Speaking of Tokyo, in addition to the image of a bustling modern metropolis, the famous Mount Fuji or beautiful cherry blossoms, people are also impressed by its extremely rich culinary culture. Apart from the tasty dishes in Michelin-starred grand restaurants, street foods here are also worth exploring and enjoying.

Tokyo street food stall at night
Foods you must eat in Tokyo | best street food in tokyo
food stalls tokyo
A street food stall | best street food in tokyo

Tokyo street foods are usually pretty cheap, cooked right in front of your eyes and taste really good. Trying them will surely bring you an awesome and interesting experience.

Food cooked and served straight from the stove | best street food in tokyo
Food stalls at Ueno Park | best street food in tokyo

So, what to eat and what should I eat in Tokyo? Let’s check out Tokyo street food blog with the Tokyo best eats with 17+ famous food in Tokyo, food must try in Tokyo, must eat food in Tokyo (must eat in Tokyo), must try food in Tokyo (food must eat in Tokyo, must try Japanese food in Tokyo), best food to eat in Tokyo, best food to try in Tokyo, best Japanese food Tokyo as follows!

| best street food in tokyo

So, let’s take some time to discover the best street foods in Tokyo that you should try at least once!

Dango (# best street food in tokyo)

| best street food in tokyo

Dango is a type of Japanese dumplings made from glutinous rice flour. It is not made from steamed glutinous rice flour like Japanese mocha or boiled like Vietnamese “banh troi”, it is grilled and typically covered in sauce rather than being filled. Normally, 3 or 4 dango are served on a skewer and often enjoyed with green tea.

Mitarashi dango | best street food in tokyo

Coming with different variations, Dango is not only a traditional and popular snack in Japan, but also a simple one that enriches Japan’s culinary culture.

Hanami Dango
Hanami Dango | best street food in tokyo

Okonomiyaki – Japanese Savory Pancake

okonomiyaki osaka
Osaka-style Okonomiyaki | best street food in tokyo

Okonomiyaki is one of the most well-known Osaka specialties. It is also known as “Japanese savory pancake” or “Japanese pizza”, one of the traditional dishes of the land of the rising sun. The name Okonomiyaki is a combination of the word Okonomi which means “as you like it” and the word Yaki which means “grill”. That is also what makes it stood out from other types of pancakes in the world.

Fluffy Kansai-style Okonomiyaki
Fluffy Kansai-style Okonomiyaki | best street food in tokyo

Okonomiyaki has flour as its main ingredient and the other ingredients are “as you like it”. That means you just put whatever you like in your pancake. Therefore, the ingredients of this Japanese pancake are quite diverse and rich, ranging from vegetables, shrimps and meat to eggs, fish, squids, octopus, cabbage, seaweed, and seafood. It is typically served with nori, ginger, tonkatsu sauce and sometimes Japanese mayo and fish.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki
Hiroshima Okonomiyaki | best street food in tokyo

This delicious “grill as you like it” pancake has become a popular phenomenon even in Western countries.

A Western-style Okonomiyaki | best street food in tokyo

Japanese Crepe (# best street food in tokyo)

| best street food in tokyo

If you visit Harajuku, you will definitely see crepe shops dominated Takeshita Street and become the culinary signature of this neighborhood. Japanese crepes are a great dessert invention on this planet, even more so than Dango!

A busy crepe shop in Harajuku, Tokyo | best street food in tokyo

Imagine a thin layer of perfectly cooked dough folded and filled with whipped cream, ice cream, matcha cake, fruit like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, kiwis or mangoes, then chocolate sprinkles and more. It sounds very interesting, doesn’t it?

| best street food in tokyo

Once you taste it, you will definitely become a crazy Japanese crepe addict in no time. It is truly one of the best crepes in the world.

| best street food in tokyo

Watame – Japanese Cotton Candy (# must eat food in tokyo)

Watame cotton candy is usually packaged in bags printed with popular characters of Japanese animations and is often sold at Japanese festivals.

Cutely-packaged Watame | tokyo street food blog

Watame cotton candy is normally pink, smooth and deliciously sweet. It is different from the kind of cotton candy that melts in your mouth. The texture of Watame is like cotton, but after putting it in your mouth and chewing it becomes a kind of gum. Very unusual and interesting, isn’t it? This cotton candy is very popular with Japanese children.

A giant cotton candy | tokyo street food blog

Ikayaki (# best food to try in tokyo)

| tokyo street food blog

One of Japan’s most loved street foods is the tender grilled squid known as Ikayaki. Different types of squids in different sizes are used in this dish. Therefore, the portion of squid usually served on a skewer may be the whole body, rings cut from the body or parts of the tentacles.


You can come across many Ikayaki restaurants around Tsukiji fish market or in Shinjuku neighborhood.

Tsukiji outer market, where you can find many Ikajaki places | tokyo street food blog

Hot squids are just taken from the grill and topped with soy sauce or teriyaki sauce, or a traditional Japanese sauce that typically includes rice wine, miso paste, ginger, and soy sauce. The sauces give Ikajaki a little salty and sweet taste, yet it is very delicious. Even if you don’t like seafood, this grilled squid is also extremely inviting.

| tokyo street food blog

Yaki Imo – Roasted Sweet Potatoes (# food must try in tokyo)

| tokyo street food blog

A great street snack for colder seasons in Japan is sweet potatoes roasted over charcoal, also known as Yaki Imo. The sweet potatoes usually have a reddish-purple skin and white flesh, but the flesh turns bright yellow when it is done.

These roasted sweet potatoes are extremely pleasant and enjoyable as well as healthy and nutritious, especially because of the delicate flavor they get from being roasted over a wood/coal fire.

| tokyo street food blog

Traditionally, Yaki Imo is sold from a truck that goes around the streets. Though you can still spot these street vendors in winter time nowadays, you usually find the sweet potatoes oven-baked and sold in shops or supermarkets.

A truck selling Yaki Imo | tokyo street food blog

Tamagoyaki – Japanese Rolled Omelets (# must eat in tokyo)

| must try japanese food in tokyo

Tamagoyaki is a type of Japanese fried egg, made by rolling several layers of fried beaten eggs together to create a square shape in a specialized rectangular pan called makiyakinabe or tamagoyakiki.

A specialized rectangular pan for cooking Tamagoyaki | must try japanese food in tokyo

There are several types of Tamagoyaki that combine eggs, sugar, and soy sauce. Some use sake and mirin. Others like “dashimaki tamago” use grated fish sauce and dashi seaweed, and yet some use pureed shrimp, grated mountain yams, sake to cook into a sticky paste.

| must try japanese food in tokyo

Tamagoyaki often appears in Japanese-style boxed lunches. These days, it is not only a street food but also one of the most beloved and popular breakfast in Japan.

A lunch box with Tamagoyaki | must try japanese food in tokyo

Yaki Tomorokoshi – Japanese Grilled Corn (# best japanese food tokyo)

Yaki Tomorokoshi, simply known as grilled corn, is skewered on a bamboo stick, with a bit of miso, soy sauce, butter, and salt. Tomorokoshi is made following a quintessential Japanese process with simple ingredients prepared in a careful and thoughtful way.

| must try japanese food in tokyo

The hush of each corn ear is removed or tied at the end of the ear to serve as a handle. The “naked” corn is placed on an oiled grill and is often coated with soy sauce for a wonderful savory taste. It is no doubt that the Japanese version of grilled corn is the best in the world.

| must try japanese food in tokyo

Yakitori – Japanese Skewered Chicken/Seafood (# famous food in tokyo)

Yakitori, a popular Japanese street food you must try | best food to try in tokyo

Yakitori is a Japanese style of skewered chicken or seafood and vegetables. You can find Yakitori everywhere in Tokyo. The delicious smell, the crispy outside and soft sweet inside of the chicken and seafood together with draft beer or sake are perfect for street snacking or dining with your friends.

yakitori, japan
| best food to try in tokyo

Most Yakitori places are open from morning until late at night, so you can enjoy it anytime. These Yakitori eateries are countless in Tokyo, but Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane or Piss Alley) in Shinjuku is recommended because that’s where you’ll find the best Yakitori in Tokyo.

Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane or Piss Alley) | best food to try in tokyo

Shioyaki – Japanese grilled salted fish (# must try japanese food in tokyo)

Mackerel Shioyaki | best food to try in tokyo

Shioyaki is grilled salted fish, either mackerel or salmon. And as the name suggests, the seasoning of this dish is often nothing but salt. Therefore, it is quite salty.

Salmon Shioyaki | best food to try in tokyo

The fish is cleaned and salted for about 20 minutes then skewered on a stick for grilling. Shioyaki also pairs well with rice, miso soup, etc. Though it is not recommended for those who are not fond of salty food, it is still really tasty and worth a try.

A Shioyaki lunch box | best food to try in tokyo

Yakisoba – Japanese Stir-fried Noodles (# tokyo street food blog)

| best food to try in tokyo

Another famous noodle dish of the country of cherry blossoms is Yakisoba – Japanese-style stir-fried noodles, which originated in China and is considered a variation of Chinese fried vermicelli. Yakisoba is made by stir-frying ramen noodles with thinly-sliced pork, vegetables (usually cabbage, onions, or carrots), yakisoba sauce, and salt and pepper. Other ingredients include anori (seaweed powder), beni shoga (pickled chopped ginger), katsuobushi (fish scales) and mayonnaise. It has a unique taste with a thick sweet sauce resembling oyster sauce.

| best japanese food tokyo

Yakisoba is available everywhere, from street vendors, cheap eating places to luxury restaurants. It has become a popular dish of a delicious and nutritious breakfast in Japan. You can also buy a box of Yakisoba and eat in the park or at a station while waiting for your train.

A take-a-way box of Yakisoba | best japanese food tokyo

Taiyaki – Japanese Fish-shaped Pastry (# food must eat in tokyo)

| best japanese food tokyo

In the shape of a very cute sea bream (tai), Taiyaki is attractive by its extremely sweet crispy crust and very delicious red bean, custard, chocolate or cheese filling.

| best japanese food tokyo

Over time, Taiyaki has become an indispensable dish on traditional holidays. While many Japanese cakes are usually made seasonally, Taiyaki is sold all year round and can be found at most supermarkets or roadside bakeries.

| best japanese food tokyo

Taiyaki is best when eaten hot. Soft inside but crispy outside is the special feature of this cake. A bite of a Taiyaki will give you a great taste of its sweetness and its hot and soft red bean paste melting in your mouth. Taiyaki is purely adorable and yummy.

| must try food in tokyo

Mochi (# must try food in tokyo)

| must try food in tokyo

Mochi is a traditional Japanese sticky rice cake with a chewy outer layer of pure Mochi rice flour and a delicious sticky filling like sakura and matcha, red bean paste, etc. Since long ago, Mochi has been a cake of family and friendship bonding. It symbolizes luck, prosperity and above all, reunion, togetherness and joy sharing.

| must try food in tokyo

If you visit Tokyo, you should try this cake right away. It will definitely impress you because it is made with lots of craftsmanship and care and also diverse in shapes and taste (sweet or savory). You can satisfy your sweet tooth with handmade mochi at the food stalls around Ueno Park or you can buy this treat at many café in Tokyo.

| must try food in tokyo

Takoyaki – Grilled Octopus Balls

| must try food in tokyo

Takoyaki is a beloved and very “addictive” Tokyo street food. It is a ball-shaped snack which some people call “Octopus Dumplings” or “Grilled Octopus Balls”.

Preparing Takoyaki | must try food in tokyo

The main ingredient of the filling is minced or diced octopus that can be mixed with other stuff and sprinkled with some spices as well as seasoned with a sauce. The crispy outer layer is a mixture of Japanese stock Dashi, all-purpose flour, baking powder, eggs, salt, and soy sauce. Takoyaki is often served with mayo, nori and green onions and it goes well with beer or other alcoholic beverages.

| must try food in tokyo

You can buy Takoyaki from street vendors, convenience stores, supermarkets, food courts, and of course specialty restaurants. What a cheap and great snack!

| must try food in tokyo

Kyuri Sticks (# tokyo best street food)

| must eat food in tokyo

You must be surprised to see street food vendors selling Kyuri (Japanese cucumbers) on bamboo sticks. Well, this is a very popular snack on hot summer days because it is very refreshing. Japanese cucumbers have thin skin and no seeds; the inside is crispy, juicy and never bitter.

| must eat food in tokyo

Kyuri is usually served with a layer of miso on top. Take a bite and you will enjoy the cool, lightly sweet and wonderful taste.


| must eat food in tokyo

Age GyozaJapanese Gyoza, originated from Chinese dumplings called Jiaozi, has an attractive crispy bottom of the outer layer wrapping the delicious inside with the flavor of lots of stuff such as wood ear, minced pork, onions, Nari chives, cabbage, ginger, garlic, etc. blended to create the famous Gyoza dish.

Yaki Gyoza | must eat food in tokyo

Gyoza is prepared in 3 main ways: pan-fried Gyoza (Yaki Gyoza), boiled/steamed Gyoza (Sui Gyoza) and fried Gyoza (Age Gyoza). Gyoza is quite easy to make and easy to enjoy, so lots of people love it. You can find this dish in many places from ramen shops, Chinese restaurants to street food stalls in Tokyo.

Sui Gyoza | must eat food in tokyo


The art of Kakigori, ©MASAKO5195 | must eat food in tokyo

Simple, smooth and sweet, Kakigori is a treat best enjoyed in summer. It is a dessert using thinly-shaved ice flavored with syrup and sweetened condensed milk or ice cream.

Green tea Kakigori | must eat food in tokyo

Popular fruit flavors of this treat include strawberry, cherry, lemon, green tea, grape, melon, “Blue Hawaii,” sweet plum and colored syrup or more modern creations like caramel and chocolate. In some places, Kakigori has a variety of colors by using two or more different types of syrup.

Inviting Kakigori, ©JNTO | must eat food in tokyo

As a summer treat, Kakigori is usually sold at festivals, convenience stores, cafés and restaurants. During the hot summer months, you can find Kakigori almost everywhere in Japan.

Final note

To fully experience Tokyo’s rich and diverse cuisine culture, you don’t have to visit luxurious and expensive restaurants with prestigious Michelin stars, modest but popular eating places or street food stalls can help you do just that.

There are so many great Japanese street foods to enjoy in Tokyo, and this post only lists the top ones recommended for you. With a very cheap price, you will see these dishes made before your eyes and enjoy them straight from the stove. Such an interesting and fascinating experience you should gain during your visit to the capital of Japan.

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