The name Abu Dhabi means Land of the Gazelle in Arabic. The gorgeous archipelago offers a mix of ancient history, rich culture and heritage, stunning nature, beautiful beaches, high-end luxury, surprising wildlife, family-friendly adventure, world-class shopping, renowned golf courses, and a welcoming atmosphere. So, what to do for 24 hours in Abu Dhabi (1 day in Abu Dhabi)? Let’s check out our suggested Abu Dhabi itinerary 1 day on how to spend one day trip in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi in a day, Abu Dhabi in one day) if you have an opportunity layover in the capital city of UAE!

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE (United Arab Emirates) | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
Abu Dhabi is also considered one of the safest cities around the world with the crime rate is very low. So, you can rest assured to travel here regardless of day or night. | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
Traditional dhow | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
Magnificent mosque | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
Stunning Muslim architecture
Night desert tour

How to know clearly about this beautiful city through an Abu Dhabi itinerary 1 day from Dubai to make a lot of exciting places on where to go and what to do in Abu Dhabi. Let’s explore with us right now!

Overview of Abu Dhabi (#abu dhabi itinerary 1 day)

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, Dubai, a lavish neighbor to the north is often more brilliant than this city.

Abu Dhabi location on UAE map

Abu Dhabi is quieter and has fewer tourist attractions than Dubai. It is concerning unfocused tourism in Abu Dhabi’s urban development policy. However, with its inspired architecture between contemporary and ancient, the 24-hour transit in Abu Dhabi will be a great experience for you in the Middle East.

| abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
| abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
Routes to Abu Dhabi from Dubai | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day

How to get your right way to travel to the best places in Abu Dhabi as I am going to help you plan the perfect one-day in Abu Dhabi itinerary through the guidelines as follows, let’s check all of them out.

How to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai? (Transit in Dubai more than 24 hours)

By Car (#abu dhabi itinerary 1 day)

If you are in UAE, you can visit Abu Dhabi for a day from Dubai. This is a very popular option because the two emirates are only 170 km apart. If you rent a car, you can drive yourself between two cities.

| abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
If you rent a car in Abu Dhabi, you should follow some basic rental car regulations to avoid some troubles | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
| abu dhabi itinerary 1 day

The journey takes about an hour and a half (90 minutes). You can then drive yourself around the attractions. This is the easiest and most convenient option. You will be proactive about the time. You can rent a car via the S’hail App.

By Public Bus (a cost-effective but slow-time option)

Bus E100

Al Ghubaiba bus station | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day

It departs from the Al Ghubaiba bus station in Dubai and stops at the last stop at Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. Leaves every 15-20 minutes. The Al Ghubaiba Wharf is located in Bur Dubai “Old Dubai” (Burjuman, Deira, Bur Dubai, etc.).

There are the four intercity bus routes to be resumed from Dubai, that is E100 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Abu Dhabi included | abu dhabi itinerary 1 day
| abu dhabi in one day

Bus E101

It departs from the Ibn Battuta station in Dubai and stops at the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station.

Dubai Metro Map | abu dhabi in one day

The Ibn Battuta station will be convenient for those who are staying at Dubai Marina, JBR, JLT, and more. The Ibn Battuta station includes a metro line, bus, and taxi and connects to Ibn Battuta Mall.

Ibn Battuta Station (Dubai Metro) is on the Red Line. Ibn Battuta is located in Jebel Ali, Duabi, UAE | abu dhabi in one day
A new metro station between Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), and Ibn Battuta reopen after upgrading the Ibn Battuta red line metro stations | abu dhabi in one day

You can easily move to the two stations of Al Ghubaiba and Ibn Battuta by metro line. Ibn Battuta is on the red line metro station and Al Ghubaiba is on the station green line metro station alternately.

Bus E102

New bus service E102 from Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station to Ibn Battuta Bus Station halts at Abu Dhabi International Airport | abu dhabi in one day

The E102 service has been operated since 2019. It departs from The Ibn Battuta station (Dubai) and stops at the final station at Mussafah Shabiya. I do not recommend this route unless you plan to fly from Abu Dhabi airport.

This bus route will stop at the bus stop at AUH airport before reaching Mussafah station. Each one-way ticket costs around AED 25.

| abu dhabi in one day
| abu dhabi in one day

The timings will take from 90 minutes to 2 hours. You should carefully check the departure time when you plan to go. You can search the timing schedule via the RTA App/Website or use Google Maps.

By Bus Tour (#abu dhabi in one day)

| abu dhabi in one day

The last option is to book a one-day tour to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. This is the best option for first-time travelers.

Dubai tours serve visitors very enthusiastically. Most group day tours include hotel pickup and drop-off. The first time I went to Abu Dhabi in 2020, I went on a tour and was completely satisfied with this tour service.

Hop-on Hop-off Bus tour map | abu dhabi in one day
| abu dhabi in one day
You can enjoy the most iconic attractions of views of the city on the hop-on hop-off double-decker bus | abu dhabi in one day

If you’re looking for a fully organized and well-priced trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, with both transport and a tour of Abu Dhabi’s main tourist attractions included, then a day bus tour can be a good option.

How to get back to Dubai from Abu Dhabi? (#1 day in abu dhabi)

| 1 day in abu dhabi

When you would like to return to Dubai from Abu Dhabi, you need to go to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and take the bus with the same number but going in the opposite direction. Details are as follows:

  • Bus route E101 departs from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and will stop at the Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop in Dubai.
  • Bus route E100 departs from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and will stop at Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai.
Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop in Dubai | 1 day in abu dhabi

Taxi service in Abu Dhabi | 1 day in abu dhabi
Taxi payment via card option in Abu Dhabi | 1 day in abu dhabi

Finally, you can book a private taxi for a round trip as your hobby, even though this is the most expensive option. A taxi ride will cost you about AED 250-300 each way.

When to visit Abu Dhabi? (#24 hours in abu dhabi)

This guide part is not so important for visitors who are just in transit in Abu Dhabi. However, my additional ideas below are not redundant for your first exploration of Abu Dhabi.

| 1 day in abu dhabi
| 1 day in abu dhabi

Summer (June to September) is a season you must avoid because of the very hot and humid weather. The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is from November to March (cool season) when temperatures become to be moderate. October and May can still be too hot, but tolerable for some people.

If you come to Abu Dhabi during the holy month of Ramadan, you must keep in mind some things. During the month of Ramadan, visitors to Abu Dhabi must refrain from drinking, eating, and smoking in public places from sunrise to sunset (around 6:40 pm). Many restaurants are closed at this time, except large restaurants and hotels.

During Ramadan, experience the tradition of Iftar (breaking of the fast) in the desert on the Sundowner or Sunset Safari | 1 day in abu dhabi
Many venues will be open during daylight hours for non-Muslim expats and tourists in the Ramadan month | 1 day in abu dhabi
| 1 day in abu dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque | 1 day in abu dhabi

In addition, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque also restricts visiting hours.

How to plan a sightseeing schedule for 24h transit in Abu Dhabi? (#abu dhabi in a day)

Morning (#24 hours in abu dhabi)

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

| 24 hours in abu dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the world’s largest and was the vision of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founding Father of the UAE. The ticket is completely free.

The late King Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan built this mosque to convey the message of peace and tolerance. He aspires to connect ancient and modern Islamic architecture and create a place of learning that reflects Islamic values.

sheikh zayed mosque dubai (1)
Massive scale of Sheikh Zayed Mosque
The mosque’s interior is lit by seven extravagant 24-carat gold-plated Swarovski crystal chandeliers, one of the reasons that make this mosque the jaw-dropping centerpiece of the city’s cultural legacy | 24 hours in abu dhabi
Precious stones like amethyst and jasper are embedded into the columns and the intricate floral patterns in mother-of-pearl radiate across the walls | 24 hours in abu dhabi

sheikh zayed mosque dubai (1)

sheikh zayed mosque dubai (1)
Magnificent interior

On your journey through the marbled halls, you’ll see one-of-a-kind treasures, including gold-plated Swarovski chandeliers, the courtyard’s vast marble mosaic artwork, and reflective pools that mirror some of the many amethyst-and-jasper-embedded columns. When you’re outside, look up to see the mosque’s four stunning minarets that proudly stand at 106 meters.

British artist Kevin Dean was commissioned to design the floral motifs that adorn the mosque’s main courtyard
sheikh zayed mosque dubai (1)
Magical sunset
A magical night scene of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi | 24 hours in abu dhabi

You’ll be overwhelmed not just by the architecture, but by how welcoming the mosque feels. The open-door policy encourages visitors from around the world, from families to groups, solo travelers to congregations, to witness the beauty and also gain a deeper understanding of the Emirate’s culture of open dialogue.

Dress code

| 24 hours in abu dhabi

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