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If you travel to Busan, you will definitely have to go to Haeundae beach, because it is the most popular tourist attraction here. Haeundae is one of the most beautiful beach areas in Busan. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to visit, bathing and explore. Besides the wonderful scenery with blue sky, clear blue sea, bustling atmosphere, the culinary culture and cuisine in Hongdae is also extremely attractive. The restaurants in the area offer diners a variety of flavors from traditional to modern, from domestic to international. Surely with the names that we mentioned in the article, you will have many unforgettable culinary experiences. So, what to eat and where to eat in Haeundae? Let’s check out our list of top Haeundae restaurants and Haeundae Korean restaurant with the suggested best places to eat in Haeundae Busan including +17 best restaurants in Haeundae to find out the answer!

Visit Bujeon Market for great seafood
Beef serving


Address: 494-1 Jwadongsunhwan-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Hours: 5PM–12AM
Phone: +82 51-742-7852

Traditional BBQ is one of the most favorite dishes of Korean people. It can be said that, wherever you go throughout Korea, you will also find restaurants crowded with diners sitting around grilling meat with attractive aromas. In Haeundae, there is a restaurant that is considered the “must-go restaurant” of many locals, which is Anga. It’s one of the best BBQ Korean restaurants in Busan.

Coming to this restaurant, each diners has the opportunity to cook their own grilled meat on the fire right on their table. This is really great for you to feel for yourself each piece of bright red meat being cooked to golden brown and giving off a delicious aroma. The ingredients at Anga restaurant are always guaranteed to be the freshest when it comes to diners. Just put a piece in your mouth, you will feel the sweetness from the gravy, the greasy of fat comes out and blended in each piece is not chewy at all. This dish will be more savory if you enjoy it in the right Korean style.

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Wrap the hot freshly grilled meat in fresh vegetable leaves along with kimchi, dipping in a little sauce to create a “paradise meat roll”. Each flavor blends together to create an extremely attractive unity taste. That “tooth-filled” meat roll really makes every diners satisfy because it’s too much of a mouthful, mouth-watering. Eating this dish with somaek (a drink made from beer and soju) is delicious!

Top Haeundae restaurants: 100SE Nakji (Century Octopus)

Address: 부산 해운대구 구남로24번길 3 (3, Gunam-ro 24beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan)
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM (Receive orders until 21:20)

100se nakji specializes in Nak-Gop-Sae. Nak-Gop-Sae refers to nakji (small octopus), gopchang (intestines) and saewoo (shrimp). The three ingredients, combined perfectly, are cooked and simmered in a sauce made from gochujang.

Interior with typical tables and chairs of a Korean restaurant. Tables are large enough that each customer does not feel cramped. | haeundae restaurants

The second floor is laid out the same way as the first floor.

The store is quite big but on weekends people often wait and queue in long lines to get a table. Get your number from the machine and wait until the table is empty.

We ordered 2 servings of nak-gop-sae.

*Note that this restaurant requires one meal per person and at least 2 orders per dish.

The two servings of nak-gop-sae look like this. Look pretty much!
Along with your order, you’ll get side dishes including kimchi, fried anchovies, bean curd, chives, and more.

When the food is brought out, close the lid and wait for it to boil. When the broth starts to boil, open the lid and mix well. Wait 3-4 minutes.

After 3-4 minutes, put some nak-gop-sae on the rice and enjoy!

100se nakji uses only premium Korean beef intestines with a subtle special taste. You can also call extra intestines.

*Please order extra intestines when ordering first as this is the dish with the longest cooking time.

The sauce has been carefully simmered into the shrimp, very delicious.

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The hot pot here includes octopus, shrimp, and small intestines cooked in a very delectable red sauce. Finally you can eat with rice or noodles. If you have the opportunity to come to Haeundae, do not miss this hundred-year-old octopus dish. | haeundae restaurants

Best Haeundae restaurants: Wonjo Halmae Gukbap

Address: 33 Gunam-ro 21beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +82 51-746-0387

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Gukbap is a popular dish in Korean culinary culture. Characterized by a generally cold environment all year round, locals often enjoy gukbap to warm their bodies and relieve their raging hunger. In Haeundae Street, we will find a restaurant that is extremely famous for this dish – it is Wonjo Halmae Gukbap.

This restaurant is located on a street that specializes in the signature gukbap. On a long stretch of street, you can find countless shops selling this dish and all of them are busy with people passing by. Many people share gukbap which is easy to prepare and often tastes good, so you can visit any shop on that street. However, with over 50 years of experience in the industry, fastidious diners still prioritize Wonjo Halmae Gukbap as their familiar restaurant.

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Gukbap is a typical Korean beef soup with spices. When served, it is served with steamed rice and some side dishes. It sounds really simple and popular, but once you try it, you will understand why this dish is so popular. To make a delicious, sweet soup that still retains its clarity is not easy. Each spoon of hot soup when put into your mouth will make you feel unusually refreshed and healthy. The broth that is served with fragrant soft white rice and a bit of spicy kimchi is nothing better. The price for a meal is very reasonable, and the restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so the number of visitors to this place is extremely crowded.

| best restaurants in haeundae
| best restaurants in haeundae

Best restaurants in Haeundae: Gosami

Address: 612 U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Hours: 10AM–10PM (Mon-Sat)
Phone: +82 51-918-1112

Grilled mackerel is one of the traditional dishes that often appear in the daily meals of local people. In Haeundae, you can go to Gosami restaurant to enjoy that traditional grilled mackerel dish. The fish meat is grilled until the skin is golden brown and the white meat is soft. The Korean mackerel is usually just a little longer than a hand and is cut in half for processing. When eating, you will feel the fish meat is firm, sweet and rich in spices. The grilled fish that is served with white rice is really “drift, so tasty”, you will “beat” the rice bowl at any time!

| best restaurants in haeundae

Besides the delicious grilled mackerel, diners also love the spicy stir-fried squid and traditional soup here. You will enjoy the main dishes along with the standard panchan (or bansang, it’s a collective name for small sidedishes which served along with cooked rice in traditional Korean cuisine). What’s even better is that these delicious dishes are so affordable. Please rest assured to enjoy and you will not be burnt “your pocket”!

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Best restaurants in Haeundae: Haemok

Address: 14 Seolleung-ro 145-gil, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hours: 11:30AM–3PM, 5–10PM
Phone: +82 2-6203-0021

| best restaurants in haeundae

At Haeundae’s subway station, you can find a restaurant specializing in delicious Japanese cuisine called Haemok. At this place, every diners must fall in love with the scrumptious eel and salmon dish. To be able to make such good quality and taste, Haemok restaurant had to be extremely careful in the selection of ingredients as well as processing.

| best restaurants in haeundae

Each piece of meat when served to customers brings a different level. As soon as you put it in your mouth, the dish immediately melts on your tongue. It has a very harmonious sweetness, tenderness and fat. To have such a portion, you will have to pay a slightly higher price than usual (a portion of grilled eel rice costs 29,000 won). However, we firmly believe that with the quality and quantity of food you get, it is well worth it.

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Best places to eat in Haeundae Busan: Punjab halal Indian & Pakistani

Address: 31 Gunam-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Hours: 11:30AM–10PM
Phone: +82 51-731-1947

| best places to eat in haeundae busan

To find a best Indian restaurant in the Haeundae area, you definitely have to come to Punjab. This is one of the places to eat in Busan that can bring to diners traditional dishes with spicy spices of South Asia.

| best places to eat in haeundae busan

This restaurant is just a four-minute walk from the metro station and is located on the second floor of the building. That is indeed extremely convenient for guests with hungry stomachs who can quickly get off the train and come here to satisfy their hunger. All the dishes you would expect of a North Indian taste are found in this restaurant. Some typical dishes can be mentioned such as buttery paneer malasa, spicy biriyani or crispy onion bhajis. Due to the characteristic of Islam, all dishes here are halal. Besides, you can fully enjoy vegetarian dishes at this restaurant with the same traditional flavors.

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Best places to eat in Haeundae Busan: Sharky Bar And Grill

Address: 24 Gunam-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Operating hours: Monday to Thursday: 3pm – 11pm; Friday: 3pm – 1:00am; Saturday: 12pm – 2am; Sunday: 12pm – 11pm.
Phone: +82 10-6551-2959

| best places to eat in haeundae busan

Coming to Haeundae, besides enjoying traditional Korean dishes, diners also have the opportunity to enjoy the culinary flavors of many different countries. In particular, Sharky Bar And Grill restaurant will bring North American flavors to everyone.

Choosing this restaurant is not only an opportunity to enjoy delicious food but also to enjoy the lively nightlife of the city. Similar to the districts of Seoul, Haeundae of Busan also has an extremely bustling nightlife. Locals as well as tourists often invite each other to entertainment venues like Sharky Bar And Grill to relieve stress. In a healthy and comfortable sports space, you will have the opportunity to enjoy typical American and Mexican style dishes.

| best places to eat in haeundae busan

We can easily enjoy a delectable burger, burrito, fajita or steak. What’s more, because it’s a typical bar, you can find craft beers with rich flavors. All service staff in the restaurant speak fluent English to serve diners in the most attentive way.

Hey Patty

Address: 120-45, Dalmaji-gil 117beonga-gi, Haeundae-gu, Busan 48117 South Korea
Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm – 11pm
Phone: +82 51-741-8309

The soft burger pieces, rich meat filling mixed with greasy cheese layer are the favorite of many people. In Haeundae, if one day you have a craving for this delicious sandwich, where should you eat? It’s simple, come to Hey Patty now!

| best places to eat in haeundae busan

Right from the name, we already envision a delicious piece of succulent meat, right? Hey Patty restaurant will bring to all diners Western standard burgers. It can be said that each burger has its own charm that makes everyone fall in love. Avocado burger, bacon burger with cheese and shrimp burger are the three most impressive dishes of the restaurant. Besides, don’t forget to try the fried food, fresh vegetable salad and milkshake too!

| best places to eat in haeundae busan

Merciel (best restaurants in Haeundae Busan)

Address: South Korea, Busan, Haeundae-gu, Jung-dong, 달맞이길65번길 154
Hours of operation: All days of the week: 11am – 10pm
Phone: +82 51-747-9845

French cuisine always brings a sense of luxury and sophistication to those who enjoy it. In Busan’s Damaji Hills, we have a Merciel worth a visit. As you know, this area is extremely famous for its clusters of unique art galleries and upscale cafes. Merciel is part of the charm of this place. Right from the name, we can see a fly very high of the restaurant: “mer” means sea and “ciel” means sky. This is the scene that you will enjoy when sitting in the restaurant and looking out the window.

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All dishes in the restaurant are prepared by Chef Hwa Young Yoon. This talented chef has more than 12 years of experience working at many Michelin-starred restaurants in France. Returning to Korea, he blended that experience with his own creativity to create dishes that harmoniously blend Korean and French flavors. Each flavor that diners experience is the quintessence of the dedicated chef’s talent.

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Haeundae restaurants: Gyyeong Sanghoe

Address: 해운대구 구남로12번길 11 (11 Gunam-ro, 12beon-gil, U-dong, Haeundae, Busan)
Business hours: Sunday – Friday: 5pm – 12am/Saturday: 5pm – 1am

Gyeyuong Sanghoe in Haeundae is a restaurant chain that offers a variety of Korean dishes and traditional alcoholic beverages, suitable for gatherings with friends and family. You can also experience the Korean drinking culture first-hand.

| haeundae korean restaurant

Although it is a traditional dish, the taste is not old or bored. The food is creatively presented, the space of the restaurant is also quite luxurious. You can try makgeolli with honey here, it’s delicious.

Haeundae Korean restaurant: Mipo Kkeutjip

Address: 해운대구 중동 달맞이길62번길 77 (77, Dalmaji-gil 62beon-gil, Jungdong, Haeundae-gu, Busan)
Opening hours: 11am – 2pm

| haeundae korean restaurant

Near the departure point of the pier in Haeundae is a very famous seafood restaurant called Mipo Kkeutjip. The shop is right in front of the sea, you can enjoy delicious grilled clams and oysters while watching the sea.

| haeundae korean restaurant
Grilled Scallop Clams (small) for 2 people 50,000 won. | haeundae korean restaurant

A tray full of grilled clams and oysters, very delectable. Put clams, oysters, clams on the charcoal fire and grilled for 10 seconds. Because of the high heat, they cook very quickly, if they cook for too long, they will be tough.

Goraesaeomuk branch Haeundae

Address: 해운대구 구남로 14 (14 Gunam-ro, U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan)
Opening hours: 9:30am – 9:30pm

Located right in front of Exit 5 of Haeundae Station, you’ll see giant eomuk (fish cakes) bars hanging on the outside wall of the store. This is the most famous eomuk shop in Busan. As soon as you enter the store, you will see a variety of fish cakes for sale here.

| haeundae korean restaurant

Although the prices here are relatively high compared to the shops on the street, the quality is worth the money. After paying for eomuk, you can use the microwave provided by the store and enjoy it right away. Try the tteok eomuk (rice cake) and eomuk cheese.

Miryang Sundae Dwaeji Gukbap

Address: 해운대구 구남로 28 (28 Gunam-ro, U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan)
Hours: Open 24h

| haeundae korean restaurant

Referring to Busan, the first dish people think of is probably pork rice soup. There are many delicious pork rice soup restaurants in Busan, each of which has its own fan base.

Personally, I would like to introduce you to Miryang Sundae Dwaeji Gukbap. Even non-Busan people come here to taste this dish.

The broth here is very rich. They don’t use any spices, and somehow it doesn’t smell bad. Before you start eating, don’t forget to add a little saeu-jeot (shrimp paste) or salt and mix well!

| haeundae korean restaurant

Pork soup, intestines and blood soup, organ soup cost 9,000 won, and mixed soup costs 10,000 won.

Matchandeul Wang Sogeum Gui Haeundae

Address: 해운대구 해운대로608번길 46 (46 Haeun-daero 608beon-gil, U-dong, Haeundae, Busan)
Opening hours: 12pm – 11pm (receiving orders until 10pm)

If you are a pork connoisseur, you must have seen how fresh the meat here is, right?

The restaurant uses fresh pork (숙성생삼겹살) for 12,000 won / 130g. Although the price here is quite expensive, the staff will directly grill the meat at your table. You just need to wait for the meat to cook and enjoy.

| haeundae korean restaurant

In addition, you can also order kimchi soup (숙성지 김치찌개) to eat together for only 7,000 won.

Haeseong Makchangjip

Address: 부산 해운대구 중동1로19번 길 29 (29 Jungdong 1-ro 19beon-gil, Jung-dong, Haeundae, Busan)
Opening hours: 4:30pm – 2am (closed on Sunday)

| best restaurants in haeundae busan

Haeseong Makchangjip beef intestines restaurant in Haeundae is very popular with locals. When I went there there were no tourists at all, all young Koreans were eating here. Located on the culinary list in Haeundae, the restaurant is highly appreciated, although the price is expensive, it still won the hearts of many diners.

| best restaurants in haeundae busan

If you see Makchang (beef intestine) for the first time, you may find it a bit creepy but if you try one piece you will fall in love with this dish. After being grilled, it has a rich, sweet and chewy taste.


Address: 부산 해운대구 구남로24번길 20 (20 Gunam-ro 24beon-gil, U-dong, Haeundae, Busan)
Opening hours: 11am – 6pm

| best restaurants in haeundae busan

Obanjang looks like a typical Korean barbecue shop with stainless steel tables with holes in the middle to put charcoals in and round chairs that can store bags and coats.

The meat is grilled on a special pot with a separate tray for eggs and kimchi.

The juicy taste of beef ribs served with a variety of side dishes is just what we all need before or after a day on the beach.


Address: 해운대구 62번길 55 6F (6th, 55th floor, Dalmaji-gil 62beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan)
Business hours: Monday – Friday: 11am – 12am/Saturday, Sunday: 11am – 1am

| best restaurants in haeundae busan

Also located near the Haeundae harbour, Miposawa is a rooftop restaurant that sells European foods with stunning ocean views.

Not only indoor, but the outdoor area of Miposawa in Haeundae also has a very nice view.

The food here is of good quality and the prices are also very reasonable. Rose Pasta (14,900 won) and Peperoni Pizza (16,000 won) have visuals that make anyone flutter.

| haeundae restaurants

Haeundae Giwajip Daegu Soup

Address: 46 Dalmaji-gil 104beon-gil, Jung-dong, Haeundae, Busan (부산 해운대구 달맞이길104번길 46)
Opening hours: 8am – 9pm

If you feel heavy belly when eating fish, or meat all the time, try climbing a small mountain in Haeundae and enjoy the delicious Cod Soup.

Known for its warm and casual atmosphere and delicious and refreshing cod soup, the restaurant is popular with locals. The most popular menu is cod soup (12,000 won), with large pieces of radish cooked with the fish, creating a great flavor.

Hongge Day, Haeundae branch

Address: 해운대구 10번길 67 2F (2nd floor, 67th, Jwadong-ro 10-beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan)
Opening hours: 11am – 9:30pm

| haeundae restaurants

Referring to Busan, people immediately think of delicious seafood, but if you want to spend a small amount of money and have a satisfying meal with rich seafood dishes, where should you go? If you want to eat red crab buffet, go to Hongge Day, the price is only 33,000 won/person.

| haeundae restaurants

The red crab is super big and delicious, although the quality varies depending on the season, but when I came to eat, it was not bad at all. After eating the crab, enjoy the whole fried rice stuffed in the crab shell.

Haeundae Choryang Milmyeon

Address: 해운대구 구남로 20 (20, Gunam-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan)
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Haeundae Choryang Milmyeon is a noodle shop very close to Haeundae station. Every time I pass by, the store is full of people. The cold noodles here are all very attractive.

The cold noodles here come in different sizes, the small bowl is 6,000 won and the large bowl is 7,000 won. The noodles are chewy and not too spicy. Mandu king (왕만두) only 6,000 won with thick fillings.

Milmyeon cold noodles | haeundae restaurants

| haeundae restaurants

The variety of culinary flavors in Haeundae makes it a perfect destination for every tourist. Wonderful nature, friendly people, delicious food, diverse cultures – all make up an appeal destination. We believes that the journey to discover Haeundae in particular and Korea in general will leave many beautiful memories in your heart.

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