trang an ninh binh vietnam

With the development of tourism industry, those exotic places below have become more well-known destinations to domestic and international visitors. And the more popular they are, the more visitors they have. Travelling has gradually become so disappointing since your expectations will never match up your reality.

We all have bucket list locations we’d love to travel and people we’d love to meet someday. However, it’s not about getting there, but being there with all senses. So don’t ruin your precious vacation by choosing these 8 destinations.


halong vietnam

The water is polluted due to waste disposal onto the bay by the locals and tourists


trang an ninh binh vietnamsapa vietnam

Sapa is overpopulated with domestic and international tourists after the launch of new cable car and highway. See more here

Trang An

trang an ninh binh vietnam

Why not go there when you have another choice? In Van Long, you will find no noisy souvenir and food sellers and no wall to wall tourists shuffling to the boats.

Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

You will find yourself standing in one spot for a very long time to wait for all the people to move out of your shot.


Hue Vietnam

Nha Trang

nha trang vietnam


danang vietnam


dalat vietnam

The famous Lang Biang Mountain is nothing but another tourist trap. The locals paint all the horses to be looked just like zebra. The view is wonderful but is it worth.

These pictures below shouldn’t discourage you to explore Vietnam. With our extensive knowledge of the destinations, we will take you to Vietnam’s best kept secret where you are most expected to find authentic local experience.!