Last May I had an unexpected trip to Fukuoka, Japan. Why is it a unexpected? One day, while I was sitting and checked to see where to go at cheap tickets, then suddenly found Fukuoka. The round-trip ticket of Cebu Pacific airline included luggage is only nearly $130, so… pick up backpack and go, LOL. So, is Fukuoka worth visiting? Yes, definitely! Let’s check out our Fukuoka trip blog and Fukuoka travel blog (Fukuoka blog) with the super, fullest Fukuoka travel guide (Fukuoka guide, Fukuoka guidelines) from how to get there, best time to go, where to stay, things to do in Fukuoka Japan, things to see in Fukuoka (what to see in Fukuoka), what to do in Fukuoka, what to visit in Fukuoka Japan to find out the answer!

fukuoka-hanami,fukuoka travel blog
Fukuoka Hanami (Cherry blossoms) | fukuoka travel guide
Fukuoka Tower,fukuoka travel blog,fukuoka blog (1)
Fukuoka at night with new iconic of Fukuoka Tower
yatai,Fukuoka city,fukuoka travel blog
Yatai, a typical culture feature of Fukuoka cuisine
Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival,fukuoka travel blog (1)
Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

In this article, I will share my Fukuoka travel experiences from A—Z through my this Fukuoka trip blog. I did not find much useful information about Fukuoka during the pre-departure preparations, so I hope this article will be able to help you make a perfect itinerary for upcoming trip to Fukuoka.

Shōfuku-ji Temple (1)
Shōfuku-ji Temple. Fukuoka is a coastal city but full of tradditional landmarks.
Fukuoka specialties: Mentaiko and ramen
Fukuoka specialties: Mentaiko and ramen | fukuoka travel guide

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Fukuoka trip blog: Overview Fukuoka

Fukuoka is a coastal city in the Kyushu region in the south of Japan. Fukuoka has something that makes me feel it’s quite similar to Busan of South Korea.

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Coming to Fukuoka, you will see a lot of Korean tourists because from Korea to Fukuoka is very close and can even getting there by boat. Korean visitors are extremely crowded that you can mistake yourself are staying in Korea, not Japan =)).

Fun fact: Fukuoka is the first place to grow green tea in Japan. And from here, green tea expanded to all over Japan and became a typical culture feature of this country.

Yame matcha ‘Seiho’ from Fukuoka

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Fukuoka has full of four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and each season has its own unique beauty. Fukuoka is an extremely ideal place to enjoy flowers in all four seasons in Japan. If you already know Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii) flowers, Wisteria flowers, Fukuoka is a famous city with Baby Blue Eyes flower fields that make storms on social networks.

Baby Blue Eyes and Cherry Blossoms | fukuoka travel guide
Fukuoka in the springtime,fukuoka travel blog
Fukuoka in the springtime
fukuoka travel blog,falls,autumn (5)
The fall in Fukuoka.
Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Fukuoka.

I really fell in love with Fukuoka for its peace, gentle. Fukuoka is not too noisy and crowded like Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, but there are enough landmarks to admire. I feel the people of Fukuoka friendlier a lot than the cities I’ve been to.

Ōhori Park,fukuoka travel blog (1)
Ōhori Park | fukuoka travel guide

Fukuoka city guide (Fukuoka guide): How to get to Fukuoka?

One of the obstacles that makes Fukuoka not really attractive to Vietnamese tourists is that there is no direct flight from Vietnam to here. From Hanoi or Saigon you can only fly directly to Tokyo, Osaka, Busan, Seoul, Bangkok or Kualar Lumpur and then fly to Fukuoka. I recommend some airlines such as: Jeju Air, AirAsia, Jin Air …

From Manila, Philippines you can choose fly with Cebu Pacific or Philippines Airlines which have direct flights to Fukuoka. Cebu Pacific especially has very cheap tickets to Fukuoka.

cebu pacific,cebu guide,cebu blog,cebu island travel guide,cebu travel blog,cebu travel guide,cebu trip blog
Cebu Pacific

From Tokyo or Osaka, you can take the JR Shinkansen to Fukuoka for about 6 hours of riding (if traveling from Tokyo) or 2 hours and 30 minutes (from Osaka).

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Shinkansen train entering Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
Shinkansen bullet train.

Fukuoka travel blog (Fukuoka blog): What to do in Fukuoka, best places to visit in Fukuoka

I will list the most popular tourist destinations in Fukuoka so that you can choose from to make the best itinerary for you.

Nokonoshima Island Park

Nokonoshima Island Park (1)
| fukuoka travel guide

Nokonoshima Island is an ideal place to see flowers and take virtual living photos. This park covering an area up to 150.000 square meters with all kinds of flowers blooming all year round.

Late February – mid-April: You will be admired the vast field of yellow canola flowers. March-May is the season of cosmos flowers and of course the cherry blossom season. In the summer, there are immense sunflower fields.

Nokonoshima Island Park (1)
Cosmos flowers | what to do in fukuoka
Nokonoshima Island Park (1)
Rapeseed flowers in Nokonoshima park. | what to do in fukuoka
Sunflower | what to do in fukuoka

Address: Japan, 〒819–0012 Fukuoka, Nishi Ward, 能古島
Hours: 9AM–5:30PM

How to get there: Take bus 301 or 302 from Tenjin station to ferry station Nokonoshima 能 古 渡船 場. Here, take a ferry to Nokonoshima island and take a bus to the park.

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Baby Blue Eyes

Uminonakamichi Park is a very famous place with Baby blue eyes flowers and cherry blossoms every spring comes. In addition, in the autumn and summer season, it is also famous for its rose garden of all kinds, and the vast fields of cosmos flowers .

| fukuoka travel guide
Pink grass
Colorful tulips

This place is also very suitable for children because besides the flower park, there is also Marine World – Aquarium with tens of thousands of large and small marine lifes.

Marine World

Address: 18-25 Saitozaki, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka, 811-0321, Japan
Hours: 9:30AM–5:30PM

Access: From JR Hakata Station (博 多 駅) take the Kagoshima Line to JR Kashii Station (香 椎 駅), then change to the JR Kashii Line and continue riding to Uminonakamichi Station (海 の 中道 駅) (total time approx. 40 minutes ), ticket price at 460 yen / way.

Tochoji Temple and other temples and shrines in the Hakata area

Tochoji Temple

This is the oldest temple in Kyushu belonging to the Shingon Buddhism, is one of the major schools of Buddhism in Japan . Anyone who travels to Fukuoka will visit this temple at once and take pictures.

In Tochoji Temple there is a Buddha statue called The Great Buddha of Fukuoka because it is the largest reclining Buddha statue in Japan. This statue, nearly 11 meters high, weighs more than 30 tons, was made in 1988 and took 4 years to complete.

The Great Buddha of Fukuoka

The Kakiyama – this palanquin with over tonne weigh in boat-shaped will be carried by a few hundred people along the main road during the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival which takes place from July 1-15 every year.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival,fukuoka travel blog (1)
Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

Recommend: You should join the Mysterious Temples of Hakata to explore the temples and shrines in the Hakata area of ​​Mrs. Anne and Uncle Masato on Airbnb (The Airbnb link discount up to $40). I joined this tour while in Fukuoka and it was really my memorable experience. Thanks to this experience I learned more interesting things and beautiful temples and shrines that few visitors know in Fukuoka.

The Hakata Dontaku Festival,fukuoka travel blog (1)
The Hakata Dontaku Festival
Nanzo-in Temple, fukuoka travel blog (1)
Nanzo-in Temple
Nanzo-in Temple, fukuoka travel blog (1)
The giant reclining Buddha statue at Nanzo-in Temple

Hakozaki Shrine,fukuoka travel blog (1)

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine,fukuoka travel blog,fukuoka blog (1)

Itoshima Beach and Sakurai Futamigaura Shrine

This place is suitable for those who have a lot of time in Fukuoka, love the sea and virtual live photography. Itoshima beach is a bit far from central Fukuoka, it would be great if you rent a self-drive car while watching the roadside.

How to get there: Take the orange subway line to Chikuzen-Fukae Station and walk about 1km to reach this beach.

I intented to come here but because my time is tight, so I have to cancel. This beach has a lot of cafes around with the views overlooking the sea, very beautiful and very art decorated such as: Sunset Cafe, Surfside Cafe …

Watch the sunset at Miyajidake Shrine

If you ask where to watch the sunset with beautiful views in Fukuoka, I will immediately say at Miyajidake Shrine.

Getting to Miyajidake Shrine
Spectacular sunset

Address: 7-1 Miyaji Motomachi, Fukutsu, Fukuoka 811-3309, Japan
Hours: 9AM–5PM

Fukuoka trip blog: Shopping and eating places in Fukuoka

Coming to Japan without buying skin care products, tonics and beauty tools is a waste! Shopping in Fukuoka is concentrated in two main locations: Hakata area and Tenjin area. These are also the 2 biggest stations in Fukuoka.

Tenjin area

Tenjin Underground Mall,fukuoka travel blog (1)
Tenjin Underground Mall

Tenjin underground shopping mall located right in Tenjin station with all kinds of clothes, food, skin care. There is also Aeon Shoppers Fukuoka.

Tenjin Underground Mall,fukuoka travel blog (1)

Tenjin Underground Mall,fukuoka travel blog (1)
| fukuoka trip blog

Next to Tenjin station, there is a BIC Camera for those who want to buy cameras and digital accessories of all kinds. Don Quijote store for cosmetics and skin care products.

There are many shops and shopping malls around Tenjin station for you to explore, so going all day is still not enough. Want some food? Ichiran Tenjin Nishidori is a very famous noodle shop in this area. Also, right the Exit 12 of the station, there is an Ippudo noodle shop just as good as Ichiran.

The famous Ichiran Tenjin Nishidori

Hakata area

Hakata station is the largest station in Fukuoka, so inside the station there are a variety of shopping malls and food shops for you to choose from all day. Some typical malls are: AMU Plaza Hakata City, Hakata Marui…

Hakata Station fukuoka travel blog
Hakata Station | fukuoka trip blog

Near Hakata station, there is a Canal City Hakata mall with all kinds of fashion brands. In the evening there is also a very beautiful and fun water music.

Canal City Mall

Canal City Hakata,fukuoka travel blog (1)

Canal City Hakata,fukuoka travel blog (1)
| fukuoka trip blog

Also next to Hakata station is Yodobashi Hakata – this is the second largest electronics store in Japan. If you want to buy cameras, accessories and beauty tools such as Refa machine, Hada Crie face massage machine… then just come here to get it all.

Yodobashi Hakata

If you love fashion brand COMME des GARCONS with a heart-shaped icon, you should definitely go to its outlet in Hakata. I saw Anne saying that the price at the outlet was very cheap, Koreans always came here to pick up goods and bring back Korea to sell. The day I passed, many guests lined up quite a lot even though the store is still not open yet.

COMME des GARCONS outlet in Fukuoka

For eating, inside Hakata station has a wide selection of restaurants and supermarkets selling all kinds of food. The shops are always full of customers, so don’t need to talk about whether it’s delicious or not. I would recommend some places, eateries I ate.

There is a croissants shop in Hakata station called il FORNO del MIGNON that is extremely delicious. I do not remember the exact location of the restaurant in Hakata station because at that time, I was strolling around and saw the crowd of Japanese people lining up to buy it, so I dropped by.

il Forno del Mignon – The delicious croissants shop in Fukuoka | fukuoka trip blog
Just looks make you mouthwatering

You will also find the famous Ichiran Hakata noodle shop after exit 18 of the station. You must eat noodles in Fukuoka. Because Fukuoka is famous for having the best noodles in Japan. The noodles here are thin, the broth is fatty enough not to make you feel greasy at all.

Famous Ichiran noodles in Fukuoka
| fukuoka trip blog

In addition, there are 2 places I strongly recommend you must-go to enjoy delicious food in Fukuoka: Eat Unagi grilled eel in Yoshizuka Unagi. The unagi is the main and most famous dish in this restaurant. Everyone who comes here just calls Unagi. So tasty, delicious guys !!! Must eat it !!!

Extremely savory Unagi grilled rice bowl at Yoshizuka Unagi | fukuoka guide

The second place you must definitely visit when traveling to Fukuoka is: Yatai – small food stalls specializing in street food, night drinking in Japan. The famous Fukuoka Yatai concentration area is next to Canal City Mall, open at 6pm to midnight.

Due to Yatai eatery don’t have a specific address, So I don’t know how to guide it properly. I leave the map and photo link below for you easy to navigate.

The area I marked in red is the area with the famous Yatai ranges in Fukuoka | fukuoka guide
Yatai in Fukuoka

yatai,Fukuoka city,fukuoka travel blog
Yatai, a signature cultrue and “specialty” in Fukuoka. | fukuoka guide

Another dish in Fukuoka that reminded me of and brought it back to eat is Kamaboko – a delicious fish cake dish: ((. The Kamaboko shop that Anne brought us to is a shop specializing in making Kamaboko. The next generation is hereditary. The shop in Japanese: 西門 蒲 本店, I leave the link here for you to find.


Worth a try fish cake. | fukuoka guide

Coming to Japan, most people should think of buying mochi as gifts, right ?! There is a very famous homemade mochi shop in Hakata is Mochikichi, located at Exit 1 Gion station.

It is famous for its mochi and rice cakes
Mochikichi fukuoka
This is delicious! After trying, I had to buy 2 bags | fukuoka guide
Coming on the right time, they gave free the grilled mochi cake, so delicious!

Fukuoka blog: Where to stay in Fukuoka?

If you come to Fukuoka, you should stay at a hotel or airbnb near the subway stations around Tenjin or Hakata area.

Hotel Okura Fukuoka
Hotel Okura Fukuoka ( or

Fukuoka city center is quite small so every shopping mall, store is next to these two large stations. You can completly walk or rent a bike to cycling around.

The airbnb I stayed in was near Chiyo-Kenchōguchi Station. However from here I can walk to the Hakata station area.

COCO House Family 7minutes from hakata station

In addition, you can refer to one of the best Airbnb in Fukuoka: Residential apartment overlooking the sea at $10/night or Disinfected☆Sta walk 0mins!!Near Hakata,Tenjin!2 at $20/night.

–> Airbnb link discounts up to $35 for the first booking here:

You can find more, check rates, availability & book for Fukuoka hotels on or or

Residential apartment overlooking the sea

I recommend some guesthoues, hotels for those who not like staying in airbnb:

Yamamoto Ryokan

Below we recommend more best cheap, budget, mid-range and upscale hotels from $22/night with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Hakata Chuo: A top rated 4-star hotel with room rates from $117/night. (Check rates and reviews on or

JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Hakata Chuo
JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Hakata Chuo

Hotel WBF Fukuoka Tenjin Minami: A top rated 3-star hotel with room rates from $49/night. (Check rates and reviews on or

Hotel WBF Fukuoka Tenjin Minami
Hotel WBF Fukuoka Tenjin Minami

Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Fukuoka: A top rated 4-star hotel with room rates from $123/night. (Check rates and reviews on or

Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Fukuoka
Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Fukuoka

Hakata Tokyu REI Hotel: A top rated 3-star hotel with room rates from $101/night. (Check rates and reviews on or

Hakata Tokyu REI Hotel
Hakata Tokyu REI Hotel

The Royal Park Hotel Fukuoka: A top rated 4-star hotel with room rates from $134/night. (Check rates and reviews on or

The Royal Park Hotel Fukuoka
The Royal Park Hotel Fukuoka

Dormy Inn Hakata Gion: A top rated 3-star hotel with room rates from $56/night. (Check rates and reviews on or

Dormy Inn Hakata Gion
Dormy Inn Hakata Gion

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hakata Gion: A top rated 3-star hotel with room rates from $58/night. (Check rates and reviews on or

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hakata Gion
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hakata Gion

Fukuoka trip blog: Getting around Fukuoka city

The most convenient means of transportation in Fukuoka is subway. You can download the subway map for Fukuoka here. Subway in central Fukuoka has 3 main lines, making it easy to navigate.

Fukuoka subway train,fukuoka travel blog
Fukuoka subway train

You should buy 1 day subway pass for 620 yen for unlimited travel in a day (covering the day of ticket purchase, after 12pm, the ticket is no longer valid). In addition, you can buy the Fukuoka City Pass for subway, train and bus for unlimited travel at 820 yen. A city pass is more beneficial if you use it during the day you need to move out of the city center and take a train, bus, for example to get to Uminonakamichi Park.

One day subway pass

Fukuoka Subway 1 or 2-day Unlimited Pass

N-Inside-Train-subway fukuoka
Inside the subway train
Fukuoka Nishitetsu bus. fukuoka travel blog
Fukuoka Nishitetsu bus.

To fully explore Fukuoka, you should spend at least 3 days to be able to explore and enjoy the dishes and famous tourist attractions here.

Hopefully this article will help you who are going to Fukuoka in the near future or at least make you want to planning a trip to this gentle city. Love !!

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Fukuoka Castle Ruins,fukuoka travel blog (1)

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