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Ideal for visitors of all ages, Safari World is the ultimate edutainment green destination. A place is explored with an extensive collection of wildlife and marine life amidst green tropical shades and soft, cool mist, guaranteed to keep you fresh and cool all day long. Immerse yourself in a full day of adventure at Safari World, Bangkok, which encompasses two distinct parks: Safari Park, an open zoo, and Marine Park.

| safari world bangkok blog
| safari world bangkok blog

So, is safari world Bangkok worth visiting and what to do in safari world Bangkok, how to get to safari world Bangkok? Let’s check out our safari world Bangkok blog with the fullest Safari World Thailand travel guide to find out the answer!

A perfect place for kids to have a close interaction with the wilderness | safari world bangkok blog

How to deeply discover these amazing attractions with a fun-filled family day waits at Safari World, let’s check out clearly through this post as the travel guide for a part of Bangkok, Thailand!

Overview of Safari World in Thailand (# safari world bangkok blog)

| safari world bangkok blog

Safari World Thailand is the largest open-air zoo in Southeast Asia, a place to live and preserve various species of flora and fauna, including endangered animals. It’s conveniently located 40 km away from downtown Bangkok.

Steady your focus with the tigers | safari world bangkok blog
| safari world bangkok blog

Safari World has been around since 1988 with a total area of 480 acres (190 ha) for its open zoo and 180 acres (73 ha). Home to hundreds of animals from around the world in their natural environment with over 75 species of mammals, 300 species of birds from Africa and Asia, and endemic animals worldwide.

Zebras are leisurely walking in their home | safari world bangkok blog
A troop of lions sheltering under the trees. @neamakela | safari world bangkok blog

This is a top-rated destination with two unique themes, the Safari Park and the Marine Park. Both parks have different sets of animals and spectacular shows to look forward to. Safari Park is a coach bus ride that runs for up to 45 minutes. This allows you to see wild animals and watch feeding shows for rare animals. The Marine Park is where you’ll find plenty of fantastic shows. Likewise, this one has a lot of animals to catch up to on foot.

A huge assortment of animals, from giraffes to dolphins, are right within the par | safari world bangkok blog

Marine Park is with a wide variety of animals, e.g., giraffe, zebra, ostrich, camel, crested crane, lion, tiger, antelope, Canadian bear, etc. This park is undoubtedly Thailand’s most popular animal and leisure park promising a great deal of entertainment and recreation.

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| safari world bangkok blog

With a fair share of exciting things for both adults and kids, Safari World Bangkok is a staple on all family vacations. Safari World Bangkok also features a wide range of shopping and dining choices.

Where to buy Safari World Bangkok tickets? (# safari world bangkok blog)

The flamboyant path into the woods.@neamakela | safari world bangkok blog

As Safari World Bangkok is a popular tourist attraction, it is always better to purchase your tickets online. While purchasing your online ticket, you will also be allotted a time slot for your entry into the park, ensuring that there is no overcrowding at the venue. Besides, you can buy the tickets on-site.

Safari World Bangkok directions near the entrance | safari world bangkok blog
| safari world bangkok blog
  • For Safari Park, it costs 1,000 Baht ($28.85) for an adult and 900 Baht ($25.97) for a child (aged between 2 and 12).
  • For Marine Park, the ticket prices are 1,300 Baht ($37.51) for an adult and 1,100 Baht ($31.74) for a child.
  • For both parks, the rate is 1,500 Baht ($43.28) for an adult and 1,400 Baht ($40.39) for a child.

How to get to Safari World?

Located at 99 Samwatawantok Road, Klongsamwa District, about 30 km from the center of Bangkok how to get to Safari World.

Journey safely and conveniently from Bangkok to Safari World.@klook | safari world bangkok blog

By BTS Skytrain and Public Bus (# safari world bangkok blog)

The BTS Skytrain | safari world bangkok blog

No direct BTS or MRT train is going to Safari World, Bangkok, so you need to take the train first. Then, you hop aboard the public bus.

BTS Bangkok Map | safari world bangkok blog

You take the Sukhumvit Line to Mo Chit BTS Station. From this stop, go out Exit 1 and then hop on Bus No. 26 or 96 to go to Fashion Island Shopping Mall at roughly 25 Baht ($0.8). After getting off the bus at the shopping mall, take Bus No. 197, and go to the Safari World bus stop. And then, walk to the park in 10 minutes. The entire journey takes around 2 hours from the Mo Chit BTS Station in Safari World Bangkok.

Public bus to Safari World.@thenationthailand | safari world bangkok blog

If you depart at Central World or Siam Square, the route is quite similar to the one above. If you start from Khao San, China Town, Bangkok Old City, or Hua Lamphong, then take the bus No. 73 that heads to the Nopparat Ratchathani Hospital. You will pay around 25 Baht ($0.8) for this bus trip, and from the Nopparat Ratchathani Hospital, catch a taxi to Safari World, which costs you roughly 100 Baht ($3.2). Bang Kapi District, Ramkhamhaeng (near Suvarnabhumi Airport Link), you can catch one of the buses in No. 22, 60, 115, or 501 to Fashion Island Mall and then hop in a taxi to Safari World.

By Minibus and Minivan

bangkok minibus

Minibus and minivans are other options besides BTS and buses that you can easily see parked in front of the Chatuchak Market. These minivans don’t have license plates, so you need to ask the drivers which one heads to Safari World Bangkok before hopping on. A minivan trip to the Fashion Island Mall costs around 100 Baht ($3.2). From there you can get a cab at 100 Baht ($3.2) to Safari World.


By Taxi

It is the most comfortable and fastest way of getting to Safari World Bangkok. Having a trip in a taxi is a real dream for people not so good at navigation with direct transportation from the starting point to the destination. Taxis will be suitable for large groups, with elderly people or children.

Open the app, all you need to do is to input the pick-up and drop-off points and check the price. The app allows you to keep track of the whole route and you can rate the trip and get considerable discounts for later trips. You can cost around 600–700 Baht ($17.31–$20.20) for a one-way, 1000–1500 Baht ($28.85–$43.28) for a round trip. However, for the best price update, contact your hotel receptionist or a local Thai friend if you have one, just in case you do not want to be ripped off as a foreigner.

How to get back to the city center from Safari World?

The Bus Stop in front of Fashion Island Mall.@thepoortraveler

Once your trip is completed, your return is to get to the bus stop in front of Noppharat Ratchathani Hospital or Fashion Island Mall. You can contact the tourist information operator for a taxi arrangement back to Fashion Island Mall bus stop to catch one back to Bangkok city center. Please remind the bus driver to stop at the opposite bus stop, which has an overpass away for convenient pickup. Apart from the bus, you can also choose a minivan for the center.

Entrance ticket to Safari World Bangkok

Entrance ticket.@aiko’stravel&lifestyle

You can purchase entrance tickets directly at the ticket counter or online. The price range below is applied to visitors purchasing tickets on-site. This way is helpful if you happen to pass through Safari World Bangkok during your trip and you can get a ticket with a snap of a finger.

Buy tickets at the ticket counter

Ticket counter in Safari World

A ticket to Safari Park will cost you around $32 while a ticket to Marine Park will cost you $38. The most economical way is to buy a ticket to both these 2 Parks as you just spend nearly $44 to grasp all the exceptional experiences around Safari World.
However, you can spend tons of time queueing at the ticket counter, especially during peak times or hours.

Safari World entrance.@aiko’stravel&lifestyle

Buy tickets online

If you prefer booking online tickets, you can find many tickets at promotional prices, making your experience more affordable and pleasant.

What to do in Safari World Bangkok?

Opening hours: 9:00 am–5:00 pm daily

As the largest open-air zoo in Southeast Asia, Safari World has a lot to offer. Coming to this place, you must experience the following places and programs.

Safari World

Safari World is an open zoo and park. It takes you on a fun and informative journey. This one-of-a-kind ride opens your curiosity to the beauty of the African-like wilderness.

The route lasts for nearly 8 kilometers and you will get to encounter tigers, zebras, deer, antelopes, birds, and a lot more. With its diverse collection of wildlife, thrilling shows, and exciting activities, it offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

You should take a bus service to tour the park so as not to run out of energy and protect yourself from being attacked by the animals. You will join an experienced guide who shows you inside out throughout the trip and gives out many interesting facts about the wild animals you may have never heard of before. Sit on the right side of the bus for an up-close perspective, and of course, for a more interesting and vivid background if you want to capture some photos of the animals as well.

Marine Park (# what to do in safari world bangkok)

A child enjoying his magical underwater world.@nichara1981 | what to do in safari world bangkok

Marine Park features a diverse range of aquatic animals from across the globe. Visitors can enjoy the various live entertaining shows, including seven shows, and watch these friendly animals perform. The park is also an excellent place to explore the wonders of the ocean while having a fun-filled day with family and friends.

Bird Show

Opening hours: 10:20 am–3:40 pm

Delight in the tropical colors of exotic birds at the Bird Show | what to do in safari world bangkok

The Bird Show is a delightful and educational experience for visitors of all age groups. The show features a variety of beautiful and vibrantly colored birds from different countries of the world like parrots, eagles, and owls. With impressive flying displays, intricately detailed maneuvers, and amusing interactions with the trainers, the birds show off their incredible abilities and intelligence with striking grace and elegance. The flamboyant and vivid parrots make your children smile with their skillful bike-riding talent. Bird Show is best when you travel with the kids.

You will see some lovely birds like Flamingos, colorful Macaw Parrots, and other lovely birds perform fly-past, march-past, and tricks, all of which make you very happy looking at the birds and their performance | what to do in safari world bangkok

Orangutan Show

Opening hours: 10:20 am (Mondays–Fridays); 10:20 am–3:45 pm (Saturdays–Sundays)

| what to do in safari world bangkok

Orangutan Show is a captivating and entertaining experience that offers visitors a chance to get fascinated by the intelligence and humor of these primates. The show exhibits highly trained orangutans portraying their incredible abilities.

Besides, visitors can easily take photos with the Orangutans

This comedy-centric boxing show entertains you with many hilarious movements of the orangutans on stage. The orangutans in fun outfits will kill your stress by teasing each other, dancing, hugging, and balancing on the chair.

Sea Lion Show

Opening hours: 11:40 am daily

| what to do in safari world bangkok

The show opens your mind to the cleverness and flexibility of the sea lions attempting to cooperate with the trainers. They can balance a ball using their nose, dance with their hands, and do all sorts of tricks. So, make sure to appreciate their talents by cheering on them.


| what to do in safari world bangkok

Elephant Show

Opening hours: 11:00 am (Mondays to Fridays); 11:00 am–4:15 pm (Saturdays to Sundays)

| what to do in safari world bangkok

These giant animals will have you saying wow with multiple impeccable human simulation actions, such as painting, playing basketball, balancing, dancing in groups, and many more.

Cowboy Stunt Show

Opening hours: 11:40 am (Mondays–Fridays); 11:40 am–4:15 pm (Saturdays–Sundays)

| what to do in safari world bangkok

If you are a fan of Lucky Luke, don’t miss this Cowboy Stunt Show that brings you to an actual Westside of the States, where the cool cowboys and cowgirls conquer the wooden pubs while the gunfights roam the sky.

Safari World brings you into the lawless territory of the wild west, where cowboys and bandits jostle for power with intricate knockdowns, gunfights, bullwhips, fistfights, and horseplay | what to do in safari world bangkok

Dolphin Show

Opening hours: 1:45 pm daily

| what to do in safari world bangkok

Dolphin Show features a group of friendly and highly creative dolphins performing a handful of tricks and stunts, such as jumping through hoops and playing with balls themselves. The synchronized swimming, acrobatics, and interactive games display the dolphins’ display their incredible talent and intelligence, leaving the audience captivated and awe-struck.

Dolphin Show safari bangkok

| what to do in safari world bangkok

The show is very popular among children and adults alike. So, if you plan a vacation to Bangkok with your kids, you must include the Dolphin Show in your itinerary because they would like it.

Spy War

Opening hours: 2:30 pm daily

Spy War is a breathtaking imitation of a James Bond movie. The stunts were out of the world. As hilarious as it was, it was nothing short of an actual movie

Spy War is another thrilling and action-packed show that takes visitors into a world of espionage and international intrigue. Your Hollywood blockbusters now come to life with a spectacular archive of thrilling performances, including canoe racing, gun fights, and bombing. Spy War is a symbol of exciting and intense entertainment.

| what to do in safari world bangkok
| what to do in safari world bangkok

Tips to visit Safari World

Safari World Bangkok Ticket

To have a smooth Safari World tour, you need to know some essential tips as follows:

  • Light and easy-to-move outfits and a pair of comfortable shoes are the perfect combo for a day trip to the attraction.
  • Do not forget to apply sunscreen, sunglasses and bring along a hat, an umbrella, and a refillable bottle to keep yourself from heat stroke and dehydration.
  • Early come to the shows to have a good seat.
  • Although the animals here are friendly and used to being a bit human, you should not disturb or harass them.
  • A Jungle Cruise simulated by the natural habitats of Africa and Asia in Safari World Thailand requires a separate ticket. Visitors will be able to sail along the rivers and explore the jungle.
  • The prices per basket of food for giraffes, birds, and elephants are 100 Baht ($2.88).
  • Should negotiate the price to take a taxi to Safari World.
  • Should buy a 4G Sim for easy communication and look up information when needed.
Prepare some necessary items to visit Safari World

Explore the jungle along the rivers

Safari World Bangkok Ticket

Safari World Bangkok is undeniably a fun place to visit, especially for animal lovers. Here are some experiences along with a detailed guide for you on how to go to Safari World Bangkok helping you have a hassle-free and insightful day trip to Safari World Bangkok. A visit to Safari World Bangkok will bring you in-depth knowledge of the animal world, laughter, and thrills at the shows. If you take a trip to the Park along with your family, it is surely a perfect option for everyone to enjoy the excitement while learning amazing things about the wildlife and environment of Thailand.

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