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Pa Nai Krung - Forest in the city Bangkok.

Once a scrapyard, Pa Nai Krung now becomes a “green park” with pedestrian overpasses traversing through the forest, a 360-degree observatory, a small museum and a mid-air garden. Let’s discover Pa Nai Krung — The “fairy” forest built from … landfill of the Thai.

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A beautiful shot on pedestrian overhead bridge

Traveling to Bangkok, do not forget to visit the “miracle” forest transformed from … the dumping ground of the Thai.

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Green is the main theme here. A forest in the city Bangkok.

forest in the city bangkok pa nai krung bangkok 2

Though stifled in high-rise buildings and urban air pollution, and with the many “default” hours of traffic congestion, Thai people are always positive and most of them are tree-huggers. Hence they will not moan all day long about the issue.

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This place used to be a huge scrap zone

There are dozens of options running the gamut from visiting commercial centers which offers full facilities from library, self catering food chains to restaurants to markets with clothes, shoes and the whole enchilada available there.

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Where tree huggers fall for

Make your way to marketplaces and you will see the funny and approachable merchandises who help you temporarily scorching heat. And aren’t those are the things we mentioned over and over again speaking of Bangkok tours?

forest in the city bangkok pa nai krung bangkok

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Another look at this venue

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1.92 hectare – Pa Nai Krung is the “forest within the city” founded thanks to the social project of the Thai Petroleum Group PTT and opened free of charge from 2016.

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What a green lush forest!. A forest in the city Bangkok.

Pa Nai Krung used to be a scrap zone but now it becomes a “green park” with trekking paths through the forest ranges, a 360-degree observatory, a small museum and an overhead garden.

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Clever way of forest growing

Located in the city, approximately 15 minutes drive from the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Pa Nai Krung is standing out compared with what we usually refer to Bangkok, despite its modest size (just slightly bigger than two football stadiums).

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Tourists enjoy the peaceful moments there

The forest in this city is covered with annual and perennial plants, which provide foliage like a natural forest.

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The poetic place for remantic moments

And when these plants are mature, Pa Nai Krung will have the sufficient fauna comprising of perennial trees, shrubs, and grass.

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This is not for the faint-hearted

According to the philosophy of Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist, the best way to grow a forest is to let native plants grow like what they do in the wild. Pa Nai Krung applied this rule in forming a forest.

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Good pose for a gorgeous pic

Simple as it may sound, the theory is interpreted as “the best management is manage nothing at all”! But it’s true as a matter of fact, we just need to let nature do the work. At present, this area comprises 75% of forest, 10% of water surface and the rest is of land area.

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Strolling on the bridge is simply the best thing you must try out. A forest in the city Bangkok.

Maybe the “tiny” size of the site will come to your mind as the very first insight reading this. You may think “This is not bigger than a decent park, why don’t I visit the well-known Gardens by the Bay in Singapore or somewhere more famous rather than this forest?”

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Standing in the bridge in the morning

forest in the city bangkok pa nai krung bangkok (2)

However, there is likely that this place will become a real “green lung” in ten years’ time. At that period, people will be too tired of this hectic world and this venue will be treasured so much.

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It likes a matrix in the forest

forest in the city bangkok pa nai krung bangkok (2)

And it seems that the Bangkok people bear in mind the perspective of urban development has always accompanied by nature’s protection. They are cleverly doing both of them simultaneously, for this we should salute them.

Pa Nai Krung

Address: 81 Sukhaphiban 2 Road, ~ 15 minutes drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport
Entrance fee: Free entry from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm.
How to get: Pa Nai Krung (Metro Forest).

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