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AREX All Stop Train

There are two airports which are located near Seoul: Incheon International Airport (for most of the international flights) and Gimpo International Airport (mainly for domestic flights, popularly from Jeju and Busan). From these two large airports, you have a lot of options to suit your purpose and pocket. Here are the guides on how to getting from Gimpo and Incheon airport to Seoul.

Incheon International Airport Hub
Incheon International Airport Hub

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Try wearing a traditional hanbok and walk through the palaces in Seoul.
Try wearing a traditional hanbok and walk through the palaces in Seoul.
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1. From Incheon Airport to Seoul

AREX Train

arex train from incheon airport

This is a high-speed train connecting the two airports to the city center, so the AREX train is the fastest way. You can spend the time from 45 minutes to 60 minutes, on board with comfortable chairs, free wifi, running from 6 hours to 23 hours. The minus point is to walk from the airport to the train station is a bit far, especially if heavy luggage. The AREX train also has two options: express train and 10 commuter train.

express train of incheon airport Credit: Incheon airport to Seoul blog.
Credit: Incheon airport to Seoul blog.

Express train: From Incheon airport, the terminal is Seoul Station, go on a non-stop road. The price is about 7 dollars; buy online only 6 dollars (1,000 won equivalent to 0.89 dollars).

commuter train of incheon airport

Commuter train: Departs from Incheon Airport, stops 10 stations on the road, including stops at Gimpo Airport. Therefore, the route will be about an hour, the price is also cheaper, just over 3 dollars, suitable for many people who have hotels near the station.

The subway

the subway from incheon airport Credit: Incheon airport to Seoul blog.
Credit: Incheon airport to Seoul blog.

This is the most economical way but the disadvantage is a long time due to stopping many stations, the train is quite crowded so if you have more luggage and crowded people are very tired. However, the subway has more stops, so you will find the hotel more convenient. If you want to take the subway, you buy T-Money card at the airport, recharge and find the signboard and follow the instructions are finished.

From Incheon Airport, go to line 1


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airport from incheon airport

From Incheon Airport there is a limousine bus, from 9 dollars to 13 dollars depending on the location. You need to check which station is closest to the hotel. This way is a bit higher than the AREX train; you can buy tickets at the ticket counter at the airport (floor 1F).
The inconvenience is that the site does not have a function to search destination. You should ask your hotel for a bus route. The advantage of the bus is that there are luggage compartments, seats for each person, not transfer lines such as the train.


taxi from incheon airport Credit: Incheon airport to Seoul blog.
Credit: Incheon airport to Seoul blog.

This is the most expensive but most convenient way also. You do not waste time and energy to bring luggage. But this is only suitable for a crowded group, can be divided into cost, reduction or group of children, the elderly do not walk, drag the luggage is far. The price will depend on the location of the hotel, from 62 dollars to 80 dollars depending on the type of car travel from Incheon airport. You should ask the price to be cut hacked.

2. From Gimpo Airport to Seoul

AREX high-speed train

Airport Railroad AREX Gimpo Airport Station

Like Incheon Airport, you can also take the AREX train, commuter (10 minutes to stop from Incheon Airport), departs from the Gimpo Airport. This method is very convenient and is used by many international tourists.

The subway

instruction-move from gimpo airport to seoul
Image by: Gimpo airport to Seoul blog.

You can also take the regular subway from Gimpo Airport with line 5 or line 9 to central Seoul.

the subway from gimpo airport Image by: Gimpo airport to Seoul blog.
Image by: Gimpo airport to Seoul blog.


From Gimpo Airport, you can also take a cheaper taxi from Incheon because of the closer distance; the price is from 26 dollars to 53 dollars.

Private Incheon International Airport (ICN) Transfers for Seoul

In addition to the above options, you can also hire Klook’s private car charter service, which is convenient and saving a alot of time, and the travel cost is not too expensive if you go with a large group. You can refer to and book these services as follow:

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