Regarding the most famous city in Poland, one should mention Warsaw. It is both the Polish capital and one of Europe’s most attractive tourist destinations. As I knew, I decided to look for a school in Warsaw to study economics. Fortunately, I was awarded a Vistula scholarship, so I was eager to come here every day. So, how to spend a day in Warsaw (1 day in Warsaw, one day in Warsaw)? Let’s check out our suggested Warsaw 1 day itinerary on how to maximize your one day trip in Warsaw below!

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland | a day in warsaw
| a day in warsaw
| a day in warsaw

I must say that when the plane landed, I felt nothing of this city. However, on the way to the dormitory in a taxi, I slowly realized that Warsaw had not disappointed me.

Up to date, this is the third year I have been studying here through many winter and summer vacations, there were variations of travel trips, even to visit several other European countries. Although everywhere I have been, Warsaw is a very special destination, where I feel a lot of interesting things happening every day.

Consequently, if you come to Warsaw, just a one-day trip is enough for you to have exciting experiences here.

Road direction, Warsaw. | warsaw 1 day itinerary
Warsaw, a city with its color attracts visitors | warsaw 1 day itinerary

A day in Warsaw: Where to go in the morning?

Vistula river

Unlike Krakow – the ancient capital of Poland, or other ancient cities in Europe, it isn’t easy for Warsaw to be satisfied with the first vision. This is not a peaceful and lovely city compared to the ideal model of other European cities. Because of the devastation after World War II, the city needed to be rebuilt almost completely. The beauties of the architectural blocks are now antique and modern in a highly accurate combination. If you need to spend 24 hours in this place, you can still discover, most of the typical European architecture, Gothic style, Renaissance, classical baroque to neoclassical style. They create a unique and attractive collection of architectural colors that no other city possesses.

Old Town

A 24-hour journey in Warsaw should begin with a stroll through the streets of the Old Towns.

The Old Town of Warsaw has been designated on the UNESCO World Heritage list | 1 day in warsaw
The colorful tenement houses along both sides of narrow streets originate the delight to visitors | warsaw 1 day itinerary
| 1 day in warsaw

The Old Town area is a miniature Warsaw with a multitude of different unique architectural blocks. Just walking here, you can take hundreds of fantastic photos due to the various artistic values of each corner and each area.

Let’s start to explore the Old Town at Rynek Starego Miasta (Old Market), the center of the historic district. This beautiful square, which has been rebuilt since the 17th century, including commercial apartments, is the perfect place to begin your exploration of Warsaw. Let’s order a cup of coffee and a snack at one of the cafes along here to soak up the sights and sounds of the Old Town to have full energy for the next long days.

Apartments at Rynek Starego Miasta, Warsaw | 1 day in warsaw
Everything from festivals to executions shall be found in the Old Town market square | warsaw 1 day itinerary

The best way to experience the Old Town as well as many other places is to walk along the streets. You should visit some places in the Old Town such as

Barbican: A distinctive medieval gate has been one of the most important military fortifications along the city walls. Set in Warsaw’s modern new town, the Barbican offers an amazing vision of the bipolar architectural palette of the city.

| one day in warsaw
The extensive network of walls was used for its designed defensive purpose at Warsaw Barbican | one day in warsaw
Night Barbican, Warsaw | one day in warsaw

St. John’s Arch Cathedral: Built in the 14th-century Masovian Gothic style, this beautiful Roman Catholic Cathedral is one of the Old Town’s most distinctive buildings. Although the cathedral was mostly demolished during World War II, some important religious paintings still existed. The catacombs, which contain some of the most important figures in Polish history, are also an interesting visit for history buffs.

St. John’s Arch Cathedral has still retained its noble gothic facade

Royal Castle: A centuries-old royal palace residence is presently one of the most renowned museums in Warsaw. The exhibition area includes a collection of the 18th century-period furniture and important pieces of Polish art.

The Royal Castle is a symbol of Polish statehood and history | one day in warsaw
The castle interiors are beautifully adorned | one day in warsaw
| a day in warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmiescie

Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street, Warsaw | a day in warsaw

After you complete to travel the Old Town, you should come to the city center passing Krakowskie Przedmiescie, also known as the Royal Avenue. Along this famous avenue area, there are many beautiful places (including Tyszkiewicz Palace, Presidential Palace, and Potocki Palace) and several impressive churches (St. Anne’s Church, Carmel Cathedral, Saint Joseph Cathedral of the Visitors).

Potocki Palace, Warsaw
St. Anne’s Church, Warsaw | a day in warsaw

Nicolaus Copernicus monument

The Nicolaus Copernicus monument is one of the Polish capital’s notable landmarks

Passing through Kopernika Square, you shall see a famous statue dedicated to the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who theorized that the earth revolves around the sun, before heading straight to wiȩtokrzyska to continue into the center of Warsaw.

Palace of Culture and Science

When you visit the Palace of Culture and Science in Poland, you can go to the top of the tallest tower for a chance to see a panoramic view of the city from above. Going up this 30-floor building, you can choose between the elevator (about 30PLN per adult to go) or walking in 20 minutes approximately.

The imposing Palace of Culture and Science with many skyscrapers | a day in warsaw

Warsaw 1 day itinerary: Where to eat at lunch?

Bar Prasowy

For lunch, you can enjoy the nostalgic taste of Warsaw dishes at Bar Prasowy. This is a restaurant next to the palace of culture and science, hence you can immediately drop by here where you are, to eat something for your lunch. Named from the cheap and popular dairy foods on Polish menus, milk bars (bar Mleczny) is one of the best places in Warsaw for your dining and is a must-visit destination even if you only have a day in Warsaw. There are many other choices for diners such as meat, mushrooms, potatoes, cheese, or fruits.

Bar Mleczny Prasowy | one day trip in warsaw
Lunch at bar Mleczny serving traditional polish food | one day trip in warsaw
| one day trip in warsaw

One day trip in Warsaw: Where to go in the afternoon?

Lazienki Park

You can spend the whole afternoon relaxing in Łazienki Park – the largest park in the capital.

After you are full with lunch, you should continue going to the south along Marszałkowska Street, and at the traffic circle, you turn left towards the green expanse of Warsaw, where is the area of Łazienki Park. Spreading over 180 acres in the Warsaw center, there is plenty of space to rest in Łazienki Park after an exhausting half-day journey.

Take a rest at Łazienki Park | one day trip in warsaw

Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend the park if it’s just a break time. Unlike any park in a normal city, Łazienki Park is home to several palaces, museums, and quite a few monuments to also serve tourism.

Palace on the Isle at Łazienki Park, Warsaw | one day trip in warsaw

The most renowned location in the park is undoubtedly the Palace on the Isle, a neoclassical palace that belonged to Stawy Łazienkowskie. The beautiful interplay of the palace’s reflection in the sea surrounded by greenery becomes one of the most beautiful scenes in Warsaw.

Chopin monument | one day trip in warsaw

| one day in warsaw
| a day in warsaw

One day in Warsaw: Where to go in the evening?

Central Square

Central Square, Warsaw | a day in warsaw
The splendid scenery of Warsaw at night | one day trip in warsaw
| a day in warsaw

In the evening, you may come back to the central square. You enter some bars and order a snack with a bottle of beer to view the streets and chat with your friends until night. It’s an amazing experience.

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