Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a destination that is too familiar to tourists all over the world. For the most of people who love to travel, especially Asian tourists, Thailand is probably the place where they go the most, easy to go and affordable. But have you ever planned to traveling to Bangkok and stay in a 5-star hotel in one of the most high-end hotels? Anantara Siam is one of the few such hotels. So, what’s hot in Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel (Anantara Siam BKK Hotel)? Let’s check out our Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel review (Anantara Siam Bangkok review, Anantara Siam review) to explore and experience one of the most luxury hotels in the heart of Bangkok to find out the answer!

Green space right in the heart of Bangkok.
Stunning staircase | anantara siam review

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Anantara Siam, formerly known as Four Seasons Bangkok, is one of the most luxurious hotel-resort brands in the world. After Anantara took over and re-branded name as the Anantara Siam, Minor (the owner of the Anantara brand) kept almost the original of Four Seasons, only slightly modified at the entrance. Anantara Siam brings bold Thai traditions, elegant, nobility and the most luxurious.

The restaurant | anantara siam bkk hotel

Anantara Siam Bangkok review: The location of the hotel

  • Address: 155 Ratchadamri Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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Anantara Siam is located in the heart of Bangkok, takes more than 30 minutes by taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport. This area gathering many high-end hotels such as InterContinental, Hayatt, and major shopping malls such as Central World, Big C, and Siam Paragon.

This ensures you have a quiet space, safe, and convenient for shopping. If you want a green space then the Lumphini park is right there just a few steps away. Ratchadamri BTS Station is also nearby.

Outdoor bar area | anantara siam bangkok hotel review

The first impression upon entering Anatara Siam, it is the splendor of the lobby, and a thought that this is a resort in the heart of the city, not just a upscale hotel. There is a garden, lots of small fish ponds and a spacious campus. In addition to the city hotel is a building with many rooms, the hotel also has suites, rooms with garden view. Those are things that you would normally see in mountain resorts or seas, rather than in a city like Bangkok.

The Splendid Lobby
Back to nature with a green space.

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel review: Review of Anantara Siam rooms

When I arrived at the hotel, the staff at the lobby welcomed and instructed to enter the reception area for check-in procedures. There will be another staff who will lead guests to the room and guide some basic information, with a gift of a necklace made by beautiful white flowers.

The room I stayed here is a Deluxe room with city view. Room size of 42m2, not too large but also larger than most hotel rooms in the city. If you go with 2 adults + 1 child, this room is quite comfortable.

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Entering the door is the bathroom area at left, paved with high quality stone. Bath tub and washbasin are both large, and include small, independent shower room.

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Furniture and materials used in the room are all high-end, the decoration is quite sophisticated and slightly bearing Thai style. The floor are thick carpeted, which is very warm in winter. Large windows with city view flooded with light coming in. As soon as I entered I received a formal welcome display like this:

The room is quite spacious with all the necessary items:


The king-size bed with luxurious embroidery painting:

Mini-bar area with drinks, jams and snacks, all are free:

Welcome amenities for guests:

In addition to the Deluxe Room I stayed in, the hotel also has other rooms in the same city hotel such as Premier Room, Two-Bedroom Family Suite, Siam Suite and Garden Terrace Room, Garden Terrace Suite, One-Bedroom Suite, High-class Kasara Club Room, Ultra-large Presidential Room.

Garden Terrace Room
Garden Terrace Suite
Kasara Club Room
One-Bedroom Suite
Premier Room
Siam Suite
Two-Bedroom Family Suite

A special thing about Anantara Siam is that the silk used in some high-end room classes is Jim Thompson silk, a very famous Thai brand. As far as I know, this kind of silk is only used in the Presidential room class.

Anantara Siam review: Hotel facilities of Anantara Siam

As a large 5-star hotel, Anantara Siam occupies a fairly large area in this Ratchadamri neighborhood. Right after entering, I was overwhelmed by the huge hotel lobby with high-rise ceilings and meticulous patterns. This is the area where guests can relax or meet partners in a luxurious and delicate space.

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Right in the middle is the large staircase, the most recognizable signature about Anantara Siam. This staircase brings guests to the second floor with conference rooms, spa areas:

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Anantara Siam’s outdoor swimming pool is really large, with a bar and a gym full of necessary equipment. The hotel also has a hair studio to serve guests.

The special feature of Anantara Siam that I mentioned above is that the hotel campus is designed as a large garden with many trees. Here, sometimes I see an small fish pond growing a wide variety of colorful fish. Guests can sit at this quiet on-site bar, enjoy tea, read newspapers and enjoy a truly green space.

A large swimming pool. | anantara siam bangkok hotel review

The hotel building is designed in a square shape with big skylight to have maximum natural light:

Long hallway to access the rooms:

| anantara siam bangkok hotel review

Spa area

Outdoor pool

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel review: Experience dining at the restaurants of Anantara Siam

Actually when I traveling to a city like Bangkok I did not expect much about the food in the hotel, because I would like to explore the food outside. But Anantara Siam seems to have changed that my mindset. The hotel owns up to 9 restaurants with Michelin chefs serving a full range of customers from Asia, Europe, Thailand or Japan.

Foie gras cooked with beans with strange taste but quite easy to eat:

| anantara siam bangkok hotel review

Steamed Shrimp is quite sophisticated:

| anantara siam bangkok review
| anantara siam bangkok hotel review

Unique dessert cream dish:

The dishes are decorated not too fussy but still feel full of subtle. I order mostly Asian and have a few more European dishes. The most impressive dish is the dessert, which was a large cup of ice cream as if it was boiled in a glass cup, the smoke was rising. Of course, with a Thai hotel, you will not have to worry about whether the food is suitable or not, but even non-Thai or Asian food still makes a special impression, simple but also easy to eat.

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| anantara siam bangkok hotel review

Normally, when you book a room here, the room rate includes a breakfast buffet. This breakfast is served at the Aqua restaurant, right in the heart of the hotel. In general, the buffet breakfast is quite ok, with a variety of dishes to make you feel comfortable to ensure an energetic day. As for me, I still like with a breakfast with salad and a little fruit like this:

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The Overall Rating of Service Quality

To deserve a top 5-star hotel, of course, the service quality of Anantara Siam must meets that quality. You will be guaranteed you do not have to bring your luggage by yourself, or there will no staff lead you to the room. The staff will guide you to learn about the room, providing necessary information about the hotel. In the room, you are also provided with a smartphone, free to call to 25 developed countries around the world (unfortunately there is no Vietnam ^^).

For a special occasion or if you are a special guest, the room cleaning service will be done twice a day. When cleaning the room at night, the staff will send more fresh fruits, thank you cards and delicious fruit-shaped cakes. I still remember the taste of these beautiful little cakes. Add a package of Tom Yum as a traditional Thai gift to the customer, and if you have a early morning flight, the hotel also offers a wake-up call service the next morning to ensure guests wake up on time helping guests avoid missing flights.

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Honestly, if you are planing a trip to Bangkok and are looking for a truly classy and luxurious place to stay, then Anantara Siam is the choice for you. The whole hotel as an ecosystem for visitors requires a high-class accommodation, suitable for both couples and families. Whether you just stay 1-2 nights or longer for a week or a month, you will not feel bored with Anantara Siam.

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