The village is not located near the road so you have to go through a pathway, then go a little further to reach the village gate. Just once being here, you will know why the village is considered as in fairy tale because the entrance is surrounded by poetic and very lovely pine trees and flowers. At the beginning of the village gate, some people sold super big and super delicious apple and mushrooms with a little expensive price of 5 USD/an apple and about 14-18 USD/a pocket of mushrooms.

Oshino Hakkai village in winter Photo by: mount fuji day trip bog.
Photo by: mount fuji day trip bog.
Fuji Mountain review: where to go
A fresh and sweet apple at Oshino Hakkai village
Fuji Mountain review: where to go
The lake in fairy tale. Photo by: mount fuji day trip bog.
Fuji Mountain review: where to go
Oshino Hakkai village in Spring

In particular, besides the preserved architecture of the old houses, there are also 8 lakes with its very special structure of the lava layers formed during the process of geological tectonics over 80 years and maintained due to the water from melting snow on Mount Fuji. The depth of the lake is 8m, but the water is very clear, you can look through to the bottom. The lake also contains a lot of colorful fish which attracts your eyes. The water in the lakes is very precious and considered as ‘holy water’. When coming to the village gate, you should not go through eagerly, remember to come over the Fuji-shaped channel, soaking your hands in a minute and then enter the village. We do not know why, but it may be a kind of custom or belief in Japan. Water is cool and traveling in summer will be probably more interesting than in winter.

Oshino Hakkai village spring Image Credit: mount fuji day trip blog.
Image Credit: mount fuji day trip blog.

spring in mt fuji

Oshino Hakkai village 2

Oshino Hakkai-fuji

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan12

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan11

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan10

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan9

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan8

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan7

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan5

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan4

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan3

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan2

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan

The shopping mall – Gotemba Premium Outlet

where to go in Japan mt fuji day trip mount fuji day trip blog mount fuji day trip itinerary
A corner of shopping mall-Gotemba Premium Outlet. Image by: mount fuji one day itinerary blog.

On the way to come back, we had come to the Gotemba Premium Outlet shopping mall. This area is quite big and designed in Western style. Once you enter the mall, you will see a useful map of the mall. There are many brands both familiar and strange ones. Their prices are also acceptable, especially the cheap and quality shoes items.

Fuji Mountain review: where to go
Shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlet
Fuji Mountain review: where to go
You can see Mt. Fuji from Gotemba Premium Outlet area
Image by: mount fuji one day itinerary blog.
Image by: mount fuji one day itinerary blog.

Gotemba Premium Outlets-fuji-japan2

Gotemba Premium Outlets-fuji-japan6

Gotemba Premium Outlets-fuji-japan5

Gotemba Premium Outlets-fuji-japan4

Gotemba Premium Outlets-fuji-japan10

Gotemba Premium Outlets-fuji-japan11

Gotemba Premium Outlets-fuji-japan9

Gotemba Premium Outlet

Fuji Mountain review: where to go
Fuji mountain at night. Image by: mount fuji one day itinerary blog.

The last photo of Fuji Mountain is taken at night. The view of Mount Fuji here seems to be very gentle and peaceful, not serious and majestic as other views.

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan3
Oshino Hakkai village

It is quite a hurry and quite troublesome for a day to visit the above spots by public transport for those who first traveling by public transport in Japan, so if you do not have friends or private car, the most easy and convenient way to explore all the attractive places above is book Klook’s 10-hour car rental to pick up and drop off in Tokyo.

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sunset fuji town3
| lake kawaguchiko itinerary

And if you just want to see Mount Fuji but do not want to get on and get off 5 places above, you can visit the places around the mountain as well as interesting: Lake Kawaguchi – Oshino Hakkai ancient village – Narusawa ice cave. Book the Klook’s 10-hour car rental is you can visit all these spots.

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Chureito Pagoda, one of the best spots to view Mt Fuji.

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You will see firsthand the “artisan” making Sushi and present it on the table.

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