Chiang Mai is a place with many interesting night markets, among which must be Chiang Mai Night Bazaar or Saturday Night Market. Personally, I prefer Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai (Saturday night street market Chiang Mai) because it only takes place on Saturday night. Not only that, this market has countless food stalls with many delicious dishes, sophisticated handicrafts, as well as many interesting things in the world are available here.

Wua Lai Saturday Night Market
Fururistic Lamps
Countless delicious food

Where is Saturday night market Chiang Mai located?

Address: H. No. 392 Casa Babu, Aguada – Siolim Rd, near Chauranghinath Temple, Arpora, Goa 403516, India
Hours: Saturday: 4PM–3AM

Saturday Night Market is located on Wualai Road (Wualai Street). Therefore, it is also known as Wualai Walking Street. This road is located very close to the south side of Old City. Wualai Road connects with Thipanet road, about 10 – 15 minutes walk from Tha Pae Gate.

Normally, you can easy go from anywhere to this market because if you choose to walk, just follow Google Maps, if you ride, let jump on Tuk Tuk, Songthaew to get there. Note that if you take Tuk Tuk or Songthaew, you should bargain or negotiate first before go.

This market is usually open from dusk until about 10:30 PM or a little later, when almost visitors went out. Although normally no one goes to the market for all night (if going early), but in this market to see all, you should spend a few hours or even entire evening.

Seafood stall
Unique souvenirs

What’s hot in Saturday night street market Chiang Mai?

It’s a short street with lots of interesting things

Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai during the day is a normal street, but at night it is a bustling, vibrant short street with stalls close together on both sides of the road.

Saturday Night Market is only open on Saturday night every week, so it attracts quite a lot of tourists to visit. This place focuses on the traditional dishes of northern Thailand. It also sells clothes and many beautiful crafts of the land of Chiang Mai.

Local food

This night market converges a lot of small street stalls with diverse local dishes. One thing to note is that you should not eat anything before going to the Saturday night street market Chiang Mai. Strolling around the night market with stalls close together on the two sides of the road is the attractive fragrance of the dishes. Local dishes such as Som Tam, Khao Soy, Tom Yum, Kao Pang, Khao Phat Potaek, Pad Thai, Sai – ua pork… or any stir-fried, fried or grilled dishes are also available at this market.

| saturday night market chiang mai

You can also buy baked sweet potatoes, grilled corn, fried sausages, and grilled eggs. Food prices are very cheap. You can “eat all” at this night market without worrying about burning your purse.

3best restaurants in chiang mai 20140706-chiang-mai-food-10
Khao Soy, must eat in Chiang Mai
best restaurants in chiang mai 20140706-chiang-mai-food-10
Green papaya salad
Anusarn Food Court-chiangmai-thailand
Seafood soup

Guests can eat at the table or take away, eating while walking around the market. Hundreds of famous stalls in the area are ready to serve the needs of visitors. The dishes here are listed at affordable price and guaranteed quality, so visitors do not have to worry about eating at the night market.

Pad Thai-chatuchak-food-in chatuchak market-bangkok6
Pad Thai
Tom yum and fried rice with seafood

| saturday night street market chiang mai
Wua Lai Walking Street
Grilled meatballs


The market sells many traditional clothes of ethnic minorities groups in Northern Thai: from Lanna people, Shan people … There are also very beautiful embroidered scarves. Alibaba pants are also more unique than the places I have visited before.

Saturday Night Market sells all items from clothes, bags, jewelry, hats and sandals, shoes, … Clothing sold at the market is a traditional item of the ethnic people of Northern Thailand. Scarves, shawls, and Alibaba pants are very beautiful and unique. The items here are a bit expensive, but if you are patient with good bargaining skill you can buy cheap items.

Colorful scarves

Unique souvenirs and accessories

Saturday Night Market sells a lot of beautiful souvenirs and crafts. Furniture, silverware, silver rings, brocade, paper umbrella … That is because Chiang Mai used to be the “capital” of the handicraft industry of making silver and paper umbrellas. Along with that are many other items related to the image of Buddhism in this former Buddhist kingdom.


The attractions of visitors when coming to this night market are the unique accessories. The market sells many unique accessories, from hairpins, earrings, bracelets, towels… Some unique items such as tiny animal’s head, giant teacup, carved soap, dog necklace,… A lot of unique things for you to shop as gifts or use for … virtual living purposes, LOL.

Although these items do not know what they can be used for, but with their beautiful and eye-catching appearance, everyone wants to own them. Traveling to Thai land without bring back some souvenirs or gifts to relatives while unique accessories are being sold at reasonable prices is a pity, right?!

Unique souvenirs

A painting shop

Diverse group of people, diverse activities

Going to Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai, you can see all kinds of things. Walking on the street, watching around, maybe you will see a guy holding a great camera to filming on the crowded road. Maybe see an uncle pushed a wooden stroller with a few parrots on it …

The night market on Wualai Road attracts people from all over the city flock to. You can meet a Westerner, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, all kinds of people.

Other activities in Saturday Night Market

The difference between the night markets in Chiang Mai and other markets in Thailand are the shows. The bands perform right in the middle of the market. They invite the audience to sit on straw seats and serve beer or cocktails for visitors to enjoy while watching the shows. At Saturday Night Market there is also a Carabet Show for visitors. Unique activities from local people will make visitors remember forever.

Some useful Experiences before you go to Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai

  • To exploring the Saturday night street market Chiang Mai, you should go along Wualai Street for a round, explore one side of the road and then when “turn” to come back, explore the rest of the road. Since both sides are attractive, going like that is convenient, there is no missing side. Should set aside 1 evening to explore all weekend night market.
  • Besides, you should keep your belly empty to go to the market, buy food, strolling around while enjoying food. Really nothing chill like that.
  • If you buy clothes (Alibaba pants, scarf or clothes from native people), bargain a little. In general, the price in this market is quite high.
  • In my experience, it is the same item, but at this weekend’s night market it is nicer, the price is also higher. If you are really love and want to buy an item, or want to hunt for something unique, buy it. Otherwise, just buy souvenirs that are handicrafts items. Some items you can buy are wooden items, furniture, silverware, paperweight, paper umbrella, etc … super nice. Buying as a gift is very suitable.
  • Sneakers or low sandals should be worn as you will walk quite a bit.
  • Should bring water to drink for convenience and cost savings.
  • Should bring a lot of cash because you may want to buy “whole” this night market.
  • Be careful of personal items because the market is quite crowded.

| saturday night market chiang mai


  • The market is only open on Saturday, so to experience this weekend’s night market in Chiang Mai, in the itinerary you should arrange to have one night to stay in Chiang Mai. For a comparison with the daily night market, you can go to Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.
  • If you take a day trip or tour or come back from somewhere on that day, remember to remind the driver to get off on this road for convenience.
  • For those who are planning to go to Chiang Mai, you can refer to our fullest Chiang Mai travel guide here.
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  • Wish you will have a great experience in Chiang Mai! If you still want to learn about the beautiful places to visit and the temples in Chiang Mai, please refer a lot of useful articles below. Thank you!

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