kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Kastellorizo island. Spectacular scenery with the sea on one side, mountain side. One of the most beautiful and peaceful island of Greece

Located in the east pole of Greece, facing the coast of Turkey, strategically located in the Dodecanese island has brought both prosperity and tragedy for Kastellorizo. But this destination is always glamorous visitors from all over the world.

Let coming to Greek to discover Kastellorizo, ‘the muse’ of the Mediterranean.

kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Spectacular scenery with the sea on one side, mountain side
Harbor in Kastellorizo. Photo: wiki
Harbor in Kastellorizo. Photo: wiki

On the map, the “tiny jewel” Kastellorizo with the area of 9km², is just like a dot in the Mediterranean Sea. For many centuries, Kastellorizo is the intersection of all great civilizations in the world with a turbulent history getting through many colonial empires.

The beauty of the culture and nature here has always attracted those who once come to this place.

kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
This is an ideal destination for those who prefer to live slowly
Mandraki harbor area, a new attraction in Kastellorizo. Photo: wp
Mandraki harbor area, a new attraction in Kastellorizo. Photo: wp

Megisti is the official name, but with the Greeks, Kastellorizo is the most popular name of the smallest island in the Dodecanese archipelago. Serene beauty, hospitality, magnificent history, appealing legends, all of these has made the name of Kastellorizo shine on the tourist map of Greece. Especially, after the film Mediterraneo, which was set in Kastellorizo, win Oscars 1991, Kastellorizo is becoming a real must-go tourist destination in Greece and the world.

Plus, the local people has always proven that they are believer of Zeus, the god symbolizes for hospitality. And visitors once come to Kastellorizo will have a chance to enjoy the slow pace of life and throw away all worries.

kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Homes with distinctive style in Kastellorizo. Photo: wp
kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Clear sea water
kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Tourism and fishing are two major economic activities on the island

Coming to Kastellorizo, the first impression to visitors is maybe the prosperity of the past that is clearly expressed in the restored mansion situated along the small harbor.

Lovely two-storey old houses in neo-classical architecture with brightly colors (non-white) built into the layer along the high hills create to the image of the stairs like in a theater, overlooking the dreamy blue sea.

Sunset in Kastellorizo. Photo: blogspot
Sunset in Kastellorizo. Photo: blogspot
kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Kastellorizo charm at night

Between the houses are small roads crossing square yards paved with cobble-stone full of flowers stretching down to the harbor.

The panorama view of ruins of castle of St. John's Knights. Photo: blogspot
The panorama view of ruins of castle of St. John’s Knights. Photo: blogspot

At some towns in the center of Kastellorizo , you are brought back to the last century where time stands still. You can visit the archaeological museum located in a temple, where the reproduction of history and folk art form and craft items that are typical of Kastellorizo.

If you start your journey into the past of Kastellorizo from Castello Rosso – the castle set by the knights of St. John on red soil hills, but now it remains only a part, you can have the feeling of returning to the 14th century.

kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Castle ruins of St. John’s Knights. Photo: sunny-greece.com

Taking steps up to the narrow iron stairs, where the Greek flag flying in the wind, what is waiting for you is a shimmering spectacle of the harbor below.

At the foot of the castle, there is a very stunning Lycian tombs carved in stone from the 4th century BC, has been carefully preserved.

lycian tomb greece
Lycian tomb
kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
The Agios Konstantinos kai Eleni church, Kastellorizo, Greece
Archaeological relic in Palaiokastro.

Going to the east is excellent vistas of Mandraki harbor, the above is the church of St. Constantine and Helena with pointed archs – characteristic of Gothic architecture.

Going to the west is Palaiokastro, the most important and also the oldest spot in this island. It still remains an old settlement consists of several buildings, rainwater cisterns and a citadel named Dorian built in 3rd century BC.

The old houses in archaeological relic in Palaiokastro. Photo: kastra.eu

In the area named Limenari, there are huge stone walls of the ancient palace named Mycenaean.

One of the interesting experiences in Kastellorizo is Blue Grotto (also known as Parasta cave or Fokiali) located south of the island, is one of the most beautiful beach cave in the Mediterranean, once a haven for pirates.

kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Visitors exploit Blue cave.

30 minutes boat from the port of Kastellorizo, Green cave lurks a dramatic palette from the reflection of the sun and and 75m length stalagmites in the grotto and clear turquoise water.

The beauty in winter of Kastellorizo throws visitors into ecstasy. But spring is the ideal time in Kastellorizo. In spring, the weather is not too hot and the colors become more brilliant when blue color of the sea is blended with green of plants and pink of confetti, and you can admire this scene everywhere on the island …

kastellorizo greece island guide (1)
Cafes, pastry shops along the Strata Street on Mandraki harbor. Along the harbor is the most crowded and most populated tourists area
Water Festival in Kastellorizo. Photo: Shutterstock
Water Festival in Kastellorizo. Photo: Shutterstock

Although only a few hundred of inhabitants but Kastellorizo is home to many traditional events and festivals taking place in May, July and September. And there is no noisy bar, dance hall but you can hang out during the night at the taverns along the harbor …

Water Festival in Kastellorizo Greece travel destinations should go
Water Festival in Kastellorizo. Photo: Shutterstock

Further Information

How to get there: Kastellorizo is an hour flight from Athens – the capital city of Greece.

Getting around: Walking is the best way to explore Kastellorizo. On the island, there is only one taxi and a bus from the airport to the city and from the city to the airport.

Best time to visit Kastellorizo: On June, September, and especially in October, is the best time to visit Kastelorizo, because the mild weather, warm sea and visitors are not overcrowded.

Accommodation: You can find, check rates, reviews & availability for Kastellorizo hotels on Agoda.com or Booking.com.


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