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Have you ever wished to sleep in an ice castle, to watch fish from your room, or hide away in a cave? These unusual lodgings will open the door to “new worlds” of unparalleled experiences and stories of new lands.

Conrad Hilton, the world’s best underwater resort

Of the thousands of unique hotels and resorts in the Maldives, the Conrad Hilton stands out because of its glass domes which allow guests to watch marine species swimming above their heads. The hotel’s dining options include 11 restaurants. But wait, there is a wine cellar on the seabed with 20,000 bottles of wines and the world’s 101 best types of cheese awaiting you.

Conrad Hilton maldives philippines

Stir up your stay with outdoor activities such as watching manatees, white sharks, and dolphins, swimming with sea turtles, or diving in the colorful coral reefs. It costs about USD 1,200 for a night stay in an underwater villa here.

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Conrad Hilton

Sleep in a fairy cave of Cappadocia

Located in the center of the Anatolian peninsula, the Kelebek Cave Hotel boasts unique terrain created by three ancient volcanoes. Millions of years ago, volcanic eruptions covered the area with ash, dust, and debris. Winds brought them together and formed the uncanny looking pillars and rocks which are now considered fairy chimneys.

Kelebek Caveo Cappadocia turkey

Stay in this cave hotel and enjoy the harmony of the past and present civilizations as the Hittite people’s living space is decorated with Ottoman furniture. The stone chairs in the yard are the best places to admire the sunset on the mountain while enjoying kebab marinated in a special way.

During your stay, stroll down the Cappadocia valley or fly inn a hot air balloon for a panoramic view. Capture its beauty in your best photos. A night stay costs about 75 to 100 USD.

Kelebek Caveo Cappadocia turkey

Kelebek Cave

  • Address: Aydinli Mah., Yavuz Sok. No:1, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir, Turkey
  • Phone: +90 384 271 2531
  • Website:
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De Glace Ice Hotel – Not cold in the ice

Winter lovers have flocked to De Glace Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada for 15 years. Welcoming guests from January to March, this is the only hotel completely built from ice.

De Glaceice_Canada

As its main construction material is ice, it is also the only hotel that is rebuilt once a year. Designed by skillful professional sculptors, each room features a distinctive theme. The temperature inside the hotel is about -4 degrees C, but don’t worry as you’ll be equipped with a blanket and sleeping bag in arctic style. Moreover, each premium room has a gas heater to keep guests warm in “the ice castle”. Price: about USD200/night.

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De Glace Ice Hotel

  • Address: 1860 Boulevard Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, QC G0A 4S0, Canada
  • Phone: +1 877-505-0423
  • Website:

Watch the Northern Lights at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Northern lights are created when electrically charged particles from solar winds enter and interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. Every astronomy lover has a desire to see these lights continuously dancing in the sky. However, few people are patient and lucky enough to catch these moments.

Arctic Resort

This is also the reason why Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort was set up in Saariselkä Village (Finland). Its 20 glass tents allow you to contemplate the dances of light while relaxing in your comfortable bed.

Arctic Resort

From August to April the following year is the best time for visit this area. Although the temperature could be -40F outside, the glass tent can keep you warm during the unforgettable experience of watching this magnificent phenomenon.

At daytime, you can drive a snowmobile, go ice fishing or reindeer skiing like the Finns.

A night in a glass tent costs 450 to 600 USD.

Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

  • Address: Kakslauttanen, 99830 Saariselkä, Finland
  • Phone: +358 16 667100
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Stay on trees

Spend about USD100USD and you will have a chance to be “Tarzan”, sleeping in a treehouse in Nam Kan, Bokeo Province in the north of Laos.

At a height of 30-40m above the ground, they are some of the tallest treehouses in the world. Relax with a good book and stop sometimes to take in the majestic mountains and forests. What an experience!

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You can also be awakened in the morning to the sounds of gibbons and use the intertwining zipline system to fly past their homes to other roomes. Launched in 1996, Gibbon Experience project lets you explore a diverse ecosystem where you will find a variety of wild species such as deer, leopards, tigers, wild boars, civets, giant squirrels, Asian black bears, langurs, monkeys, snakes, lizards, and more than 100 species of birds of many colors and shapes.

treehouse in Nam Kan, Bokeo Province 2

You have three choices here: Classic, Waterfall, and Speed with different trekking itineraries and adventurous zipline systems. Note that of you want to encounter gibbons during your stay, you need to wake up earlier since early morning is their favorite time to sing.

treehouse in Nam Kan, Bokeo Province 2

You see, the colorful life gives you thousands choices of accommodation, so just choose the right place based on your preference and life-style. Living + Nomads can lengthen this list with such places as Attrap’Rêves Family Hotel in France where you can watch the stars through transparent balls and telescopes. A Bolivian hotel built by salt and is good for blood circulation. A hotel in Kenya where giraffes happily frolick around or poke their heads into your room for food, and more. However, only you know best what your wishes are and what you expect during your stays. Type the name of your destination on and see which one is for you!