is not only very delicious but also quite special with the sweet and spicy taste, very delicious.

Icewine is a sweet dessert wine, produced with frozen grapes as the main ingredient. This type of ice wine is loved by many tourists from all over because of its unique flavor and sweetness balanced by high acidity. Enjoying the sweet taste of this ice wine will make you unforgettable, especially when used with other sweet desserts.

icewine grapes4” by Rivard is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 | what to buy in vancouver

In Canada, icewine is divided into two basic types: white wine and red wine. Each type of wine has its own speciality, but it is more popular and popular with white wine. In particular, the flavor of Canadian ice wine is quite diverse with many options such as tangerines, oranges, peaches, pears, honey… to help visitors can easily choose the most suitable wine bottles for their taste.

Icewine Glass. credit Reif Estate Winery | best things to buy in vancouver

Many grapes used to make Canadian icewine, but the most common are Cabernets Franc and Sauvignon for red icewine, and Riesling and Vidal grapes are widely grown for white wine. You can choose white or red wine, but white wine seems to be more popular with a variety of taste such as apples, peaches, lemons, honey, pears, lychee… like delicious sweet wine, icewine is a perfect combination for desserts such as chocolate, fruit, cakes but to feel the best, you should enjoy less sweeter desserts than wine, can also combine special combination good with green cheese and salty foods like olive, pate or foie gras and anchovies.

To be assured and not buy poor quality goods, you can find this premium wine at Cave Springs Riesling ICewine, Mission Hill and Inniskillin… | best things to buy in vancouver

This wine is very popular so you can find it sold in many places but because it is popular, the fake icewine market is also very much. It is cheaper and easy to freeze artificial grapes, using concentrated and sweeteners but the result is a poor quality imitation. To distinguish genuine and fake ice wine, find the word “iceewine” written into a single word and make sure the VQA logo is displayed correctly on the bottle. “Icewine” is a brand registered here and only the Icewine breweries approved by VQA can be used.

Where to buy

To have the best ice wine bottles of Vancouver, some of the leading brands for you such as: Cave Springs Riesling icewine, Inniskillin, Mission Hill.

Smoked salmon (must buy in vancouver)

Smoked salmon is carefully packaged so visitors can easily buy it to take home | best things to buy in vancouver

The port city of Vancouver is home to many salmon species, especially during fish spawning seasons when this valuable ingredient is abundant, so the smoked salmon was born to serve the needs of tourists. Therefore, smoked salmon will be a delicious gift from Vancouver in particular and the land of maple leaves in general. You will easily find many quality restaurants and eateries to buy smoked salmon. However, before buying it, enjoy a delicious meal with this dish to feel the unique flavor. Surely you will immediately want to own a few bags of vacuum-sealed salmon to take home as gifts.

| best things to buy in vancouver
Smoked salmon is a delectable from nature that you should buy as a gift | best things to buy in vancouver

And to better meet the needs of tourists to buy as gifts, currently in Vancouver, in addition to dishes served directly at restaurants, smoked salmon is also carefully packaged, helping you have You can buy it as a gift for relatives and friends. To buy this local specialty, you can visit restaurants or eateries or supermarkets in the city!

Stuffed Animal Moose and Beaver (things to bring back from vancouver)

| best things to buy in vancouver

Animals have long been used by people as cultural symbols to represent countries and their citizens. Moose and Beaver are the two symbolic animals of Vancouver in particular and Canada in general. The widely used Beaver seems to be everywhere, printed on logos, clothing or whether it’s Bullwinkle or Peter Moosebridge in Disney’s Zootopia or a pile of plush toys in any tourist store across the country.

| best things to buy in vancouver

Especially when they are made in the form of stuffed animal which are the most popular choice of tourists. Moose is the official symbolic animal of this region and is 300 years old. Stuffed moose sand beavers with all colors, designs, materials, and sizes are sold from popular markets to souvenir shops or even high-end stores, you can easily find them everywhere. These are all actual animal symbols of this red maple leaf country. Therefore, stuffed animals like moose and beavers will be one of the best and meaningful gifts for friends that you should buy or you can also buy souvenirs for yourself during your trip to Vancouver.

| best things to buy in vancouver

The Beaver is the animal used as a symbol on coats, and the Moose is the most hardworking animal, used as a symbol for Canada for more than 300 years. Therefore, the Moose and Beaver teddy bears sold in souvenir shops will be a great gift you should buy before leaving Vancouver.

Artisan Chocolate

| must buy in vancouver

A visit to Vancouver, so it is indispensable for chocolate and especially chocolate is handmade. In order to make chocolate bars with excellent flavor and structure in this area, artisans have to carefully select the ingredients along with a harmonious combination of technical and native ingredients. The eye-catching, unique and delicious chocolate pieces have touched the hearts of many tourists when tasting them in Vancouver.

Sirence chocolate | must buy in vancouver

If you are looking for a sweet and meaningful gift to give to relatives and friends after a Vancouver trip, the Artisan chocolate is definitely the perfect choice for you. This type of chocolate is known as one of the dishes that have made the culinary brand for the city and is the perfect combination of European techniques and local ingredients.

Artisan Chocolate – Sweet, meaningful gift for sweet lovers | must buy in vancouver

In Vancouver, people see the Artisan chocolate is the pride of the city of Vancouver. To get these delicious chocolate bars, artisans have perfectly combined European techniques with local ingredients to create a unity with the unique chocolate flavor and unique shape. Artisan Chocolate is the most meaningful and sweetest gift for relatives and friends.

Where to buy

There are two famous and famous chocolate manufacturers in Vancouver who has been operating for a long time in chocolate and quality confectionery. One of Purdy’s, often can be seen in any shopping mall in Vancouver, while the other is Rogers. The first Rogers chocolate was made in 1885 by Charles (Candy) Rogers at his Victoria grocery store. The best souvenir to buy in this Vancouver has many types. Their quality is amazing and unique of the Victoria period. You can buy a whole box or just taste.

Purdy’s chocolates | must buy in vancouver

In addition, you can also buy artisan chocolate from chocolatiers such as TThomas Haas Chocolate, Beta5 Chocolates, Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut, ChocolaTas, Daniel Le Chocolat Belge, Sirene Chocolate, East Van Roasters, Danirl’s Chocolates, Charlies’s Chocolate Factory, Granville Island Chocolate Shops…

Maple syrup

Maple syrup canada
Maple leaf syrup is one of the typical gifts of the land of maple leaves | must buy in vancouver

One of the pride of Canadians is the image of maple leaf or the maple forests. Therefore, food products made from maple syrup that can be used to make culinary very popular here. Syrup products extracted from maple tree are a unique product with delicious, sweet flavor not only eat the same bread, cake and waffle, but it is also to make natural spice products with a natural spice product that is impeccable. You can buy some maple leaf syrup bottles as a gift.

| must buy in vancouver

For Canadians in general and Vancouver city in particular, the image of maple leaf or the coincidental maple forests is one of their pride. Because of that, products made from maple syrup can be used to make food very popular and popular here. Among them, the most famous is the syrup extracted from the maple tree with a delicious and sweet taste.
With maple syrup, you can use it with bread, cakes, waffles, put some in coffee, tea or latte are great.

Pancakes with maple syrup | must buy in vancouver

In Vancouver, maple syrup is sold very popular in the form of bottles or boxes so that tourists can easily bring back. When you want to buy maple leaf syrup, you can visit a lot of places to buy, but the most convenient is still the airport stores and around the famous tourist destinations. The price of maple leaf syrup bottles is not too expensive!

Canola oil

Canadian Canola Oil | must buy in vancouver

This is one of the world famous gifts from Canada, a great gift for your family after your trip to Vancouver. This oil is organic and non-genetic oil, no additives or preservatives. Pure freshly pressed from fresh canola seeds, no seeds and peanuts, no traces of soy or milk. Because it is pure, the mustard oil is light yellow, the characteristic aroma is quite bold if anyone loves will feel very fragrant and special flavor.

This cooking oil is used as ingredients in cooking, making sauce, baking, mixing salads or marinating food, deep-fried dishes, this will be the perfect choice and the perfect choice and especially good for health. One of the items to shop for gifts because of its benefits to health. This is definitely a gift that will make receivers satisfied if your relatives and friends like to cook.

| must buy in vancouver

Canola oil is also a gift that is loved by many tourists and chooses when coming to Vancouver. Because this oil has not only many useful uses but also a very good product and safe for the health of users.

Canadian snacks

| must buy in vancouver

Travel to anywhere, surely among the gifts you want to bring, can’t help but confectionery, it is an indispensable thing. It is like a small and close gift to show your heart to people in the simplest way. And if you have the opportunity to visit Vancouver, you will be fascinated by a variety of confectionery and fast food processed here. In Vancouver, confectionery made from natural ingredients are very popular and popular not only in the region.

| what souvenirs to buy in vancouver

These snacks are sold a lot, you can find them easily at grocery stores, markets, supermarkets, shops specializing in manual confectionery. Vancouver snacks in particular and Canada in general always ensure the quality and delicious. Therefore, if you are a follower of snacks or don’t know what to buy in Vancouver, you can completely think of these Canadian brand snacks. Some of popular brand snacks that even you can’t find in the US are Smarties, Caramilk, Crunchie, Kinder Surprise, Kraft Peanut Butter, President’s Choice ice cream, Hickory Sticks, Coffee Crisp, Big Turk, Montreal-Style Bagels, Yorkie, Mackintosh “MACK” Toffee, Dill Pickle chips, Kraft Dinner, Hawkins Cheezies, Mr. Big…

Do not forget to put in your luggage with some Canadian brand confectionery as a gift for relatives and friends! | what souvenirs to buy in vancouver

Montreal Steak Seasoning

For those who are passionate about food and cooking, the Montreal Steak seasoning jar is also a gift not to be missed when coming to Vancouver. This is a typical spice that must be in the kitchen of the people of the land of maple leaves and is often commonly used on plates of steak, beef tenderloin or salmon fillet. Montreal Steak Seasoning is usually packaged in small boxes, jars so it’s easy to put in your carry-on luggage!

| what to buy in vancouver

In addition to what to buy in Vancouver and best things to buy in Vancouver above, you can also buy other Vancouver gifts and souvenirs such as keychains, postcards, T-shirts, refrigerator magnets with symbols of this port city.

T-shirt souvenir | what souvenirs to buy in vancouver

Where to buy in Vancouver?

Here are best places to shop in Vancouver, best shopping places in Vancouver, malls in Vancouver where you can shop everything.

Pacific Centre

Address: 701 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5, Canada
Hours: 10 AM–7 PM

One of the most popular places to shop in downtown Vancouver with over 300 stores and services. The shopping center is near two SkyTrain stations, with Vancouver City Center Station spanning three blocks from Pender Street to Robson Street. Pacific Center is a shopping center that constantly updates the latest trending products of  European fashion and new jewelry and sports accessories quickly.

Pacific Centre | what souvenirs to buy in vancouver

Standing in front of this row of stores in this center, you will be amazed by the magnificence of the architecture here and you will also enjoy the bustling atmosphere of this classy shopping place. Not only that, the center also serves you professionally with bars, restaurants, game areas, cinemas… Pacific Centre will be the top choice if you are looking for a place to stay. You can both shop and enjoy sightseeing and great entertainment for yourself.


One of the largest Chinatowns in the western hemisphere, Vancouver’s Chinatown is a fun and vibrant place to stroll, explore, eat and of course shopping.

3Chinatown vancouver
| what souvenirs to buy in vancouver

With a wide variety of stores, Chinatown shopping offers more surprises than visitors might expect. It’s a great place to find Chinese imports, furniture and clothing, as well as unique gifts like cosmetics, shoes, fashion to jewelry, crafts, souvenirsx…There are many fresh fruit and food shops, herbal medicine shops, Chinese books, music and DVDs. Start your shopping by entering Chinatown through the Millennium Gate at the intersection of Taylor and Pender streets.

3Chinatown vancouver

3Chinatown vancouver
A shop in Chinatown that sells incense and decorations.

3Chinatown vancouver

3Chinatown vancouver

Punjabi Market

Home to Vancouver’s large Indian community, the area is not actually a market, but a neighborhood that occupies six blocks of Main Street, starting around East 49th Avenue. It’s punctuated by shops touting bright silks, delicate gold bracelets and some of the city’s best Indian food. If you like color and sparkle, Punjabi Market will be your shopping destination with affordable luminescent bangles in every color of the rainbow and colorful silk fabrics, plus There are many other things you can buy here such as spices, candy…

Davie Village

Davie Village is the heart of Vancouver’s gay neighborhood. Here you will find many gay bars, shopping stores, coffee shops, businesses such as bakeries, grocery stores, souvenir shops, etc.

Davie Village

If you’re looking for souvenirs, head to Robson Street, where maple syrup is a great return gift. Also on this street you will find many designer stores and trendy fashion boutiques. If you want to experience more high-end fashion, head to Yaletown.

Davie Village

Davie Village
Davie shops


Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood – Gastown, was formed from a single pub founded by John Gassy Jack Deighton in 1867. Then there were many different shops and buildings, providing services. for local people. Today, this neighborhood retains its historic charm and independent spirit. There are striking Victorian buildings, perfectly curated shops, unique galleries and some of the best food in Vancouver.

gastown old quarter vancouver (1)

If you only have time to shop in one neighborhood while in Vancouver, it’s probably Gastown. With a mix of traditional souvenir shops and art galleries, as well as many unique fashion boutiques and modern gift shops, you’ll find plenty for both you and your souvenirs. Thoughts for relatives and friends. The area has some wonderful First Nations art galleries – it’s worth exploring for unique memorabilia such as silver jewellery, artwork and carvings.

gastown old quarter vancouver (1)

Tourists shopping in Gastown
The steam clock in Gastown, Vancouver, Canada
The steam clock in Gastown, Vancouver

gastown old quarter vancouver (1) gastown old quarter vancouver (1)

Hopefully the suggestions on where and what to buy as gifts in Vancouver that we just shared have helped you make more ideal choices for your upcoming trip.

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