Taiwan is a favorite destination for many tourists today because of the rich cuisine, is the home of the famous bubble milk tea brands with millions of reviews – check-in every day, visas are easy to get, air ticket is also cheap. Taipei City, Kaohsiung or Taichung are familiar names in the bucket list of many travel lovers. The bustling and crowded cities are no longer the ideal places for travelers who love admire the majestic nature. Let me tell that! Only 1 hour drive from Taipei City, the “Northern tip of Taiwan” has 3 headlands with 3 beautiful lighthouses that only people in the industry can work hard to find out. It is the magical Cape Bitou Cape with the historic Bitoujiao Lighthouse, the Fugui Cape is the northernmost tip of Taiwan and the Sandiao Cape is the easternmost tip. Bitou Cape and Sandiao Cape are only about a 30-minute drive away (about 25km away). So, what’s hot in the Northernmost tip of Taiwan? Let’s explore Bitou Cape, Bitoujiao Lighthouse, Fugui Cape are the most famous attractions in the Northernmost point of Taiwan and Sandiao Cape in the the Easternmost point of Taiwan through this blog.

The northernmost point of Taiwan
Fresh nature filled the sea breeze
bitou cape park in taipei lighthouse
The magical scene of Bitoujiao Lighthouse at night.

Bitou Cape

View from Bitou Cape

I said that the Taiwan’s Northern tip has a wonderful Bitou Cape because the geology here is very strange and unique. The rocks and cliffs here are weathered to create a striking natural sculpture. To put it simply, the rocks are artfully eroded by wind, water and other natural elements.

There is a paved walkway next to Bitou Primary School that leads to Bitou Cape and the Bitoujiao Lighthouse – which was first built in 1896. The lighthouse was once destroyed by an Allied bombing during World War II, rebuilt later and survives until today. The road to the summit is quite long, it takes about 45 minutes for walking. But you can rest assured, the tiled path has beautiful solid fences plus the surrounding beauty to live virtual, you will don’t feel tired at all! The more you go, the more … beautiful !!! This path is divided into 2 ways: the way lead to the observatory and the way into the lighthouse. However, the path leads to the lighthouse is currently temporarily closed, so you can go straight to the observatory and using a flycam to flying around the lighthouse!

Bitou Cape

Bitoujiao Lighthouse
At sunset

Address: Bitou Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

How to get to Bitou Cape?

From Taipei City Hall Bus Station, take the bus 2088 and get off at Diaohe Market, walk a little further to Badouzi station, then take the bus 791 to Bitou Jiao. Travel time is about 2 and a half hours.


If you go with a large group, you should rent a private car for 10 hours around the outskirts of Taipei to save time, you can go many more places in a day like Jiufen – Shifen.

Another more economical option is to book day tours to visit the North Pole of Taiwan. I think this is the “best option” for groups of less than 4 people. Tour price is only $33 (including lunch) to visit all the highlights of Bitou Jiao. Please refer to the link below.

Northeast Coast Scenic Day Tour Visit Bitou Cape, Nanya Rock Complex and Sandiao Cape Lighthouse (from Taipei).

Nanya Rock Formations

Nanya Rock Formations

Among the tourist attractions of the northernmost region of Taiwan, Nanya Rock Area is noted for their unique terrain, the stones eroded by the wind to create fancy shapes. Nanya coastline is like a rock garden sculpted by wind and waves. The rocks in Nanya are the crystalline nature of the art, unique in Taiwan. I see the great nature that is a bit scary – a great erosion! Hahaha …

Like a God

Address: Nanya Rd., Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Lighthouse of Sandiao Cape

Sandiao Lighthouse is located at Sandiao Cape – The easternmost point of Taiwan. Is an important imprint on the Pacific Ocean, called “the eye of Taiwan”. The Sandiao Lighthouse was built in 1935 by the Japanese, with lights made of imported crystal glass. This lighthouse was also devastated during World War II and was remodeled in 1946 but some of the war remnants are still retained to mark history. This is the only lighthouse in the northernmost part of Taiwan open to tourists.

Sandiao Cape

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